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9/11 Impact Anatomy | National Geographic Video & Purdue Simulation: Full of Hot Air Rebuttal

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National Geographic

Published on Aug 26, 2009


Conspiracy theorists say jet fuel fires couldn’t have brought down the towers — but a simulation of the impact proves otherwise.


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Zaltic3 months ago (edited)

I’m sorry but I feel so much pain for the people above those floors… they sat up there in extreme heat waving out the windows pleading for help… stop making jokes about it… its disrespectful to all the people who died

Kyle Dickinson

Kyle Dickinson3 weeks ago

It took two years to create one simulation of one plane to hit one building. Should’ve done WTC7, since it was omitted from the official report.

Matt Kuljis

Matt Kuljis1 year ago (edited)

“it doesn’t melt the steel, it softens it.” exactly. you don’t need to melt steel to make it structurally unsound. that’s why the “jet fuel can’t melt steel beams” argument has always been so laughable to me.

James Odom

James Odom11 months ago

The same people that think George Bush is an idiot are the same people that think he is the mastermind of the worlds greatest conspiracy.


Sonnen8 months ago

Inside job or not, innocent lives were savagely taken. Rest In Peace..

Brian Huss

Brian Huss8 months ago

Any blacksmith can tell you that exposing steel to heat will remove its temper (strength). That knowledge is millennia old.

Joel Rose

Joel Rose4 days ago

disregard thousands of engineers and architects who say this video is a joke. Defies basic physics of how a building could fall at freefall speed without any resistance.

Linda Sturm

Linda Sturm8 months ago (edited)

Most of the conspiracy idiots wouldn’t believe it even if they were standing in one of the two towers watching the 767 jet plane carrying 10,000 gallons of jet fuel, fly into the building.


lunayoshi8 months ago

See, what makes me sad is how many people are so convinced it was all faked. Have they seen movies from 2001? CGI wasn’t that great. We saw this live. There’s absolutely no way this couldn’t have happened. I read somewhere that a study found some 40+% of Americans (wish I could find the link, sorry) exhibited symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress after it happened. I imagine that’s where the denial comes from–it’s a coping mechanism to handle a horrific historic event. I had and still have nightmares about watching planes crash. My friends all had varying accounts of nightmares. It’s really tough stuff to get through. But denying it happened isn’t productive for anyone. It just spurns arguments.

TCPB Branch

TCPB Branch8 months ago

Why does anyone think the government would orchestrate such a heinous act. They can’t even get our healthcare under control or the deficit


EnragedSephiroth10 months ago (edited)

No…. I can’t believe this. I won’t. There is no place for common sense on the internet. This completely flips over my stupid theories I have researched myself using Google.

Carlos Cabrera

Carlos Cabrera1 week ago

He’s a little too happy about the accuracy of their calculations

Darrell Phare

Darrell Phare1 week ago

I think many of you protest too much. Why does it bother you so much that some people don’t believe the “official” findings, given that so much potential evidence wasn’t considered.


drno4 days ago

American Fools see Solving 911 by Chris Bollyn


OriginaLane8 months ago

This is why the tower didn’t instantly collapse when it was hit, because the heat only kept softening it until eventually it did collapse, whereas if it melted the steel it would’ve collapsed much sooner


TheMrPangloss8 months ago

Yes, it is possible to “prove” with a computerized simulation an event neglecting (or ignoring) the basic Newtonian laws of physics, to corroborate collective belief systems.

Angel Simone

Angel Simone10 months ago

So many different stories, The World Trade Center was attacked in 1993 and the buildings shook September 11 2001 the buildings fell apart and crashed to the ground. I wish this never happened but that was a master minded plan. Someone must know something! RIP To those who were heroes and to those who died. Especially United 93 who took back the plane and it crashed in PA! During the last moments of their lives they did something great and they will never be forgotten. Even the flight attendants that went above & beyond the call of duty telling the FAA what was going on. American Airlines Flight 11 and American Aiirlines 175. My mom’s friend Cece had a friend on board 175 the plane that crashed into the other tower.

Hetzer StG

Hetzer StG9 months ago

At 0:17 there’s a woman. Look below left engine of plane.


StyleMo8 months ago

How to disprove conspiracy theorists.

Mike Delgadillo

Mike Delgadillo11 hours ago

What a joke. SO, lower down, the intact core beams just decided to fall into perfect truck sized pieces for hauling off to China. Was the the tail filled with liquid fuel, too?

Grey Embrey

Grey Embrey4 days ago

doesn’t matter if the plane’s cut columns or if the fire melted every steel beam above it. the floors above the dammaged area simply did not contain the the necessary mass to crush the undamaged floors below them in such a manner as to vaporize 425000 cubic yards of concrete into dust. and break every core column into convenient 30 ft lengths just the right size to load on to trucks. any one with one eye and 1/2 sense should be able to figure this out. two 110 story building’s reduced to a little more than 3 story ruble pile?

Kyle Dickinson

Kyle Dickinson3 weeks ago

Hey steel melters there’s been planes that hit buildings before, even since 2001. They were on fire for hours engulfing almost the entire building… still standing, look it up.

Tony KI-61-b

Tony KI-61-b8 months ago

Same way Japanese prop planes and Okha Cherry Blossoms smashed through American Ships Aug 44/45. Sinking 66 and damaging 150.

Jeffry Devenyns

Jeffry Devenyns9 months ago

Really, it’s unbelievable how many twoofers majored in “Thermite Ninjary” in college. Amazing.


macicebird6 years ago

He he… Penetrate

Jackie Treehorn

Jackie Treehorn6 years ago

this video isn’t about building 7. but what happened to it was that it was severely damaged by the collapse of two 110 story buildings that were only 300 feet away.


DoctorGarkle6 years ago

A jet impacts a skyscraper and minutes later the skyscraper collapses. A fairly reasonable conclusion is that the first event caused the second.

Kenneth Draper

Kenneth Draper6 years ago

Most of these commenters have BDS bad. they should seek proper mental health help.

jonny pitiful

jonny pitiful7 years ago

@FievelJ69 lol, true, sorry. was 1993. Still a bomb built by our own FBI.

The Man With The Honest Answers

The Man With The Honest Answers7 years ago

@JonnyPitiful “1994 WTC bomb was built by our very own FBI.” 1993 DUMB ASS!!!!!!

jonny pitiful

jonny pitiful7 years ago

Im sure they convinced our leaders this is for “the better of our nation”. but Operation Northwoods is horrible. It has ruined our economy, taken countless lives, and ruined America’s reputation world wide. Please read people, and do something. This is us, our families, our friends, our lives being thrown away by liars, greed, and illegal wars. Bring home ALL of our troops, stop our nations longest war, and impeach these internal terrorists before they kill more of US. Together we stand.

jonny pitiful

jonny pitiful7 years ago

For people who doubt, or hate the truth, please read more. Even if you think there is no way our government did this, keep reading the facts. After spending years of solid study, the facts dont add up. WTC 7 was a bunker and many secret documents. mayor giuliani was supposed to be there in case of a terrorist attack, but wasnt. They knew it was going to collapse, because it was a controlled demolition. Same as the twin towers. How sad and horrific. I still cant believe its true, but it is

jonny pitiful

jonny pitiful7 years ago

I am only 31 years old, I was a kid when when bush sr tried to have reagan assassinated. I was a kid when we entered desert storm, and my parents friends went to war without cause or reason. I remember 9/11 so well, I enlisted and hated muslims and people who ran corner stores. After finding the truth about 9/11, Operation Northwoods, and the lies, how they killed innocent Americans. I am now on the other side, and despise the people who have killed and ruined our nation. This is horrible

jonny pitiful

jonny pitiful7 years ago

Why did rumsfield announce $2.3 trillion unaccounted for on 9/10, but on 9/11 cheney takes control of our nations air defence for the first time in history, and allows an airplane/missle to hit the pentagon? and all we can see is one blurry video with frames removed? WTC 7 falls in free fall speed for no reason. Barry Jennings a key eye witness dies without cause or explanation? Why wasnt the mayor in his “bunker” during the attacks? Why was the collapse of WTC 7 announced 15 early?

jonny pitiful

jonny pitiful7 years ago

Bush sr then used his connections and relatives to give his son an illegal win as our president so he could complete his plans. This is Operation Northwoods. nobody cared or remembers the 1994 bombing. But we all remember the 9/11 2001… Because they needed a bigger show to convince our nation to start a world war. We also created racism, and ruined our economy while israel has been robbing us blind.

jonny pitiful

jonny pitiful7 years ago

@FievelJ69 Of course they knew it was WTC.. They planned this for a very long time. 1994 WTC bomb was built by our very own FBI. The recorded phone calls proving this can be found on the web. The only fault of the 94 bomb, it wasnt put in the correct location. Clinton knew about this illegal war and attempted to start it immediatly after his inauguration. Bush Sr, was the first to start this illegal war with Desert Storm. Even though congress NEVER declared war.


Merlin5by57 years ago

@TheDanthok NOBODY FOUND molten steel in the basements of the tower. Molten steel exists at 1500 C. Nasa AVIRIS Infrared scans were done on the 16th and 19th, and they found NO PART of the debris pile on the whole WTC plaza got over 800 C. In case you are NOT following, that’s 700 C below the temp of molten steel, and 1700 C below Thermite IRON of any type. The 9/11 conspiracy is played out, give it up, it’s as logical as flying pink elephants.

The Man With The Honest Answers

The Man With The Honest Answers7 years ago

@The61769 So even though they did know the main target was the WTC, they hadn’t known how. They were getting close,, they missed. It was inevitable that a large scale terrorist attack would eventually get through… and they knew it. The real secrete, was trying to keep (Terrorist) threats a secrete. People slept better that way..

The Man With The Honest Answers

The Man With The Honest Answers7 years ago

@The61769 “thats a good point. if only there was a death disease that only hits people with that level of dumb to believe it was a conspiracy….” This is old I know. What (Theorists) do, is link all intelligence investigating the (9/11) attacks before they took place, and claim it’s proof of prier knowledge. The problem with the *Real* truth here is, they ignore the fact, Intel didn’t have (When and How.) They only knew where. Might as well be dead, not having the key knowledge they needed.


punxsutawneybarney7 years ago

@tlages NIST only had 236 samples of steel, and none of the core samples showed heating above 480 degrees F. National Geographic couldn’t make 180 pounds of thermite damage a steel column. Jonathan Cole cut a beam vertically with 2 pounds. For more on Cole’s work and three mainstream TV tests of thermite (mythbusters, National Geographic, and Jesse Ventura), and about the mysterious inability of world-class explosives experts to make thermite cut steel, see my video: Incendiary Experiments


griego15838 years ago

Can anybody tell me where is the video that explains what happened to WTC 7 ? Thanks (sarcasm)

Jerkbag Buttington III

Jerkbag Buttington III8 years ago

@AstralPlaner Prove it. Prove any of it.


griego15838 years ago

It’s so interesting how this video shows the airplane’s wings braking the columns in half when they clearly said that the reason of the perfect whole (missile look alike) in the pentagon was because the airplane’s wings are so fragile that they were disintegrated on impact. Leaving no trace and a perfect whole instead.


samispender98 years ago

this is bs it does not prove anything!!! why can’t they just admit it was an inside job! all the figers r pointing at them!! i don’t care care what u have in mind but they r guilty (The gov)


bIZAROsPRMN118 years ago

NIST did NOT study DEMOLITION of WTC 1 and 2. this Perdue CARTOON is not a study of the DEMOLITION of WTC 1 and 2. Mete Sozen shows his face, THE Mete Sozen that said this: []“In this case, one wing hit the ground; the other was sheared off by the force of the impact with the Pentagon’s load-bearing columns, …” Mete Sozen, professor of structural engineering at Purdue University. Popular Mechanics – March 2005 [] which wing was sheared off Mete?


TruthMakesPeace8 years ago

Expensive cartoon. Let’s examine the actual steel for traces of nano-thermite.


Denierbud118 years ago

@Carryon871 they did what? fall at free fall speed? All you need to do is watch the video of the collapse. see all the stuff falling faster than the towers — that stuff is free falling, since the towers are not falling as fast they are not falling at free fall. How can truthers be so stupid?


Carryon8718 years ago

@Denierbud11 They did. Look it up.


Denierbud118 years ago

@Carryon871 the towers did not fall at free fall speed, why do you lie?


Denierbud118 years ago

@ho2cultcha I have been in the towers and I have been in other large buildings. The towers donot rock with the wind, they will move a small amount, but I stand by my statement and do not know what you are getting at.


ho2cultcha8 years ago

what a pack of lies! i’m so disappointed in ng.


ho2cultcha8 years ago

@yawnhockel your questions are good. not sure about your conclusions… i lost a lot of respect for ng when this video came out – and i grew up w/ every ng magazine since 1904 – reading every single one of them since. ng is a patron saint in my family, but this video is a travesty of lies and disillusionment.


ho2cultcha8 years ago

@scalingup78 you fail big time. go back to physics and learn something this time.


ho2cultcha8 years ago

@Denierbud11 you obviously have never been in the towers or anything similar. of course wind moves the towers. they were built to move a small amount. on really stormy days, people would get seasick in the upper floors. steel does have some flexibility – which is a good thing.


ho2cultcha8 years ago

@Tidoublemy it didn’t collapse like dominoes [a better paradigm is pancake, since it was a vertical fall, not a horizontal one]. if that were the case, it would have collapsed much slower – slowing down as it meets some resistance of the structure below. watch this series if you really want to challenge your assumptions. AE911TRUTH – at the Commonwealth Club – 1/6


Carryon8718 years ago

LOLOLOL this “simulation” is such bullshit. Its BULLSHIT. Its impossible for the temperature to reach 1200 degrees, not even NEAR it. At most it would have reached 700 degrees, but without explosives a jet fuel fire cant get it that hot. Coming from a Physics professor. Even if the steel did get that hot, you have the Towers falling at FREEFALL speed. If the steel weakened, it would take it longer than freefall speed for the towers to reach the ground. Freefall speed = support core was blown.

google fuckin sucks

google fuckin sucks8 years ago

are they retarded. thousands of hour just for this.


Wilwen8 years ago

@PrivationProductions Ummm, are you kidding? Do you have any idea how heavy that steel is? If the support collapse on one floor there are millions of pounds resting on top of it. Therefore it collapsed like dominoes.


adamsra20008 years ago

Who’s funding your liberal institution? George Soros? Not very objective or scientific. I’m not drinking your kool-aid.


chena38 years ago

you should be ashamed of yourself lying to the peoples .. 911 was controlled explosive demolition . i have canceled my subscriptions to your magazine .. shame on you..


Denierbud119 years ago

Buildings fall down, not to the side like jenga blocks next time learn about reality before falling back on truther lies wind does not rock the towers moron


JoeThePhilosopher9 years ago

There is an analysis of this smulation at: 911blogger/dot/com/node/9467. University professors shouldn’t sell out to the system.

Chris Miller

Chris Miller9 years ago

Did that aluminum can not crush at all when it hit the steel? I would like to see video footage of that.

Dominic Daigle

Dominic Daigle9 years ago

Who the hell typed these captions? They are WAY off of what that lady is saying.


scalingup789 years ago

OK. the offer still stands. We will have to use an expert. Like say, oh, Pratt & Whitney (sp?) or Rolls Royce or GE, the companies that make jet engines and see what they say the temp of burning Jet fuel and how long it would take to burn 10,000 gallons of jet fuel. If the fuel was atomized (good nonsense word) in just a few seconds it would explode. Oh thats right all that fuel was transported (see Star Trek) into the delta quadrant along with all the Oxygen that would be required.

David DV8 Vela

David DV8 Vela9 years ago

Propaganda Bullshit…. The fire was clearly starved for oxygen,the fuel burned quickly… your “simulation” IS the conspiracy theory…..simulate blowin me!

Purdue Simulation: Full of Hot Air

Washington Blog

The newest volley in the disinformation campaign regarding 9/11 is a simulation of the Twin Towers created by Purdue University. As summarized by Raw Story:

The simulation found jet engine shafts from airlines flown into the World Trade Center “flew through the building like bullets,” according to an Associated Press vide report.

Flaming jet fuel cascaded through the tower stripping away fireproofing material and causing the building to collapse, the AP video reports.

“The weight of the aircraft’s fuel, when ignited, acted like a flash flood of flaming liquid,” according to the video.

However, Kevin Ryan has already demonstrated that there was not enough energy from the airplane impacts to have knocked much of the fireproofing off. See also this article.

And very few of the core columns were severed by the planes’ impact. And tests by NIST showed that temperatures in the Twin Towers never got hot enough to significantly weaken the structural steel of the 47-column inner core.

Researchers have stated that the Purdue simulation contradicts the observed facts in other ways, and in the next couple of weeks, they will publish their findings.

Moreover, the Purdue simulation still does not address the flies in the ointment which NIST also ignored:

(1) The simulation either fails to include, or inaccurately represents, the 47 core columns holding up each of the Twin Towers.

(2) Most of the jet fuel burned outside the buildings, especially in the case of the South Tower – which produced a glowing orange fireball as the building was struck at an oblique angle. So the simulation could not hold true for the South Tower.

(3) The people who designed the Twin Towers did not think that an airplane plus fire from the jet fuel could bring the buildings down. Indeed, they assumed that “all the fuel (from the airplane) would dump into the building”, and yet assumed “The building structure would still be there.” Since most of the fuel (especially with the South Tower) exploded outside of the buildings, shouldn’t they “still be there”?

(4) Even if the planes and fire had initiated a collapse sequence, why did the towers totally collapse, when no modern steel-framed building has ever before completely collapsed due to fire?

(5) Why did they collapse at virtually free-fall speed? And why did WTC7 — which wasn’t even hit by a plane – totally collapse at free-fall speed later that same day?

(6) How could the buildings have fallen at near free-fall speed, indicating very little resistance, and yet produce tremendous pulverization of concrete, which indicates great resistance?

(7) No one can explain why “steel columns in building 7 were “PARTLY EVAPORATED in extraordinarily high temperatures” (pay-per-view). Absent controlled demolition, how could such temperatures have been generated by jet fuel or diesel?

As if that’s not enough, Kevin Ryan pointed out to me today by email that the Purdue simulation contradicts many aspects of NIST’s findings:

“1. Were columns on the south face of WTC severed by aircraft impact? NIST says maybe one, but Purdue now suggests several. NCSTAR1, p. 22-23.

2. Was there any jet fuel in AA11′s center fule tank? NIST says no, but Purdue now says yes, it was completely full. NCTSAR1-5A, p liii, lviii.

3. How did the fieproofing get “widely dislodged”? NIST suggests the aircraft debris turned into shotgun blasts to affect this. Purdue now suggests the jet fuel did it. Thanks to Purdue for invalidating NIST’s work. NCSTAR1, p 119.”

In other words, not only does the Purdue simulation contain many of the same errors as the NIST reports, but, as if that’s not bad enough, it stretches the truth beyond even what NIST itself has done.

Moreover, as pointed out by the blog Truth Or Lies:

“The following statement was used in the Purdue simulation: ‘The weight of the aircraft’s fuel, when ignited, acted like a flash flood of flaming liquid.’ This is a direct contradiction of the FEMA report (which can be viewed HERE) which stated: ‘despite the huge fireballs caused by the two planes crashing into the WTC towers each with 10,000 gallons of jet fuel, the fireballs did not explode or create a shock wave that would have resulted in structural damage.’”

As Crockett L. Grabbe, PhD, research scientist and visiting scholar, department of physics and astronomy, university of Iowa 1980, and former researcher at Naval Research Laboratory put it:

“Many may conclude that the building structure of the World Trade Center twin towers was poorly designed with fire retardants that the heat from the airliner explosions within an hour caused catastrophic destruction of the south tower, and in less than 2 hours the north tower. However, the evidence overwhelmingly supports a different conclusion: this collapse was in fact caused by explosive devices planted well in advance.”

Indeed, numerous scientists, engineers and demolition experts have said the official version of the destruction of the World Trade Centers is impossible.


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