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Deadly Toxin Alert! 80% of Americans Are Now Infected With A Common Parasite That Causes Death, and Are Completely Unaware! (Startling Video Footage and Photos)

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Do you have unexplained symptoms that gradually get worse over time? Have you gone to your doctor with no answers, and no results, only to return home feeling defeated and hopeless? Have you been accused of being a hypochondriac, even though you know your symptoms are very real?


You are not alone! 80% of Americans are infected with this deadly parasite that hijacks your digestive system and then takes over your entire body! Interestingly, many diseases and illnesses disappear once this invasive organism is treated. And, although the incidents are higher in the United States of America, this problem is not confined to America alone.  Anyone in the world can have this awful, debilitating sickness.


80% of Americans Are Infected With Common Parasite That Causes Death, and Are Completely Unaware!



Believe it or not, most Medical Doctor’s do not acknowledge the harmful effects of systemic Candidiasis overgrowth in the body, and it is oftentimes left untreated. As a result, the symptoms only get worse.


Here are some of the most common symptoms and complications of this deadly parasite, and if you have three or more of them, chances are, you are infected!



—General all over malaise

—Light-headed, dizzy

—Sensitive/allergic to chemicals, odors, foods, perfumes

—Chronic allergies, colds, viruses

—Gastrointestinal disorders, including gas, bloating, intestinal discomfort, diarrhea and/or constipation, acid reflux

—Abormal/extreme craving for sugars and carbs

—Chronic sinusitis

—Facial swelling, fluid retention

—Skin problems, acne, blemishes

—Skin rashes, itchy skin, redness

—Inability to concentrate

—Visual disturbances, optical migraine

—Frequent headaches, pressure

—Various types of fungal infections, including toenail fungus

—Chronic low blood pressure, poor circulation, irregular heartbeat (heart palpitations)

—Depression and frustration, especially as the illness progresses, and the quality of life is greatly reduced

—Joint/muscle aches and pains

—Vitamin deficiency, including D3 deficiency

—Malabsorption, leaky gut syndrome, etc.

—Other strange, unexplainable symptoms


This parasite feeds on sugar and carbs, and just like Miracle-Gro fertilizer, the more it is fed, the faster it grows!


Infection Throughout the Body


Systemic candidiasis occurs when Candida spreads throughout the body. Unfortunately, it can be life-threatening. The infection can affect the brain, heart, kidneys, eyes, liver, genital tract and joints. Incidents can be higher, but are not limited to, people who have low white blood cell counts (neutropenia). Another name for this infection is ‘disseminated candidiasis.’


Candidiasis, a fungal infection that can affect every part of your body, including the blood, is a rather common condition. In fact, many people have it and do not even know it. Candidiasis outbreaks can be frequent, and generally cause much discomfort, including a gradual decline in health and well-being.


Not only can Candidiasis affect the mouth, throat, windpipe, vagina and/or skin, it can also spread throughout the entire body and take over. Please note that recurrent vaginal yeast infections, and ones that are difficul to treat, can be a sign of HIV disease progression in women, so please see your health care practicioner immediately if you have any of these symptoms!




Candida, the name of the fungus, causes candidiasis, and it is perfectly normal to have a moderate amount of this fungus in the mouth, vagina, digestive tract and skin. In fact, in a healthy person, there is a perfect balance of naturally occurring bacteria and yeast—80% good bacteria vs. 20% bad.  However, a weakened immune system can make it easier for Candida to spread and cause infections.


There are some common factors that pose a risk for developing Candida infections. These factors can include, but are not limited to, diabetes, pregnancy, iron, folate, and vitamin B12 or zinc deficiency, as well as the use of antihistamines. Coincidentally, chemotherapy, stress, and depression can also cause or worsen symptoms of Candidas.



Preventing and Cuing Fungal Infections Naturally


It has been proven that there is a strong connection between what you eat and Candida, as well as the overall health of your immune system, and nutritional methods of prevention and treatment can be complex.  Following some basic guidelines may greatly reduce your risk of yeast becoming a problem, as well as getting rid of it.


Sugar, yeast, dairy, wheat, caffeine, nicotine and alcohol are among the most notrorious culprits because they help spread yeast by feeding it and making it grow.  Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that you abstain from the above foods and chemicals.


You also need to eat larger amounts of foods that help keep yeast from growing. One that has been found most effective by nutritionists is garlic because it contains natural antifungal properties help cure and prevent candidiasis. While fresh garlic is best, liquid odorless Kyolic garlic is extremely effective. However, please be aware that garlic can reduce your blood pressure. 




When treating Candida, your symptoms may temporarily worsen.  The reason it may temporarily worsen is because a process called die-off occurs in your body. In fact, when die-off symptoms kick in, most people abandon their treatments. I highly advise against this. It is very important to stay with the treatment no matter how bad you feel.


When yeast cells are killed at a fast rate, a die-off (or Herxheimer reaction) takes place. This happens when metabolic by-products are being released throughout the body, and the Candida yeast cells generally release 79 different toxins when they are destroyed, which include ethanol and acetaldehyde.


Biology of Candidiasis


Acetaldehyde has an entire host of detrimental effects on your health and wellbeing, which include your brain function and the destruction of brain cells. Your endocrine, immune and respiratory systems can also be affected, and it also damages the membranes of your red blood cells, reducing their ability to carry oxygen round the body. As I just mentioned, this has a direct impact on your brain, so you can see how acetaldehyde is linked to Candida symptoms such as brain fog and fatigue. These by-products can also cause allergic reactions and inflammation that lead to a number of unpleasant symptoms.


Candida die-off symptoms vary from person to person, as each will have different degrees of infestation. If you are having severe die-off symptoms, you can slow down your treatment and also reduce your dosage of probiotics and antifungals.  Since the liver is the main organ that eliminates toxins, the die-off process means that it is being overwhelmed.


Here is a list of some of the most common die-off symptoms you may experience when treating Systemic Candidiasis:



—Headache, fatigue, dizziness

—Swollen glands

—Bloating, gas, constipation or diarrhea

—Increased joint or muscle pain

—Elevated heart rate

—Chills, cold feeling in your extremities

—Body itchiness, hives or rashes



—Skin breakouts

—Recurring vaginal, prostate and sinus infections

—Hypersensitivity to all the things you are already allergic to


The Die-Off, or Herxheimer reaction, has been documented in research on antifungals. One 1980 study (see here) of the commercial antifungal Nystatin found the following:


According to a study in 1980 of the commercial antifungal Nystatin, the following was noted: “One phenomenon deserving emphasis is seen occasionally when therapy is initiated. It suggests the Herxheimer reaction … The reaction is usually limited to a flu-like syndrome of mild generalized aching and lowgrade fever, but may also encompass an exacerbation of the patient’s allergic manifestations.”


Coping with Candida Die-Off


These symptoms normally clear up within a week or so, but could last a little longer.  There are a number of things you can do to minimize die-off during treatment, or expel the toxins more rapidly.


—Supplements such as Candidate, Candizyme, Molybdenum or Milk Thistle can help your liver expel the toxins.


—Molybdenum is extremely useful for those suffering from die-off by converting the neurotoxin acetaldehyde into acetic acid, which is then expelled by your body and/or converted into friendly digestive enzymes.


—Reduce or ‘temporarily’ (for a day or two) discontinue antifungal supplements.


—Antifungals work by rupturing the hard shell of the Candida yeast cells, which then release the many toxins that the Candida was previously producing in your body. Therefore, by reducing your antifungal dosage, it will cut down the number of toxins being dumped into your bloodstream. Once you begin feeling better, you may increase your dosage.


—Reduce your dosage of probiotics.


—A course of quality probiotics will repopulate your gut, suoffocate the Candida, heal your stomach acidity, and increase the effectiveness of your immune system. However, the good news is that probiotics are less likely to cause die-off symptoms than antifungals. However, if you begin experiencing these symptoms, you may temporarily reduce your dosage.


—Water is the number one best anti-oxidant. You will need to increase your water intake in order to flush out the toxins faster.


—In order to feel better, all those byproducts that are released by the Candida yeast need to exit your body. Drinking more water helps complete this task.


—Get as much rest as you can.


—It is proven that stress weakens your adrenal function and greatly reduces your body’s natural ability to fight pathogens such as fungal infections. Taking it easy will assist your immune system to do exactly what it was designed to do.


—Try some alternative detox methods suh as skin brushing, saunas or contrast showers.


—Most of these treatments increase your circulatory and lymphatic systems. by helping you to expel the toxins/poisons that the dying Candida cells have dumped into your bloodstream.


—Take 1000 mg of Vitamin C twice daily.  I recommend a buffered form that contains bioflavonoids. This will make it easier on your stomach, and the bioflavonoids help your body to better absorb the vitamin C.  Otherwise,  most of the vitamin will exit your body in your waste products (urine, feces) and you will not get the full benefit of the vitamin.  This multi-purpose vitamin boosts your adrenals and helps restore your immune system to health.  And, as a side note, Vitamin C is a natural anti-inflammatory and has been proven effective in the treatment of allergies!


—In addition to everything else, I highly advise you to purchase a juicer.  A few years ago, I purchased one from Walmart for $50. Do the green juices.  Since malabsorption can occur as a result of the systemic Candidiasis, many people who are infected become malnourished because their body is not absorbing the nutrients they need from their food and vitamins. When you juice, the nutrients go straight into your bloodstream and are better absorbed by your body! For more information on juicing, please do a youtube/google search on ‘the juice lady’. (See also Leaky Gut Syndrome)


More Common Causes of Yeast Growth


Antibiotics can also contribute to yeast overgrowth in the body. Friendly bacteria are found naturally in the body, as we have discussed.  They establish a healthy balance while eliminating bad yeasts. Most common antibiotics, like tetracycline and penicillin, destroy these bacteria which then allow yeast to grow and thrive. An antibiotic does not know the difference between good bacteria and bad bacteria, so it destroys both. It is quite common for many healthy people to experience a fungal infection after using antibiotics.


Remember that supplements are not meant to replace solid foods, and many can be high in sugars, which help yeast grow. If you use supplements, make sure they contain mainly complex carbohydrates, are high in protein and have low-to-moderate sugar levels.


The best way to naturally prevent fungal infections is to eat healthfully and regularly, avoid excessive sugar intake and avoid or decrease caffeine consumption, alcohol and cigarettes.


The Best Supplements That Rid Your Body of Candidas


—Olive Leaf Extract (a highly effective and powerful natural antibiotic, antiviral, and antifungal)


—A quality pro-biotic (I recommend the one shown at the end of the below video, Key Biotics CLICK HERE


—Liquid Kyolic Odorless Garlic


—Candizyme Enzyme Therapy (Die-off symptoms can be lessened by use of this product, but probiotics are still an absolute must, along with this vitamin treatment!


Please see also SURVIVING MOLD as symptoms of Candidiasis and Mold Disease are very similar.


The American Parasite–250 Million Americans Are Now Infected!



*Even though the above video does advertise a product at the end, (and a very good one, I might add), I have watched the entire video, and the information is phenomenal, which is why I did a search for it and posted here! I strongly urge you to watch the entire video as it will open your eyes completely about what I have described above.

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    • rankingdread

      Deadly Toxic Alert! 95% of Americans Are Infected With Apathy

      • Forthwithtx


      • No time

        What is the best way to remove this toxic parasite?

        • holistic

          After addressing your diet (stop feeding the yeast for a little while) and get a zapper! It gets rid of parasites with 9 volt electrical current. It also works if you have ring or tapeworms in your body, as a lot of people do from eating poorly cooked food (eating out!).

      • TombRaider

        You are truly a visionary…..

      • No time

        Truer words have never been spoken, bless you for these wonderful words from God. Hallelujah, Yeshua!

    • Boxed in Freight

      Or, one could purchase an ozone generator and get the same effect without the taste and long detox times.

      Quite simply, bugs can’t live in Ozonated water, not only does it take less time to detox, it does not taste bad at all. My ozone generator makes my water taste like a mountain spring. I use a large glass filled with regular filtered water from my Berkey and ice and then turn my ozone generator on for approximately 20 minutes. Then when the generator finishes, I drink the water. It is quite refreshing. There are several inexpensive models which one can buy and use at home, do a search on the Web.

      There are also many videos on youtube about Ozone generators and what miracles they are providing in Europe and South America. Not surprisingly, in America ozone generators are looked upon by the AMA as quackery.

      :lol: :lol: :lol:

      :lol: :lol: :lol:

      • Anonymous

        I just made an ozone generator using parts I found on Ebay for only US $20.79. I added a fan to keep it cool, and a fish tank air pump and it really cranks out the ozone! 3g/hr :)

        New AC 110V 3g Ozone Generator Ozone Tube DIY 3g/hr for Water Plant Purifier

        You are absolutely right about the benefits of ozone. Colloidal silver is awesome too and it’s much more just than a “killing machine” for bacteria, viruses and fungus.

        Anyone having the symptoms listed in the article should research “The Bob Beck Protocol”

      • Sean

        Ozone generators and Ultra Violet Light also kills the Hiv, Aids Virus, when the Blood is ran through these Machines, the reason they closed people Down helping those with Hiv, Aids 100% cure rate.

        Researched it a very long time ago, when i was watching the head of the Jesuits ( black pope ) in an Interview say it, among many other things he had to say.

    • No time

      Your a good man, thanks for sharing this. Have you any experience with turpentine and molasses? Praise the Lord and Hallelujah Amen!

      • No time

        Wherefore, holy brethren, partakers of the heavenly calling?

        • Keep Singing

          In the Bible, Jesus mocks the pharisees. I have yet to see Jesus mock his children.

          But there is a commandment about taking the Lords name in vain – representing ourselves as Christians and yet misrepresenting the Father.

          I am very confused by your posts. There are plenty of holy brethren here- whether I think a UFO is landing in Central Park or that yeasts are a parasite- either issue is not a salvation issue.

          Looks like you have an issue with most of the articles on the website- no big deal. Of course, you are free to read what you like and believe what rings true. It’s even funny to joke about some wild ideas on the website- or joke about the wild things on mainstream media.

          Please think about the fact that your profile is a photo of Jesus and your words conflict at times with how He loves all his children – even the people we don’t agree with.
          Given the mocking tone you have used in support of several posters on this thread and the way you are asking Jesus to bless them, you may find some time in your Father’s presence will change your perspective on the way to voice your general disagreement.

      • beefree

        I have pure gum turpentine protocol pdf link below… I do this every month as maintenance to keep candida levels balanced. There are two kinds of turpentine… want the type that comes from tree’s not petroleum …. maple syrup comes from tree’s … there are many medicines that come from tree’s … pure gum turpentine is one of them…

    • Anonymous

      I remember growing up the sixties and my mother would test us kids for parasites per the local doctor. Now none of the doctors I’ve ever seen mention anything about parasites, there is another age old cure for those nasty critters, wormwood, a liquid you can order it over the internet. I use Black Walnut Woormwood from herbal solutions. Just follow the directions on the bottle and something else you can use it for is too worm your dog or cat and it’s natural. It kills all parasites even heart worms, I’ve used it for years, just worm your dog with the same dose you would take I use a turkey injector of course with out the needle. And for a cat you’ll need to wrap them in a towel so they won’t claw you. It does taste a bit rough.

      • tchris12

        I have did the wormwood walnut tea. it’s in the book a cure for all cancers

        • Sean

          Cannabis Oil and B-17

          There is not 1 case of Cancer of Apricot farmers in China, only when they leave the Farm to find work elsewhere, do they get Cancer

          Apricot Kernels contain 2-3mg of B-17 each, which they eat.

          A Video called “Run from the Cure” shows you how to make the Cannabis Oil.

        • You People Are Nuts

          If you can read, why can’t you write?

      • oldfatguy

        Isn’t that what Absinthe is made from?

    • HereAmI

      There is a lot to this idea. I link to an article which is quite long, and a bit technical, but if you read the summary first, you will understand the content better.
      Essentially, candidal yeast and clostridial bacterial overgrowths in the gut; often caused by antibiotic use and abuse, produce various neurotoxins. These result in all the neurological disorders which many people these days suffer from, including tiredness all the time. There is also evidence that they are at least partly responsible for the Alzheimers’ plague which is presently accelerating out of control.
      Thus, any therapy targeting these yeasts and bacteria will tend to normalise one’s health. Accordingly therefore, the advice Lyn gives re. garlic, olive leaf extract, probiotic use, etc, is very appropriate.

      • No time

        Are the Reptilians controlling the world Health Industry? Is that why they gave us the symbol of the two slimy snakes wrapped around the staff of life? And is this why the world health organization vaccinates the third world with population controlling vaccines?

      • SGde3a

        Leaky Gut, Alzeimers (inflammation on the brain), general inflammation, over pain-killing, wired & tired, synapse “stubbornness/inhibitions” rather than learning & aspiration, are all a part of an auto-immune disorder. Glutathione (chief antioxidant to stop leaky gut, etc) needs 3 amino acids – Glutamate, Glycine, Cysteine. Everyone is typically missing Cysteine, especially in autistic cases, but that autistic cases are also missing methylfolate to feed eventually down to the adrenal system, to boost Cysteine further. Mercury deactivates Selenium & Cysteine. Its related as well.

    • beefree

      The best method to heal… cure… candida overgrowth… is explained by Dr. Jennifer Daniels in this pdf …

    • beefree

      also another powerful candida overgrowth healing protocol is kerosene and sugar (1-K grade, buy in metal can). 1 teaspoon kerosene over 3 sugar cubes …. then drink distilled water rest of the day…. directions: Kerosene: Cure-All Miracle Medicines? |

    • Josey Wales


    • Anonymous

      Thanks Lyn !
      best.. positive post you’ve done in a while well done !!
      T ^i^

    • Diana

      The food grade Hydrogen Peroxide works wonders for arthritis. It’s what I use. The article says only 1,000 iu’s of Vit. C per day, when at least 5,000 is more appropriate. Same with D3. Anyone with a chronic condition of any kind should take at least 40,000 iu’s of it per day. That wasn’t a misprint. 40,000 per day.
      It helps your body absorb the Vit. C and works wonders for chronic conditions. I take 50,000 iu’s of D3 daily for my lung condition. It’s like getting a fresh vaccine every day except this way wasn’t designed to kill you.
      These Parasites have been around forever. I detox twice a year. Foods like Sushi, and raw potatoes, dough, are loaded with them.

      • jdspatriot

        The food grade Hydrogen Peroxide works wonders for arthritis. For people with the so called, “MORGELLONS”, depending on the stage one is at, can be very dangerous, use caution, and don’t go to fast on the detox.

    • Anonymous

      This lecture, based on “Emerging Virus” by Leonard Horowitz exposes the fraud of AIDs suddenly coming from monkeys in Africa. Horowitz’s research into the secret dealings of a huge network of Biological Weapons contractors supported by the World Health Organization (WHO), National Cancer Institute (NCI), and secret U.S. Congressional Hearings shows conclusively that the AIDs virus that was “discovered” in the 1980′s had been “invented” as a biological weapon in the 1960′s.

      hummux 1999 “The Biological Warfare Origins of AIDS and the Blood Electrification Cure”

      • Sean

        Housebill 15090 the funding from Congress to the DOD for the creation of the Hiv, Aids Virus

    • Anonymous

      sean mentioned Cannabis Oil in a comment here. It reminded of a piece I saw on Democracy Now called “Marijuana Refugees: Virginia Family Moves to Colorado to Treat Epileptic Child with Cannabis Oil”. The results were very compelling. Actually it was shocking, the torture these kids were put through when treated with conventional medicine. It starts here at about 14:25 into the video:
      Pt 1

      Pt 2

    • Jason Bourne

      LOL!! the list of EVERY symptom possible.. LOL!! Loony Lyn at here finest.

    • GBCIR

      Lyn Leahz, why do we ONLY find reference to cannabis oil REMEDY in the comments section?

      Same criticism of the Parasite video.

      Exposure of Donald Rumsfeld (et al) and government democide is good though.

      Rumsfeld and all enslavers (demociders) have FAILED. We KNOW them by their deeds.

      We are ALL being evaluated under Natural Law. The failure rate is high. 80 percent failure rate for the bankers apparently…

      If you’re not taking cannabis oil yet then you will soon or you will be dead.

    • Louis

      Bogus spiritual counsel, and now bogus medical counsel.

      Thanks, Lyn! You really are a piece of work.

    • greenghost

      Sounds similar to the acidic body scam.

    • Geneww1938

      100% of people are infected and born with the deadly heart toxin of sin that will cause absolute death to eternal life unless cured by a full faith commitment to Jesus.

    • jb3842 He Above me/we be Healing, Salvation, etc. Lord Willin PLGB

    • holistic

      I had been fighting a yeast infection/fungal infection a while back. It left me with a huge rash on my side, chronic sinusitis, lower energy and the classic yellow toenails on my big toes. It does take a little perserverance, but it can be beat, naturally! It’s about taking away the food the yeast feeds on, like the very detailed article talks about. It’s also good to keep your immune system strong and healthy. And drinking plenty of purified water (even if you a coffee lover or wine lover like I am.) Here’s what I did and am now free from this aggravating yeast infection:

    • Keep Singing

      Funny timing. I started removing candida successfully about 2 weeks ago. Finally found a probiotic with more than 3 different species in it. And I’m totally experiencing die off symptoms as I try to increase my probiotic and milk thistle is really helpful along with lots of water.

      If you know someone selling Plexus, ask them about their ProBiotic 5 supplement. I just started with it but have been dealing with chronic illness in my kids and myself for years. Getting rid of candida seems to be the answer. I don’t care how you do it- just get rid of it. I’ve tried other probiotics but they always had 3 or less types of critters in them and they didn’t solve the problem.

      There is a spit test that helps you see if you have the problem: Go down to “self test 2″. It’s free!

      And here’s the probiotic I’m using:

      But again, just get rid of it. Don’t use the stuff I’m on if you have another way – but fix the problem. Yeast makes us crave what the major corporations have to offer. Free the captives!

      • Keep Singing

        Just listened to the video.

        I wanted to add that while I’ve not been feeling well for about 4 years, the worst part has been watching the impact on my girls. For some people, candidiasus isn’t an issue. Be grateful. But don’t discount the problem please.

        The exhaustion, brain fog, and other symptoms that can’t be proven are debilitating. High school students grades and social interactions lay the foundations for their whole lives! Imagine being too tired to get through the school day and all with symptoms that no one else sees as anything but mental and physical laziness.

        For some people, diet changes alone solve the problem. I would guess that in those cases, they have less yeast in their body. I agree that sugars in our diets (combined with frequent use of antibiotics) proliferate the problem. So a variety of lifestyle-diet changes can help: Primal, Paleo, low-carb…

        Just do the spit test and have your kids do it. Then cut out yeasts food supply and add in a good probiotic.

        Another very good book that follows the history (corruption) of health science is Death by Food Pyramid by a brilliant and adorable young woman named Denise Minger.

        Dr. Lustig’s videos (on YouTube) are also gripping.

        This is a huge problem and it makes us unable to function the way we were created to function.

    • Working the Beat

      Have you not noticed that all the scaremongers in this life are making money out of selling their books!!!

    • Working the Beat

      wow I was looking for tat extra something to die from, already this year on BIN i have found out that the moon is only 37 miles from earth and is inhabited by the third reich, the universe is Geo-centric, the earth is hollow where giants, the nazis and ufo’s live, the Nephilims with their sexual peccadillo’s are coming to help the Zionist Illuminatis to usher in the arrival Of Nibiru, which will unveil the Antichrist, which is Obama who is a transsexual with a forged birth certificate and a cracked brainpan and has a winning 666 lottery ticket and will start Agenda 21 and FEMA camps allowing all those guillotines purchased to be use on those unsuspecting Americans who will not take the Obamacare chip or Mcdonalds Happy Meal while being guarded by Russian and Chinese troops under the orders of the Annunaki who run Satanic music and film empires and Nordic alien bankers creating climate change with tonnes of chemtrails sprayed upon us creating morgellans disease to make us tastier for the Reptilain shapshifters and other assorted rock like aliens on mars with nothing better to do than imitate fossil lizards when photographed and attack earth in blurry weird shaped ufos at the same time Yellowstone explodes and just as we launch into a nuclear war and the earth gets hit by an rogue red dwarf with stealth abilities and a worldwide financial collapse forcing us to take the mark of the beast so jesus will appear and take one look and leave in disgust as an EMP explodes overhead, all fifty seven extraterestrial races will contact us and argue over who makes the best controversial new steroid alternative and what to do about all those rampant demons possessing people in the name of ET and finding the best 10 ways to reuse soda bottles while the queen, walt disney and obama are charged with pedophilia and canabalism. On the brighter side Kim Kardashian and Chuck Norris gets wiped out with the rest of us as the sun launches a massive CME.

      • No time

        Truer words have never been spoken, your words of truth resonate like the singing of a song bird. Bless you and may your immortal soul be forever rewarded. Hallelujah, Yeshua, Hallelujah, Jesus!

      • No time

        You make a great comment, you mention that interesting fact about the moon being only 37 miles above the earth. My big question is, what radio station are they on? If the moon is that close, we should be able to pick them up really clear, and listen in on what those Third Reicher’s are up to. Another Question I have is, if the Earth is flat and is held up by poles, then what holds the moon up, shouldn’t we be able to see a string or a cable?

    • slamdance13

      Lyndon Leahz.
      I am seeing fewer of your rip off “news” reports daily. That’s Awesome. Thanks you. Less IS more.
      Tho I wish you would just stop posting altogether, Iknow your fat headed tranny ego wont let you do that.

    • BooBoo

      Candidiasis is a very common cause of vaginal irritation, or vaginitis, and can also occur on the male genitals. In immunocompromised patients, Candida infections can affect the esophagus with the potential of becoming systemic, causing a much more serious condition, a fungemia called candidemia

      Lyn you lost all creditability with me, since you have joined forces with the king of shambhala

      • Captain Spaulding

        Is that yer analysis? You are NOW FINALLY not going to listen to some fool ho, but only because she “a agrees; past tense: agreed; past participle: agreed; gerund or present participle: agreeing to some braindamaged hindu? O how I giggle with glee at the coming horror, you humans are on average so weak, so pathetic, so deluded so utterly broken that it makes me laugh in a funny way, a kind of nervous twitch more than a laugh, your so soft and gullible and stupid, also, I have noticed to my great amusement, that MOST of you dont even have a fight/flight reflex! YOU GO FOR YOUR CELLPHONE IN TIME OF GREAT DANGER! hahahahahaaaa, I have watched those shows, and tried it many times in my studies of your kind, the monster busts in, and the people FREEZE hahahahahaa they go for phone! THIS IS WONDERFUL. Many shall go under the ice without any resistance, my delight grows everyday!

        hahahahaahaaaa, and now that shes done assterioding you lot, now she is worming you, with FEAR and WORRY and DOUBT and LUST and all kinds of horrible stuff, she is a HARPY YOU IDIOTS

    • Anonymous

      ” Lufenuron ” is a powerful antifungal that is often referred to as Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor.
      Vet’s sell it as “The Program” from Novartis as it is used in dogs and cats to destroy the chitin shell of tick and mite larva. It will do the same to candida. You can find it from Switzerland for $27 Cdn per 9 grams ( 3 capsules weight ). I paid about $65 for twice that ( with shipping ) and it is very effective. Much better than Terbinafine from the doctor for toenail fungus.

      I did a big online search and found a Chinese supplier that will sell 1 kg for $190 ( including shipping ). That’s $0.19 per gram versus $3.00 or about 1/16 th the Swiss price.
      The Swiss source would say it’s not the same product. There are plenty of Chinese suppliers and I communicated with many of them. Many had higher prices and are only dealing in large volumes for agricultural uses. You can imagine the soil fungi issues farmers in humid, tropical climates have to contend with – kind of like our GUTS! Corn sugar and wheat, what an evil combo!

      The Swiss website is here:
      and the Chinese contact is Isabella Li : [email protected] She works here:

      Do your own homework and read wheat belly!!!

    • Anonymous

      Boron is magical in the fight against yeasts.

    • AnotherFella

      Most of the symptoms you listed are pretty common >.> what’s up with this idiotic fear mongering anyways

    • GT28RS

      picture shown is not candida but ascaris parasite. candida doesnt look like that you dumbass lol. you can do all kinds of diet changes and restrictions and still you will get nowhere because candida is smarter than all of you dumbasses.

    • LosingIT

      You forgot one:

      Does your ass itch uncontrollably?

      • Pink Slime

        Only if you scratch it uncontrollably. Then it feel good……. :lol:

    • CrowPie

      I hate to tell you this….but …….this fungus is self limiting. Meaning, after a certain length of time and growth it dies on its own. :lol:

      • Captain Spaulding

        You a nice lady. We will not be bothering you.

    • You People Are Nuts

      I don’t care that you have parasites LL, I still want to pleasure you orally.

    • Captain Spaulding


    • Pink Slime

      All I can say about this article is DOUGHNUTS!

      I don’t have any of those symptoms. I do have ‘BAMA RAGE once in awhile like most Americans.

    • carolina4

      do people get candida from having sex with the same sex? the mixing of the bodily fluids. it sure seems like a lot of gay women get it. could it also come from anal sex?

      • Pink Slime

        There is no such thing as “anal’ sex. That is called SODOMY. And having same sex is not sex. It is called ABOMINATION!

        Where are you getting your crazy ideas??? Common Core???

        • Anonymous

          ~ ”A ABOMINATION” ~

          • Pink Slime

            I love my English teachers. I should of put it in quotes.

    • Eggzactly

      Thank You Lyn! A great, interesting and informative article! 2 Thumbs Up!

    • randy

      I am just wondering if you have DNA and laboratory proof this is candida? It looks like ropes to me.




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