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Bush & Cheney Knew About 9/11 Months Before It Happened Says Whistleblower Charged Under Patriot Act (Video)

% of readers think this story is Fact. Add your two cents.

The puppet and the puppet master.  Even if Obama is worse, and I think hevery wellcould be, Bush and Cheney will go down as 2 of the most despised American 1-2 ever.  They are war criminals, liars, cheaters, and just plain bad people.  Did they know about 9-11?  Theymost certaintly did.  -Mort

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    • Gabe

      Of course those [email protected]@RDS did.
      Worthless POS Mother effers!

    • LightandLife

      This is old news.. people already know this. You are repeating what is already know since 2001

      • Hannon

        Some people are a bit slower than others, believe it or not some people are just starting to realize what happened so it’s good to throw a few refreshers out once in a while

    • Boxed in Freight

      Try as you will, these stories will not make me change my respect for this president. He did the best he could and I appreciate many of the programs which he created during his presidency. No person is perfect, we all make mistakes and we all get bad advice, he was our president for 8 years and I think he did a good job.

      • Syx

        Excuse me, But You call knowing and aiding that slaughter and Demolition of those Buildings a Mistake?!?!? WTF?!?!?!? WOW. Maybe some day you will open your eyes. Or get another site to Troll. Shill.

      • yahuashua

        If you like Bush, you must LOVE Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, The Rothschilds. Get the point. Question…..Does the planet you live on even have oxygen? :lol:

        • ThenAgain

          All those were/are jews or jew controlled. Take ‘hitler’ off your list and get informed on the actual history of the phony ‘ww2′ and deprogram from the lies. FDR was a zio/jew and traitor who lied, failing to warn the troops at pearl harbor so the US could be dragged into the phony ‘war’ for the zio/jew bankers who were trying to take over Germany. Add this to my other links and get informed
          Copy save the links, getting to the bottom of it isn’t easy. Share w/others -

      • Colonel Robert F. Cunningham

        Boxed In Freight,

        There’s nothing wrong with you that a brand new set of brains wouldn’t cure!

        Colonel Robert F. Cunningham,

        • Corruption Killer

          Mr Captain Crunch Cunningham Dicks father would prove you wrong and almost spent the last couple years of life in solitary incommunicado because his son was “The Devil on Earth”. So no conspiracy no error our administration made it happen to move ahead simultaneously the NWO, United Nations and some of the largest thefts and frauds f various corporations fleecing our hations citizens. Colonel are you the type of yes man that states that science has no foundation because you believe in the bible? I simply say our highest examination using science shows us 911 could not have happened without the help from multiple U.S. agencies.

      • Anonymous

        O-M-F-G!!! Tell all these vets walking around with prosthetic limbs, or the parents of dead soldiers how great the bush is. I often wondered how Hitler got some people to willingly shove women and kids into gas chambers. I guess I know the answer to that now. He just recruited gullible buffoons like you.

      • crabby

        that’s exactly what i hate about politic party people .

        when my team that was up to bat or is up to bat,, can’t an didn’t do any wrong .. not my team.. they’re my team.. it’s the only veil i have an i’m sticking to it..

      • Anonymous

        If that doesn’t change your view on Bush…ummmm….since I got in trouble for making the comment. “Tin Foil Hat Brigade”, and the comment I would make regarding your respect for Bush would be much worse, I guess I’ll leave it be. I have already been banned here, would surely feel bad if that happened again. But, I do feel sorry for you. Bush did the best that he could? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!

      • ThenAgain

        It’s time to grow up kid. Obama is a knowing, willing, sellout, just as has been every president since before you were born, with the exception of Kennedy whom they killed for backing the dollar with silver shortly before they took him out. Kennedy also warned your grandparents, but they were too stupid to pay attention, and if you fail to wake up now as to who is behind this and has been for centuries, then you are going to pay the price for their ignorance and your own. Do not apologize for obama, and do understand who he is a willing puppet for. and and
        A commentator posted the speech in the comments here, read it and read it well, he is talking about the zio/jews, it’s time to wake up because soon they will own you as well, but unlike obama, it will not be a choice.

    • Fisherman

      Americans and America is the laughing stock of the world, dumb, stupid and a bunch of sissies. You guys cannot even impeach Obama while each one of you are complaining and allowing Obama to wreck America. Not one man or woman is man-enough to stand up against Obama and get him impeached. What a bunch of sissies!
      America is the laughing stock of the world.

      • Volcano

        Mr. I used to live in America: There you go again, All your comments are the same you only insult Americans, We know you left America because you were caught with little Boy’s, Your so Gay!

        • Corruption Killer

          Hey Bikini. …… dont bring that up, just because the Shriners were supporting the nations largest underage child sex slavery ring from 191 locations across the entire U.S. exclusivly for the use of Master Masons of all rites across the nation. Everyone knows and thats a pretty hefty percentage of law enforcement and politicians we see on our cspan and house of representatives channels every day. Along with the very same politicians refusing to enforce the laws to stop laundering 5 trillion a year for the cartels. Thats a whole bunch of people eligable for life to 30 year sentences and many should see death sentence for enabling the distribution that kills tens if not hundreds of thousands of people each year. These people so out of control that are very own attorney generals office supply arms to drug cartels..and Obama obstructs investigation even though he claims ignorance more times than known terrorists visit the Black House.

        • ThenAgain

          Shriners, masons are all under the zio/jew scam. Porn and child rings also, and see also vatican, taken over by the zio/jews several hundred years ago. It is not a mystery why the z/jew media is pushing every type of sex and why pedos go unpunished.

    • Coalpony

      Wow ! I used to, that’s a bit harsh, I think ,all over this planet there are governments that have the same agenda and control over the populace that have ignorantly voted for them, that system is so well oiled that no one even asks for a cv of those that they are voting for , a smile here a joke there a promise or two and little realizing that there is a kingdom within that has your destiny already worked out and laws that allow them complete austerity over the people that they pretend to represent.

      • CairoGirl555

        Egypt is a perfect example of this. The Brotherhood started out promising pure democracy but that was a big lie. And even while they were stuffing the ballot boxes and bribing poor ignorant people to vote for them the majority of the population just put up with it. When Morsi got elected over Ahmed Shafik (mostly because people were afraid of a Mubarak clone) everyone was sure things would be better. Boy were they wrong. Things got terribly worse. Factories closed, tourism all but disappeared and freedoms were being curtailed like crazy. Then Morsi made himself king in November with a constitutional declaration putting him above the law. People stopped smiling in Egypt and yet there were still those who said “give him a chance”. The Islamist factions were demanding Sharia law and once cleric was allowed to spout the dismantling of the pyramids as pagan icons. It just got to be too much. The Tamarod group, young students mostly, started their grass roots signature campaign with no money just a desire for freedom from tyranny. It worked. Americans should take a lesson from Egypt.

    • davosurf

      When will people finally realize that there is NO GENUINE INFORMATION OF A TRUTHFUL NATURE CONCERNING THE CORRUPT NATURE OF THE GOVERNMENT on cable/satellite television nor ANY syndicated AM/FM radio station, nor ANY mainstream publication, nor ANY mainstream media outlet… Understand and try to come to the realization that ALL mainstream media outlets as well as many “alternative” media outlets are owned and operated by only a handful of corporations and are directly tied to the revolving door of our government. NOTHING airs on a TV station/channel nor is listened to on the national radio stations, nor is printed in any newspaper that isn’t purposely put out for you to pick-up. Even when it seems like truthful information about the government, understand that in reality it is 100% controlled propaganda and is designed to mislead, redirect away from the actual truth, cover up, and or serves a purpose furthering a hidden agenda. Take it all in w/ that caveat in mind and now know why they use the term “programming” as in “we now return to your regularly scheduled programming” .

      • Corruption Killer

        Dude what are you talking about? you find the people and ask them. No way to get the answers. Hah what do you do read the internet and then regurgitate the blogs? You find the answers where they lie, you confront everyone possible and you discover the majority of our agencies are now running in nuetral to allow crime founded by our politicians runs free. If I can find the answers, and I have almost anyone can. I am by no means normal and yes you have to have access to the people these very people work with, live with and are just a fair amount more sane than the subject. If our laws worked at least two dozen of our high ranking politicians at minimum should have been assasinated for treason in the past four administrations. This does not include the actual mindless govt footsoldiers that did the actual labor.

    • Wretched Infidel

      Months? correction: YEARS

    • TombRaider

      Of course they did but knowing those buildings were designed to withstand impacts of that magnitude, they needed something more shocking to fuel their agenda. This is when I believe a plan to take down the towers was conceived. From here it was a simple plan who’s goal was to drop the towers in their own footprint on international television…and the rest is history…

    • Rcastle

      Our government did sept. 11. Not some man living in a cave on dialysis, not hijackers, OUR government. WTC 7 is the proof that thermite was used to bring down all 3 towers in a controlled demolition, and that The head of CIA announced trillions of dollars missing the day before and how the US MUST cut spending for defense. Just look at the past 10 years, the evidence is here, we started out in 1 country, then moved to the next, and so on and so forth, our Media covers nothing, Our rights are stripped by bills like Indefinite Detention attached to the NDAA 2012 which destroyed the 1st, 4th, 5, and 6th amendments, the Patriot Act which destroyed the 4th amendment further. Our soldiers murder innocent civilians in foreign lands while our country is destroyed from within. Guantanamo bay violates the 8th amendment.

      You are a fool if you cannot read the signs that are all around you. Better yet, take focus off the distractions like gay rights, NSA whistleblowers, Abortion, and so forth, and focus on the destruction of the Bill of Rights and the illegal wars created in your name and instigated by our own government. Eygpt took back their country, we can do so as well… Our Lives, Our Fortunes, and Our Sacred Honor.

    • crabby

      all the things to prove or disprove 9/11,, which is lots.. just circle the don’t need to delve deep.. you don’t need a commintator to tell you what you saw..

      when 2 other jets where known unaccountable.. after one impacted wwc.. an whispered in potus’s ear..

      IT’S FRICKIN’ PROTOCAL .. not debatable , no permission granted .. it’s automatic you get the potus to the safe place an then to the next safer place..

      but the secret service let potus stay an finish ‘pet goat ‘ for another 20 minutes..

      that right there is positive proof that they had everthing under control an no danger was at hand..

    • Lance Ciepiela

      The puppet master Cheney was running multiple war games on the morning of 9/11 simulating hijackings over the continental United States that included at least one “live-fly” exercise as well as simulations that placed “false blips” on FAA radar screens.

    • MG

      When Richard Greer sent then President Bush and the Pentagon written notice that they were going to be a part of a wide scale investigation on missing money for black ops projects, they freaked the f out!

      Of course they knew and that’s why the being arrested without a warrant or crime was created. TO SHUT UP the 400 NSA, CIA, FBI and top Brass who went on stage and declared they would testify in front of congress.

      9-11 had nothing to do with Terrorists. I was the deletion of the computers that contained the transaction data for all those black ops programs.

    • judas iscariot

      David Rockefeller told Aaron Russo about 9-11 back in 10-10. So yeah… The bushes knew. What’s really scary is what DR told Aaron would happen after all this. The worst is yet to come.

      And hey ‘I used to live in America’- this is a global take over. Impeaching Obama wouldn’t do squat to stop it. So whatever country you’re cowering in get ready- the NWO is coming to your neighborhood too. Pompous ass.

      And don’t mind ‘boxed in freight’ up there. He’s just trying to avoid being boxed in freight on the dhs trains to fema camps.

      • judas iscariot

        Typo 10-00

    • cjay

      What do you mean they knew about it in advance? They were on the planning committee. Let’s get-em!

    • Lance Ciepiela

      Bush put Cheney in charge of our military air defenses for the events of 9/11 and Cheney ordered NORAD to “stand down” during the 9/11 attacks at the Pentagon and World Trade Center Towers.–Cheney-Bush-Shou-by-Gene-Cappa-091203-17.html

    • Political Hostage

      Actually, this is a crock.




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