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Was a Paedophile PM "forced" to make the UK join the EU?

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It could well be argued, that the actual pinnacle of the 1% “own” and control almost every type of government establishment and institution there is – especially their “Chairman’s, CEOs, MDs etc.” and by those often referred to in the UK – as “The Firm.”

Other countries have their own cartels and mafia-like organisations and who too act the same. This often means ‘key-personnel’, such as judges, lawyers, politicians, mayors, councillors, civil servants, secret-servicemen, MI5, MI6, military, police, doctors, journalists and many other types of professions – act as gatekeepers for this ever omnipresent group of elites.

It was just a matter of months, weeks and days before Ted Heath’s signature validated the EEC accession Treaty of Rome and who hoodwinked the British public in believing that the EEC was a non- political union – that unbeknown to many MPs and Business man a whole series of mischievous undercover set-ups of paedophile rings were set-up and allowed to take place by both the German and British Intelligence agencies.

As a blackmail-tool or weapon – then nothing works better than having evidence that would expose someone being connected to a paedophile ring – and especially if they were also a politician.

In October 2012, Tom Watson, the West Bromwich MP, claimed there was an unnamed former British Prime Minister who was linked to a “powerful paedophile ring” following a bombshell question during PMQs.

He asked a hushed house: “The evidence file used to convict paedophile Peter Righton, if it still exists, contains clear evidence of a widespread paedophile ring. “One of its members boasts of his links to a senior aide of a former prime minister who says he could smuggle indecent images of children from abroad.”

Yet this information wasn’t new and some journalists have not only refused to write about it, they have even tried to help muddy the waters and make it appear as if “someone else” was involved and the “real culprit” was probably the wrong one – and accusing Margaret Thatcher government – as opposed to Ted Heath’s.

And of course Thatcher was ‘covering-up’ for her predecessor Mr Heath when it soon become public some years later.

Yet even then, Thatcher wasn’t being accused as being “actually linked” to such a paedophile ring – and just so happened to have employed the “wrong type of guy” Sir Peter Morrison.

Though the clue is in Watson’s question; “…linked to a “powerful paedophile ring.”   Being “linked” tends to suggest the Prime Minister in question was involved – as there’s no evidence to prove that was the case with Thatcher’s cabinet, but overwhelming circumstantial evidence that it was Ted Heath’s government who Watson was referring to.

Helping to cover-up the rancid scent and clues that an actual Prime Minister was involved, the former editor of the Sunday Mirror, Peter Connew, said it was Sir Peter Morrison, one of Margaret Thatcher’s closest advisers, who was “the mystery senior aide” MP Tom Watson alluded to at Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs), and therefore it must have Thatcher’s government and not Heath’s.

Morrison was a Conservative politician who acted as Thatcher’s parliamentary private secretary while she was prime minister. Morrison left office in 1992 and died in 1995.

Above ‘Sir’ Peter Morrison with Margaret Thatcher

The sexual tastes of the Prime Minister’s trusted adviser were an ‘open-secret’ in some quarters, but were concealed by a police cover-up and threats of libel by Morrison himself, according to Peter Connew.

Connew told IBTimes, that he saw first-hand how efforts to name and shame Morrison were hampered. Morrison, the Conservative MP for Chester, was arrested more than once for pestering young boys in public toilets for sex, said Connew.

When police officers tried to charge him, the cover-up began. “Such was the hush-up that nobody could get hold of the log of the arrest.” – “As soon as he was brought in for importuning young boys in public toilets, the seniors would come down. That was the reason the officers leaked the details: they were outraged that the seniors had ticked them off for arresting him. “If they had nicked a lorry driver, he would have been up before the judge in no time,” said Connew.

So despite all this smoke and mirrors – in January 2015, The Daily Telegraph reported allegations that Morrison raped a 14-year-old boy at Elm Guest House in London.

Morrison was already part of Ted Heath’s Conservative party and was elected to the House of Commons in the general election of February 1974 for Chester.

That same year also produced a ‘hung-parliament’ even though many people had expected a Conservative victory for Edward Heath. Labour won the most seats (301, which was 17 seats short of an overall majority) with the Conservatives on 297 seats, although the Conservatives had a larger share of the popular vote.

Yet the fact that Morrison was already close to Ted Heath, this fact is often overlooked as they more prefer to talk about what Morrison went on to do with Thatcher instead and forgetting this period of time.

Between 1974 and 1990, up to 650 children from forty children’s homes were sexually, physically and emotionally abused.

In October 2012, Rod Richards, a former MP and ex-leader of the Welsh Conservatives, implicated Morrison and another high-profile Conservative politician were named in documents as regular and unexplained visitors to the care homes in North Wales.

The North Wales child abuse scandal was the subject of a three-year, £13 million investigation into the allegations at these care homes in the counties of Clwyd and Gwynedd, in North Wales, including the Bryn Estyn children’s home in Wrexham.

Michael Shrimpton, Barrister and author of the book ‘Spy-Hunter’, names the Prime Minister Tom Watson was referring to – as Ted Heath.

And that in the 1970s – he alleges Heath was a paedophile and child murderer – or at least an accessory to the act.

According to Shrimpton, Jimmy Savile procured children from Haute de Gaurenne children’s home in Jersey and took them to Heaths boat, the Morning Cloud, where they were abused and murdered and thrown overboard.

It has often been suggested that these wild claims and accusations are made by Euro-sceptic cranks. Some question; ‘why wasn’t any bodies washed-up?

Only last week it was alleged 900 immigrants were drowned off the coast of Sicily, – yet 800 bodies have not been discovered. Decay, fish and other sea creatures would soon make most bodies perish. Attaching a heavy weight would soon take a child’s body to the bed of the sea.

It was Prime Minister Harold Wilson, who in 1976 accused M15 the British Intelligence agency of using black propaganda against him.

Further accusations have been made by Shrimpton that Heath was a ‘sleeper agent’ for the Germans and part of a federal European conspiracy so as they could set-up their European Union and unheeded.

This is when the “blackmail” tool and weapon can be used and when the secret intelligence agencies produce their “files of evidence” and show the “accuser” exactly the type of film and photo evidence that would indeed implicate them as being a member of a paedophile ring or even murder if the case.

For those wondering what has Ted Heath and German Intelligence got in common or why would the German’s be so concerned whether the UK join the EU or not – then perhaps they should do some more research.

“The Nazi Roots of the Brussels EU” by Paul Anthony Taylor, Aleksandra Niedzwiecki, Matthias Rath and August Kowalczyk, published by Dr. Rath Health Foundation 2010 and book; The Greater Sphere Cartel reveals all.

The Hallstein Commission is the European Commission that held office from 7 January 1958 to 30 June 1967.  Its president and key architect, was Walter Hallstein and held two separate mandates.

Hallstien is often painted as a whiter-than-white member of the Nazi’s, and didn’t really have too much to do with all the horrifying and repulsive stuff the Germans got up to.
However, there are many historians and authors, such as those just mentioned above who have since been able to gain records and archive material to be able to prove, that Walter Hallstien had much more involvement in the Nazi regime than what many had previously been led to believe.
Hallstein was a member of both the National Socialist Association of German Legal Professionals, an organisation of German legal professionals (lawyers, judges, public prosecutors, notaries and legal academics) in the Third Reich from 1936 to 1945, and the infamous ‘Nazi Rechts-wahrer’ Organisation.
Membership in this organisation was restricted to those individuals showing unconditional and uncompromising support for, and the participation in the implementation of the Nazi ideology and regime planning for the conquest of the world by the Nazi government/IG Farben coalition.

The Kincora scandal: ‘MI5 tried to blackmail Belfast homosexual,’ says whistleblower

Kincora victim Richard Kerr in explosive new claims as he returns to horror house 30 years on – published February 20, 2015 by JS2  –


Some extracts from: “Immigration, immigration, immigration!”

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