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Cover Up!!! Millions Will Be Affected--WV Water Contamination Started Weeks Ago--Now It's In The Ohio Headed For The Mississippi pictures and video

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by Monica Davis

The chemical spill which has contaminated water for more than 300,000 thousand in  West Virginians may have started weeks ago, and there is a lot we don’t know. But we do know people are saying area water still burns their noses, despite the fact that officials say Charleston’s water is safe now.

We don’t know how long the chemical has been leaking in to the river. Until consumers started complaining about the funny licorice smell, nobody knew anything was wrong. Even worse, activists are saying that industry actually had to develop a specific test to see if the stuff was in the water.

And while authorities are claiming the Charleston area water is safe to drink, a lot of people say otherwise. According to one blog reader:

It still burns people’s skin in Charleston as of last night, even after water restriction lifted. People left to suffer, companies pay nominal fine, and repeat.
Despite the fact that the the main stream media seems to be ignoring the national implications, many environmentalists and alternative media sources are sounding the alarm.
Look at all of the cities that are downriver of this spill. Charleston, Cincinnati, Louisville, Evansville, Memphis and New Orleans. Is this chemical going to pollute the Ohio and Mississippi?
The national media is ignoring the national danger to the national water supply.




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    • crabby

      well it’s freedom industries fault.. they should of removed the licorice smell from the chemical in the first place ..

      • Neanderthal

        then nobody would have known the difference I like your thinking. :)

      • Death of the CRAB

        The tax payers are at fault and need to pay for the clean up. Plus reimburse the company for product loss. A speedy bank loan will be made available with a long term APR. Also donate to local political PAC’s in order to purchase special interest lobbyist who can assist with setting up committee’s to investigate and decide who gets the larger portion of the tax payers pie.

        The whole process should only take 3-5 years, after it is buried in the media.

        Remember to “Vote 4 Joke” in November 2014.
        That’s all 4 now. Long live Claw.

    • muckracker1

      that’s right: how dare they pollute our fresh air with that stinky licorice! :evil:

    • Neanderthal

      So who is paying for this, or did we borrow it from the chinese?

    • ElOregonian

      Rightwing? How about Crony Capitalism, better known as ‘Facsism’. his is better suited and historically ushered in through democratic parties.

    • Anonymous

      is this like the false flag shootings to further gun control? this is a coal processing chem. is it being used to vilify coal mining- which Obama wants to phase out?

      others have also claimed Fukushima is being scapegoated to mask radiation leaks at UN nuke plants naitonwide. all things need be considered.

    • Gazinbali

      Amerika aka the USSA. is no better than Bhopahl India..

      No controls.. no legal comeback for anyone..

      Suck it up folks.. YOU VOTED FOR THESE PEOPLE…

      • Chartricia

        Traitors steal elections . Grow up. You blame a nation when its government is a whore. Grow up.

      • Freeamerican

        gazinbali is psy ops trying to get people to think that voting makes any difference when it doesn’t. They are all lying scums. Any new politicians will just be more lying scum. Quit voting.

    • gruntjust4u

      Just the headline of this article makes it laughable at best. FYI, there is a dilution factor here, 7500 gallons of this nasty chemical compared to billions of gallons of water and flowing at that will continue to dilute this to where it is of little impact on those bodies of water. I did not say the chemical spill was not a bad thing just using a bit of reason here. :twisted:

      • Usefuleater

        You obviously don’t live in the Mississippi watershed. Have you given any consideration to how this chemical will bond with other chemicals being dumped in the rivers? Benzene, a relatively benign chemical was dumped by Georgia Pacific and it wasn’t until it bonded with the chlorine used to purify the water that it became the deadly Chloro-benzene and the water supply in New Orleans became undrinkable. There are so many different agricultural chemicals, by-products of chemical manufacturing, pharmaceuticals from processed sewage, and a myriad of other toxic chemicals already in the Mississippi. Glad you find it all laughable.

        • gruntjust4u

          I stand corrected in light of what you have pointed out. My statement was a direct response to the title of the story (That is where Laughable was applied so not literally laughing) the incident in West Virginia not the past decade of polluting and numerous other chemicals pushed into the river daily. In regards to the people themselves it is sad as well as angering what has been done to the water supply and the effects upon these family’s and their children. For that reason it makes me mad as hell, thus the cynical opening remark. If you are one of the many people effected by this mess you have my apology.

    • Stēkō

      Being a Christian and doing it Jesus’s way is getting harder by the day. Seems to me there’s a bit o shaking going on, perhaps to weed out the nominals?
      More precisely, faith without works isn’t going to make that redemption ticket any good.

      Many love the idea of Heaven and it’s kingdom, much fewer are those who also love the KING.

      • BigSky

        It will indeed cause many of the foolish virgins to wake up. However, what we are experiencing is a collapsing of the current system. We first experienced the moral collapse, followed by the economic, as well as the collapse of all controlling religious institutions, prior to the battle foretold in Ezekiel 38 & 39. All nations must be brought low prior to installing Christ’s Millennial Kingdom. For God so loved the WORLD, that He gave His only begotten Son… for God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through him might be saved (John 3:16,17). For he is the propitiation for our sins (Christians), but not for ours only, but also for the sins of whole world (1 John 2:2). Because Adam sinned and received the death penalty for his willful disobedience (Gen. 2:17; 3:19; Rom. 6:23), all of his descendants inherited imperfection (the cause of his sinful nature), and death. When Jesus died, he forfeited his life for Adam, who willfully sinned and deserved death. This removed the sentence that was imposed on him, and required that he be resurrected beck to his original estate. Since mankind received the death sentence from Adam (and could never have lived a perfect life, no matter how hard they tried), the death of Jesus also secured a resurrection for each one of Adam’s offspring (see Rom. 5:17-19). This resurrection does not grant man eternal life, for each one will still be required to prove themselves worthy of life by passing a test similar to what Adam failed. Christ’s thousand-year Kingdom will offer all mankind an opportunity to receive the same life that Adam forfeited, namely eternal life on a paradise earth. The faithful members of Christ’s body (Christians) will have already received a spiritual resurrection like the Lord’s, and will dwell forever with him in heaven). Matthew 25:31-46 provides an illustration of how mankind will ultimately be judged as worthy or unworthy of eternal life. The sheep (the sincere and obedient) will be full of good, self-sacrificing works, while the goats (the willfully stubborn and selfish), will not avail themselves of the marvelous opportunity provided. They will fail the test when Satan is loosed, and then die for the second time (second death), never to live again.

        I shared this information for the sake of those who may have never heard about the earthly phase of God’s Kingdom. God’s love reaches through the ages to every man, woman, and child. Many people have never heard about Jesus, and even those have heard something, have had their minds darkened by Satan so that they have been unable to fully embrace the Lord. The Kingdom will offer the perfect conditions for the reformation of mankind, for Satan will not be able to influence anyone during this time. Knowing that our family members who have died without knowing the Lord will not be damned forever, but will be resurrected into a world where all men shall know God (Jeremiah 31:34; Hebrews 8:11) increases our love and faith in Him. It is sad that many have been misled as to God’s character and plan of salvation.

        • Death of the CRAB

          People rarely try to read such a “pile” of alphabetical symbols, “mashed together,” that you choose, for the conveyance of your thoughts.

          Might want to brush upon your penmanship, as that mass of text, blobbed together, looks like a crazy person put it there.

          Make sense? Yes/No?

          P.S. I didn’t waste my time trying to decipher any of it.

          Good day.

    • Deb

      Deregulation destroyed the Insurance, before it when it was regulated all Insurance was “Non Profit” There was no preexisting conditions. Medical care was not very expensive and everything was covered till Daddy Bush deregulated it.
      So now Big Pharma is deregulated also, and we know how many they kill, along with the War on Drugs..
      Now this industry deregulated, which means they get to become a monopoly and they become their own policing agency. Profits is everything, and to hell with the people.
      Wake Up People…
      Bill Clinton ran all our manufacturing to China, and gave all our National Parks to the United Nations.
      All of them brought us to war, these people all come from the same place and backed and supported by the same people. They are responsible for the killing of “Millions” all over the country and the world…
      Wake up people, turn off their propaganda machine called Television, and support an open and free internet.
      Before it is too late. :!:

    • Scooter

      The solution to pollution is dilution. Lets not get anal about this. By the time it gets into the Mississippi and to New Orleans there is so much crap in the water that has been discharged along the way including fertilizers, waste treatment plant sewage, and God knows what else. The people have been drink the water with everything else in it so downstream it isn’t going to amount to much past Charleston. If this spill was past the intake for the municipal supply we probably wouldn’t be hearing about it.

    • hostile177

      It’s fun to count the number of posts before we slip into lala land.

    • Sue

      I live in Kanawha City mailing address is Charleston, WV. Drinking the water but I can still smell it lightly. Also I am so sick at my stomach for the second day in a row and using the bath room a lot though not like diarrhea and stomach is churning. I just can not afford to buy bottle water.
      Trusting in the LORD for He is my only hope. Also some burning of the eyes. Being 66 years old maybe the long term effects will not get me in the end?

    • Joe Wiseman

      These companies will poison the water table without remorse – Please share the song.

    • Arte Vespule

      Who the hell grants a permit to build a toxic chemical facility on the banks of a river? Especially a river that is used for a water supply? These executives from this company should be arrested and charged with environmental terrorism. Whomever granted a permit to build this death camp should be arrested and charged also. You are gonna have to do this yourself people. The government isn’t doing it, and they aren’t going to do it. They will always have clean water. And they don’t give a flip about you or your children…

    • greyfox

      I have not read as yet anyone downstream becoming ill yet, where is that?

    • explorer

      If there is no hazmat in place
      , Who or what agency is enscribed to address this?

    • Take It Deep

      What gets me is that the company just open or changes on Dec. 30, 2013….then within a week they had a spill? too fishy to me..sorry
      .I’d look into who they are & brought them in, what they do EXACTLY, where they came from or started & when they where “approved” to open for biz.
      My guess….they are tied into someone or something bigger. please correct me if im wrong. thanks!

    • glock19Monroe

      It’s mostly all a fear tactic for the gov. To get more control. First it was 1500 gal. Then 10K. They drilled a hole, hello…Hello the media lies. I looked up the chemical and it’s not that bad, it’s all a bunch of crap, get a few different type of filters in which you should already prepared for 5yrs ago., and drink up. Time is coming, Fire is coming, get saved now! Everyone is going to die at least the first death, it’s the 2nd death one should be in fear of. Repent, God and Jesus is real believe or die, it’s your choice. No where is safe nowadays so be ready when your number is called.

    • glock19Monroe

      Socialism at work, lock n load and be ready for the next big one. The Big Bang is coming shortly. 2Peter3:10 and Gal3:13.

    • rxtech

      I live in Charleston WV and I have no doubt that this chemical has been leaking in the water longer than they have said. Now Freedom Industries has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy which doesn’t surprise me in the least considering the fact that they have at least 19 class action lawsuits against them and are basically going to get away with it cause we all know once this bankruptcy goes through they will reform other another name. Wv politics are the dirtiest anywhere and worse than the feds I think. I live what is called the chemical valley and Wv has very relaxed regulations when it comes to chemicals infact the fed recommended that the state of WV draw up and emergency response plan in case this happened and the governor said oh we don’t have the experts to draft that type of legislation to pass in the legislative session. Well Gov Tomblin if you were so busy with your dog racing kennels and kissing Obama’s rear maybe you could grow a set and make these idiots accountable

    • chasetonga

      That Gary Southern guy has the same accent as those BP guys! Go figure!

    • NotaLemming

      Drought in California

      West Virginia Contamination
      This page

      South Carolina Tritium plume in Ground water.

      And Obama is selling our water to china.

    • cloud nine

      This is just a test. A false flag water poison test.
      Now that it has been accomplished on a small scale, it can be escalated into a higher population density area.
      They fail to mention that the company was taken over an reopened on Dec 31 of 13.




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