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Shocking Sandy Hook School Board Meeting With Wolfgang Halbig, Jim Fetzer, And Others (Video)

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(N.Morgan) In the ongoing saga of the Sandy Hook False Flag, the video below is from a school board meeting that took place 5/6/2014. A citizen in the video is trying to get the information of what exactly happened that day. The Freedom Of Information Act has been continually ignored by the authorities. People want the truth now!


I have been accused of being insensitive about the parents of these children and as you can see in the video below, I am not the only one with these questions. Even the citizens of Newtown want to know what the Hell happened that day and why there were no emergency vehicles present or why the school now wants to zip its lips about what went on. There are too many questions without angers to let this lie, as it were.



The citizens there are demanding answers! Wolfgang Halbig, Jim Fetzer, and others address Newtown Board of Education on May 6th, 2014. The board responds with silence to any and all questions and concerns. Thanks to Wolfgang and others for pushing on this critically important matter.





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    • PeterPan


      • Mark Brander

        Read the Obama prophecies, much worse is coming…..

      • Miggy

        1. Where is the outrage from the parents of the lost children on all of this?
        2. Parent laughs then cries when at the microphone
        3. 130 lb teenager guns down 27 fatally with NO injuries
        4. over 600 children at the school, how did they leave
        5. 0 crime scene photos or video

        It goes on an on.

        And this really happened?


    • Anonymous

      Keep investigating and especially those that call you an ‘insensitive conspiracy theorist”.

    • Ventura66

      I have to agree with you PeterPan…………this is why I no longer watch the evening news anymore……………

      • ElOregonian

        They don’t call it “SANDY HOAX” for nothing. Follow the agenda-Follow the money…

    • N. Morgan

      Yes, there are too many unanswered questions and there’s still the fact that several children are missing and I hope alive, but that hope it small..

      • skwirl78

        missing……..or in hiding…or worse

    • skwirl78

      prepare for all the ” i know a guy who worked on a car for one of the family’s neighbors who lost a child ” nonesense…our government is a hot mess and we will probably never know what REALLY happened.

    • crankyoldone

      I like how the very last person to speak is a foreigner and the only one from Newtown . And that portion of the meeting closes with ” a circus ” statement . What are the odds on that guy being a STOOGE ? :roll:

      • Miggy

        If you are guilty and cannot answer the charges, blame the messenger. It’s always the person that finds you out that is to blame for the mess, not your actions.

    • Ivan

      The last guy was epic another fighter of the Global War on Terror!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      It’s only a matter of time before the killings start to silence many of these participants who know the truth. It’s probably already started with some of these crisis actors just like 911. You would think that they would learn from some of the past hoaxes.

    • eatmorevegetables

      I get the feeling that these people have no idea what they are up against. The only way they are going to make the progress that they want is if some whistleblowers come forward, but none will, because they will be taken out before they have a chance. They need a very well thought out protection plan, so they can create a shield large enough and strong enough to protect whistleblowers, and then invite them to come over to their side.

    • GBCIR


    • Decleated

      Sometimes it is what is missing from the story instead of the actual story itself – in this case I did not see the shedding of a single tear from this particular “story” teller where normally we would expect to see much emotion in such. If this is real and not an actress then I apologize – otherwise she needs more acting lessons. Not very convincing for me though.

    • Decleated

      Shouldn’t it be simple for an investigator to locate bus drivers, food venders, utility records etc to verify whether this school was in fact operational? Additionally, while I believe there is a lot of unanswered questions I am somewhat skeptical about how the Government could pull off something of this magnitude considering how many people would have to be in on the hoax. Not saying it is not a questionable event – just saying that any investigator should be able to easily prove or disprove many of the issues here.

      • Before It Was All Pop Ups

        The government is able to keep massive projects secret. From the massive staff at Area 51 to the invisible employees that build the underground military bases. If they label something as in the interests of National Security, they can buy you off and make you sign a fully enforceable gag order under penalty of treason/death. Then its a little ‘rah, rah, rah – you’re a patriot/hero’ let us make you feel part of something bigger, and voila.

    • Ideas Time

      With all the information out there that proves this was a hoax that included crises actors, why did the speakers who know better not just call them out? I very appointed that the speakers went along with the idea that it really happened and the whole thing was tragic. Jim from VT knows better.

    • House of John

      Look at all the hype and money that was backing wolfbang Halbig to get him to that meeting.
      He spent two minutes? Really?
      Now you tell me that the money train that covered the hoax isn’t the same train that
      Wolfbang Halbig JUST caught a ride on.
      You’ll never hear another word from him about a hoax after this. Cha-ching!
      His new name is Wolfgang Moneybags.
      Woot-WOOOOOT! Trains a-leaving, Mabel.
      Wolfgang’s got a new house to build.
      ThPhhhhhhhhhhhhhhht :razz:

      • Decleated

        You could be spot on in your assessment HOJ – but in defense of the Wolf he might have been just holding his cards close and hoping to catch more flies with sugar/honey/aspartame etc.

    • Melbourne Sann aka Captain Crunch

      This is captain crunch checking in. The names Melbourne Sann from Rome NY. I dress in a colonial attire because my superman costume is in the dry cleaners. LOL I dress in colonial attire to try and draw attention to the fact that our forefathers (who dressed as such) would be rolling-over in their graves as to where this country is at this very moment. I also represent the standing Militia of America.

      At first glance of the Newtown School board meeting I was disappointed as well. I wanted to say so much more as we all did. However when you review it again we all had our comments regarding the agenda of this country. Theres the basic Sandy Hook questions, phys ops, mental health, internet information available, the hidden agenda of this country, the lack of evidence of a mass killer/victims. Then there’s the chance that others will probably start to come forth, and the important fact that people involved of the conspiracy will be held accountable for their actions/in-actions in the end. So we are looking for the truth, the lies. This blatant assault on the intelligence of this great country’s citizens to be seen as sheep who would believe the sloppiness of this Hoax, is the real tragedy. We in fact, put the town and the puppet masters “on notice”.
      There is no Columbine conspiracy. That really happened and Wolfgang was involved on that true tragedy and understands how to pick them apart in time. We have hired an Attorney in Hartford Ct who hopefully cannot be bought. We are filing formal request under the freedom of information act with the school board as well as the state police and the united way. (cost to date 10,000) The lawyers take it from here. So there’s more to come. We will present our case and hold their feet to the fire.

      What we were doing at the board meeting was a overall scope of Sandy Hook, knowing these member we ordered to keep silent. There was a one-way mirrored way glass to the right where the puppet masters were sitting. Wolfgang was threatened in the bathroom moments before his comments by a 6’5″ bald guy.

      It was hard to get out of my truck by myself, but it was harder to let the bull go unanswered as I arrived first at the old town hall (being remolded) then to the New Municipal building which was built with hush money. What a beautiful facility and heavily staffed with three code enforcement officers among many others to include a full time police officer who sits out front and guard the files 24 hours a day.
      I was threatened by the codes guys ( 1) when I was putting out my 16 questions on the lawn (individual signs) as the codes guy started reading the questions and started ripping out my signs, with two police officers present. (2)The second codes guys came by and stated I could not push around My life size effigy and protest with my first amendment rights. After going round and round I was told I could only have one sign and it had to be carried. I ask to see the regulations , he said he would get me a copy, but never did.

      Finally as I stood off to the side of the main walkway (by myself) I was repeatedly harassed by the main codes guy (the one in Wolfgangs video) if the bottom of my protest sign touched the ground, The large sign tittle ”Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive”. was complete with a spiders web in the middle with little cut-outs of all the players and there actions/inaction during the sh Hoax. Mr Codes sat with a police officer outside the town office and hawked me for hours. I had to balance my sign( a hockey backstop with a large sign telling of the events) on my foot while standing their for three hours until Wolfgang showed up with the Calvery. I personally was waiting for folks like you all to arrive so I could hand each one of you a sign of the 16 questions and we could speak with a larger voice. I have one video which I will get up but missed the big opportunity when the first codes guy was ripping my signs out of the ground and spouting “Just go home”. I was without a camera guy and had not done many video’s. I had my hands full of props and forgot to push record on my smart phone that time. I then had a round and round with the local police regarding 1st amendment zones , littering with my signs, and that I need a permit to protest. They meant I had to pack up my gig. As the codes guy was ripping up my property they were blowing across the parking lot in the strong wind so I went chasing them trying to avoid a littering ticket or worse… jail. I never lost my composure as I asked the law enforcement officers if they remember the oath of office the took and the importance of the US Constitution.

      I came dressed in a colonial Officers outfit (Captain Crunch outfit) to draw attention to our cause which is a concern for our US Constitution trampling. The price our forefathers paid and the thought they must have put into the founding of this great country is immense.

      So this was not my first protest. See here ..2nd Amendment Albany NY Rally April 1St 20014 . Or my second see here Conn children ask for the truth about Sandy Hook! /watch?v=C5RdDwI2QQ0. Don’t worry I have the best civil rights attorney out of Buffalo NY The Tresmond Law firm who has agreed to represent me . So we will make them pay (Sue) for the “first gun confiscation in NY” (a wooden cutout) and the Infringements on our/my right to free speech.
      True I travel with a dummy and he gets spanked…but that is whats going to happen to these two Governors (Cuomo and Malloy) in Nov if our elections have not in fact been compromised. I’ve also marched/protested three times in Albany and then on DC when the Goberment shutdown the WWII memorials where I helped personally tossed the barriers on the back gates of the White House along with my former military and concerned citizens. We then sang the Buffalo Springfield “stop children whats that sound, everybody looks what going down” song. I’ll always remember that moment as will the police officers watching us.

      I could have used some help at all the rally’s, as I always seem to head out their alone, (always seems to be a workday) everyone has an excuse, even my kids. So when you write regarding my attire think of your founding fathers and the 3% (founding father’s) who fought and won these liberty’s you freely enjoy. Think of how those liberty’s are slipping away in the order they were written the first and the second amendments…free speech and right to bear arms.

      Newtown was a different animal and more of a bitch session all one sided. We needed to get the hoax back up on the table of open discussion and not let it get “slid under the rug.”by the legal buyouts. True, it could of went better, so after a second review I think you/they’ll have got the message. In the protest world there is no such thing a bad press, as it is nearly impossible to get any MSM to run a story so you try to spin it into a message of sorts and hope the sheeple can read between the lines. The MSM always send out the young reporters and we do a story or film and when they get back to the station the editor tell the naive reporters, thanks but no thanks, when it comes to airing the story. This is something I know first hand ….many times. Many who spoke wish they had done thing a little better maybe added more points, but at the end of the day we showed up as regular concerned citizens from all over America looking for the truth to this [email protected]$%^.

      So its a up-hill battle, but George Washington had it worse. So I keep that in mind. Freedom of speech most definitely applies to the media who has been bought and has abandoned us for money..sold out. Where are the Journalist? Then if someones an author tries to write a book…they are just trying to make money. Try to not kick the teeth in on those who are actually trying to make a difference and “the best way to help the sheeple is not to be one of them” I’m here to wake you up and invite you to join me at the next circus where there are sure to have “the clowns there” Wolfgang did very well …not bad for a 70 year old man…he still has the goods on these scammers and the balls to back it up as we all did who made the trip. I stand with him and his truthers anytime!

      Melbourne served in the 10th Mountain Division( Infantry), and then as a helicopter pilot in Germany with the 4/11 Air Calvary regiment (during first gulf war). After which time he Graduated from SUNY Institute of Technology (telecommunications)at the top 3 percent of his class. He has owned a restaurant where he pioneered two inventions regarding rapid food thawing and another US patent, food steamer. As a entrepreneur he has two business with his wife, raises standard poodles, as well as 5 kids of his own.

    • Duane Howard

      I used to live in that area. If you want to see some weirdness. Look up Georgetown Connecticut. It’s a town that has fire, police, a pharmacy, a sallon and a post office. But technically Gerogetown is not a real town in Connecticut.

      If Connecticut can have functioining fake towns than Connecticut can have functioning fake school shootings.

      That area is weird. Danbury is poor, and the rest of the towns are super rich. FairField county is another world. There was some kind of tesla fellow around that area, he had machines that where so loud the towns people had to chase him out of town.

    • TombRaider

      Somethings that’s always bothered me up until the building was demolished was that not one single person went inside that school at night and photographed anything.

      Please don’t throw out; “the school was surrounded by a fence with signs stating; “No entry beyond this point. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law”…I say to you; SO WHAT!!

      A situation that has generated so many questions and theory’s yet no one took the initiative to scale the fence and get inside and prove it happened or didn’t happen…or at least some additional evidence to support either side of the argument…

    • TombRaider

      Who has a better suggestion?

      • aespinalm

        :lol: , what about the lady asking Lt. Vance who cleaned up the blood? He did not know how to answer the question. She also called 3 or 5 different company aksing who cleaned up the blood, and she just keeps been transfered around between people then hung upon. *sniff *sniff it does smell fishy to me.




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