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Congressional Record: All Bees Dead By 2035

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Colony Collapse Disorder definitely GMO related and restricted to the U.S. – ALL bees in America dead by 2035 and it’s now a matter of Congressional record.

There are lots of shill reports out there saying left and right that the bee problem is worldwide. That is a LIE, a lie laid waste by simply checking the commodities index and seeing who produces what, and what producers are saying. They all know that America is toast when it comes to honey production. They all know America’s bees are dying.

Many have blamed the decline in bee populations on cell towers, saying that the bees get confused or agitated by the emissions cell phones and their towers produce. It would all be plausible, BUT

Cell phones are now all over the world at a very high density, and when I checked up on where the bees were dying off, it was real and ONLY IN AMERICA. Not Canada, Mexico, China, Japan, the bees are dying off in America, sometimes up to 80 percent. And they are dying far away from population centers, in the heart of the agricultural zones where cell towers would have minimum impact. I found this out by checking the commodities pricing of honey on a historic basis. China, India, Canada and Argentina are booming and seeing absolutley no bee problems. Brazil is having troubles, but this is directly attributable to a killer bee invasion, and killer bees produce very litte honey which is subsequently hard to get anyway.

If anyone uses the commodities pricing approach to finding out the truth about the bees, they will be quickly faced with the hard facts – that America has indeed become greatly diminished in the honey sector where it once dominated, and the only reason why the price of honey has remained stable is because China, Europe, India, Canada and Argentina picked up the slack and replaced America as a source because their bees are having no problems at all.

Since all nations have for the most part banned the growing of GMO crops (Mexico just joined the list) all the while America is full steam ahead with GMO, and that since all nations have just as many cell phones and towers now as America does,  it is not likely to be radio emissions that are killing the bees, it is in fact GMO proteins and sugars from GMO plants that are programmed to self produce pesticides that are killing the bees. And the Monarch butterfly is doing just as badly as the bees, a butterfly which is almost completely American in origin. There has to be a reason why the bees and the Monarchs are both dying off in America, and the bees are fine everywhere else, and the reason is America specific. THAT would be GMO.

There are lots of shill reports out there with “scientists” saying left and right that the bee problem is worldwide. That is a LIE, a lie laid waste by simply checking the commodities index and seeing who produces what, and what producers are saying. They all know America is TOAST in honey production because all of America’s bees are dying while theirs are not, If you want to cut through every last lie out there with ease, just look at what the beekepers are saying. Screw the “scientists” and “biologists” and their rotten paid for conclusions.

CONGRESSIONAL RECORD: honey bees in the United States will cease to exist by 2035. Folks, this is a link to the congressional record which contains that exact quote. America is getting destroyed, and someone at the top KNOWS IT.

Oh, but don’t worry. You will still get your honey, and food grown in china. If all the pollinators are dead and you can no longer grow food in America, you will be completely dependent upon a government savior you will have to serve with a smile to survive the hunger games.

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    • Farganne

      God help us if we are dependent on Chinese-grown food.

      Another great article, Jim, keep it up!

    • stewdaddy1201

      Bees pollinate, we can live without honey, but not without food!

    • Jimstonefreelance

      Check the number of hits on this article, compared to the number of hits on other articles that made the front page. This article appears to be blocked from showing up on the front page of BIN. It is far more popular than many articles on the front page already, yet is not showing up with a headline, even in deep dredges which show every article on this site.

      It appears to be getting censored on the front page while being allowed to live in the background, so it won’t make BIN look bad if people try to click through from my site, it will look like it all works.

      If that be the case, I have a way to circumvent this. And the article will still get tens of thousands of hits if I leave it linked on the front page of jimstonefreelance for over a day. If this never shows up on the front page of BIN, you will have at least a partial answer. They did not kill it entirely, but also won’t help anything at all.


      • N. Morgan

        Keep it at, Jim, you got readers! :grin:

        • Freeamerican

          jewish morgan pushing fellow jew psy ops. same as first comment probably made by stone. the psy ops think people are stupid.

    • Jimstonefreelance

      BIN has turned off the hit counter. It looks like game over.

      • Freeamerican

        ‘game over’, too bad, you wanted all the clicks for half truth psy ops pay.

    • Jimstonefreelance

      Possibly false alarm on that hit counter, but where is the article listed on the front page? It is getting 4x the hits other prominently listed articles are, WHERE IS IT? It’s a certainty that BIN received a little pressure from someone, because they at least let the first article get to the top of the top. If they had a choice it would be visible.

      • Freeamerican

        more focus on getting more counts for your half truth psy ops.
        prince/gates monsanto are jew, who runs government agencies that approve their crap, jews who owns banks, media, not just zionists or rothschilds. jew bolshevik holmodor starvation. holohoax. jimstone is a disinfo jew. Just because psy ops do part truth doesn’t mean they’re not psy ops, 99% truther media are fakes run by jews including fake jew truthers like stone. Quit buying things, grow food, quit voting. protest chemtrails yourself, the chemtrail sites are subverters like all the fakes.

    • pearl

      Please, God, thwart the enemies of Your servants. Our hope is in The Lord alone.

      • Universal Sign

        Well, then, Pearl,

        Why don’t you get off your lazy chris SCUM dumb butt, and “take some action”?

        (and, wimpy, PREYER is NOT action)
        But, you will not do anything, “COWARDLY chris 0 creep!

        • Omega Files

          The demon girl has found another servant of the Lord to aggravate.

    • Jack F00BAR

      It’s from 2007. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but news typically refers to something more recent.

    • Anonymous

      Bees are not the only pollinator, but the are the majority, wasps, bumblebees, and carpenter bees do pollinate, as well as ants. but the Honey bee is the majority pollinator.

    • MPB

      Jim, it is the TOP stories now #6 @ 11:38 PM est 2-5-14

      Peace, MPB

    • MPB

      Jim, this is currently in the TOP STORIES here on BIN NOW! #6 @ 11:53am est 2-5-14

      Peace, MPB

    • Болеслава

      When the news of the bee dieoffs first broke a couple of years ago. It was heavily reported that it was happening in Europe as well, by Europeans. It did not resemble any kind of disinfo. Other reports from other countries as well.

    • scatchleyii

      Leave it to GMO eh. I agree with you Jim but a voice once disagreed with me and said GMO was necessary to feed an exploding population vs using pesticides that would ruin the ecosystem, soil, air, etc.
      I still favor non GMO, but I wonder if that person’s argument holds any validity.
      I favor honeybees too so I think not.
      Anyway, thanks for the discussion and the article.

    • The Secret Behind Communism

      I stopped reading when the article above described killer bees as poor honey producers.

      Google up this article describing the positive impact of Africanized honey bees on increasing Brazil’s honey production dramatically. “Market Scene : ‘Killer’ Bees Make Honey of a Deal With Brazil : Production has soared since the ornery invaders took over beekeepers’ hives.”

    • Spyhunter

      Be careful of Jim Stone’s articles. He is suspected of being a disinfo agent.

      Check out the style and nature of his website and decide for yourself.

      The information is spurious and poorly organised perhaps deliberately in order to hide the inconsistencies in his arguments for those who WANT to believe him.

    • Unicorn

      I would worry about the year 2035, this age will be finished before then and a new age will be in place and no this is not the NWO but the Kingdom age.
      If the calendar had been adjusted to the proper starting year it would be much sooner than 2033 which technically represents two days from death and resurrection of Yahshua where according to scripture a day is equal to a thousand years. The Calendar appears to have started at least 5 year maybe more late.
      We are nearing the end of the second day.

      Hos 6:1-4

      6 Come, and let us return unto the Lord: for he hath torn, and he will heal us; he hath smitten, and he will bind us up.

      2 After two days will he revive us: in the third day he will raise us up, and we shall live in his sight.

      3 Then shall we know, if we follow on to know the Lord: his going forth is prepared as the morning; and he shall come unto us as the rain, as the latter and former rain unto the earth.

      4 O Ephraim, what shall I do unto thee? O Judah, what shall I do unto thee? for your goodness is as a morning cloud, and as the early dew it goeth away.

      Do not let Ephraim throw you, that is another name for Israel as a people precisely the descendants of the ten tribes who went into captivity then spread out and settled Europe and later north America fulfilling prophesy of Gen 48 and 49.

    • Spyhunter

      Be careful of Jim Stone’s articles. He is suspected of being a disinfo agent.
      But by all means check out the style and nature of his website and decide for yourself.

    • John

      Quote”Do not let Ephraim throw you, that is another name for Israel as a people precisely the descendants of the ten tribes who went into captivity then spread out and settled Europe and later north America fulfilling prophesy of Gen 48 and 49″ Unquote

      Wrong…read the passage (you refer to 48 and 49 genesis) which clearly states Quote” And it came to pass after these things, that one told Joseph, Behold, thy father is sick: and he took with him his two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim.”Unquote

      Ephriam was clearly a person and not a people and there were 12 tribes of Israel…12 thousand from the 12 tribes make up the 144 thousand

      Quote Genesis 49:28 “All these are the twelve tribes of Israel: and this is it that their father spake unto them, and blessed them; every one according to his blessing he blessed them.”

      Before you post do some research…it helps :lol:

    • Love Ya

      i have a couple bee hives. they are doing fine. i do not live by any big farms, though. it isn”t hard to raise bees. more people should try it. free honey. use it instead of white sugar. honey is good for you. you can have a hive in your backyard. i do wonder if canada, china, japan, etc. don’t grow gmos. they do. there are many creatures that pollinate plants. honey bees are fairly gentle. try it out instead of sitting on this darn computer so much. :mrgreen:

    • Dustdevil

      Killer bees pollinate just as well as European Honey Bees do. Don’t spin it, if you want credibility. They just don’t make the volume of honey, and they aren’t huggibly friendly.

      Got PLENTY of them around here, and the crops are fine.

      I am STILL CONVINCED it isn’t the GMOs, it isn’t the cellular towers – it is all the damn PANTY-WAIST people in the cities that absolutely, positively MUST HAVE their bazillion gallons of BUG SPRAY to kill flies, mosquitoes and anything and everything else each summer! You spray your homes, you spray your yards you complain until your town sprays your ballfields and your parks, you spray your swamps, you spray your rivers, and big cities even spray their sewers – BECAUSE they are so terrified of a bug-carried disease, no one stops to think that they might actually be killing their bees.

      If it were the GMO’s or the cellular towers, tell me why KILLER BEES (Africanized Honey Bees) don’t seem to be taking a hit from whatever is killing them, but European ones are?

      The answer is simple – we don’t ‘manmade hive’ the killer bees, and they don’t populate as heavily near population centers. The European ones are in crops, in orchards, but in parks and gardens too. They can’t find the answer because they won’t compare the two, and if they found what I am saying is correct, then they couldn’t and wouldn’t stop spraying for other biting bugs, anyhow.

      In the end, your comfort will mean your starvation. Any questions?

      • John

        Dunno about questions but I have some points to make
        1. love the way you put GMO and cell towers in the same sentence like they are related to each other lol…big lol….bigger lol and then frown
        it was already stated in the article you didn’t read that the author doesn’t think its cell towers

        2.Your fourth paragraph states or poses the question about European bees…again I refer you to the article where it categorically states that only American bees (Do wish people would read properly)

        3. The answer is simple lol….now why didn’t we all see that…killer bees don’t make as much honey because there simply isn’t a comparable number of killer bees to honey bees. So you are saying we should increase the number of killer bees and not worry about the humble bumble snuggly wuggly bee…yeah that’s a solution…really big lol

        Phuck this site is riddled with some funny people

      • Ponderer

        Why would a pond here in Ohio be totally covered with dead bees? Mass suicide? (I saw it so it isn’t second hand news to me.))

    • Ponderer

      I totally agree..We may all be dead if the chemtrail assault that I see every damn day is not stopped. Explain to me how a local pond was suddenly covered with dead bees.. A disease would not strike them down all at once. Did they commit suicide? More likely they were struck down by something sudden.. A Haarp blast, a noise weapon that suddenly caused them to lose their sense of direction, something that drove them to seek water? There are so many evil things being developed to destroy the food supply, us, and America that it could be anything.. I don’t believe anything “they” say or the news says. People have no idea what is being developed secretly. How many are already dependent on the govt.? If you work the govt. punishes you with higher taxes, healthcare (ha) costs, more regulations.. Why work? The bees do a lot more than pollinate flowers…Oh, we have Monsanto with their expensive, self pollinating, terminator seeds to save us….Thank the Lord

    • Fleendar the Magnificent

      Without bees, we die.

    • Anonymous

      aussie mozzi

      bees ,some birds ,fruit bats,etc. all of these help pollinate plants ,gmo ,stuff does not require
      pollinating ,the seed grabbers ,will charge exorbitant prices for them .

    • superstar

      I once woke up in the morning with a bee literally on my back. It was strange, it was like he was asking me for help. I grabbed him gently and put him back outside, to which we do not know its demise. It seemed like he was in a very weak stage as if he was dying slowly from the inside, probably from a virus or damaging chemical.

      My best guess is the chemtrails or something they are spraying has a chemical in it (purposefully or not purposely)
      which is literally killing the bee slowly depending on how much exposure it got. Strange how the bee was literally in my back room (20 feet from the door), as if he was trying to stay away from the outside atmosphere. This chemical or virus is literally targeting bees because I do not see any insect or bug walking and dying slowly. Once in a while I will see flys randomly in a weak stage but mostly its the bees. :idea:




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