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By William Frederick, M. Div.
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Are You Prepared For What Two Unbelievable Prophecy Signs Reveal About September 2015?

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Many believe the world is on the precipice of a financial collapse. Two unbelievable and startling major prophecy signs have recently occurred that I believe let us know that this is indeed the case. In this article I will show you these two major prophetic signs and several others, and explain to you what they mean and how you can prepare for what is coming.

Here is the rest of the story; last year Christine Lagarde—Head of the IMF gave a speech about the state and direction of the world economy. In her speech she made mention of 7 good and bad years, saying that we just had 7 bad years and we are headed for 7 good years.






From the get go I felt it was a coded message and was actually foretelling the reverse, that the next 7 years will be bad in comparison to the last 7—just as Pharaoh’s dream foretold—7 good years followed by 7 bad years.


Here is what I said in a post about her speech;
I took note that she focused on “the magic number 7” and then I believe gave an allusion to the dream of Pharaoh recorded in Genesis 41 (backward 14—2014?) where pharaoh had a double dream of 7 good years and 7 bad years—you know the rest of the story. Christine basically said we just had 7 bad years and we are headed for 7 good years. I doubt it—sometimes they communicate the opposite and or believe it themselves because they have been deceived—when they say peace and safety then sudden destruction comes. So in my thinking we just had 7 not so good years and we are headed for 7 bad years.
And when do years start? Biblically they start at the Feast of Trumpets—Rosh Hashanah. The Biblical year that we are currently in started on the evening of 9/24/2014. Did anything of significance happen around that time that might show that we are headed for 7 bad years? YES!!! I believe that two major prophecy signs—a double witness—were given to us and they have to do with cows, just like pharaoh’s dream.



The Double Witness of the Sevens


You probably heard about the cow born with the number 7 on its forehead. Here is a photo of it.




Did you know that 5 days later there was a second cow born with the number 7 on its forehead? Below is a photo and videos about it.








Here is the entire Jim Bakker show concerning this event.







From what I have gathered, for this to occur once is very rare, for it to occur twice would then be extremely rare. Thus, in light of those occurrences and other things I am about to show you, I believe that these two cows may be major signs from God as to what may shortly come to pass in regards to 7 good years and 7 bad years. Let me show you why I believe this.




The Analysis


The first cow, which was black and white, was born on 9/20/14. I believe the black color of the cow could represent “being in the black,” a term for financial profit. This corresponds with Pharaoh’s dream—7 good years first. This was the opposite of what was communicated in the Lagarde message where she said we just had 7 bad years and we are looking forward to 7 good years.
The second cow, which was a red heifer, was born on 9/25/14—the first full day in the Gregorian calendar of the Hebrew year 5775. This was also the first full day of the Shemitah year that we are currently in. I believe the red color of the cow could represent “being in the red,” a term for financial loss. This corresponds with Pharaoh’s dream—7 bad years following the 7 good years. Again this was the opposite of what was communicated in the Lagarde message.
 1 And it came to pass at the end of two full years, that Pharaoh dreamed: and, behold, he stood by the river. 2 And, behold, there came up out of the river seven well favoured kine and fatfleshed; and they fed in a meadow. 3 And, behold, seven other kine came up after them out of the river, ill favoured and leanfleshed; and stood by the other kine upon the brink of the river. 4 And the ill favoured and leanfleshed kine did eat up the seven well favoured and fat kine. So Pharaoh awoke. Genesis 41
Note: The red heifer may also be a sign of the soon and coming Temple, which will be dedicated with a red heifer. It is highly possible that Israel may regain the Temple mount during this current tetrad period that we are in which ends on 9/28/15. See this post for more information about the Tetrad: Beware the Midpoint of the Blood Moon Tetrad—January 5, 2015 and Beyond!
Thus if the two cows marked with a 7 represent the 7 good years and 7 bad years of pharaoh’s dream. The question remains; when will the 7 good years end and the 7 bad years begin? Or in other words when will the economic collapse begin in earnest?
I see two possibilities for the answer to that question. One possibility is that the downturn will begin within the Shemitah year; the other is that it will start after the Shemitah year is over. Let me show you the rest of the information and then we will try to answer that question. First, let’s consider the rest of Pharaoh’s dream.
5 And he slept and dreamed the second time: and, behold, seven ears of corn came up upon one stalk, rank and good. 6 And, behold, seven thin ears and blasted with the east wind sprung up after them. 7 And the seven thin ears devoured the seven rank and full ears. And Pharaoh awoke, and, behold, it was a dream. Genesis 41
As you can see Pharaoh’s dream also concerned corn—7 good harvests followed by 7 bad harvests. It just so happens that the corn harvest has been very good for many years. In fact in the last 6 years the USA has had 3 record corn harvests averaging 12.77 billion bushels per year, with 2014 being the largest harvest on record at 14.2 billion bushels harvested.



So if we have a bad corn harvest this year then I would say that the bad years have begun, but if we have a good corn harvest this year, I would say that the bad years will start after the Shemitah year is over.


Notice also that the harvests were destroyed by an east wind—it seems Egypt’s weather patterns changed. If we are in for 7 bad harvest years, then it stands to reason that it may also be caused by a weather pattern change. Other possible reasons could include the eruption of a super volcano and or maybe events that could transpire in the Mid East or Far East and affect us—North Korean nuclear attack—east wind.
In answering the question of when, another piece of data that we need to consider is the historical pattern of financial downturns associated with Elul 29—the last day of the Shemitah year. This pattern was discussed in the videos above, in case you did not have time to watch the videos, here is a quick introduction to the Shemitah year; in the past Shemitah years have brought severe economic downturns, especially on the last day of the Shemitah year.
In his most recent book, Jonathan Cahn has demonstrated that almost all of the major financial crashes in U.S. history are very closely tied to a seven year pattern that we find in the Bible known as “the Shemitah”. The last day of the year, Elul 29 on the Hebrew calendar, which will occur on Sept. 13, 2015, is the most dreaded day….
So on the very last day of the last two Shemitah years, the stock market crashed so badly that it set a brand new all-time record. And now we are in another Shemitah year.  It began last fall, and it will end next September. Could it be possible that we will see another historic market crash?
Author Jonathan Cahn has correctly pointed out that we should never put God in a box.  Just because something has happened in the past does not mean that it will happen again.  But we should not rule anything out either.
In light of the double 7s of pharaoh’s dream and the birth date of the cow on the first day of the Shemitah year, and realizing that Elul 29 of the past Shemitah years have been financial turning points it is possible that the sign of the cows are pointing to Elul 29, 5775 or 9/13/15 as the day of the financial downturn. I also see the possibility that the financial downturn has already begun and could slowly build to a severe turning point on Elul 29. Either way Elul 29 seems to be the day to watch. BTW: 9/13/15 is also a day of a solar eclipse, and in the past some turning points have occurred after solar eclipses.
Let me show you a few more interesting facts surrounding these signs that seem to be pointing to the same conclusion.
The first cow was born on Elul 25; In Jewish history Elul 25 is when many believe God created the world–the first day of creation. Elul 25 is also when the wall of Jerusalem was completed under Nehemiah.
So the wall was finished in the twenty and fifth day of the month Elul, in fifty and two days. Neh 6:15
The other cow was born on Tishri 1—Rosh Hashanah—the last day of creation—when man was created. BTW; I believe that the feast of Rosh Hashanah will be fulfilled when Christ returns to the earth at Armageddon and crushes satan’s head. There were 5 days between the birth of the 2 cows—in the Bible 5 is the number of grace.
So here is what I think these things may possibly mean. God in His grace gave us these 2 cows with 7 on their forehead as a warning of what is coming. We must prepare by building our walls to protect us from what satan will be attacking the world with. We have 52 weeks—1 year—to build our wall.
Another bit of information that was brought out in the Jim Bakker show was the significance of the town name that the red heifer was born in—Gatesville, TX. They are of the opinion that it was a sign of coming judgment in accordance with what David Wilkerson saw—that judgment would begin at the gatesI agree.
I decided to look around the two towns where the cows were born; Loretto, PA and Gatesville, TX, to see if anything of prominence would stand out. Here is what I found.
In the Loretto area I found a prominent letter omega pattern in the mountains. Omega signifies the end, and its proximity to Loretto tells me that this cow may be a sign of the end of the 7 good years and or events which will transpire at the end of the world—during the last 7 years.





The Loretto cow is named Ben after the Pittsburgh Steelers player Ben Roethlisberger. And what do we find at the Pittsburgh Steelers stadium area, among other things, one of the horses of the Apocalypse. See this post for more info; Woe, I Found One of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse on Google Earth




In the Gatesville area I found 2 faces and a large boot. The face in the upper portion of the image looks like a skull or possibly even an emaciated sullen face suffering from hunger. The face in the bottom is of a sad countenance and has the left eye closed or partially closed that I believe represents the antichrist whose left eye will be blinded.





The large boot can signify the crushing blow that Jesus will eventually bring to satan when he crushes his head. Let me also mention that the boot looks somewhat like a cowboy boot and on the Gatesville sign is a spur that would be attached to a cowboy boot. Spurs are used to direct a horse—maybe as in horses of the apocalypse?
I drew a line from the two town markers on Google earth and found the center location. The center of the line is in Weakley County, TN—interesting name. The center point is not too far from New Madrid, MO, of the infamous New Madrid fault.





The ratio of the second cow’s birth to Elul 29 over the number of days between the births of the cows is 1/5. On the line about 1/5 of the way from Loretto to Gatesville there is a very distinct dragon. Wonder who is represented by a dragon?









I am not a prophet, I am not saying “thus saith the lord,” and I am not predicting anything. So with that in mind, let me say that I believe that the births of the two cows with the number 7 on their forehead and the other signs connected with them may be signs from God of;
1.     7 good years and 7 bad years.
2.     The 7 year Shemitah cycle and the Shemitah year we are now in.
3.     The last day of this Shemitah year—Elul 29—9/13/2015 as the date to watch in regards to a financial collapse.
4.     The 70th Week—the last 7 years—that we may already be in.
In other words I believe these two cows are possibly a sign and warning from God of difficult times ahead, especially in regards to financial matters, with the focus being on the Shemitah year and the last day of the Shemitah, Elul 29, 5775—9/13/2015. I also believe it is possible that cows may be a sign that coming events will be “end times” related.


Is there anything occurring on the world financial scene right now that might be indicating a world financial crisis has already begun or is on the horizon, as the sign of the cows possibly suggest? Here are a few things to take note of;
Wake up America! If these cows are signs from God then it looks as if the “bad” years are beginning or are ready to begin. And if that is the case, then things will go from bad to worse very quickly, especially if we are already in the 70th Week—the last 7 years on earth—which I believe is a distinct possibility. For more info on that point see Chapter 12 of The Coming Epiphany: When?


As many of you know the 70th Week will include the unleashing of the horses of the apocalypse, the arising of the antichrist, and the persecution of Jews and Christians. Those tribulations will be followed by the Day of the Lord and rapture at the Sixth Seal, after which God’s wrath will be poured out upon the world. After the 7 “bad” years are over; Jesus and the saints will come back to take over the earth and set up the Millennial kingdom—the proverbial “heaven on earth.” Amen, even so come quickly Lord Jesus.
What to Do Now


With the birth of these cows with 7 on their foreheads possibly being major prophecy signs from God of a financial collapse, and the major events of the end of the world, what can those with eyes to see and ears to hear do about what is coming? What did Pharaoh—an unbeliever—tell Joseph to do? Prepare; that is what I believe we need to do, prepare. Even if the bad years do not start this year, they eventually will, thus you need to prepare. How can we prepare for what is coming?
We need to prepare spiritually, mentally, and physically—it’s time to build the wall.
Spiritually; make sure that you are saved and that you are living a life in obedience to God. To find out how to be saved read the short message entitled God’s Gift of Salvation. Know Jesus—no Fear, No Jesus—know fear.
Mentally; make sure you understand what the Bible says will occur at the end of the world. I have written a book entitled The Coming Epiphany to help you understand what will happen at the end of the world. Please accept my gift to you and download a FREE copy of The Coming Epiphany; Your Guide to Understanding End Times Bible Prophecy.
Physically; make sure you have physical necessities to make it through the bad times ahead—just like Joseph did for Egypt. Note: no one should ever put their trust in physical preparations; their trust must be in God. But on the other hand, putting trust in God should not negate preparing. What specifically that entails for each individual I cannot tell you—that is a matter that each individual should bring to the Lord in prayer. Note: I do make several general recommendations on preparing in The Coming Epiphany.
Want to know what else may be in store for the United States and the world in the near future? Look at the back of a dollar bill—the whole story is there, even dates. Of course it is all in encoded, which I have deciphered and present in The Dollar Code; The Revealing of the Secrets Encoded on the Dollar Bill.

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