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By Deborah Dupre (Reporter)
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40 Shocking Photos: Germany 1940, U.S.-Israel 2014 (Warning! Ultra-Graphic Content! Mature Audiences Only!)

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GERMANY 1940                                                   ISRAEL 2014


Source: Michel Rivero / What Really Happened

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    • Deborah Dupre

      Thank you Michel Rivero at What Really Happened for showing in pictures Nazism and Zionism.

      • Anonymous

        I guess Israel should just cut their own heads off to make the Nazi Muslims happy.

    • Anonymous

      So it is now ISRAELIS who are chopping little kids head’s off??

      What dimension did you say you were from?

      • Deborah Dupre

        Where have you been? In which dimension? Seems TV and pulpit brainwashed cannot see today’s crimes against humanity. Tragic success.

    • Fillipper

      Just proves to myself and others that we have gone backwards instead of forwards as a society.

    • Anonymous

      The usual satanic lies. Israel is completely right in defending itself against Hamas rocket attacks. Regardless of what that does to the civilian areas that Hamas fires from.

      • Deborah Dupre

        And right to cage the people into areas and deprive them of international aid for years before any makeshift rocket was ever fired from their land? Right. Got it.

    • Ram98

      Just curious as to how many terrorist attacks were launched by the Jews in those concentration camps against the Nazis? You know what i mean(rocket attacks, bombing buses loaded with civilians, kidnapping teens then executing them). And were the Jews(in those concentration camps) forcing women and children to locate near the rocket launchers? Why not post the slaughter of the Fogel family from 2011 where terrorists entered a home in Israel and killed a mother and father, 2 little boys stabbed to death, and a 3 month old baby girl was beheaded(would you like a link to the gory pictures)? This was not collateral damage! Why not show the muslims who were actually assisting the gestapo with the extermination of the Jews and complained to Hitler that he wasn’t killing them fast enough?

    • TIME

      Dear Deborah,

      Thank you for showing the American FAKE Christians, what they are paying for with OUR tax dollars.

      I also see from many retorts to your posting, that these special brainwashed FAKE Christians seem to feel that bottle rockets and stones, begets real BOMBS and bullets again all paid for with American Tax payers money.
      Peace Shalom

      • Damien


        It’s not the Christians (fake or not – CHRISTIAN zionists are only about 8% of the population max). It’s the Dupers. As is this, her chance to use the ethnic cleansing of Christians in the middle east by her fellow libtards to enforce anti-semitism on constitutional Americans for her fellow libtards MIC State.

        All American Progressivists exist only to con cannon fodder with a conceit of moral causes (mass movement causes)

        Progressive America

        Lincoln – Civil War, Conscription

        Wilson – WWI, Conscription

        FDR – WWII, Conscription

        Truman – Korea, Conscription

        JFK – Vietnam, Conscription

        LBJ – Vietnam, Conscription

        Carter – Kicked out for getting nowhere with Iran

        Clinton – Fall of USSR. no one left to fight

        Even Teddy Roosevelt, who split the Republicans with his Progressives and allowed Wilson and his cannon fodder progressives in (and created the FED and business rule of Americans) wanted Conscription and pushed for war and empire over the president of the time.

    • Truthseeker

      Hitler locked up the Jews and murdered 6 million

      Israel is locking the insane OUT as the insane muslims want to kill the Jews — all of the Jews..

      Deborah take a tour of the Muslim world before you run your mouth but before you go be sure and get a big bag to put over your whole body — women do not run around exposing skin in that area of the world and please be sure not to run your mouth over there as women are chattel and mouthy women are beaten.

      • Damien

        Hitler repeatedly offered Jewish migration to a Jewish state. The allies repeatedly refused. I thik that many of Hitler’s political opponents (‘Jews’ – some of them – had declared war on Germany in 1933) were thought of as hostages at first just like other prisoners of war.

        • Damien

          In other words even the Nazis supported a two state solution. As many Jews who recognize that Israel is destruction do. As Christian Zionists who, also recognizing that Israel (which they consider themselves to be) is destruction for everything that is it do not.

      • Ram98

        Deborah might want to view these graphic pictures of the Fogel family slaughtered the HAMAS way in 2011(not collateral damage either):

        And this is a list in chronological order from 1993 to 2014 of terrorist attacks against Israeli citizens with their gender, age, and the circumstances:

        Deborah, are you aware of any of this? I know our media didn’t cover it. The beheading of a 3 month old infant wouldn’t look good for Hamas i suppose.

        The only way for peace is for the Jews to bow to Hamas(who has ruled out peacefully coexisting with Israel) and do the right thing and be beheaded after surrendering the state of Israel and even then there will be those claiming Israel hasn’t conceded enough!

    • Terminator

      This pictures going thru all human history.
      If you don’t know who is in charge on this planet, probably you will never understand what is happening.

      Who is so powerfull to put royal families to rule everywhere?
      Why royal families are 50/50 mixed genetics?
      Terra Papers
      Hidden history:

      Was Hitler an Illuminati Agent?

      Everything what is happening is planned and exectuted by these.

    • happychappy

      Lets see how long before this post is either removed or me banned.
      As bad as it is not just Israel but also america is 100% guilty of this genocide. If those jewish mass murdering pigheads not got weapons from the useless mass murdering americans less people most probably would have died. It,s a shame Hitler were unable to finish what he started. The middle east would be a better place if he succeeded. To america your day will come, reckoning will be hell.




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