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By William Frederick, M. Div.
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Beware the Winter Solstice--the Date Encoded on the Dollar Bill

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I have found five dates encoded on the dollar bill. Two of them have already come to pass and the next one is in the very near future, and the way things are shaping up, that day may be a day that could change life as we know it in the United States.


 All of the date data and the possibilities I see for what may occur on that day, along with the encoded map, are documented in The Dollar Code. I am now going to reveal to you the date data and the next encoded date from The Dollar Code—Merry Christmas.


Part 2


The Encoded Dates on the Dollar Bill


I wonder how many people know that the money we have been using and carrying around in our wallets and purses has secret information about the future encoded on it. Now in case you are still a bit skeptical about money being encoded with secret information here is a very obvious example from the $20 bill, which if folded in the esoteric way, depicts both the World Trade Center attack and Pentagon attack.



So I hope you are on board with the concept that money is encoded with secret information. In part one I revealed the map and word cipher on the dollar bill. Now I will reveal to you what I feel to be some of the most important information encoded on the dollar bill—the date ciphers.


I believe the date ciphers are very important in regards to the United States and the destruction of the Old World Order. As you may know, after the Old World Order and the sovereignty of all nations have been destroyed, the New World Order will arise. So let’s take a look at the dollar bill again to see what we can find.




There it is; the dollar bill, the trestle board for the destruction of the Old World Order and establishment of the New. There is a lot of symbolism and hidden information on the dollar bill, some of which we have discussed in part one of this article. Before we get to the date ciphers, let us first consider some of the esoteric aspects involved with the dollar bill. One of the most prominent and mysterious symbols on the bill is the pyramid, which as already discussed, is an illuminati symbol that represents the building of the New World Order. The capstone of the pyramid represents the antichrist indwelt by satan, who will be the leader of the New World Order, and will rule the world for 3.5 years.


How does the United States fit into the New World Order scheme? The illuminati chose the United States as the primary agent to accomplish its nefarious goal of bringing about the New World Order. This concept has been clearly stated in illuminati literature. For example Mason, Manly P. Hall wrote in The Secret Teachings of All Ages that:


Not only were many of the founders of the United States government Masons, but they received aid from a secret and august body existing in Europe which helped them to establish this country for a peculiar and particular purpose known only to the initiated few. The Great Seal is the signature of this exalted body—unseen and for the most part unknown—and the unfinished pyramid upon its reverse side is a trestle board setting forth symbolically the task to the accomplishment of which the United States Government was dedicated from the day of its inception.


That “particular purpose” for the United States only known to the “initiated few” by their own admission, is to bring about the New World Order. And they readily admit that the seal represents these ideas as stated below.


Each face (of the Seal) is a masterly harmony of all that is potent in symbolism and prophecy. It was originated and adopted by men who recognized the overshadowing presence of the Great Architect of the Universe and submission to His will as revealed in the Scriptures and the Laws of Nature. They planned a government in conformity to His great Plan. They recognized that America’s greatest task was to go toward the goal of the Plan — the eventual establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth.”


Of course their “kingdom of god on earth” refers to the New World Order with the antichrist ruling the world. And what is their plan for the United States after they have used her to establish the New World Order? Their plan calls for her destruction.


The United States of America has served as a transitional homeland for the Israelites in Diaspora and a secure base of operations where the Knights Templar could establish a financial and military empire that would empower them to repossess the Holy Land. Now that the United States of America has fulfilled its purpose and the reconquest of the Holy Land is underway, the U.S. must be destroyed so that American Jews, which comprise 40% of World Jewry, will be motivated to relocate to Israel. There in the land of Israel they will encounter a False Messiah who will be enthroned as the reincarnation of King Solomon in the Temple of Solomon, soon to be rebuilt by the Knights of the Order of the Temple of Solomon.


So the Pyramid represents the building of the New World Order and the United States has been chosen as the primary agent to bring this about, and when her task is finished she will be destroyed. The encoded dates which I have found may point to aspects of this destruction.


Before I reveal the dates to you, let me tell you that I found two of the dates years ago, and both were found before the dates occurred. As you will see both dates were significant. The third encoded date is in the very near future, and is related to the first two, and as you will see, I believe may be a date of great importance in regards to the United States, after all, it’s on the money.


Notice I said may; let me make it clear that I do not claim to be a prophet, and I do not hear voices in my head, but what I do is try to integrate contemporaneous prophetic data in light of God’s Holy Word the Bible—the only standard for truth and doctrine. Based on that analysis and God’s leading, I have attempted to formulate a hypothesis concerning the encoded future date. Remember, hypotheses can be right, or they can be wrong.


So what you are about to read is not “thus saith the Lord,’ neither is it a prediction. But what I will present is a hypothesis concerning a future date that may be right, partially right, or altogether wrong. Thus, if you cannot understand that, then just stop reading here.


Alright, if you are still with me, here we go. I will first show several numbers that are encoded on the dollar bill. It is these numbers that we will use to calculate the encoded dates.


The Numbers


The elements used in the date encodings are the year 1776, the base number 12, 222, and 19.47.



1. 1776 is when the United States was born, which appears in Roman numerals—MDCCLXXVI—on the foundation of the pyramid. It is also the year when the illuminati conceived their plan to take over the world. So the foundation stone of the pyramid represents the year 1776, the left edge is 1/1/1776 and the right edge is 12/31/1776.


2. 12 is the number of levels in the pyramid not including the foundation and capstone. When the pyramid is finished the old world order will be destroyed and the New World Order represented by the capstone will be put in place.


3. 19.47 is the latitude north and south of pyramids found all around the world and on Mars. It is also; the latitude of areas abundant in volcanic activity on celestial bodies, the latitude of the swirling spots on Jupiter and Neptune, the latitude of many sunspots, the year of the Roswell incident, the year that Aleister Crowley and Nicholas Roerich died, the year that Admiral Byrd took his flight to the inner earth, and the degrees of the points of the star of David when placed in a circle and aligned with North and South.



It is also on the dollar bill. If you draw lines from the middle of the seal on the left or right to a point just below the dots in the fancy design, the lines are approximately at 19.47 degrees from the horizontal.



Here is another piece of information that shows the importance of 19.47. The History channel ran a promo that covertly featured many events of the end times. The beginning scene shows a man punching in his time card. The Time reads 7:47—7:47 in 24 hour time can be 19:47—what a coincidence. One of the events depicted in the video was a blaphomet type coming from the North Pole area, and a pyramid just as the dollar bill portrays. I also had a beyond coincidence experience with the number 1947 on the winter solstice in 2011—take note of that. Thus I conclude that 19.47 is an esoteric number of great importance.


4. 222 is the area of the two halves of the Great Seal on the dollar bill, each being 1.11 inches in area. It is the birthdate of George Washington (2/22). It is the time on a sundial overlaid on the Seal as shown below, and it is the time on the back of the old hundred dollar bill. There are also some interesting numerics associated with 222; 222 x 8 = 1776, 222 days is equal to 5328 hours = 3 x 1776 hours = 8 x 666 hours = 24 x 222 hours = 48 x 111 hours. And if you take the sine of 19.47, which equals .333 and multiply it by 666 it equals 222.


 The First Two Date Ciphers
Using these numbers we can unveil the date ciphers as follows; if we take 19.47 (the esoteric number) as years and multiply it by 12 (layers in the pyramid) we get 233.64 years, which equals 233 years, and 233 days. Starting with July 4, 1776 and adding 233 years and 233 days we come to February 22, 2010.
19.47 x 12 yrs = 233.64 yrs = 233 yrs and 233 days
July 4, 1776 + 233 yrs and 233 days = February 22, 2010
Do you remember anything special about that date? That is the date that President Obama announced his healthcare initiative. As you know it was signed one month later on 3/22/10, after which he so prophetically stated “it is finished.” Some have said this was the last piece of legislation needed to eventually bring in the New World Order. 2/22/2010 is also 1 year, 1 month, and 1 day (111) from President Obama’s Inauguration day on 1/20/2009 (exclusive). Here is another interesting fact about that day. On 2/22/2010; at 11:00 EST gold was at $1111/oz. and at 1:11 PM EST the Dow was down 11.11. points, which was a drop of .11%. And here is something else; skull and bonesmen calculate their year by adding 322 to it. Thus the date 2/22/2010 becomes 2332.2.22 which is an interesting occurrence to say the least.
So the first encoded date takes us to a very important occurrence. Now let me show you the second encoded date. To reveal this encoding we will use a double twelve—12.12 and multiply it by 19.47 years, which yields 235.9764, which equals 235 years and 356 days. Starting with 12/31/1776—the last day in the foundation year—and adding 235 years and 356 days we come to the infamous 12/21/2012—the great esoteric date associated with the coming New World Order.
19.47 x 12.12 yrs = 235.9764 yrs = 235 yrs and 356 days
December 31, 1776 + 235 yrs and 356 days = December 21, 2012
Those 2 encoded dates that align with important events convince me that dates are encoded on the dollar bill. And further that these dates can be found by multiplying 19.47—the great esoteric number—with 12 or a derivative of 12, and adding the result to a prominent date in 1776. Based on those principles I will now show you the third date, which is in the near future, and I will also discuss what it could possibly be pointing to. Before I show you the third date cipher on the dollar bill, let me tell you the story of how I came to find it, for I believe the process to be significant.
The Third Date Cipher
Here is “the rest of the story;” this past summer, due to my schedule, I was not able to do much writing or investigating for my blog, The End Times Forecaster. So the blog pretty much was untouched for a couple of months. During that time I noticed that under the Popular Posts section, that a blog post entitled 222 Confirmation became #1. This was a bit surprising because in the over 4 years since I posted it I do not ever remember it being number one and I did not really think that it was all that important. BTW; it is still number one to this day. I kept asking myself why? The only answers that I came up with was that for some reason some people think that it is very important, and or God wanted to tip me off to something. Here is a picture from that post.
That got me thinking and investigating why 222, the number so profoundly encoded on the dollar bill and hundred dollar bill, would be important at this time? The first thing I did was to add 222 days to the hypothesized start date of the 70th Week—5/13/2014. Yes, you heard me correctly—hypothesized start date of the 70th Week—5/13/2014. You can read all the details in Chapter 12 of The Coming Epiphany. Anyways I took the start date of 5/13/14 and added 222 days to it, and it calculates to 12/21/2014. I thought that was quite interesting—222 days added to the possible start date of the 70th Week lands on the winter solstice/Yule—a night of human sacrifice
Note: the official 2014 winter solstice occurs on 12/21/14 at 23:03 UTC. In some parts of the world it will occur on 12/22/14. Also; due to various time zones, time keeping methods, and inclusive or exclusive counting all dates discussed herein can be +/- a day.
That got me thinking again, so I investigated to see if there was anything special about the winter solstice in 2014. The first thing that I saw was that there was a countdown page to the date. I do not know if that is significant or not, because maybe they have countdown pages for all the winter solstices.
I next checked the date to see how far away from 911 it was—there are 4848 days (exclusive) between 12/21/2014 and 9/11/2001. 4848 is a quadruple 1212—the same number used in the second date encoding above. Also, I found that 12/22/14, which is the winter solstice date in some parts of the world, happens to be 777 days or 111 weeks from the 2012 Presidential Election Day. On that day it will also be 18,666 hours, and 1118888 minutes from Election Day.
The next thing I found is that a Youtuber by the name of X73 Andre, who seems to be into UFOs, has a few videos about 12/21/14, saying that it is the date of the end of the world. That left me wondering why he choose that date, because the info he presented was not at all conclusive to me. This led me to conclude that maybe he received his information from someone or something “in the know,” like possibly a UFO/demon. It was also strange why his video, which does not have a lot of hits, came up at the top or pretty close to the top of the Google search.
I found his information interesting, but as I said not very conclusive or convincing, and decided to investigate the date further. The next thing that I came upon was a video by Mr. Cati, in which he offers a deciphering of the 2014 cube recently added to and removed from the Georgia guidestones.
In his video he shows some very interesting things in regards to the numbers and letters on the cube and how they point to various dates. One of the ideas he presented that stuck out to me was that the corner of the cube and the guidestones align with the rising of the sun on the day of the Winter solstice.
Note: A new video has surfaced claiming responsibility for the placement of the guidestone cube, which puts its significance in question. Regardless of the significance of the cube, the fact that the guidestones themselves align with the winter solstice is the important thing to remember. This will become more evident after I reveal further connections with the guidestones.
Next I looked to the dollar bill to see if 12/21/2014 was encoded.  In light of the importance of 222, as noted above, I took 12 and added .222 to it. I then decided to use a more exact, to 3 decimal places, number for 19.47. The esoteric number of 19.47 can be derived from the inverse sine of .333…, which rounded to the thousandth would be 19.471.
Using that number and multiplying it by 12.222 yields 237.975, which in years and days would be 237 years and 355 days.  Using a 12/31/1776 start date, as we did in second encoded date above, and adding 237 years and 355 days brings us to, you guessed it, 12/21/2014, the winter solstice—the theorized day #222 of the 70th Week, the day that the guidestones physically points to, and the day that the UFO follower believes that the world will end.
19.471 x 12.222 yrs = 237.975 yrs = 237 yrs and 355 days
December 31, 1776 + 237 yrs and 355 days = December 21, 2014
The wheels are really turning now! Does all of this information point to the 2014 Winter Solstice as a date of great importance? As I said before, I am not a prophet, I do not hear voices, and I am not saying “thus saith the Lord,” and I could be wrong. But in light of the day #222 data, the Georgia guidestones and the encoding on the dollar bill, and the other connections it appears that 12/21/2014 may be a day of great importance in regards to the United States and the New World Order—possibly even a day that could forever change life on earth, especially in regards to the United States.
Recently it has been reported that many of the elite are going into hiding. If the reports are true, then that begs the question; why? Obviously if it is true, they know something that we do not. I wonder if it has anything to do with 12/21/2014, and if so what event could they be going into hiding for?
Something big is about to happen. How do I know? I know because people I have known for years have pointed to the last quarter of 2014 as the beginning of the end for many of our institutions and perhaps our very way of life.  Some of my very best contacts have told me that it is time to stop warning the people, because it is now time to start hiding from the wrong people. My initial reaction is to not believe them, but there are too many well-placed sources to not take seriously.
What event?
If 12/21/14 is the date of a major event, what might that event be? As a result of years of prophecy research I believe that between now and the return of the Lord Jesus Christ many events are possible or probable to occur in the United States as listed below…
Here is what happened on 12/21/2014
In regards to the encoded date of 12/21/14; let me reiterate, I am not a prophet, I do not hear voices, I do not say, “thus saith the Lord.” What I am saying is that I have found data that seems to be pointing to 12/21/2014 as a date of a possible big event in regards to end times Bible prophecy and the fate of the United States.
Whether or not something will occur I do not know. For it is possible that all of the data is coincidental, and 12/21/14 will be just another day, and nothing at all of importance will occur. For in the past I have seen many synchronicities pointing to a certain date or event and nothing occurred. Remember we are dealing with the future and as scripture says; we see through a glass darkly.
On the other hand it is also possible that they may have something big planned for the day—2 years after the infamous 12/21/12. And even if they do have something big planned for the day, it is also possible that they could call it off, especially after it has been exposed. For by exposing the date, I believe that it lessens the chances that they will go through with it, and that is a good thing. On the other hand if the event could possibly be related to a celestial event, like a meteor, then they will not be able to call it off.
Will 12/21/2014 be a day that will go down in the history books? Will it be the end of the world as we know it in the United States? Will it be the end of the age of Pisces and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius? Will the Hoover Dam be destroyed as part of an antichrist birthing ritual? Will the dollar die on that day? Or will the day be just another day? I do not know the answers to those questions, but it is a date that I will be watching closely. And if something of an important prophetic nature does occur on that day, then that would lend credence to the theory that the 70th Week began on 5/13/2014, and that other events may occur in relation to that date.
But one thing I do know for sure is that the New World Order is on its way and one day you are going to have to decide whose side you will be on; theirs or God’s. I would encourage you to join God’s side, He has already won the battle, and you will gain eternal life. Learn what you must do to be saved, and join God’s side today; read the short message; God’s Gift of Eternal Life.
Just like you personally do not have to become part of the New World Order, neither do your friends and family members. The only possible way for them to throw off the shackles of the devil and the New World Order is for the truth to be shared with them. If you are on God’s side and want to help your family and friends, then I would ask you to consider sending the link below to as many people as you know, so they can be exposed to the truth. For only the truth will make us free.
I hope you realize that the end times are approaching fast and you need to be prepared, especially in light of the fact that the rapture will not occur until after Seal 6 is opened. I wrote a book to help you to understand and prepare for the end times. Please accept my FREE gift to you and download The Coming Epiphany; Your Guide to Understanding End Times Bible Prophecy, today for FREE.
BTW; I just found two more encoded dates, one regards a very important end times Bible prophecy event directly listed in scripture and the other is directly related to the Great Giza pyramid featured on the back of the dollar bill. Rather than rewrite all of the above with the new date information incorporated in, or release them in another part, I will just add it here as an extra bonus.
A “beyond coincidence” occurrence with one of the numbers encoded on the dollar bill prompted me to continue looking for encoded dates. The search proved successful and I found two more dates. To reveal these encoded dates we will use the same numbers as we used earlier, but we will also use the latitude of the eagle’s eye 38.8 or rather the exact latitude of the place corresponding to the eagle’s eye— Washington, D.C.—38.889.
The Fourth and Fifth Date Ciphers… (end of excerpt)
 OK, there you have it; that is why I think the winter solstice of 2014 may be a date encoded on the dollar bill and thus qualifies as a major watch day for an event of monumental importance. Another reason why I think it is a day that needs to be watched is because of the harbinger I just received regarding this date, which Lord willing, you can read about it in the next post. Again this is not a prediction, as stated above the day may pass without anything happening.
But if there is going to be an event, what might it be? I address those possibilities in TheDollar Code. In the beginning I mentioned that I found five encoded dates. Yes, I have, and the remaining two dates align with two events specifically mentioned in the book of Revelation and point to the fulfillment of the placing of the capstone on the pyramid—the takeover of the world by the antichrist!!! The dates are revealed in The Dollar Code. Available at the link below for a limited time at $3.

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