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By Judy Byington
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Trump Win Validated by Quantum Blockchain System Recount of Votes

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A recount of voting ballots nationwide was being done by elite units of the National Guard by early Sun. morning 8 Nov. To prevent fraud official ballots had been printed with an invisible, unbreakable code watermark and registered on a Quantum Blockchain System.

As of this writing, in five states 14 million ballots had been put through a laser scanner – 78% of which failed because there was no watermark to verify the ballot. Of those that failed 100% had checked for Biden.

An initial test showed that according to water marks on validated ballots fed into the Quantum Computer, Trump won re-election by over 80% of the legal ballot cast. The final validated vote tallied in that test: Trump 73.5 million votes to Biden’s 25.9 million – and that didn’t even account for Trump votes that people observed being tossed and never accounted for.

Interesting enough, those figures corresponded with the two men’s Twitter accounts: Trump had 88.8 million followers to Biden’s 16.6 million.

Using ‘infra red’ equipment that read which ballots were real, or fake the elite National Guardsmen had been deployed to the twelve targeted states of Alabama, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Texas, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Washington, Virginia, Delaware, Illinois and Kentucky. In all nationwide, over 500 National Guardsmen were on guard over all ballot counting units.

There was much more to the tests for fraudulent voting. In addition to the watermark these official ballots also contained ink made of corn, which created an electronic radiation circuit ID that could trace the location of that ballot through GPS transmission. In other words, they could trace if the ballot was filled out by the person named on the ballot.

The Trump team would be filing a number of lawsuits on Mon. 9 Nov. They had been preparing for this for a long time under an election fraud investigation called Project Veritas.

Judicial Watch: “Our new study shows 1.8M excess, or ‘ghost’ voters in 353 counties across 29 states. The data highlights the recklessness of mailing blindly ballots/ballot applications to voter registration lists,”


Watch more:

Read at

In Pennsylvania alone Trump’s legal counsel Rudy Guliani had testimony of 50-60 poll watchers who claimed being deprived of an ability to inspect mail in ballots.

Nationally, noted attorney Sydney Powell (rumored to be appointed the next FBI director) said, “Hammer and Scorecard – the NSA Security Software turned illegal Election Software – ran an algorithm that gave Biden a 3% vote advantage in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada and Arizona.”

Rest assured, all legal issues would be accounted for by the time the Electoral College met on 14 Dec. 2020. By then real election results – post court battles – would determine all legally cast ballots. The joint session of Congress would make the election official on 3 Jan. 2021.

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    • decleateed

      As of this writing, in five states 14 million ballots had been put through a laser scanner – 78% of which failed because there was no watermark to verify the ballot. Of those that failed 100% had checked for Biden.

      Can you please provide any evidence of the above statement? Only thing about your story that I can verify was the Sidney Powell part.

      • Anonymous

        Judy gave you names of those you can look up, Tom Fitton, etc. Now go do some research!!

        • 14west1

          She threw out Tom Fitton, who is very credible. Sadly, there is nowhere else that Tom Fitton is connected to the QFS/ballot thing. So this is horseshit.

          • JamesinNM

            If this article is true would you support prosecuting the people responsible for such a fraud for treason That would seem to be the truly relevant question, focused on determining the condition of your soul.

            • Rich Crankshaw

              Your question amounts to nothing more than a diversion, it makes no sense when it comes to the search for truth. So its ok to issue fake reporting, stealing Tom Fittens logo and lying about him verify this based on, “What if”? The condition of someones soul based on deception is in question, not based on questioning fake news. This process is important, and their are legitimate claims of corruption, but this isn’t one of them, it is black propaganda.

            • HfjNUlYZ

              “There was much more to the tests for fraudulent voting. In addition to the watermark these official ballots also contained ink made of corn, which created an electronic radiation circuit ID that could trace the location of that ballot through GPS transmission. In other words, they could trace if the ballot was filled out by the person named on the ballot.”

              How the FUCK do people believe this ridiculous shit.. Everyone who believes this are also Holocausts deniers and the Moon landing was fake right? First world country with trash education and idiots circle jerking idiots.

            • Equalizer

              Watermarks matter

          • dare


            Go check out Fitton on twitter. It’s there.

        • sammy67

          This was published 2 yrs ago and still nothing has been done to correct the wrong done to the real winner of the election, Donald Trump. The media and political operatives continue to lie and refer to those who speak the truth as “conspiracy theorists”. If it is true that SCOTUS did, in fact, overturn the 2020 Presidential election due to proven fraud, then Biden, et al and everyone down ballot get arrested under Trump’s executive orders, the military steps in until a new, legitimate President is elected, and we return to a Constitutional Republic, having ended the surrender and destruction of America by the CCP and WEF controlled cabal.

      • S8-10

        Absolute fiction. There are no “elite national guard units”, especially not “elite voting regulations trained” national guard units. The democrats cheated with real mail in ballots, so even if they are watermarked you wont find many forgeries. The ballots are real, the votes are manipulated. This whole fantasy was concocted by the alex jones show

        • GC in AZ

          Do your homework…

          The Army National Guard’s 19th and 20th Special Forces Groups give you the opportunity to be elite in your civilian life and your military life. Members of both units maintain the same certifications and qualifications, complete the same training, and perform the same missions as Active Duty Green Berets. All are qualified parachutists—and most are qualified free-fall (HALO) parachutists and combat divers.

      • Boxed in Freight

        This is an act of :evil: treason against America by Donald Trump if true because only Congress can authorize a change in Federal Ballots, not the President. Trump has no idea what the Constitution contains or what a law looks like that he has to obey. The man is walking fraud and Antichrist.

        • trumster 79

          Trump know what the Constituion say and contains. He is not the Fraud THE DEMARATS AND RINO<s Are dO YOUR RESEARCH Sounds Like you Hate this country

      • dumbasses

        you are a complete dumbass if you think Judy is going to reveal all her sources to you. why the fuck would anyone reveal anything to you look how you talk to her. Youre a complete dumbass if you think someone connected directly to the president (Dr Steve) is going to lie to the public, for what? To pacify us for a couple of weeks? If that watermark stuff doesnt come true well then trump is going to have a very hard next four years because that serious of an intel drop/allegation would need to be backed up or trump is toast.

        So if you think this is a psyop thats designed to be used against the president, then sure its a psyop. Otherwise Dr steve put his ass on the line for a big fat lie, like I said, for what, a couple of weeks?

        What kind of dumb shit are you smoking. you people feel so entitled arrogant selfish and inscecure.

        Grow the fuck up before you start asking for ‘evidence’ none of you have even developed more than just the brain in your head, which btw is a weak brain compared to the others you (apparently don’t) possess.

        Wrong approach. Wrong brain. Wrong questions. Youre a complete dumbass and the world just saw that.

      • B_idensL_aptopM_atters

        The hashes for each ballot, the encyrpted hashes identifying that ballot, are invisibly embedded, in visible water marks.

        The Admin are intentionally keeping a lot of this on the less detailed rather than more detailed side.

      • Judy Byington

        Biden’s Voter-gate: So yesterday Sun. 15 Nov. :twisted: :cry: we found that a man named Peter Neffenger, a retired Admiral, was president and listed on the board of directors of a foreign controlled company that counted US Election votes called Smartmatic, which created the software for another foreign controlled company called Dominion, which manufactured CIA-created, Pelosi-owned voter machines used in at least 27 states that were specifically designed to destroy Trump votes and throw others to Biden. Neffenger was on the Biden transition team. So, it could be easily surmised that foreign entities worked with Biden, Pelosi and other Democrats to interfere with a US Presidential Election. That’s called Treason.

      • nomdeplume

        See, the quantum block chain machine allowed Powell to file an affidavit showing Republican voter fraud in Minnesota counties, while claiming it showed fraud in Michigan. To call this a clown conspiracy is an issuer to clowns.

    • nill

      pipe dreams

    • Anonymous

      It would be nice if you could say something factual for a change. You haven’t yet, but I keep hoping. You are just another version of a Trumpturd.

      • Anonymous

        Judy is telling the TRUTH. If you don’t want to hear it, go somewhere else!

        • Anonymous

          Why should I go somewher else when I can make fun of you dumb asses and your conspiracy theories right here? I love it here so I think I’ll stay. And no, Biden won the election. That is why millions of people danced for 24 hours straight in the streets, and why all of the bells were ringing in Europe.

          • Judy Byington

            Anonymous, you really ought to be more careful about what you say about conspiracy theories. Your Cabal is showing.

            • WAKE UP AMERICA

              I agree with you Judy…

            • Debamboozler

              Cabal=Zionists! Their objective: world domination…BY WAY OF DECEPTION…and the guilt factor diabolically engineered to conceal the the reality that the that ‘persecuted’ are actually the PERSECUTORS! Cunning little devils are they not?

            • Anonymous

              I don’t believe in any conspiracy theories. I don’t believe in Q. I don’t believe in any of this crap. They forced me to learn crirical thinking in my graduate work. And these BS conspiracy theories never come to pass. ie, there was no election interference. But, I think this stuff is entertaining, it’s why I come here. This is some funny stuff!!!

            • Anonymous

              I bet you believe in Nibiru, too. And lizard aliens. Your stupidity is showing.

          • Debamboozler

            Anonymous is minimous when the IQ tabulation came in dismally…LOW! You have nowhere else to go…even your own kind has rejected you.

            • Redlist Renegade

              He’s just a Really OBVIOUS Liberal , Leftist TROLL and a Real democrat SHILL !!!

          • Thoth

            STFU IDIOT. Nobody has won or lost the election UNTIL the ELECTORS vote in December you stupid, ignorant TROLL

            • Anonymous

              You are correct here, Sir. There is nothing more fun than trolling a bunch of idiots that believe in lizard aliens and that Trump won the election. So, you have me here. Congrats!!! :cool:

    • Tedx

      No verifiable attribution = clickbate fiction.

    • Hsaive

      I’m very skeptical that this technology was deployed in this election. Also, the patent was only released last August – too late for coordination, and distribution by the November 3rd election. There are numerous technical limitations to the alleged capability of this patent that you can decide for yourself. – Patent US20200258338:

      • Debamboozler

        Astute observation leading to the obvious conclusion this whole thing is STAGED. The objective has been to incite a civil war that will result in UN intervention and the demise of the Republic as planned long ago.

        • Anonymous


    • Debamboozler

      Hegelian dialectic being played out. Thesis: Eight years of Obama radicalizes the Left. Antithesis: Trump craftily polarizes the Right in just four years. Synthesis: Biden ballot fraud is proven, reversing the election which will bring about the desired result. The Left goes ballistic when their Biden candy cane is ripped out of their ranting yaps and civil war breaks out followed by UN intervention…precisely as planned.

      Everything is scripted and all actors playing their parts before the thoroughly polarized mainstream media mesmerized majority.

      “IN politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” FDR

      Face reality….no one in DC is on our side. It has become the habitation of demons who are plotting your EXTERMINATION.

      These are the observations of one who became aware of and investigated the machinations of the HIDDEN HAND for the last 57 years.

      • J.T.B.

        The best analytical comment in this thread of responses. I agree!!

      • Болеслава

        57 years and you came to the wrong conclusion. The Hegalian dialectic is only used by the deep state. Trump ran opposed to it. There is another dialectic which you would not have noticed until Trump came along, the dialectic of good versus evil. Shame you were so brainwashed by everything deep state you missed it. Thats only human……unless you have a concience.

        • Judy Byington

          Thank you 60necnaba…It’s amazing how many Deep Staters make comments on articles like this and think they can hide themselves. If Trump actually lost they might get out of some of those 109,000 sealed indictments filed in federal courts since Trump took office. Like Trump said, “These people are stupid.”

        • 2QIK4U

          Exactly… Trump is for Israel… DERP STATE for Middle East + China

    • Hsaive

      This story serves as a distraction to the real story behind the election theft collusion.


      • Judy Byington

        Hsaive…Your story validates this story and vice versa. Great job!

        • 14west1

          Judy, you linked to Tom Fitton but there’s no mention anywhere on his websites of this. I think you made that up.

          • Judy Byington

            Fenton was on Fox News Lou Dobbs with Sydney Powell. Look it up.

            • Anonymous

              Well, there you go. If it was on Fox news (you know, the news channel they defined as “entrtainment” because it wasn’t really news. If it was on Fox, it was TRUE!!! LOLOLOL.

            • 14west1

              I looked it up and watched it. He clearly said he didn’t know anything about the shenanigans going on. It ws a good interview, but didn’t shed any light on the water mark thing.
              I hope it’s real, I just can’t believe the people who’ve mentioned it would lie, since there is nothing to gain from lying about it. If it’s real, I guess we’ll just have to wait to see it revealed.

    • jdpent01

      If all of what was stated is true, the mass media and Joe don’t appear to be scared, of the coming truth, they must feel continued pressure and broadcast of Biden’s win, will sway all the people there way, and to deny fraud evidence when Joe said the developed the most fabricated fraud org in the USA. So we take him at his word in finding Election Fraud of various types widespread in tabulating votes, The DARPA NSA/CIA SCORECARD SYSTEM WAS cited to be used against POTUS a system used in foreign countries to sway elections there, now used against America, to reach a certain out come for the DEM’S [election win], but got caught in MI where totals did not add up and video capture of the fraud was recorded. Dominion Software was used in all States. Therefore, all States need to have their systems checked by experts [ not Dominion employees]. other races Senate and House also need rechecked as the scorecard algorithm cares not who the contestants are but is flipping votes too for these races. Already had to give back two house seats. More to come.

      • 2QIK4U

        Couldn’t agree with you more.. it MUST be done or CIVIL WAR MUST FOLLOW !

    • jdpent01

      If all of what was stated is true, the mass media and Joe don’t appear to be scared, of the coming truth, they must feel continued pressure and broadcast of Biden’s win, will sway all the people there way, and to deny fraud evidence when Joe said they developed the most fabricated fraud org in the USA. So we take him at his word in finding Election Fraud, of various types widespread in tabulating votes, The DARPA NSA/CIA SCORECARD SYSTEM WAS cited to be used against POTUS a system used in foreign countries to sway elections there, now used against America, to reach a certain out come for the DEM’S [election win], but got caught in MI where totals did not add up and video capture of the fraud was recorded. Dominion Software was used in all States. Therefore, all States need to have their systems checked by experts [ not Dominion employees]. other races Senate and House also need rechecked as the scorecard algorithm cares not who the contestants are but is flipping votes too for these races. Already had to give back two house seats. More to come.

    • 2QIK4U

      G’day Judy can you tell me where you sourced your evidence please so I can see this for myself… I am losing Hope this is True

      • Judy Byington

        I have around 20 links to prove all this, but would advise you to watch Guiliani and team in their federal and Supreme Court Cases this week – though it is doubtful the Fake News will carry it. You could start with this Sunday Fox news interview: Sun. 8 Nov. Fox News Morning with Maria, Sydney Powell on Democratic Voter Fraud:

        • goldtooth

          Although your article is consistent with Steve Pieczenik interview, after much searching, I find no support of the ongoing ballot recount. Your link to the Powell interview is also interesting, but makes no reference to an actual recount. Do you have any further sources concerning this recount? I’m sure the media would be silent on it.

          I want to believe this story is true, but need something more substantive. I know that Steve talked like it would happen post haste! This would so make my day. :smile:

        • Anonymous

          LOL, someone wants credible links and you refer them to Fox News, which is now Fox Entertainment because they lied so much? I mean WTF? Have you got any CREDIBLE links you would like to share? The National Enquirer, maybe?

        • 2QIK4U

          Cheer’s, It’s looking better than it did a week ago ! :grin: Australia Sky news have finally picked this up and running it the last 3 days, MSM are still silent but have stopped Thier Biden crap.. they still lie tho…. Trump won 100% He smashed it… Now I hope the lady lawyer gets a fair judge… Reports now, michigan council are meeting Right now to try and change the rulebook to make Trump lose Recount rights

    • Spike4187

      I so hope this article is true. I mean, I am an average Joe. I knew the Demoncraps would use massive voter fraud to steal this election. There was no way Biden could win without voter fraud. The baby butchers have been stealing Senatorial seats and Congressional House seats for years by voter fraud and outright last minute lies to sway a few voters away to win. Hence false rape charges ,etc. Now if myself and my buddies knew this, of course Trump and his people knew this and one would hope he would put something in place to catch the baby butchers in the act. I hope he puts all these traitors of the Constitution in prison until they are dead, or make a deal with North Korea and send them there since they like the idea of being ruled and the will of the people being snuffed out. Go Trump!!!!!! Or, this could be more fake news, Trump has the election stolen from him which is true but not a darn thing he can do about it. If that is true, good bye America, good bye Constitution. We will never have a man like Trump win the White House or Senatorial or Congressional seat, ever.

    • Einstein


    • 3RD BORN

      JUDY~~ the constant about your posts is that they usually make the reader feel good about events that may not have a welcomed outcome . . . . until, that is, a person tries to verify the information in your posts–AND NEVER CAN.


      SURE, I could verify many articles claiming the official ballots are watermarked and can report via some transmission; that the National Guard had been sent to contended states; that there are numerous claims of fraud by voters and sworn-in poll watchers . . .

      YET NOWHERE DOES ALL THAT INFORMATION PULL TOGETHER INTO ACTUAL ELECTION RESULTS AS YOU PRESENTED. I can promise that I shall never again be sucked-in by an enticing headliner to be lied to ONCE AGAIN.

    • DiiSegreti

      There is no doubt in my mind that the DNC orchestrated massive voter fraud. Also I accept that till the end of time no MSM will do anything remotely close to admitting creepy Joe’s defeat. In fact, you’d be a fool to not expect anything other than beating to death how Trump stole the election. But here’s the thing. I could have just missed it but I’ve not heard one lick as to watermarks, corn ink, or quantum whatever from a single person who’s right with the Trump campaign. That should be a red flag to everyone. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit to never see these claims come forward as evidence in front of the Supreme Court and reveal everyone reporting this to be nothing other than additional fake news operative acting for the deep state to pull the wool over patriot’s eyes. The goal is to lead us quietly into the NWO slaughterhouses with minimum resistance. Not entertaining this possibility and sitting on our thumbs will only serve as proof positive that we are no different than the sheep we claim to be too stupid to wake up. These articles are fun but I can write stories that guarantee every man wakes up with a 12-inch snake in his zipper and no woman will ever need to worry about chocolate going straight to their thighs, that doesn’t mean that what you get in the mail isn’t going to walk, talk and moonwalk like a duck. Actions speak louder than words and until key players confirm these claims all the smoke and mirrors in the world aren’t gonna stop me from…

      • Anonymous

        There may be evidence in your feeble mind, but the rest of the world doesn’t have any. Trump’s four suits were just thrown out in Nevada. It took 3 minutes 45 seconds to throw them out because they were frivilous with no evidence to back them up.

      • jezzyby47

        Those ‘key players’ you mention will never admit defeat because they own the media, banking and big pharma. The are the swamp that DT wants to drain, so why would they ever tell the truth if the truth will ultimately be their downfall?

    • Hsaive

      This article is bogus. … There is no way that 14 million ballots have been put through a laser scanner by now. … A project like this would take weeks to perform. The states own the ballots and legal notices would need to be served by DoJ and acknowledged by each state with their cooperation. There is nothing in the corners of alt media to support this story. This story is major HOPIUM.

    • freddy30

      Stop the lies!!!!

    • jwood1952

      I have followed this story from it’s beginning, but I still can’t figure out how Trump’s Team could have watermarked ballots. The WH doesn’t create ballots. Ballots are created in states, in counties, so what ballots could Trump have watermarked? States have their own watermarks they create for their own security reasons, but then those ballots go to counties that add all their election seats for the upcoming terms. Those ballots, the vast majority of US ballots, would have no association to anything created upstream from them. Maybe I’m missing something here, perhaps the Quantrum Blockchain System is the key here. I just can’t figure it out.

      • Anonymous

        You can’t figure out because it is all bullshit and it looks like you are capable of critical thinking.

    • Matrix

      Before it’s News,

      I have been researching the information contained in the article above for supportive “credible” information and have found ZERO evidence. you mention Judicial Watch yet I find ZERO information on JW. Your article is nothing more than a bunch of bull-shit malarky and you do yourselves the favor of being as credible as MSM at this point. If you can’t do your own diligence first and provide supportive links from credible sources then your articles are nothing more than hearsay and should only be listed in the National Inquirer.

      • Anonymous

        It’s about time someone said this. There is NEVER any evidence for anything in BIN. Aliens? No evidence. Nibiru? No evidence. Elvis being alive and living with Michael Jackson? No evidence. Voter fraud? No evidence. I mean BIN is not exactly a credible news source so this is OK. In fact, I kind of like it. It’s entertaining. But factual? LOLOLOLOLOL.

        • CUB4DK

          You’ve been swingin’ and missin’ throughout all of November so far!…lol

          Maybe December will be a better month for ya!,..BillyP :cool: :lol:

    • Ideas Time

      I hope this information is correct but I have also read that the states print their own ballots.

    • Lurker

      Where are you getting this info from??!!

      There are a few people sort of saying the same thing but I’m not seeing any proof so I am sceptical but hoping it’s true!

      The most credible guy on here is Thomas Wictor





      • 2QIK4U

        Cheers Thomas :lol:

    • nikita

      I’d love for this to be true
      & judging by the number of hits on this post so would a lot of other people.

      Human nature to want to hear what we want to hear i think?

      Without some corroboration ,i suspect it’s moonshine.

      Those of a spiritual pursuasion may like to contemplate
      2Chronicles Chapter 18.

    • David A

      I just read this story and there is so much that doesn’t add up.

      I think the story should start out by saying “we have no confirmation that this story is accurate”, otherwise, you’re misleading the readers.

      In today’s age of fake news, we’re looking for accurate information. As much as many of us want Trump to win, legally, the part that seriously doesn’t add up is that first you say there are 14M ballots, then you talk about 100M ballots with Trump taking ¾ of them. The fact that Trump might take ¾ of the ballots seems as off the wall as how you got from 14M ballots to 100M ballots.

      Yes, Fitton and Powell are quite credible, but your story (the first part) doesn’t have anything to do with them. The watermark idea and National Guard info (via Alex Jones show) doesn’t have credibility – at least not yet.

      Maybe I’m reading this wrong, or maybe something’s missing?

      Thank you.

      Fake news will discredit your site in a minute – if verified to be fake.

    • Traci393

      Each state is responsible for creating their own ballots, there is no federal standard. Therefore there is no watermark on ballots.

    • Michael Tichenor

      There is no “sting” operation!!! Stop listening to what you want to hear and use your intuition!!! If there was a sting op then arrests would have been made already!! That’s how these things work!! I am ex-military and was in intelligence!! I Know firsthand!!! There will be an investigation and Trump will win, but there was NO Blockchain system nor is Steve Pathetic…P’Chenik (dont care of I misspelled!!) for the constitution of the USA!! His words not mine!! He claims he is not for the constitution and that it’s outdated!!! Trump never commends him!! Steve is washed up and trying to get clicks!! These people ,especially this woman, are hear tp make you complacent!! Just like Q did!! People sat around trusting this all amazing plan that only woke people up but made them idle!!! You want truth?? Come watch my videos that I post here everyday!! We need to stand up against these tyrants!!! Or they will rule!! You think the people fighting against the King of England for our freedom sat by trusting the plan?? They were the plan!! Stop being lazy and hoping that some magical force will save you!!! That’s what they “plan” for!!! Nothing else!!! Get off your asses and do something about it!!! We, and I mean a lot of us, are going to do something about it!! Want to know more?? Watch my video I posted earlier here!!! I was number 2 under this bulls#!t story!!! These people are paid opposition and it’s really sad to see so many just hoping!!! I’m still in the top 3 so I won’t be hard to find!!!

      • B_idensL_aptopM_atters

        Found the slaver gobbling pedophile molester party loser.

        Who never so much as shadowed a seat in network Engineering.

      • mathieuH

        Hi do you have a youtube account where i can see your videos?

      • Jamais Vu

        Being third in the top 3 on BIN is like getting a bronze in the Special Olympics. Way to go, champ, you can do it!

      • Болеслава

        Anything to do with al x Jones is controlled opposition, he’s a pa ifyer as is most of this site
        Resistance comes from within. If a story does not encourage that resistance it is fake opposition.
        Problem is most people think they are impotent politically because they do not understand the spirit world, how it will works and where they fit into it. :smile: :arrow: :idea:

      • nikita

        Your comment made me smile, not that you said anything laughable.
        It’s just whenever i see your picture on articles i instantly think “military intelligence”

        Don’t let the naysayers get to you.

    • Sergey

      If this is so and he manages and completes the matter to the end, then in Washington they will be obliged to build a memorial in his honor, and I personally would like to visit this place, paying tribute to Donald Trump.

    • Madan

      False information found in your post
      Independent fact-checkers at Lead Stories say that information in your post is partly false. To stop the spread of false news, we’ve added a notice to your post.
      You can take a look at additional reporting from independent fact-checkers who investigate reports of false information across Facebook.

      LEAD STORIESFact-check
      Fact Check: Department Of Homeland Security Did NOT Craft An Election Fraud Sting With Watermarked Ballots — This Is A Hoax | Lead Stories
      Did The Department Of Homeland Security craft an election fraud sting by printing watermarked ballots? No, that's not true: The…
      All fact-checkers who partner with Facebook must be signatories of the International Fact-Checking Network and follow their Code of Principles.
      See how Facebook works with independent fact-checkers to stop the spread of false news. Watch video in Help Centre.

      • nikita

        It would appear a sheep has got stuck down the rabbit hole?
        This could end up badly! :lol: :lol:

        “Fact checkers” are there to control the narrative, they are not there to present truth. :roll:

        This story should be judged on its’ merits & any subsequent (un)/fulfillment. Ignore the fact checkers fiction please.

      • MatrixReloaded

        Lead Stories,… LMAO.

    • Karen Bracken

      This story is blatantly false. It has already been proven to be false. The states print their own ballots and they can place watermarks on their ballots if they want to do so. Many are misinterpreting information that came out about water marks. It is very sad that undocumented stories like this come out and prop up false hopes. If this were true there would be no need for recounts, citizen testimonies and spending millions of dollars to prove fraud. If this were true they would already have their proof without the need for recounts etc. Use your common sense. Sydney Powell would already be talking about this if it were true. I cannot believe how gullible people still are. Just because you wish it to be true doesn’t make it true. This writer has provided absolutely ZERO proof that the federal government issued ballots with a watermark on them. I personally will never read anything ever again written by this author. She has lost all credibility with me and many others it appears.

    • CUB4DK

      5 STARS for this article and presentation! :grin:

      Great work Miss Judy!…xo

      Cheers! :)

      • Dystopian Delight

        Great FAKE NEWS!!! Way to go Judy. And way to go CUB4DK for encouraging her.

    • rmstock

      First published at 02:38 UTC on November 6th, 2020

      Voting Software Company WHISTLEBLOWERS Come Forward; Claim Their Software Changed 38 MILLION Votes – Stole Election
      11 NOVEMBER 2020

      Giuliani Says Dominion Voting Software Whistleblowers Soon To Reveal Mass Election Fraud
      November 11, 2020

      Carmine Sabia @CarmineSabia
      From Rudy Giuliani.
      5:21 PM · Nov 11, 2020·Twitter Web App
      574 Retweets 133 Quote Tweets 979 Likes

    • invis

      Oh, the old “throw in a few buzzwords and people will believe anything” scheme…

      Quantum computers are still in the experimental stage, and you surely don’t need one to verify watermarks. Also blockchain is a technology that is in now way required (or useful) to verify ballots.

      people are so gullible these days…

    • dave42

      The technology of spectral watermarking is real.
      During early development of the Tech my Marketing Company developed a laser etched silver nano particle used for cosmetics.
      Our chemist Chris Vahn holds the patent on the production of the sparkles in body lotions.
      At that time circa 1987 the DOE and ATF approached our company for assistance with producing the particles.
      THe product that was produced is a serialized sequence of layers of atoms that the correction can be read like a resistor each layer of the particle having a different digit assigned to the spectrum.
      Oak Ridge National Labs continued research on these articles and added two features the first is a specific decay during printing that allows individual serialization the second was the use of IR and UVa reactive luminance the corresponding specific pantone shade and request authorization for these products was contracted to Stealth Mark.

      The technology has three facets the first is a serialized pattern in the printing like a QRP but different this tech has been present in all color printers laser or inkjet since the 1970s.
      The second technology is that those serialized patterns are produced with ink that the particles in the ink react to specific narrow band light exposure by producing a specific frequency or wave length of light that corresponds to the serial code of the pattern.
      The third technology employed is that the actual particles that make up the pigments are layered nano particles as…

    • McVitas

      Corn ink traceable by GPS…my ass :lol:

    • Anonymous

      You know, Trump won in a landslide. I just don’t see why they don’t leave him in the WH. Although the way things are going, that is not going to happen. Biden will be in the WH 1-20-20.

      • Judy Byington

        Trump DID win in a landslide, and he WILL stay in the White House. Just because the Fake Media calls Biden the President Elect doesn’t make it so. If fact it’s against the Constitution for them to call it. Nothing is confirmed yet. That has to be done by the Electoral College in December. Today the Chair of the Federal Election Commission Trey Trainor declared the Election illegitimate. Last Tues. Trump’s lawyers took the whole election fiasco before the Supreme Court. The truth will prevail. :grin:

    • Ideas Time

      Is in not true that the electors can elect anyone they want and could use this case law to declare Trump the winner by default.

      It would be valid in my mind. The SCOTUS ruled in a landmark case UNITED STATES v. THROCKMORTON (98 US 61 – Supreme Court 1878) that “fraud vitiates everything”.[1]

    • Fake News = The False Prophet

      Amazing Polly:
      I have made a MAJOR discovery – this is not Dominion, Hammer Or Scorecard! US Department of Homeland Security Partnered with Deep State, Big Tech & Soros swamp via an NGO called VotingWorks and their software called ARLO. The audits are NOT SAFE!

    • Ron H

      I’ll believe this skeptical story when I see it announced by more recognizable news sources. Frankly, it’s hard to trust any news sources these days. Don’t get me wrong, I hope this turns out to be true. It would be the corruption uncovering of the centruy.

    • Ron H

      I’ll believe this skeptical story when I see it announced by more recognizable news sources. Frankly, it’s hard to trust any news sources these days. Don’t get me wrong, I hope this turns out to be true. It would be the corruption uncovering of the century.
      I did just spot this after I just wrote this:

      If the fake ballots don’t get them, maybe the rigged machines made by Dominion Software will! Listen to the Lou Dobbs interview with Sidney Powell.

    • Jen the pen

      Drumpt did not win, in 2016 the Republicans was screaming no recount now in 2020 they back peddling like snakes. Biden won the people have spoken,

    • Man

      you know counting is hard when only the elite units of the National Guard can count better…

    • Jamais Vu

      How’s all that winning going Bludy? Are you winning bigly yet?

    • Arel Harris

      I have searched the Judicial Watch’s website and there is nothing of this nature or content on their site to corroborate this story. The provide the evidence it is factual, please provide the source links to that Judicial Watch did, indeed post this story.

    • jdpent01

      If this was really true he not need to spend million on recounts.

      • Judy Byington

        Jamais Vu…So, you are friends with Douglas Misicko aka Doug Mesner aka Grand Master of the Satanic Temple? What a find!!! Can’t believe you are so brazen to reveal yourself with Trump and the White Hats in the middle of Mass Arrests of Deep State Actors. Thanks for the tip. :razz: :grin: :lol:

        • Jamais Vu

          Don’t flatter yourself, skank. People like you were justification for straight jackets and lobotomies.

          You are a pathetic liar. LOL! Google yourself, idiot. That’s how I found those and much more. Moron.

          :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • nomdeplume

      Apparently the blockchain sprocket broke. Another conspiracy theory dies. Never fear, the conspiracy generator will produce a new one momentarily.

    • beLIEve

      QUANTUM Blockchain CYST-em…QUANTUM Computer :!: :!: WHORES MANURE :idea:

      LIE$ and LIAR$ :evil:

      Q F $ = QUANTUM Financial System………..aka………’driven’ by a QUANTUM Computer. :idea:

      There is “apparently”…..NO conventionally FUNCTIONING….QUANTUM Computer…..OPERATIONAL;

      …aka…..ERROR Free…..PROBLEM Free………in use at this time……and…… is expected that

      an additional …10 YEARS…….of RESEARCH is required to ‘BRING on-line’ such a computer :!: :idea:


      Michio Kaku Warns: “QUANTUM COMPUTER JUST SHUT DOWN After It Revealed This” :idea:

      14th :?: June 2023 :idea:


      Michio KAKU = Renowned physicist :idea:

    • beLIEve

      Michio Kaku Warns: “QUANTUM COMPUTER JUST SHUT DOWN After It Revealed This” :idea:

      14th :?: June 2023 :idea:

      @ approx 16:25 SCIENTISTS world wide are WORKING HARD to CREATE the……FIRST FUNCTIONAL
      QUANTUM Computer but, it is a CHALLENGING TASK that may take SEVERAL more YEARS or, EVEN a

      @ approx 17:37 DEVELOPING Quantum Computers is CHALLENGING because ‘THEY” are …VERY

      @ approx 17:49 Quantum Computers also REQUIRE …a HIGHLY CONTROLLED and ISOLATED
      CONDITIONS is difficult and COSTLY.

      @ approx 18:00 The FRAGILITY of…..QUBITS (individual quantum bits)….and the NEED for
      LOW TEMPERATURES pose ENGINEERING challenges when ‘SCALLING UP’ Quantum

      @ approx 18:00 ERROR CORRECTION is another IMPORTANT aspect.

      @ approx 18:11 Scientists are RESEARCHING ways to address ERRORS that DURING Quantum

      @ approx 18:19 Implmenting ERROR CORRECTION adds COMPLEXITY to the HARDWARE
      requirements, making DEVELOPMENT more CHALLENGING :!:

      @ approx 18:26 To overcome these (challenges) SCIENTISTS are COLLABORATING and
      sharing RESOURCES.

      @ approx 18:38 IBM Quantum…GOOGLE Quantum AI and MICROSOFT Quantum provide
      access to QUANTUM…

    • beLIEve

      …Continued……Michio Kaku Warns: “QUANTUM COMPUTER JUST SHUT DOWN After It Revealed This” :idea:

      @ approx 18:38 IBM Quantum…GOOGLE Quantum AI and MICROSOFT Quantum provide

      @ approx 20:21 Although Quantom Computing is STILL DEVELOPING, it ‘HOLDS’ significant

      @ approx 23:29 Quantum Computing…….also POSE POTENTIAL THREATS and CHALLENGES
      that NEED to be ADDRESSED. :idea:
      The most SIGNIFICANT CONCERN is the THREAT posed to ENCRYPTION systems.
      Encryption is a FUNDAMENTAL TOOL used to SECURE sensitive INFORMATION and
      PROTECT data PRIVACY. Many secure COMMINICATION PROTOCOLS such as those used
      in ON-LINE Banking and “government” agencies..RELY on…..the DIFFICULTY of FACTORING
      Classical computers struggle to perform these CALCULATIONS efficiently; making ENCRYPTION
      However, Quantum Computers have the ‘POTENTIAL’ to BREAK these ENCRYPTION
      SCHEMES using SHOR’S algorithm which can FACTOR LARGE NUMBERS quickly. This means
      that the CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION we rely on such as FINANCIAL records or, CLASSIFIED
      falls into the WRONG HANDS.

      @ approx 24:27 Another area of CONCERN lies in the FIELD of CRYPTO Currency. Crypto
      currency like BITCOIN use…

    • beLIEve

      ….Continued…..Michio Kaku Warns: “QUANTUM COMPUTER JUST SHUT DOWN After It Revealed This” :idea

      @ approx 24:27 Another area of CONCERN lies in the FIELD of CRYPTO Currency. Crypto
      currency like BITCOIN use ‘CRYPTO Graphic’ algorithms such as ‘Elliptic Curve Digital Signature’
      algorithm (ECDSA) to SECURE transactions and ENSURE the INTEGRITY of the digital
      Quantum computers have the ABILITY; the ‘potential’ to BREAK these ALGORITHMS
      and COMPROMISE the SECURITY of CRYPTO currencies.

      @ approx 24:29 IF, Quantum computers become POWERFUL enough they could
      ‘POTENTIALLY’ undermine the TRUST and RELIABILITY of CRYPTO currencies LEADING
      to FINANCIAL INSTABILITY and CHAOS in the DIGITAL economy.

      @ approx 25:00 Quantum computers COULD also pose a THREAT to the INTEGRITY of the
      INTERNET itself. The INTERNETS INFRASTRUCTURE relies on PUBLIC KEY cryptography to
      SECURE on-line communication, transactions and DATA transfers. the use of Quantum computers
      to BREAK ENCRYPTION algorithms could render those SECURITY MEASURES INNEFECTIVE,
      EXPOSING sensitive information and CREATING OPPORTUNITIES for CYBER ATTACKS.
      This could have SEVERE IMPLICATIONS for E-Commerce, ON-LINE Banking and the OVERALL
      TRUSTWORTHINESS of on-line interactions.

      @ approx 25:34 EXPERTS believe that Quantum computers could also IMPACT the world of
      DATA privacy; with their IMMENSE computational parts THEY could ‘POTENTIALLY’ UNRAVEL
      ….PATTERNS and co-relations….HIDDEN within LARGE DATA SETS even IF they are ENCRYPTED
      or ANONYMIZED :!:
      This could have SIGNIFICANT consequences for INDIVIDUALS and ORGANISATIONS that RELY on

      @ approx 25:55 The ‘POTENTIAL’ BREACH of DATA PRIVACY by Quantum computers raises

    • trumster 79

      46 of the 50 states recounted the Votes Trump won Thats Why he is Still Commander In Chief Fake Biden is a actor Playing The POart This is all a Scriptede Movie Do Your research. Evil Is Going to Go Down. Thats Why Most Of DC been Arrested.

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