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The shaky ground (RoeVWade) that the Abortion structure was/is built upon (destroying the Left's false narratives)

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[Book from Joseph M. Lenard TERROR STRIKES: / /
Despite the main topic subject-matter: This is NOT a book about death, but one about LIFE (and Living) and of those (foreign (terror strikes) and domestic(Liberals supporting slaughter of unborn)) that would deprive others of that Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness.
 AND, my book, has brief mention of the Abortion farce (cuz it is about those who HATE AMERICA AND ATTACK LIFE, and that is also/obviously American FASCICRATS too)!
see too related #vlog: ]

[Fri. Jun 24, 2022 update ROE OVERTURNED - full update near bottom of article
and please see my PRESS RELEASE:  (aka: or via 24x7PressReleases:]

Let’s be clear: RoeVWade was based upon FAULTY GROUNDS… Even Far-Left Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg has admitted such… The grounds to Murder Babies was NEVER ACTUALLY ESTABLISHED within flimsy PRIVACY question of that Ruling?!?! So, can I Murder someone as long as I do so in the PRIVACY of my own Home if I promise to Sell off their Body parts like PP does (of course NOT)?!?!? #14A #10A #SendBackToStates

“I knew thee before you were formed in your Mothers womb!”

One does NOT have to take the Word of someone from the #ACLJ or Conservative Group to understand this. Ruth Bader Ginsberg, in Speech to University of Chicago Law School, admitted #RoeVWade was a very narrowly focused Ruling and she lamented how it DID NOT GO FAR ENOUGH toward deciding the actual Broader issue of Abortion (and establish the ability to Kill a Child in the Womb)… Many failed in the Decades that followed, in holding the narrow-Ruling, but instead allowed Democrats to falsely establish a Broader Doctrine of/from that Ruling.

see: Ginsberg at University Of Chicago Law School on RoeVWade

There are MANY EXISTING LAWS that have Established Legal Precedence of the LIFE OF A CHILD IN THE WOMB (setting that PRECEDENT (you hear Leftists claim RVW is, falsely) of Chiles RIGHT TO LIFE — DECADES BEFORE RVW)… Killing a Pregnant Woman, most in those Cases are Charged with DOUBLE HOMICIDE (The Womans Life and the Childs Life) – established JUDICIAL PRECEDENCE OF THE CHILDS LIFE! Same for ACCIDENTAL Death of a Woman and Child in Auto Accidents (Abortion, is PREMEDITATED HOMICIDE)! Well established JUDICIAL PRECEDENCE that refutes the RVW broadened, under false pretenses, RIGHT TO TERMINATE A CHILD’S LIFE!


exposing/countering every single one of the Left’s false-narratives (linguistic gymnastics they hide behind to support #BabyKilling) via tweets saved as a “MOMENT”


Norma (Roe, of #RVW case) recants and admits entire testimony FALSE, became #ProLife and advocate for over-turning Case she was the Left’s hero in being bribed into bringing/representing(falsely)

Kennedy Retirement and MidTerms2018 impact. Remember too, that #DredScott was also prior Liberal Activist Court established PRECEDENT. A Precedent no matter how long established, cannot and must not be allowed to Stand when found on faulty grounds!

Kathy Ireland on how Planned Parenthood actually convinced her to switch from being ProChoice to ProLife…

Conceived in rape, former Miss Pennsylvania shares why every human life deserves protection – see:

FORMER ABORTIONIST explains why she is NOW PROLIFE (Video) – see:

Lastly, having been a Candidate for Office myself – I’ve been on the Liberal #eneMEDIA tactics to corner a Republican into some corner and make some quote that they can SPIN into “they are an extremist!”

IMO, any question re: Abortion should be answered with this….. “I notice you Liberals in the MSM never ask Democrats about the Killing of UnBorn Babies! Since you are trying to imply Republicans are extreme, let’s discuss that… It is the Democrats’ position that is the extreme position… Take for example the issue of the ‘Life of the Mother’ … ProLifers, Republicans, reasonable people, want any Pregnant Woman with an “issue” to go to the nearest HOSPITAL where there are trained and Professional Doctors and Nurses, who swore an oath to DO NO HARM, and will fight for the Life, the Health, the overall well-being, OF BOTH PATIENTS… Where-as, a Democrat wants any Pregnant Woman that gets even just a mild-headache to rush to their nearest PLANNED PARENTHOOD office for an immediate Abortion so the Babies body parts can be sold off to the highest bidder!” …..

PERIOD! end of discussion… and if the MSM persists…. just do what Ted Cruz (and a few other more talented GOP Candidates) did/does when they try and continually confront him about these kinds of topics… PUT IT BACK ON THEM….

“Did you not understand my response? as many times as you wish to ask me more questions on the subject – I’ll be happy to repeat my Answer… You’re obviously a good Liberal trying to play gotcha…. Do you think a Women with a ‘Pregnancy issue’ and concerned for her ‘Life’ RUSH to a Hospital for assistance or to Planned Parenthood to have her Baby killed?!?!”

See too: The Gosnell Jurors put the lie to the ProChoice memes/false-narratives: /v3/healthcare/2018/2537087.html

An aside: LifeNews reports: Nick Loeb and JON VOIGHT join project to bring #RoeVWadeMovie to Theaters…. The need to bring the TRUTH/FACTS to the general Public is LONG OVERDUE – see:

A Child/Pregnancy IS NOT A DISEASE! Killing a Child is NOT like killing Cancer Cells. Abortion is NOT #HEALTHCARE (yet another one of the Left-wing FALSE NARRATIVES and Lies they keep trying to tell to cover for what everyone knows is #MURDER)!


Once again #BabyKiller #Leftists peddle their FALSE-NARRATIVES / #LIES (mangling the language, as they can NEVER be Honest about what it is they support and why)… Be prepared for simple, quick, SCIENCE BASED responses…


#Pregnancy is NOT a #Disease! It is therefore NOTHING like removing #Cancer! It is NOT #HealthCare. #Abortion is #Murder!

A #Child in the #Womb is NOT a #Mother’s Body part, it is its own #Life within the Mother (w/ own #DNA)!

Shaky Ground of RoeVWade: /v3/the-law/2018/2457918.html


Left continues it’s false-narratives
they can NEVER be honest about the things they support and why – NEVER!
Pregnancy is NOT #Disease and therefore NOT #HealthCare – it is #Murder.
A Baby is IN the #Mother, NOT an (#Kidney, #Liver, etc) #organ of the Mother

#ReproductiveRightsMyth archived image:


She is NOT #ABORTING “HER” BODY (nor curing ANY ABNORMALITY of/in HER BODY (Pregnancy is normal/natural), so ur moronic nonsense abt “HER BODY” is #Fantasy) & devoid of #BASIC #BIOLOGY / #SCIENCTIFIC #FACTS! (& why u need to hide UltraSounds of the #Baby from the #Mother @ Clinics) she is KILLING THE OTHER BODY GROWING INSIDE HER!

related image archive:


A BABY is nothing like a Kidney (her Body), Liver (her Body), etc or a TUMOR (ABNORMAL GROWTH ON/IN HER BODY), a #Child is its own separate entity (IN HER BODY, NOT ACTUALLY HER BODY). That is simple/basic #BIOLOGY / #SCIENCE known for many Mellenium.

related image archive:


RELATED ARTICLE: Is it #RACIST for #White Man to carry a sign referring to “COLORED PEOPLE” at a “#NAACP” Event (made for him by a #Black #Woman)?!?!? (#ProLife Rally in Detroit Michigan to protest naaCP support of PlannedSlaughterhood (#FACTSmatter – which was founded by Sanger to kill Black Children (which she called HUMAN WEEDS))) /v3/african-american-news/2019/2463478.html
with apologies in advance, if you prefer term #AfricanAmerican
#Race #Racism #RaceBaiting #NameCalling #Abortion #ProLife
related image archive:


[update/notice: This is now an ARCHIVED article, so MOST related images (I have found a way around their purging for some images) have been stripped and therefore potentially some much needed context and/or related thoughts that were conveyed by the image(s) (something B4IN does to articles after 1 year of age to save space on Archive Server]

additional archived images:

————- MON SEP 27 2021 UPDATE….

If your response to the known #VoterFraud in 2020 is to SIT OUT 2022, THEN YOU ARE A #MORON! We must turn-out in such overwhelming numbers, that they cannot even STEAL THE NEXT ELECTION trying to Cheat. But why would they Cheat, if #MORONS won’t #GOTV, they can Win w/o #Fraud. #SpecialKindOfSTUPID


Let’s just pretend that 160M people did vote in last Election, there are 330Mish #USCitizens in USA (but, yes, of course, not all are of age to Vote)… It is reported that between 50-60% OF ALL CHRISTIANS are STILL NOT VOTING (most of which are Conservatives, likely Constitutionalists, except for the FAKE CHRISTIANS like Biden, Pelosi, et al (see related:! There are PLENTY of Folks that HAVE NOT GOT OFF THEIR ASSES YET and are still part of the Problem.

As the Canadian Rock group RUSH tune says: If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice —- or, let me add: allowed one to be FORCED UPON YOU!


YOU, if YOU are already involved, MUST BECOME EVEN MORE INVOLVED.
Applications/Forms at:  


THANK YOU SO MUCH IF YOU’VE MADE IT NEAR THE END, SOME PEOPLE WILL NOT READ THIS FAR LET ALONG THE WHOLE WAY THROUGH. PERHAPS YOU KNOW SOME THAT PREFER VLOGS?!?! So, here a few Jan 2022 ones that I hope you’ll watch and SHARE with those you know will NOT bother to read blogs. I am trying to do a few more vlogs now, so do not be surprised if you see a low view count (on one platform, cuz others may be seeing them on OTHER VIDEO (like Vimeo, Rumble, Brighteon) PLATFORMS instead….


Quick MAY 2022 ADDITION:



So many people think terrorism only comes from outside our borders. There are many additional and differing threats within our own borders…

From #Instagram (

Are you following the potential overturn of #roevwade battle and the #SCOTUS leak?

So many people think #terrorism only comes from outside our borders. There are many additional and differing threats within our own borders and even our own #government who wish to destroy the #american way of life (including the Right to Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness).

See more about threats (foreign and domestic, within and without) you may not have ever considered in “Terror Strikes: Coming soon to a City near you!” (more at:

#terrorstrikes #internalthreat #democrats #abortion #wakeup #patriot

Terror Strikes (page 79):

Abolitionists, the primary founders of the Republican Party, overturned SLAVERY while Democrats insisted Blacks weren’t HUMAN. Likewise, the GOP will overturn Abortion while Democrats make the same false narrative today those babies are just a clump of cells in the womb and aren’t human. (When has a Human ever given Birth or carried anything but a Human? I’d like to see where Democrats can prove a female human could potentially be carrying a chimp or a  dolphin?)

The Republican Party was the sole driving force in getting passed the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments and under EQUALITY of ALL HUMANS Abortion would eventually over-turned as everyone knows, despite their denials, a HUMAN in the womb has Rights under the 14th Amendment. And, of course, do we need discuss RACIST Margaret Sanger who is the founder of Planned Parenthood. (If you do not know her and Planned Parenthood’s history, TRY  DUCKDUCKGO searching it.)





Even the Left’s worshipped #RBG knew this day was coming when FINALLY the actual #Constitution was/is being upheld! #RoeVWade #OVERTURNED!

My # 1 bestseller #book (Terror Strikes: Coming soon to a City near you (see: proudly made the point this day was coming against TERRORISM AGAINST BABIES IN THE WOMB…

Time to look back at WE (so did #Ginsberg) TOLD YOU SO… see: /the-law/2018/07/the-shaky-ground-roevwade-that-the-abortion-structure-wasis-built-upon-destroying-the-lefts-false-narratives-2457918.html

Need #evidence of Left’s LACK OF #RULEOFLAW and hatred toward our #CONSTITUTION? Read the #Dobbs descent. Nothing but #SNOWFLAKE FEELINGS (they provide ZERO counter LEGAL/CONSTITUTIONAL claim) and whining that previous #SCOTUS Liberal Activism (#Roe & #Casey) finally #OVERTURNED like improper #DredScott

see: /the-law/2018/07/the-shaky-ground-roevwade-that-the-abortion-structure-wasis-built-upon-destroying-the-lefts-false-narratives-2457918.html

see related InstraGram posts: 
6/24/2022 (Roe overturned): 
5/7 (will be overturned):

see too my Friend Thomas LaDuke’s


“Terror Strikes: Coming to a City near you!” hopes we’ll see an end to #Terrorism. Today, the END OF #TERRORIST ASSAULTS ON THE #UNBORN took a hit. HOWEVER, despite LEFT #LIES, it does NOT end all #Abortions… 

more in blog just released today (Fri 6.24.2022)…  


#MeghanMcCain’s new book: “BAD REPUBLICAN” is a major flop selling only a couple hundred books in months. She is a NATIONALLY KNOWN FIGURE, where-as I am not… I’m an ACTUAL #AUTHOR, w/ a REAL #BOOK.
(“Terror Strikes: Coming soon to a City near you!” not just #Terrorism, but PRO #AMERICA, #PROLIFE, PRO #FAMILY, PRO #MAGA, fare)!

Hers, of course, was not about a book that would actually interest anyone to buy and they do not really care if it sells (they gave her big up-front bucks she won’t have to pay back as reward for her manure peddling), and is just all about MONEY LAUNDERING (from a Left wing Publisher) to a #RINO for hit piece material Liberal #ENEMEdia can spew!

I, however, have to actually SELL BOOKS!
All the #RINO class like Meghan know they can get big $’s (from Lefty loon Publishers, willing to pay big bucks for the attack material, NOT to sell books and make a profit but really just DARK MONEY AND BACK-HANDED CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS TO TRY TO BOLSTER #FASCICRATS by attacking Conservatives) they write manure attacking AMERICA LOVING PATRIOTS for the same purpose to hurt REAL CONSTITUTIONALIST CONSERVATIVES.  



My follow-up book “How to Write a Book and Get It Published” (in which I share my journey (of writing my #1 “Political Thriller” Bestseller “Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You” (and the hints, tips, tricks, techniques, I learned in the process)) to aid you in your journey from concept, to written form, to published, to marketing, of your own book) – is available now via Amazon:


ChristiTutionalist Politics podcast now available
News/Opinion-cast (weekly/weekend) from a Christian U.S.Constitution perspective



[ Friday June 30th 2023 UPDATE:
Thank you for checking out this B4IN piece, also please see recent #BeforeItsNews (B4IN “Christian News” articles/section) exclusive (for now, may get a TheLibertyBeacon reprint with TLB exclusive updates in coming months) about latest LEFT DELUSION RESPONSES to the absolutely correct #RuleOfLaw and #Constitution sound decisions (they cannot argue their case on merits but instead, as always, try to stoke EMOTIONAL HYSTERICS response).
The "#ChristiTutionalist Politics" podcast is now on the air!!! Finally get your News from a purely Christian U. S. Constitutional perspective.... Plus recent SCOTUS Rulings discussion...]









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