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Mike Ruppert Commits Suicide (Video)

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What terrible news, Michael C Ruppert has left us.
This message appeared today on Mike’s facebook page;

“IN MEMORIAM MICHAEL C. RUPPERT, February 3, 1951–April 13, 2014. Sunday night following Mike’s Lifeboat Hour radio show, he was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. This was not a “fake” suicide. It was very well planned by Mike… who gave us few clues but elaborate instructions for how to proceed without him. His wishes were to be cremated, and as of this moment, there are no plans for a memorial service. However, I will be taking his show this coming Sunday night, April 20, and the entire show will be an In Memoriam show for Mike with opportunities for listeners to call in. It was my privilege to have known Mike for 14 years, to have worked with him, to have been mentored by him, and to have supported him in some of his darkest hours, including the more recent ones. I am posting this announcement with the blessing of his partner Jesse Re and his landlord, Jack Martin.
Thank you Mike for all of the truth you courageously exposed and for the legacy of truth-telling you left us. Goodbye my friend. Your memory will live in our hearts forever.

I have no more details to share than I am posting here. We should have much more information by Sunday night.   ~  Carolyn Baker”

As far as I know,the guy was very knowledgable and knew alot of things were all about oil.  He was one of the sane minds out there in the conspiracy world.  In my book, hes right up there with Gerald Celente.  What else can you say but Rest In Peace Mike.  

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    • simpel

      RIP Mike Ruppert.
      This planet earth is a gem in a barren universe although people don’t realize it. If this planet is being destroyed by greedy people, this will be the end of humanity as a whole. The tragic situation that we have now, has everything to do with our own spirituality.
      spiritual preparation for a difficult future –
      ‘Great Waves Of Change’ – Marshall Vian Summers, FREE copy of the book here:,


        Well, another Anerican bites the dust. He felt guilty so he shot himself twice.
        Remember, 1,000,000 innocent woman and children were killed in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001.


          And now Syria! Fox and Huffington Post just discovered that the Syrian Rebels are now formally using USA Military supplied weapons. So far Anerica has killed in excess of 20,000 innocent woman and children. My heart goes out for those people, as well as idiotic morons like jtg555.

        • iamamerican

          How much does the government pay you to act this stupid?


          Well I’m not an American and I thank God daily for that privilege.
          Now into business: yes, I don’t like Americans, I don’t like Obama and I don’t like you although I tolerate Americans, as do the entire world. Tolerate. Americans are OBNOCIOUS, they are arrogant, they are like Babba from Texas- just dumb and stupid, they are fat and lazy and sleazy characters, nobody in the world like Americans.
          Now show me one country that favors Americans more than 20%? No, make it 5%? Naaaa, let’s make that 1%! There are in excess of 6 Billion people on earth and only about 370 m stupid OBNOCIOUS Americans. The quicker Americans leave earth the better for the entire world.

        • kender

          hey, spermreceptor, your fault lies in the fact that as you point the finger at us americans for our faults and shortcomings, not only do you condemn yourself, because whether you believe it or like it …or not, you have some failings that make you less than likable. You should concentrate on those. Also, you paint an easy picture of an entire population as unworthy of a second glance, without ever realizing…or caring, that WE ARE NOT ALL THE SAME. There really are americans who care, who don’t agree with or like what’s going on, but we realize that we can’t do very much to stop it, and therefore have to waste our time listening to asinine non-americans babble about how glad they are NOT to be american. You know what, asswipe? WE are glad you aren’t american either! You wouldn’t be able to handle the significance of what that means. We already have a foreigner in the WH who OBVIOUSLY knows nothing about us as a people. We don’t need you. Go back to your basement, and die.

        • YellowRoseTx51

          You’re just another member of the Hybrid Nation that will bite the dust.
          Every time you post, you just raise a flag saying “I’m a Reptile”.
          “See how hardwired to the Reptile brain I am. Yep, just another Sociopath for the NWO”

          Keep waving it.
          Wouldn’t want you to miss the boat with your NWO friends.

      • Mirabolin

        Dear God! The State’s Individualist iamnohyphenmaster actually thinks a state individualist like himself – a commie and a mere anti-semite – thinks he can ask sane people questions!

        Am I in Bizzaro World?!

        Have I taken crazy pills?!

        • Alan

          Every culture on earth is semetic, one way or another, baseless argument..

          Especially as its based on stolen and detracted histories… :neutral:

          Commie is a member of community, which you find you are apart of…

          Another baseless argument. :roll:

        • Factory Farms FEAR the MooCow

          He sounds mullah.

    • 4DollyMadison

      Mike Ruppert – I go back with him to the days when I subscribed to his mailed-out newsletter, “From The Wilderness” over a decade ago. Finally, I realized he was a double agent – pretended to be a researcher for the truth movement, but covered up key information for the people he really worked for, and your guess is as good as mine on that one. His ‘peak oil’ theory received a lot of coverage, but now we know that good science has totally debunked it. Ruppert only told ‘part’ of the 911 story, and those ‘other guys’ he didn’t want to talk about are still dancing on the top of a van somewhere.

      He tried to muscle in on the late Gary Webb’s exposure of CIA drug dealing, and later called people “Internet trailer park trash” who challenged the official verdict that Webb committed suicide – the way Webb’s body was found (check details) and the ‘shoot yourself twice theory’ made suicide a total impossibility, by the way. Webb himself had this to say about Ruppert before he was murdered:

      ”Mike is a real conundrum. I think he’s a sincere guy, concerned about the right things, and he was quite supportive of my efforts to expose the interplay between the CIA and drug traffickers. But he’s also written stories expounding a theory about the genesis of my Mercury News series that were, quite frankly, ridiculous.”

      Ruppert left the USA for a few years (South America), and returned to relaunch his ‘career’, which has puttering along ever since. Plus he was in the middle of several lawsuits as he started suing people for slander who were writing about his antics and the now well-known way he has tried to divide the 911 Truth Movement, and vilify various individuals.

      Well, maybe Ruppert had health problems, but maybe he had conscience problems also. He was getting older.

      Condolences to friends and family. But “RIP”? Not likely.

      • Tribe of DAN

        Very well put, 4DM. Interesting stuff when first encountered, but failed under scrutiny.
        Ulterior motives surely at play.

      • LavenderRose

        thank you for mentioning Gary Webb, he was murdered, and a HERO – he had a hard life after the San Jose Mercury News dropped him from pressure his TRUTH was over the top,
        his book the pale horse was a great book to expose the corrupt wars over poppy fields and drug dealing to kids in Los Angeles and elsewhere

        he was one of the first to tell us – the military is the biggest drug dealer of them all….double standards – God Bless The Truth tellers – and double agents go to hell….

        Gary Webb was a Pulitzer prize-winning American investigative journalist. In August of 1996, the San Jose Mercury News published Webb’s Dark Alliance, a 20,000 word, three-part investigative series which alleged that Nicaraguan drug traffickers had sold and distributed crack cocaine in Los Angeles during the 1980s. Webb alleged that drug profits were used to fund the CIA-supported Nicaraguan Contras. He never asserted that the CIA directly aided drug dealers to raise money for the Contras, but he did document that the CIA was aware of the cocaine transactions and the large shipments of cocaine into the U.S. by the Contra personnel.

        • Betty Liberty

          Milton William “Bill” Cooper wrote Behold a Pale Horse.

      • GBCIR

        4DollyMadison, thank you for your comments.

        It is people like you that KNOW and promote Truth.

        We are winning.

        But it’s the unconscious ORDER FOLLOWERS (police, military) that we have to deal with. Too often they are our Family and Friends.

        It’s called a POLICE state for a reason. It’s a state where FORCE insulates the type 1 psychopaths. It’s not called a banker state or legal state or government state because they are not using FORCE, only giving ORDERS…

        The type 1 psychopaths (government, banks) that give orders to the type 2 psychopaths (order followers) are very exposed now. The fascist system of collecting and recording EVERYTHING is THE inherent weakness which leads its collapse.

        We have the evidence, we KNOW the perpetrators.

        The type 1′s thought they could baffle us with information overload, false-flags and mind-control. They do not know the DEEP Magic of Life. You and many others at BIN are proof they have FAILED.

        And the Deep Magic of the Morphic Field has MANY more secrets FOR LIFE…

        Moving on, is there a Remedy for these unconscious demons?

        Apparently the Native Americans had a remedy for the psychopaths; Put them in a Tee-Pee and light a cannabis fire. The perpetrator would emerge, unharmed, a changed BE’ing without the psychopath DISease.

        Too out-there? Perhaps. But it’s better than the alternative they will be offered (extermination of the psychopaths’ LIFE). And I am NOT advocating violence, only Deadly Defensive Force if attacked.

        We are many, they are few.

        Let’s start building Tee-Pees and lighting the FIRE!

    • Anonymous

      Again, 9/11 was NOT an “attack”! It was a well orchestrated “event”. Anyone saying otherwise is either deceived or a deceiver. Anytime anyone says 9/11 was an “attack” this is a key to understanding this!

      • DennisB

        You are absolutely correct!!! All of these EVENTS have the fingerprints of the corrupted U.S. government, Israel, and the U.N. all over them.

        Creating FEAR in the people that are still asleep….And as we all know, FEAR = CONTROL.

        • upchuck

          Yep. Follow the snail trail and you will realize within the giant spider web of fraud everyone is connected. On one side or the other, a lot of lives have been lost getting the truth out to people. I bet Mr. Ruppert was getting ready to make a lot of sense based on recent events taking place in our country. We are witnessing conspiracy attacks being made fact and the cat is out of the bag!

          I have a feeling he was murdered. The situation involving the ranch stand off last weekend a lot of pieces to the tyrannical puzzle coming together. Open your eyes folks, its right in front of your face. All of the years of the fraud and lies are finally coming to a head.

        • W. Willow

          Used to follow Ruppert. But he was changed when he came back. Seemed more “handled.” Interesting that he chose the standoff at the Bundy Ranch as the time to go. Reinforces the general, nauseating feeling of helplessness.

    • tracehdridefree

      Are we absolutely sure this was a suicide? He was blowing the lid off a lot of corruption…

      • Cheri Roberts

        Yes, we are 100% sure.

    • Lance Ciepiela

      While others only watched, Mike boldly went across The Rubicon and found Cheney working in the darkness – plotting, scheming, conniving a nation.

    • shanchen

      Must be found some secrets, are plotting to kill, making suicide suspense.

    • slamdance13

      Follow his lead, Mort.

    • slamdance13

      AINT HAVE A BIRTH CERTIFICATE…you comment on every post. you must be lonely, get a life.

    • GBCIR

      Sad loss for us all – I’d say he was taken out though.

      But why did he support killing Earth with her oil (blood) extraction?

      Why didn’t he talk about Dr. Judy Wood?

      Don’t get me wrong – the TRUTH he presented HELPED US!

      And I’ll take ANY truth where I can get it…

      And for you wilfully ignorant of FACTS, answer this;

      Why is there NO seismic record of two 500 thousand ton buildings slamming to the ground? (because they were dustyPHIed / destroyed in mid-air?)

      911 Architects state the amount of energy to blow those buildings apart in 12 seconds was the equivalent of (more than) ALL the world’s energy output in the same 12 seconds per building “collapse”. Show me the “nano-thermite” or nuclear weapon that has this POWER and focus.

      And, again, I’m NOT attacking Richard Gage – he has provided some TRUTH too.

      Here’s the best information AGAINST Dr. Judy Wood that I can find – but it’s all straw-man attacks…

      What ever (destructive) energy was used – we’re NOT being told about FREE ENERGY. It’s THE game changer!

      Nikola Tesla is heartily PISSED OFF. And I wouldn’t want to be caught doing that…

      • The Spirit

        I can debunk just about all of Judy Woods theories on 911.
        The concrete was pulverized from explosives.
        Dustification is not a word.
        This is a mind job.
        Let me tell you how powerful modern c-4 is.
        2 lbs of it in a pickup truck will make it disappear without a trace.
        Watch the building explode, you can see the floor pans
        blowing up and out,Up and out, up and out.
        Those buildings were built to demolish.
        More than likely it was pre wired and the explosives were inside the concrete
        attached to the rebar.
        The concrete dust everywhere was very fine from the PULVERIZATION.
        Explosives will do this everytime.
        The spire on the North tower was not the core, it did not disintegrate either.
        It dropped to the ground, I have video just after it fell, they had to move it out of the street.
        I would debate her anytime.
        I would take her entire presentation apart.
        This theory will never get the Truth.

    • Max

      Donna and I travelled to Toronto(OSEA Building) to hear him speak about 9-11(The Truth and Lies of 9-11) back in 2001? and his presentation was honest, sincere and from the heart. He was a man of respect. The CIA didn’t want him alive because his research was impeccable.
      You are gone but not forgotten.
      Blair & Donna Phillips

    • Anonymous

      Murder. Just like all the other truth-teller ‘suicides.’ Those brave men and women never kill themselves.

    • Cheaperseeker coupon codes

      What a terrible news!He was one of the sane minds out there in the conspiracy world. What else can you say but Rest In Peace Mike.

    • tobmhger

      Nobody knows who this is and nobody cares….next article.

    • worldordernews

      gerald celente is a clown, this guy is not.. how dare you compare this man to that idiot celente!

    • Anonymous

      Murdered! Who did he talk the most sh#t about? The CIA.

    • Gojiroiscoming

      I had no idea he was gay. Sad loss.

      • Wretched Infidel

        I don’t even know who Mike Ruppert is, and I saw his face, and knew he was gay.

        That explains a lot.

    • BooBoo

      is there an obituaruary link available to his death?


      that silly obot face avatar staring at us with a ridiculous grin – that’s not ur face, pal – if it is – where’s my darts?…

      pal, america needs to repent, that is true – big time – but, you, foold ya/’all –

      your grammar and spelling ability is atrocious – make note of this – obnoxious with an ‘x’.

      anerica – is ‘america’.

      And, your ‘babba’ is america’s ‘bubba’ and he has a right to be ‘bubba’, just like you think you have a right to be a self-righteous, egotistical narcissist.

      It’s not a sin to be a ‘bubba’ – but, the latter is.

      You say you ‘don’t like obama – then, why do you sport that ridiculous avatar? Purely Provocation?

      Hating Americans is not going to get you a ticket to heaven, pal…in fact, speaking thusly, will surely get you a cell in hell.

      Every idle word you will be judged by. L. :idea:


      that silly obot face avatar staring at us with a ridiculous grin – that’s not ur face, pal – if it is – where’s my darts?…

      pal, america needs to repent, that is true – big time – but, you, foold ya/’all –

      your grammar and spelling ability is atrocious – make note of this – obnoxious with an ‘x’.

      anerica – is ‘america’.

      And, your ‘babba’ is america’s ‘bubba’ and he has a right to be ‘bubba’, just like you think you have a right to be a self-righteous, egotistical narcissist.

      It’s not a sin to be a ‘bubba’ – but, the latter is.

      You say you ‘don’t like obama – then, why do you sport that ridiculous avatar? Purely Provocation?

      Hating Americans is not going to get you a ticket to heaven, pal…in fact, speaking thusly, will surely get you a cell in hell.

      Every idle word, you speak, you will be judged by. L. :idea:

    • TombRaider

      I personally believe that his death was a homicide and not a suicide. If you consider for a moment the topics, accusations, assertions, and the length of time Mike’s dedicated his life to then death by suicide is the least likely cause of his demise….

      Another voice silenced….

    • Don't be hating!

      His work will not be forgotten. There are many like him out there who will follow his steps. The man behind the curtain is afraid of the people and the power we posess within.

    • Don't be hating!

      He will not be forgotten. There are many who will follow his footsteps. The man “behind the curtain” is afraid of the people and the power we posess within!

    • Cheri Roberts

      I have been working closely with Mike’s friends including and especially, Jack Miller and his attorney. Mike really did take his own life. On there are several articles on the details with more to come.




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