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Venezuela Coup - The U.S. Game Plan And How To Respond To It

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Venezuela Coup – The U.S. Game Plan And How To Respond To It

[Editor's Note: Marco Rubio is one of the many Israeli fifth columnists we have in the US Senate who serves the economic and political interests of Zionist Israel and not that of the American people. I looked at Marco Rubio's sullied background carefully during the Republican primaries of 2016 and it didn't take long to discover that both Rubio and Ted Cruz are owned - lock, stock and barrel - by Organized Jewry. Neither of them were Constitutionally eligible to run for President of the United States, yet they both blustered their way through the 2016 primaries (while making asses of themselves during the debates) as if they were legitimate contenders because of the money, power, and influence of their Jewish sponsors (like billionaire Sheldon Adelson) - which continues, of course, to this very day, despite the trouncing that both of them took from Trump in the primaries.

But Organized Jewry didn't invest millions to enrich and nurse along Rubio and Cruz just to forget about them after the 2016 elections. Oh no, what can't be acccomplished as a President, can still be accomplished as a US Senator. And so we have "Marco Rubio" (meaning his Zionist sponsors) propose a plan to the Trump Administration to simply steal (labeled "seize") billions of dollars belonging to Venezuela that was "frozen" by the US government during the Chavez regime, and use Venezuela's own money to buy or pay for things that the Rothschilds and Zisrael [©] prefer, such as fomenting a revolution in Venezuela to depose the current, duly elected President, install their boy Guaido, and get their hands on that Venezuelan oil. While I don’t endorse socialist governance, we can’t pretend that Maduro is a communist dictator because he was elected to office as President and didn’t claim it by coup, as Juan Guaido did.

The American people have no desire to see their country used as a battering ram for the JWO to take over other countries in South America or the Middle East and deny the locals of their own resources, national wealth and sovereignty. It is not part of our national character to steal from, nor lord it over others. Our national character is to be friendly, honest and fair with other people; not imperialistic, subversive, and destructive of the rights of others. That yoke has been cast about our neck by Zionist Jewry. Americans need to let President Trump know exactly how we feel about the Maduro coup and the ill-considered recognition of Guaido – and to remind him that it’s not part of our national character to steal what belongs to others. …Ken Adachi

© Copyright 2019  All Rights Reserved. ]

From Moon of Alabama

January 24, 2019

Venezuela Coup – The U.S. Game Plan And How To Respond To It (Jan. 24, 2019)

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[Email intro from Tony Blizzard:

Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world.  The government of Venezuela uses the profits of its oil sales to take care of its poor.  This is constantly termed nasty "socialism" by the greedy bastards in the west who want ALL oil profit for themselves, worldwide.  They quietly murdered Chavez, first Venezuela president to break away from U.S. control of its oil, now with Maduro, honestly elected president who obviously has better protection, they are in process of attempted "regime change," led by the U.S. government and the Rothschild owned CIA. 

You won't find a single mention of these FACTS in the prostitute, lying western media anywhere.

Tony Blizzard ]

Venezuela – The U.S. Game Plan And How To Respond To It

Yesterday [Jan. 23, 2019], the U.S. recognized a right-wing ‘leader of the opposition’ in Venezuela Juan Guaido as the president of the country. A number of right-wing led countries in South America joined in that move. Cuba, Bolivia and Mexico rejected it. Russia, China, Iran and Turkey continue to support the government of the elected President Nicolas Maduro and spoke out against the coup attempt. The European Union has no united opinion with the neo-liberal led France being pro-coup and Spain standing against it.

Venezuela must prepare for a multi-year conflict while doing everything to keep it as short as possible.

This long planned U.S. move against the legitimate government of Venezuela is just the start. It is designed to lead to escalation and very soon mission creep – ‘We can’t stop here!’ – will set in. More than 300 billion barrels of oil, the biggest oil reserves in the world, are at stake. U.S: stooge Guaido promises to change Venezuela’s oil law to the advantage of the U.S., while the Bolivarian government uses the oil to support the poor.

The game plan for the current U.S. regime-change operation against the government of Venezuela was written by Senator Marco Rubio with the support of Vice President Pence:

The real amount the U.S. and Britain have ‘frozen’, or practically stolen, from Venezuela amount to several billion dollars, not just a few millions. Such ‘freezing’ of money owned by governments the U.S. does not like has become all too common. Together with a raft of other sanctions the economic war the U.S. has long waged against the country made the recovery of the Venezuelan economy nearly impossible.

As the U.S. is now likely to confiscate all money that is supposed to flow to Venezuela, the country must stop its oil-exports to the United States. A number of U.S. refineries, some owned by Venezuela, depend on the special grade of Venezuelan oil and would soon run into trouble. That could help to change the mood in Washington. China may be interested in buying more Venezuelan oil.

The opposition in Venezuela will probably use access to that ‘frozen’ money to buy weapons and to create an army of mercenaries to fight a ‘civil’ war against the government and its followers. Like in Syria U.S. special forces or some CIA ‘contractors’ will be eager to help. The supply line for such a war would most likely run through Colombia. If, like 2011 in Syria, a war on the ground is planned it will likely begin in the cities near that border.


But before a military conflict is launched, the U.S. and the opposition in Venezuela will try other paths.

After the U.S. announcement, Venezuela’s president Maduro ordered all U.S. diplomats in Caracas to leave the country within 72 hours. As the U.S. no longer recognizes Maduro it rejected that. U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo announced to “conduct our relations with Venezuela through the government of interim President Guaido.” The rejection was most likely planned and is supposed to provoke an overly harsh reaction, like a storming of the embassy.

Under a normal process, the Venezuelan government would now arrest the U.S. diplomats as soon as they leave the legally protected embassy compound. They would be put on a plane and evicted from the country. But it seems likely that U.S. planned for this conflict and that the diplomats are prepared to stay in the embassy for a long time.

The best for Venezuela to do now is to simply isolate the embassy. It must be well guarded to prevent false flag attacks against it. No visitors should be allowed. All the embassy’s communication lines should be cut (it would still have satellite communication) and electricity and water should be rationed. Humanitarian aid should be conceded only after specific requests. It is important to play this ‘by the book’ so that the U.S. can not use the issue to escalate.

The ‘opposition leader’ Juan Guaido committed treason. He, his staff and the people behind him must be found and imprisoned. They should be held in reasonable conditions but under strict military guard.

Before starting a larger war, the opposition will try to create unbearable chaos on the streets. Like during the failed violent demonstrations in 2016, the opposition rioters will be armed. Police will be attacked and people on both sides will die. The probably best way to keep this at a tolerable level is to snatch away those who are armed and violent. The police will need good ground level intelligence to achieve that.

The U.S. seems prepared to see the coup through unless it has negative consequences for its own position. Domestically, the illegal regime change attempt has support even from supposedly ‘socialist’ Democrats. The U.S. propaganda apparatus, the mainstream media and various propaganda ‘bot’ campaigns are fully engaged. The supposedly private social media companies in the U.S. – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – have already de-recognized the official Maduro accounts. They no longer have a ‘verified’ tick mark. Voice of America shows (vid) Guaido declaring himself president among a crowd of a few hundred supporters. It then (1:05min) cuts to a much larger crowd at a different location falsely suggesting that he has a large following.There are trucks with anti-Maduro advertisements driving in U.S. cities and various propaganda accounts post false pictures or make otherwise false claims.  This sudden change of location is cute in its fatuity:ty:



The Venezuelan government should consult with Syria and Russia on how to win such a conflict. The most important step Maduro has to take is to shore up his ground support. While the Bolivarian movement under Chavez and now Maduro still has a large backing, it lost some support from the poor due to the economic malaise after the fall of the oil prices. The situation is to some extent caused by U.S. sanctions but a significant part is also caused by misguided economic policies and corruption. The billions of credits and investment brought in by Russia and China have not been put to good use.

A well concerted anti-corruption campaign will help to increase the public support and will give China and Russia more confidence to stick to the legitimate government.

Another step must be an early dialog with reasonable parts of the opposition. While lots of people may not like the Maduro government many of them will disagree with the obviously U.S.-led intervention. These people can be won over. The Catholic church could be asked to mediate talks with them.

The Venezuelan military has promised to support its elected president. He should use it to react early against any attempt of violent escalation. The lesson to learn from the conflict in Syria it is that a prolonged conflict will cause more casualties and damage than an early, sharp and thereby decisive reaction to an incubating war.

I am confident that Venezuela and its people can resist this onslaught. But the government needs to respond rationally and decisively. It must consult closely with its major allies and plan for a prolonged conflict.–

[Editor's Note: This article was also forwarded by Tony Blizzard. The statements seen here strike me as reasonable and fair in their assessment of what's taking place in Venezuela. I don't support Marxist "revolutionary" rhetoric or goals, but I'm willing to read any article that tells the story accurately and defends the rights of innocent people to live in their own land free of outside intervention and subversion. ]

Official Statements on Venezuelan Coup Attempt – New Resistance & Eurasian Movement

The Statement of New Resistance Brazil (NR) – authored by leadership of the Brazil section, and its local organizing committees, and endorsed by NR Evropa:

The US and other governments aligned to the global Atlantic project bring to Latin America a new phase in its project of almost 20 years of destabilization and regime change in Venezuela. This is a new attempt to implement a Colored Revolution, following steps already implemented in Libya, Syria, Ukraine and several other non-aligned countries. 

The type of speech thrown into the media by the journalistic oligarchies is always the same: “dictatorship”, “human rights violation”, “oppression”, “political persecution”, “it is killing hundreds / thousands /billion.” Haven’t we heard this about Assad, about Gaddafi, about Putin, about Khamenei, about Kim Jong Un and how many others?

There are so many clichés that it is laughable and not surprising when one discovers that there are even manuals prepared by Gene Sharp’s NGO, the Albert Einstein Institution, teaching how to organize a colored revolution. [The Center for Syncretic Studies has these particular texts in possession, they are a subject of serious study in their work against global destabilization campaigns – J.F ]

It happened –  what we had imagined for many years. They brought here to Brazil the same model of destabilization of nations by means of colored revolutions that they applied in the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

And now they are trying to launch Venezuela into a civil war. They will use any more crude reaction from Maduro as a justification for arming opponents, bombing the country, sending troops directly or using countries like Colombia and even Brazil as proxies.

New Resistance rejects this crude coup, hopes Maduro represses the coup makers with the utmost rigor and supports his legitimate government against any foreign interference, including that of our own country, Brazil.

Make no mistake, Venezuela is a country in deep crisis and with no easy solution in sight. The causes of the Venezuelan crisis can be explained

Venezuela has a history of decades of economic crisis that needs to be understood in order to understand the current problems. Oil has been a boon and a curse to Venezuela, and the country is experiencing periodic but frequent crises, depending on the price of barrels on the international market. It is enough to remember the Caracazo of 1989, when after the imposition of fiscal austerity by the liberal government of Carlos Andrés Pérez, the Venezuelan population revolted and the government repressed it with violence, killing more than 2 thousand citizens. 

It was the discontent of that era that gave rise to the Chavista phenomenon. One can not forget that Venezuela was a ruined country, worse off than now, when Chávez, a nationalist military influenced by the revolutionary Peronism of Norberto Ceresole, came to power.

Ceresole with Chavez


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Despite attempted coups, criminal bosses, international financial sabotage, and an extremely virulent media hate campaign, the results of Bolivarianism were undeniably positive. 

Industrialization efforts (which included strengthening and growth with incentives to the private sector) were not enough. With the fall in the price of barrels, the government responded with import subsidies to help the national business, but this same business took the opportunity to stockpile imports and divert the products to the black market, to be able to sell much more expensively, furthermore as exports! These manipulations (coupled with the lack of a tougher dollar policy) led to the massive devaluation of the Bolivar currency.

Hence, this is sanctioned, planned, approved by the hostile imperialist forces, and we have here a formula ready for a nightmare for which there are practically no ends in sight, other than waiting for a new rise in oil prices. 

Right and left liberals around the world unite against the Venezuelan government. The Venezuelan opposition, which is generally liberal, Zionist, Homopheliac, propagator of gender and Masonic ideologies and formerly organized around the sexually suspicious figure of Capriles, is now organized around the Masonic master Juan Guaidó, who declared himself the acting president but then fled with his tail between his legs to the Colombian embassy. 

In response, the legitimate president Nicolás Maduro gave 72 hours for the American diplomatic corps to leave the country. The coup leader Guaidó asked the American diplomatic corps to stay. American politicians are already talking about ordering the diplomatic corps to remain that could force the president to a standstill.

The liberal bourgeois whines about the Venezuelan Assembly are irrelevant. The methodology of bourgeois representative democracy is bankrupt when it puts in office representatives who are enemies of the people themselves and against their interests. In this sense, Nicolás Maduro’s concentration of powers along with direct interaction with organic groups, following Carl Schmitt’s booklet to circumvent a Legislative and Judiciary sunk in rot, is the correct and legitimate tool for preserving democracy in its full sense and authentic. 

There is no doubt about the case because the Venezuelan case is integrated into a global project to preserve the unipolar hegemony of American Atlanticism against the legitimate interests of the people. Venezuela is today what Syria was to yesterday and Libya the day before yesterday.

Viva Chávez! 
Motherland or Death! 


The statement of the International Eurasian Movement (ESM) – authored by the ESM led editorial board at, under the auspices of Dr. Alexandr Dugin:

The international public movement “Eurasian Movement” strongly condemns the actions of Juan Guaydo, who illegally declared himself the current president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Such an irresponsible and self-proclaimed act will only worsen the political situation, provoke a new crisis, undermine trust between the countries of the region and the legitimacy of international law.

Obviously, this statement was made with the consent and, possibly, with the direct authorization by the patrons of the current opposition – the United States of America, who are interested in further destabilizing Venezuela and integration projects.

A hasty statement of recognition of Guaydo by the United States and its satellites in the region indicates that the action is part of a specific strategy against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

The international public movement “Eurasian Movement” expresses support for the legitimately elected president of the country, Nicolas Maduro, and solidarity with the people of Venezuela.

Like the leadership of Russia, we believe that the attempt to usurp power by Juan Guaydo and those around him should not go unpunished.

We are confident that the judicial authorities of Venezuela will give a fair assessment of the actions of these persons and the appointment of an appropriate measure of punishment. 







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