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Bilderberg Members Topple When Reporters… You Have To See These Cockroaches Flee! Priceless!

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By Lisa Haven 


Just when you thought you had enough of the Bilderberg scoundrels, you get a glimpse of these cockroaches fleeing in action! 


Shorty after the Bilderberg 2015 meeting a few brave reporters approached those communist dictators who were taking an immediate exit from the meeting. They were seen at airports and train stations. Everyone from Oscar Bronner, to Bilderberg Host Rudolf Scholten, to Franco Bernabe Vice Chair of Rothschild Europe were recorded… watch these cockroaches flee… 





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    • DeAcero

      InfoWars going off the rails again.

      Stop this Hero / Villain Worship.

      Even if these are the most evil people in the world (which they probably ARE), what ghastly secret is revealed that they don’t like being harassed by a bunch of whiny, incoherent, irate punks?

      OMGZoRZ Bilderberg IZ EviL!?!/1?!!

      That’s…. news?

      Start coordinating permanent change. Anything else is a waste of time.

      • anonymous

        :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :eek: PREPARE! :idea: :idea:

        Just like WW2 Hitlers Nazi Germany, the computer company IBM created and built the first “computer” system. What did they use it for? For the specific purpose to log, track, find, and select those JEWS that would be sent to the Gas Chambers. Millions and millions murdered by the IBM computer company. They knew exactly, by city, street and address where each Jews murdered in their camps were, so they could just walk down the street, and go to this house, and the one next to it. So if you never knew this, you can thank IBM for making the Nazi know what they needed on each and every person.

        Just think – like today, Google and NSA created and built tracking programs for all our computer systems so we can not hide. Now many people have RIFD chips, and tracking your every movement, and filming you.

        Does anyone NOT SEE how much these are exactly the same? How can anyone say we will NOT BE MURDERED IN FEMA CAMPS! They will not think twice to murder and kill you and your children, all for the Power and Money the top 100 will gain from The US’s destruction! See, it is only about the money!


        Paul Revere!

        • THOTH

          Millions and millions of murdered Jews??

          Hitler was a Jew. Supreme commander of the SS Heinrich himmler, nazi propaganda minister Joseph Gobbels, Hitlers deputy Rudolf Hess, reichmarshal Herman Goering, Gregor Strasser, Alfred Rosenburg, top SS leader Reinhard Heydrich, Hitler’s bankers Ritter Von Strauss and Von stein, as well as a majority of Hitlers top officers and associates were Jews. 150,000 Jews were nazis.

          Why? Zionist Jews became nazis to facilitate the immigration of European Jews to Palestine. After dragging America into WW1 the zionists obtained Palestine for themselves, but none of the other European Jews wanted to leave Europe. The nazi’s were Theodor Herzl’s plan put into action

          “For us to achieve our goals the suffering of the Jews…..must become worse. I have a plan to induce anti-semites to liquidate Jewish wealth and in the end the anti semites will be our best friends.” (Theodor Herzl, father of modern Zionism.)

          By suggesting that 6 million Jews were murdered in WW2, it caused such great sympathy that their Jewish state in Palestine was subsidized by reparation payments. Considering there was only 3 million Jews in Europe during WW2, it is absolutely impossible that 6 million died. You cannot take 6 away from 3. The world almanac has the Jewish population growing almost 400 thousand from 1933-1948.

          Everyone has seen the pictures of the emaciated bodies being bulldozed and most people assume these emaciated white bodies were all Jews. I ask, how can you tell what religion someone is by looking at their dead naked bodies? Those could have all been Christians being bulldozed for all anyone knows.

          Why were the bodies so emaciated? It’s because the western allies bombed the supply routes leading to the slave labour camps. With no food to feed the slaves they all starved to death and that’s why you have pictures of bulldozers pushing piles of emaciated dead bodies. It was not just Jews in the slave labour camps. The Nazis relied on those slave camps to continue their war effort, so what sense does it make to systematically murder your slaves? None.

          There is a desperate need for historical review.

          • NWO for Dummies.

            This deserves a post on its own ????

            • THOTH

              I have never been able to post articles on this site, I would like to and I’ve tried plenty of times but it’s never worked?? I’m not sure what the deal is….

              That’s why I leave long comments a lot of the time.

          • ConfuciousSay

            I have issues with this history myself because to me it wasn’t physically possible to have cremated that many people that fast with the technology they had to do it.

            6 million is the entire metroplex of the Chicago area currently and there’s just no way they could have done it.

            However, it is a very sensitive issue with a lot of people who buy the whole story as the history book have accounted it.

            I believe more Russians actually died than Jews but we never hear about that. The Russians died horrible deaths of starvation and exposure and it bothers me the Russians have been denied their due sympathies while the Israeli’s continue to indiscriminately kill Palestinians.

            • THOTH


              Absolutely, many more people died in soviet gulags. Not enough attention is payed to the Bolshevik Revolution either. It is said that anywhere from 60-100 million Russians were killed. My guess is these things are not normally discussed because the leadership of the communist Bolsheviks was 85% Jewish and they were financed directly by a transatlantic Rothschild agent, Jacob Schiff, the same man who helped Paul Warburg, primary author of the federal reserve act, finance the presidential campaign of Woodrow Wilson. The communist takeover of Russia in 1917 set the stage for World War Two, which the same international Zionist bankers mentioned above made another fortune off of.

              The establishment of modern Israel following WW2 set the stage for WW3, which hasn’t officially been declared but I believe it to be already underway. I don’t think it can be denied at this point that Israel poses a greater threat to global security than any other nation. They are a rogue nuclear nation with stockpiles of hundreds of illegally manufactured nuclear weapons. They have publicly admitted they have the capability to deliver these weapons across continents. They were declared the worst human rights violator on the globe by the U.N. this year. They arrogantly refuse to acknowledge at least 70 UNSC condemnations made against them.

              They continue to illegally expand their borders using violent military occupation. Much of what is called Israel is illegally occupied territory. Millions of Palestinians are being held hostage in Gaza, which has been described as the worlds largest open air prison camp. Semitic Arab populations like Palestinians and Syrians have suffered miserably for 70 years under antisemitic Zionist occupation and Israel has not paid them a dime in mandatory reparations, instead they spend $200 per foot on a massive apartheid wall. After all of this Israel continues to receive billions of dollars in unconditional foreign aid which is technically illegal, due to their rogue nuclear status.

              I feel the longer these topics remain ignored or suppressed, the less chance we give ourselves and future generations to exist. To learn from the mistakes of the past first requires that we acknowledge them. It can be very difficult to bring up these sensitive topics of discussion with people because many have preconceived beliefs. Understandably so with all the thought programming propaganda being transmitted constantly through the idiot box. Nevertheless, I feel we owe it to ourselves to bring these subjects out of the shadows.

          • Louis

            300 million documented killings in communist Russia, Eastern Europe and China. In China, the reds not only killed victims but cannibalized many of them.

    • NWO for Dummies.

      These people sign a confidentiality agreement – what do you expect them to do …..catching a train wow he must really weild a lot of power over humanity. these reporters did was embarrassed themselves and all truth seekers everywhere – yes this is about cockroaches ………………….. running around getting in peoples faces

      • NWO for Dummies.

        ………and others ‘reporting’ on it, including nonsense headlines, unsustantiated innuendo and lack of transparency themselves as to their motives, sources and independence… but what else is new in that department.

    • PeoplePower

      The great awakening is taking place right before our very eyes. There is no where else for our fascist dictatorship Government to run and hide.  

      The atrocities committed by our illegitimate Government has not gone unnoticed.  Witness true patriotism as the people of Lugansk, Ukraine come together as sovereign citizens to defeat tyranny. 

      The time has come to unite the people of the world:

      • Dude

        PeoplePower, I am afraid you are too late. :cry: :cry: :cry:
        The bilderberg group met to review the concerted effort to dramatically de-populate the planet.
        I submit to you that the job is already done! Please do some of your own fact checking.
        What I’m alerting you to is considered ‘Basic Science’.

        MAN is bringing about the END to ALL LIFE as it is known now on this earth by one of his LAST Inventions…….. Nuclear Power & weapons!
        Normal Background Radiation measures on a Geiger counter at between 5 to 20 Counts per Minute (CPM).
        Around 1970 a CPM of 50 was an Alert.

        Last week, Billings MT reads 871 CPM. Bakersfield, CA 824 CPM!

        Did you ever think any city in USA would go past 800 CPM of Radiation?

        Americans are all nothing but frogs in a big pot of warming water, and the Chef Destroyer is slowly turning up the heat of radiation!
        Americans have ALL been radiated.

        Americans are getting sick in MASS!
        Where does all the cancer come from?
        Where do all the different kinds of mental dementia come from?
        Why is childhood autism exploding?

        There ARE NO CURES to the damage done to the body of ANY LIVING THING by Radiation!

        Millions of Americans ARE DOOMED, in a HORRIBLE WAY, TO DIE!!!!!!!!


        • Pulsating Gelatinous Pillow in a Fish Tank

          Veterans Today is not credible so I will take what you are saying with a grain of salt. Trying to listen to VT is like trying to listen to that blowhard Alex Jones only slightly less annoying.

          • Choronzon….Lord of Dispersion

            EPA radiation monitoring sites….public domain…re-published on VT.
            Also, VT is a GREAT and accurate source of information on weapons and weapons systems.
            Just as good, or better, than the public view pages at Jane’s.

            Also, VT is NOT FOR isra-HELL getting any more weapons or aid…… PERIOD!

            VT got the word out to vets about DU exposure.
            How the heck is that cointel-pol, bro???

            Get a life, and some knowledge of the subject before you judge the source.
            Just don’t ‘believe’ that the whole site is cointel-pol!
            :idea: :idea: :idea:
            P.S. Alex Jones obviously….no mention of isra-HELL….EVER…..IS counter-pol ALL THE WAY!
            From Day 1!

            • Pulsating Gelatinous Pillow in a Fish Tank

              Well of course they’re gonna mix just enough truth in with the lies to keep people listening and believing. That’s how the cointel stuff works. The legit people trying to get the truth out aren’t allowed to yell that loud and that long without something very bad happening to them.

          • NWO for Dummies.

            Oh …. and BIN is ????

        • PeoplePower

          Veterans today is cointelpro Dude..

          My name is Lt. Aldo Raine:
          “And once we’re in enemy territory, as a bushwhackin’ guerrilla army, we’re gonna be doin’ one thing and one thing only… killin’ Nazis.”

        • ecclesiatical

          Everything that becomes unsustainable becomes extinct.

        • CrowPie

          Thank you for not blaming those high radiation levels on Fukusima.

          Yes,….Fukushima is a problem…..but high radiation levels are happening all over the U.S. due to our crumbling infrastructure.

    • CrissCross
    • sarah

      In the first video from Infowars did anyone else notice how the Bilderberg attendees being interviewed at the airport ALL Had Big Noses?

      They must be species related.

      I’m not sure they are 100% human, but if they are they appear to be from the same race.

    • underdog

      man that is a insult to cockroaches everywhere .

    • Eggzactly

      That would have been a perfect time to detain them or at least charge them with crimes against humanity.
      I do believe that they are guilty of that. More people need to be upset that this nonsense is going on.

    • Pink Slime

      Hello Angle#1,

      Charlie here. It’s a geriatric event. Have you ever been to one? As soon as they arrive they want to go make shee-shee. These are OLD people. They do not run anything except to the bathroom.

      Can we really have better reports Angle#1? I don’t buy my angles the best doughnuts for nuth’ n ya know.


      Charlie (running for my doughnut rolling away)

    • Don't be hating!

      Funny how INFO WARS are the only ones permitted to even get close.

      That tells you alot about the FEAR MONGERING InfoWars!

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