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Support Patrick Little ~ First California US Senate Candidate in History to HONESTLY State that Zionist Jewish Supremacists Have a Strangle-hold on America

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Support Patrick Little ~ First California US Senate Candidate in History to HONESTLY State that Zionist Jewish Supremacists Have a Strangle-hold on America

From Ken Adachi, Editor

May 25, 2018

Support Patrick Little ~ First California US Senate Candidate in History to HONESTLY State that Zionist Jewish Supremacists Have a Strangle-hold on America (May 25, 2018)

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Introductory Comments from Ken Adachi, Editor

On May 8, 2018, I became aware of a 33 year old man named Patrick Little who had laid down $4,000 with the California Secretary of State’s office in December 2017 to have his name, along with 31 other candidates, placed on the ballot in the June 5, 2018 California Primary election to decide the two runoff candidates who will appear on the November 6, 2018 election ballot for Dianne Feinstein’s US Senate seat. Only TWO names will appear on the November 6, 2018 ballot: 1) Feinstein and 2) whoever comes in SECOND on the June 5 Primary election and receives enough votes to satisfy the minimum required by state law for eligibility (about 200k).

As I write these words, I have no way of knowing how many people will actually read it before June 5, 2018, but I feel an obligation to present an overview of what’s currently at stake in America and to discuss the realizations that must be acquired by concerned Americans in order to thwart the very real disenfranchisement and disempowerment campaign being waged against the white Christian majority in America (mostly White Anglo Saxon Protestants, WASPs, but also large numbers of largely Catholic European immigrants who legally emigrated to America in the 19th and early 20th centuries). I’m talking about the Christian whites who founded this nation and built this country into what was considered – at least until recent times – to be one of the most desirable nations on earth because of the unique opportunities it presented and the Constitutional guarantees (Bill of Rights) that allowed an unabridged pursuit of those opportunities called the ‘American Dream.’

The perfuse, Zionist infiltrative corruption effected upon the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches and most high level federal agencies by organized Jewry became more blatant and odious under the German-born George HW Bush Sr. administration from Jan 1989-Jan1993 (First Iraq War Jan. 1991, Gulf War syndrome vaccine poisoning ‘experiment,’ increased CIA drug growing & distribution operations, CIA Finders, increased children abduction into porn/satanism/sex enslavement, secret construction of underground cities/military bases and FEMA detention centers, etc.) during the 4 years following Reagan, However, even greater acts of high treason and unprecedented criminality (giving away classified computer and missile technology, along with tons of modern Naval ships (and leasing of former Naval shipping ports like Long Beach, California) to Red China, the Red Chinese Army (PLA), and Chinese criminals) went into high gear with the murderous Bill & Hillary Clinton Crime Wave from Jan. 1993 to Jan. 2001. Dubya and the Indonesian Usurper advanced our national decent into perdition by giving us 16 continuous years of naked treason (9/11) and mind boggling malfeasance (2.3 TRILLION “missing” from the Pentagon).

The three decades of Zionist infiltrative corruption following Reagan have installed a ‘normalcy’ of high level corruption that’s now entrenched among our ostensibly ‘protective’ federal agencies. Does anyone in their right mind really trust the FBI or CIA or Department of Justice or State or DHS or EPA or FDA or FCC or NSA or any other big name federal agency to be acting in the interests of the American people any longer? They are vassals of Jewish-dominated Corporations from Goldman-Sachs to Disney-to Time-Warner to Telecom giants to the industrial-military profiteers.

These are now agencies of oppression and suppression under domination of the Zionist World Conquerors, the Jewish power structure that has taken over North America (and Australia, New Zealand, and most of Western Europe).

If ordinary citizens of this country don’t take it upon themselves to stop this free fall decent into a Marxist, monitored, mind-control gulag enslavement, then – in just a few short decades – there will be no America. It will be a distant memory, much as the landscape and Christian people of Russia and the Ukraine were laid to waste and ruin under the Jewish Bolsheviks and the three Holomodor genocide campaigns – ultimately resulting in 66 million deaths – following the Jewish Bolshevik takeover in 1917 Russia.

It doesn’t really matter whether you’re white, black, native, yellow, or brown. What counts is whether you are a tried and true American, who feels a sense of belonging to this land and cares about the freedoms enshrined within its Constitution and understand just how great it was to live here 50 or 60 years ago, compared to what we have today.

If you were born in America, and your parents and grand parents were born in America, or if your parents or grandparents came to this country legally: got in line, followed the normal application and processing procedures and became naturalized US citizens, then you are the person who should be reading this commentary. Because what I discuss here is going to have a profound effect on the quality of life that you and your children will experience in America in the years and decades to come – whether you recognize the covert, disempowerment WAR being waged against you or not.

Patrick Little is seeking support donations for his June 5, 2018 Primary election campaign in California for the US Senate seat of Israeli Dual citizen, Dianne Feinstein. Donations must be made by June 1, 2018. Instructions given below.

If you listen to Patrick Little’s interviews from the past few weeks, you will understand the enthusiasm and admiration I hold for this man. Few US Senatorial candidates have stepped up to the plate and have addressed the deepest interests and concerns of the American People with such courageous determination as former-Marine, Patrick Little. We have a chance to elect at least ONE loyal, America First, US Senator to Congress in 2018. It begins with the June 5, 2018 California Primary. Be there and make your voice count….Ken Adachi

Recent Audio Interviews
May 20, 2018 Patrick Little with Poseidon-from Greece-Cradle of Western Civilization, Democracy & Free Speech~ (39 mins. of pure MAGA w/ Surprise Guest @ end)

May 18, 2018~Patrick Little’s historic 17 min.. call with Cairo’s Baladna El-youm newspaper.
FIRST recorded interview with US Senate candidate telling Arab readers that Israel was behind false flag attacks in Egypt in 1948 LavonAffair & 1967 USS Liberty

May 18, 2018~Dr Kevin MacDonald & Patrick Little
Part 1 Kevin MacDonald: Who’s Destroying Traditional America & Why Patrick Little: How I awoke to the Jewish Question & what I’m doing about it.

May 18, 2018~Dr Kevin MacDonald & Patrick Little
Part 2 Patrick Little addresses the issue of the pernicious undermining of America’s political, cultural, & educational landscape by organized Jewry.

(More video interviews linked further below)

© Copyright 2018  All Rights Reserved.

Donate to Patrick Little’s US Senate Campaign Before June 1

“Invite me to come speak places, in California”. Email


Here are the instructions on how to donate to my US Senate campaign for this primary election. Please send all donations for this primary election no later than June 1, 2018.


  • All checks/donations are to be made out to “Citizens to Elect Little”, and the donations are to be addressed to:
Citizens To Elect Little
PO Box #6025
Albany, CA 94706
  • All donations/checks are to be made out to: Citizens To Elect Little
  • Only one donation per envelope.

A: For me to accept the donation of $199.99 or less for this primary election, you must:

  1. Write “I am US citizen” or “I am a legal permanent resident of the United States” (whichever is applicable) on this piece of paper included in same envelope as the donation.
  2. Write your full legal name and full address… include this information on the same piece of paper as above.
  3. Sign and date this piece of paper and include it in the envelope which includes to donation.

B: For me to accept a donation of $200.00 to $2700.00 for this primary election, you must:

  1. B.1. Write “I am US citizen” or “I am a legal permanent resident of the United States” (whichever is applicable) on this piece of paper included in same envelope as the donation.
  2. B.2. Write your full legal name, full address, what you do for a living and job title, and the name and full address of your employer… include this information on the same piece of paper mentioned above.
  3. B.3. Sign and date this piece of paper and include it in the envelope which includes to donation.
  4. Note for B: The maximum each US citizen can donate is $2,700.00 for this primary election, if you are a married couple, each spouse can give $2,700.00 each, but each contribution has to be from each respective spouse,

  • If you have previously donated money to my campaign for this primary election totaling $199.99 or less, but make another donation, bringing you above the $200.00 donation amount, this additional donation must follow the steps in B.
  • If you have previously donated money to my campaign for this primary election, and you make additional donations for this primary election, the total amount of donations you donate to my campaign may not exceed the amount of $2700.00 per person.  In other words, if you have already donated $100.00 to this campaign for the primary, the most you may donate as an individual is an additional $2600.00 for this primary election.  If you donate an amount totaling more than $2700.00, I will have to Disgorge (surrender) the excess funds.
  • Any donations made in a fashion that do not comply with applicable laws will have to be discorded (surrendered), in other words, do not try to sneak me any money or omit any necessary information
  • If you have any questions about who can donate to the campaign, see
  • By sending me funds, you confirming that you are eligible to donate to my campaign per the rules and regulations at
  • Also, by sending me a donation, you confirm that the contribution is legal per all items listed in chapter 3 of “Congressional Candidates and Committees”

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ABC Poll Shows Patrick Little (R) as Top Choice to Place 2nd in June 5th 2018 CA Primary Becoming Sole Opposing Candidate for Feinstein’s Senate Seat on November 6 (May 10, 2018)’s-Senate-Seat-in-November-10may18.shtml#top

From Dr David Duke: Vote Patrick Little for Senate in California! Spread the word! (May 3, 2018)







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