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Evidence That Both Navy Seals Found Dead on the Maersk Alabama Had Links To Boston Bombing Sniper Teams

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By Josey Wales

This post was sent to B4INS in by an anonymous contributor. 


The Ex-Navy Seals found dead in their cabin aboard the ship made famous in the movie Captain Phillips died of respiratory failure after suffering heart attacks. Mark Daniel Kennedy(43), and Jeffrey Keith Reynolds (44), were found dead on February 18th… highly suspect.
Now, you have to ask yourself, what is the likelihood of two unrelated men dying of the same condition, respiratory failure, that was brought on by the same condition, a heart attack, on the same ship, at the same time?
Reynolds and Kennedy worked for Trident Security Firm USA, which  identified them as former Navy SEALs.
Both Seals had been linked to sniper teams on the roof of the Lennox hotel (intersection of Boylston and Exeter) during the Boston Marathon explosions (one team facing the finish line and the other facing the restaurant)… why were they there?  Why only observing the two locations that would end up being bombed?  Inside job?
Here is a picture of the actual bomber standing next to Jeff Baumann (moments before he put his pack down, just like Bauman alleged happened. see pictures)… he is not either one of the Tsarnaev brothers… IN FACT, THERE ARE NO PICTURES OF EITHER BROTHER AT THE FINISH LINE (though Baumann oddly described both to the FBI,  as he is supposedly their source for their manhunt, he is obviously a liar… they are patsies… it was an inside job).
Bauman next to the guy he described not Tsarnaev
Bauman next to the guy he described not Tsarnaev.jpg

Lennox roof and finish line by soelin day before race.


lennox roof and finish line by soelin day before race.jpg



Bauman in the crowd with man he described as the bomber.



Boston a overview.


boston a overview.jpg


Boston Marathon 2013 Map




Boston Suspects FBI Photo.




Mike Cuomo pic of Lennox Hotel roof Boston Marathon 2013


Mike Cuomo pic of lennox hotel roof Boston Marathon 2013.jpg


Sniper at finish line




Sniper Lennox Hotel facing forum and finish line.


sniper lennox hotel facing forum and finish line.jpg


The mysterious deaths of Americans connected to the government lately is becoming overwhelming. Andrew Brietbart,  Seal team 6, Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi, High profile bankers, the list goes on and on. Is this all coincidence or is their really a conspiracy behind these deaths?  


At this point anyone working for the government or with the government, has to be getting very nervous. How much longer before fear breaks down their power structure?  Sooner or later some one always tries to save himself and talks.  


Snowden did just that, but the powers that be, controlling the mainstream media, have done a great job as labelling Edward Snowden as a traitor. A traitor for firing a warning shot to the American people that their government is broken. Beware people, keep your powder dry. There’s sure to be more to come, we shouldn’t have long to wait. 


Critical Reads: More News Mainstream Media Chooses To Ignore By Josey Wales, Click Here!



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    • From the Trenches World Report

      You need to load your pictures again, they did not come through.

      • Josey Wales

        Thank you.

        • From the Trenches World Report

          I’m only getting half of the pictures.

        • REST IN PEACE AMERICA - (1776 - 2014)

          I’m only getting half of the pictures as well. Thanks.

      • REST IN PEACE AMERICA - (1776 - 2014)

        When are we going to bring these idiots to justice?

    • Jack F00BAR

      I’m sorry. Clarify the connection between Jeff Bauman and Jeffrey Reynolds and Mark Kennedy please.

      • Jack F00BAR

        I’m sorry. Clarify the connection between Jeff Bauman and Jeffrey Reynolds and Mark Kennedy please. Also I don’t see trident security mentioned anywhere at the boston bombing training. There were snipers, but I don’t see a reference to the agency.

    • BrianNYR

      You say evidence showing this yet show zero evidence.

    • Nationcrying

      Those that know the truth, must be silenced; Fuddy, Seal Team Six, etc. etc.

    • Rufus Juice

      is it just me or is this guy getting his chocolate in my peanut butter?

      You mean the snipers that saved captain phillips?

      What does boston have to do with anything ~ they were on overwatch? And then what….failed?

      • freedomringsforall

        Well I can help in this regard.
        As far as the two former seals found dead on the Maersk Alabama; that happened lately; this last week I think.
        The Alabama had contracted security because of what had happened in the Captain Phillips incident and these were two individuals working on that ship for that security company.

        As far as their connection to Boston I know nothing of the story he is presenting here.

    • QuestionAll

      “Here is a picture of the actual bomber standing next to Jeff Baumann.”

      When I saw that line at the beginning of this presentation, I started to get annoyed. I was too quick however. I had thought that you were doing what I have read and heard so many times – being judge, jury and executioner. I do not know whether the two young men were the bombers or were patsies. But what I do know is that in this country at least — which supposedly still operates based on English Common Law (leaving aside the NDAA for now!) and not Napoleonic Law, that one is innocent until proven guilty. Thus the behavior of people in Worcester, MA who protested at the funeral parlor preparing the older brother for burial, was totally disgraceful, They should all feel ashamed of their actions but probably are incapable of intelligent thought.

      I did write to the funeral director and apologized to him for the behavior of these idiots.

      I think it is good to have discussion about the various strange goings-on that occurred that day. The one thing that bothers me the most is (and this is because I was going to be a medical doctor at one time) Mr. Baumann cannot be real — all medical professionals know that he would have died.

      However, I try to keep an open mind to the various theories, hoping that the truth will surface, and above all, hope that this country which I love dearly, survives.

    • Accidental Patriot

      Still pic analysis from the GoPro video show two divers grabbing Loretta Fuddy’s leg minutes after plane crash. Any possibility these are the two? Loose ends?

    • Earthmuffin33

      This story was fishy from the beginning. the first story was that the men had been found dead and that there was NO indication of what had killed them. Then the next day they said that they had found needles and narcotic residue. I would think Needles would be SOME indication of how they might have died. Even if it was a wrong indication. Now we are supposed to believe that they died of heart attacks at the same time????? They obviously think we are dumb! This is ridiculous! And the main stream media is a farce! I hope that the people that are in charge of giving us the truth in the news know that we won’t forget or forgive all the lies they have shoved down our throat! I wish none of them harm but I for one will enjoy watching them thrown out of their jobs after it’s all been said and done.

    • Diana

      I do not and will not believe our American military were involved in a bombing in an American city.

    • Nam Marine

      Loose lips sink ships ! Just the Chocolate Messiah cleaning up loose ends !

    • Nam Marine

      “Loose lips sink ships”. Just the Chocolate Messiah cleaning up loose ends !

    • xdrfox

      Were these the guys in Hawaii in Dec. ????

      Now, you have to ask yourself, what is the likelihood of two unrelated men dying of the same condition, respiratory failure, that was brought on by the same condition, a heart attack, on the same ship, at the same time?

      Were these guys in Hawaii in Dec. ???? Have you seen the new footage of the crash were there are 2 seals in the water.

      SHOCKER! Loretta Fuddy – The Cult of Subud – Barack Obama and His REAL

    • xdrfox

      People who knew the men expressed shock that either would have used heroin,
      a former Navy reservist and workout partner of Kennedy — so clean cut and chiseled that he was nicknamed “Captain America”

    • Country Codger

      The thing to remember about a hit of this nature is that these were trained Navy SEALS. That means that to perform this hit it had to be someone who was a close personal friend or family member that they trusted that “facilitated” the hit. I know that there are a ton of designer drugs i.e. poisons that mind have been used and also microwave weapons but even then it might not be a clean kill. This was done “up close and personal”.
      Just thought you should know, just in case.

    • greyfox

      I would think twice before I chose to be a SEAL nowdays. When you think Govt will realize we don’t buy these stories of our Heros deaths? Whenever one dies now we are suspicious w good reason, I feel so for the families.

      One thing for sure we are awake but cant seem to know what to do with all this craziness other than to write about it.

    • grego

      If true that they were in Boston then its a good thing there dead, good ridden scumbags have a nice trip to hell…

    • JTothfromHoth

      If you guys haven’t seen 4chan’s collection of photographic evidence, it’s superior to anything the media has shown us, and has much cleaner shots than the ones above. It also shows several other people with matching backpacks to the one exploded:

    • binmac

      A portent of the things to come? Let’s hope so – and let all who love our nation and its Constitution do their part in blowing the lid off the collective treason within our government !

    • Patriot Games

      FIX THE PIX!!!!!

    • willhart

      Dude, do your homework if you want to post an investigative peice, which is not more than opinion, speculation and connecting a bunch of fuzzy dots…maybe you are on to something but it is not at all backed with with hard evidence….

    • Snowball

      they overdosed.

    • daffieD

      Why has no one talked about The FBI agents that fell to their death from a helicopter.
      By what I understand and I could be wrong, They were the ones that were interrogating Tsarnava for give the spelling… Boston Bomber.

    • Grinandbearit

      The minute I heard two navy seals were found dead aboard that ship, I knew I wouldn’t believe whatever story they came up with about how they died. Navy seals don’t shoot up drugs. Get a clue people. They were murdered.

      • MrAnthony

        Riiiight. They would never take steroids to bulk up, methamphetamines to stay awake during a long shift or patrol, or drink alcohol.

        Plus, these guys were *former* SEALS.

        It isn’t everyone else who needs to get a clue.

    • balancedones

      greed is the cancer threatening humanity. the filthy rich are the worst infected and a rope a mob and a tree is still the best cure join us will you

    • willhart

      Anon journalists…no way, utter nonsense…disinfo of the worst kind.

    • Mitch

      You actually believe they have 40+ yr old Seals in the field!?!
      I suggest you speak to some.
      Anyone in their 30′s is called an old man.
      Poor koolaid drinking paranoid freaks…
      Isn’t the reality of what Obama and the DEMONrats scarey enough?
      Must we make up crap too?

    • Glenn Canady

      My Open Letter to the Alternative Media – Read & Take Action if you want to WIN!

    • blastticket

      It’s time to wake up and smell the Truth.

      -Warning, the Truth is graphic-

    • harold harlow

      I thought Mark Kennedy and Jeffrey Reynolds were found dead of a heroin overdose and Diego Garcia military air force base in the Indian ocean?




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