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Sept 23 (22-28), 2015 Clues Everywhere: Bible Code, Commercials, Movies, Concerts, And Music! Final Battle On Now Towards Atonement Day AND Reckoning Day!

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Final Battle On Now Towards Atonement Day AND Reckoning Day! –  September 23 (22-28), 2015 Clues Everywhere Including Biblical Code, Commercials, Movies, Concerts, And Music!  

There is some confusion on earth… pertaining to talking about ‘negative’ stuff… high and mighty fear-based people often say, I’m not going to pay attention to ‘that’, cause it is negative and I am positive.  That is a bunch of horseshit!  If someone is in danger, it is not negative to help them out… in this case, humanity is in danger, because it put so much energy into the hands of few people who do not have humanity’s best interests at heart.. this has gone on for thousands of years… and it is all coming to a head this year… I don’t believe the dark is winning… I believe anyone who seeks to control another being, is actually on the losing team…. still, their mind control and brainwashing remains strong… until now that is… it has become so obvious, that there are plans for September… including a potential FIRST WAVE OF ASCENSION.  Stay positive by learning about negative things… and put your positivity there,not by ignoring a bad accident happening in slow motion, but by taking loving action.   You have been warned, and will be held accountable… will you help out, or will you not worry your pretty little head?

Yeah it might get a bit scary… but the light has already won:

Multiverse Breaking News! Organized Evil/Crimes Against All Souls Ending – Chapter 25 of The New Scriptures, by Sananda/Jesus. The Temple of Light, and the Day of Reckoning 

There has been a progression: False Flag Progression: First Russian’s, Then, Terrorists, Next ‘Rogue Countries’, Followed By Asteroids, And Finally The Last Card…Extra-terrestrials 

Illuminati Know What Is Coming September 22-28, 2015 (Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4), Combined Disasters Warning! 

PART 1: BBS taken off-air as James Gilliland & Alfred Webre discuss Sept 23, 2015 False Flag 

Super Shemita and Super Blood Moon… From the horse’s mouth: Something BIG will happen in September 2015

The solution is at this link:  Predictive Programming From 911 To September 22-28, 2015… Why Do They Do It?… Reprogram Earth Grid And YOUR Conscious And Sub-conscious Minds For Divine Plan 

Sananda will be the light to get through these days… don’t ignore Sananda any longer, lest you continue to be a pawn for satan… 

Creator decides who gets through… you cannot force anyone to be with Creator, you can only show the way. :)

If you are a being of force, you can expect to be taken out by Creator… if you are a being of love, you can expect more and more support from Creator.

What is the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur)?

Answer: The Day of Atonement (Leviticus 23:27-28), also known as Yom Kippur, was the most solemn holy day of all the Israelite feasts and festivals, occurring …

Madonna September 23 Concert In Washington D.C. Reveals What Is Coming / 

Madonna’s MDNA concert tour opening with “Girl Gone Wild” on
SEPTEMBER 23, 2012, in Washington D.C. was a 3-year warning to us of what is coming on September 23, 2015.

-The imagery is satanic… and prophetic… 3:25 is the Hoover Dam busting out? Whatever it is, and it seem to celebrate evil.

2.  Still not convinced?…  Ghosttown video and song suggest something happening “a year from now”.

3.  Atonement Day – September 23, 2015 Clues Everywhere!

Brought to us via a young genius, Rene M:

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    • Central Scrutinizer

      [insert cricket sounds here]……

      IITM. Time to wrap it up. NOBODY ‘OFFICIALLY’ CARES ABOUT YOUR [email protected] HERE.

      Dig your hole and go forth and prosper in the underground, because the pit-hole life ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

      That is All. As You Were. :mrgreen:

      • Indian in the machine

        Troll proves own words incorrect, before finishing them. :roll:

    • Pink Slime

      This sounds very much like the stories that pervaded the Mayan Calendar 2012 stories that quickly disappeared as fast as they appeared.

      I can’t even remember the year 2000 debacle anymore.

    • Indian in the machine

      MARCH 16, 1992
      Greetings, precious Druthea. I AM Sananda. I am also known by the labels Esu, Immanuel, Jesus the Christ, the Pale Prophet, etc. Let there be NO misunderstanding about WHO I AM. For I came as a Christed teacher upon your place, to teach the laws and ways of living which bring balance and knowledge. This is called the “Christ” path or the “Red Road” of Truth according to the Lakota-Sioux natives.
      I told My people then that I would go and prepare a place for Our Father’s children (those who live within the laws) and that I would return to reclaim Our Father’s Kingdom. Your places are prepared and I come with The Hosts of God to bring the righteous home to His places of light. I am not yet upon your place, and yet the “time” draws near for My coming. Which of you will take My hand and walk in the Glory of freedom?
      I come now in this format to a few worthy scribes that I may bring instructions that you may each make preparation and awaken fully unto your mission of service to Our Father God/Aton. A precious few have been visited by Myself, yet only in “holographic” form. Because you may not have conscious memory of Commander Hatonn or Mineself does not mean unworthiness or your service is of less importance. For even this beloved scribe remembers not My visits with her from a “physical” perception. And for a time, so it must be for most of you of My beloved brethren. I am available to all who request in intent of heart for succor. And so many ones of you receive personal guidance from “higher sources” including Mineself. And yet it is often that the listening and hearing of instructions does not occur.
      This is one reason that the Commander and I must bring instructions for the many during this most tenuous and precarious “time” of your civilization. Many simply have not yet developed the ability to hear. And many of you who have come specifically to serve during this transition often seem to get “your wires” crossed. This because the adversary works diligently to confuse and confound your instructions, and walking in balance every moment seems all but impossible upon your place for the pitfalls and obstacles, although illusion, are most “real” in the encounter and response to same.
      It seems to you who have walked through the worst minefields of terror and confusion that you carry many battle scars. Nay, valuable knowledge and lessons are gained, for the SOUL of you cannot be scarred by the adversary’s illusions. The only damage which can be sustained by the soul essence is by nuclear explosion, and yet WHEN you walk in intent in God/Aton’s light of service, you will be protected even from soul damage.
      Now to our subject o Judgement versus Discernment. We speak often of these terms and yet as a human it is often difficult to know the difference in your own thoughts. You must learn to recognize the differences in your feelings and responses to all circumstances and situations presented to you. It takes diligent work and means honest appraisal of self.
      Let us define these terms. It will help you to know which you have done when you think in terms of judgement being an opinion. And opinion is a conclusion drawn which falls short of positive knowledge. Discernment, on the other hand, means receiving INSIGHT. Insight means “Perception into the inner nature of real character of a thing”.
      So after one assimilates all the above meanings then the next step is being able to identify which is occurring with you in every circumstance.
      Let’s take judgment/opinion further. When one draws a conclusion or makes a judgement about any circumstance WITHOUT having acquired or achieved access to all information in the case or circumstance, then his opinion is in error. This is why only God within has ability to make final Judgement because only He KNOWS all sides or has the insight of truth of soul intent in any given circumstance. As human you are not given the right to judge any human. You must through discernment KNOW about the behavior which defies God’s Universal Laws of Balance. No man can know the true contract of another, so it is only behavior and actions which are in point of the effort to understand the cause thereof.
      So what part of you wishes to make judgement and opinion without having achieved access to all the information? Or to put it bluntly, which part of you would deem itself the power of Creator to JUDGE. If you said physical EGO, or what I often refer to as the “altered ego”, you are quite correct.
      The problem comes when you make a judgement/opinion from your physical ego and then you act upon that opinion, not knowing you are in error.
      If, for example, your co-worker makes a comment or even a request and you “feel” hurt or angry. Which part of you feels this? Your physical ego is the part of you which chooses to take offense. Was there intentional offense given towards you? How do you KNOW? How will you find out?
      If you have reasonably concluded that there is obvious intentional attack against you, what can you do? If you ask the Father within to show you, help you gain insight into the cause of intentional attack or disdain directed against you, do you know what happens? How does it feel when you begin to honestly look at WHY the person has attacked you or intentionally attempted offense?
      I will give you a hint about how to recognize INSIGHT. You no longer feel hurt or resentful. The only feeling you may have, depending on the circumstance, is compassion. This is when their opinion of you is in error and you KNOW it and yet they do not know they err. How can you take offense for example, when you gain the insight that they are afraid and are stuck in their own physical ego opinion? Only when your physical emotional response is set aside and you seek God insight about the CAUSE of the other one’s attack or intentional offense against you, can you then respond accordingly in balance.
      Why would you need argue with someone when YOU know you stand in the light of Truth? You certainly can discuss any matter even when the ones in point do not agree with one another. You must learn to discern the difference between an argument about WHO is right, and a discussion which brings the light of understanding of perceived differing points of view. It is often in healthy discussion of any matter that seemingly opposing views are not (opposing). It may even be differing communication methods. Often your misunderstandings occur because of miscommunication of intent or misunderstanding of communication of intent. How will you know your perception is in error if you do not actively seek clarification in a respectful manner?
      Now Druthea has some confusion about the intricacies involving judgment versus discernment when Godly morals are infringed upon by others. What do you do, if anything, to ones or about ones who defy God’s laws?
      Let’s discuss homosexual behavior. First of all, as discussed many times before and outlaid explicitly in OPERATOR-OWNER MANUAL, it is the sexual behavior between same sex individuals which is the error in point, NOT the love shared between any ones which has NOTHING whatsoever to do with sex acts.
      The reason Commander Hatonn has said, and it is absolutely a fact, that you cannot legislate morality, is because morally righteous behavior is achieved by example through knowing and living God’s LAWS.
      Now you must understand that we explicitly are referring to behavior between CONSENTING adults. Ones who are so inclined or programmed, will do with one another and behave in deviant ways regardless of any laws passed in human form. The only areas that human laws can protect against, as intended in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, is when ones infringe upon the well being of others who are NOT consenting adults. This means that you have the right and responsibility to protect your children. You DO NOT HAVE to sanction or support ANY behavior which defies God’s laws and that includes support of pornographic “art”, homosexual persons teaching your children about “alternative lifestyles”, state funded abortions and the like.
      You must recognize that you now live in a society in which ALL manner of greed, corruption, violence, murder and sexual deviation are being thrust down your throats while your basic decent human rights are being stomped upon. This is why the PHOENIX will rise from the rubble and ashes of the destroyed evil into rebirth of RIGHTEOUSNESS again. These things of evil projection, and that includes every so called business which thrives upon greed and corruption of the senses, spirit and planet will fall into destruction. This these ones have brought upon themselves, the consequences of their own defiance of Balance and Love.
      You ones who walk honorably in righteous God intent shall be the remnant who are building and will rebuild Moral Character into the next generations who come. The Glory and freedom which awaits you precious ones of God intent is beyond your human comprehension. These are the things I long to share with you, for like Hatonn, I see the bigger picture.
      We have much to do and this is but a beginning, I know, even though there are some 50 JOURNALS now in print, this journey is far from over.
      So can you STOP one from choosing an abortion? You cannot FORCE them to make the choice, although you certainly can effort to help them with alternative choices to the murder of the babe. Can you parents STOP your teenage child from sexual relationships? Not by force. You can, however create the atmosphere of trust, understanding of responsibility of actions and creative outlets which allows little opportunity for developed desire of such physical behavior.
      I know, you ask, what about “peer pressure”? I ask you this. If you give nurturance, sincere interest, spiritual balance, creative opportunity and TIME to your child from birth, do you think “peer pressure” will undo your LOVE? And so many of you say, TOO late, I did not know these things until recently. Well then perhaps a move into the country is in order for time of healing and nurturance in nature’s habitat instead of the cities of death.
      You may argue anything you wish, precious ones. What I am saying to you is that it is NEVER too late and if you have a teenager in trouble with drugs and crime and sex, what are you willing to do for this child that he may again find balance? And what is YOUR responsibility for this child’s lack of balance? I know some of you believe you simply “cannot afford” to move. Can you afford the agony of an emotionally disturbed drug-dependent child? Can you afford to work at a job you despise, while your child seeks attention and acceptance from evil influences? I ask you what are you willing to do for your child who is GOD’S child? If you do not understand what I say here, perhaps it is time you listen within for if your DESIRE in intent is to choose correctly, your instructions will come, whether it be from this document or confirmation in that still quiet place within. So be it.
      I know, chelas, that these are often hard lessons. And it is most painful to face self and failure of choices and decisions. How do you ever expect to make the best choice in every circumstance unless you are willing to understand WHY it is the best choice and why NO other choice would do?
      Often it is difficult to perceive “priority”. I simply will remind you that as parents, your children who are not adults must be your priority. Your family is the nucleus wherein your LOVE, KNOWLEDGE and your ERRORS will be passed to your children. From this foundation of Truth or the false foundation of illusion will the child glean his example and thus strength and/or weakness to face his life experiences and bear his responsibility in honor to Creator God. What will you offer your child that he can example and pass on to the future generations IN HONOR, BALANCE and ABSOLUTE LOVE?
      I know these are hard questions for some of you. Remember it is NEVER too late to change the circumstance or situation in order to improve the outcome in honor. Let your errors be faced that they not require repeat of the error in ignorance, and therefore, suffering because of ignorance. You bear the consequences of your errors whether or not you err KNOWINGLY or UNKNOWINGLY. “Seek and ye shall find.” “Knock and the door shall be opened.” “Ask and ye shall receive” and most importantly, “LOVE YE ONE ANOTHER”. All these things I spoke unto you and still so many understand not. How do I KNOW this? Look around you, precious ones, including in your own life. Who comes first in your life? WHY? You must answer these questions in self. For ultimately it is YOU who must live with the consequences or rewards of your actions. So be it.
      Let us close this document. Druthea is somewhat surprised by the intensity of these lessons. It must be so, my precious, for the time is near when final choices must be made. The illusion of “middle ground” is all but gone and you are either FOR or you are AGAINST GOD. Your actions will always speak louder than your words. KNOW THYSELF AND THE DOOR TO THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN WITHIN YOU SHALL BE OPENED!
      Thank you my precious little dove, Druthea. I am most pleased with your maturity and strength, little one. You are listening and you are hearing so rejoice in your accomplishment for you have “worked” diligently to achieve this far. I am ever with you and it is an honor to be so.
      Thank you, precious ones, for hearing me herein. May you each garner that which brings you strength and focus and courage for God’s mission. Walk in peace together. I love you ALL beyond even your comprehension. Each of you will KNOW this love, for it is of our Father and it dwells within ALL. Salu.ESU

    • Zephyrox

      I made an amateur pic to show that Illuminati knows that 23/9 is either the Great Tribulation, Rapture, 5D Ascension, Armageddon, return of Christ or all of these combined. I even found a reference from WoW, Blizzard is an Illuminati puppet just like Madonna and Miley.

      • Indian in the machine

        Thanks friend, I added it to the pile. :smile:

        • Central Scrutinizer

          How fitting.

          Added it to the ‘pile – o – crap’ that your increasingly long posts have morphed into. You and Lavender Rose been hanging out, smoking dope lately?

    • Klemens

      an other date:
      “September 13th, 2015 Will Be Big Clean Up Day.”

    • Truth Seeker

      Thanks for taking your time to put all these links together, I’ve been researching this the past year and was attempting to bridge it all together myself. many are so programmed by society they will not believe this stuff to be true and continue enjoying their lives of LIES!!!

      As it’s written:

      Timothy 3 – But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come. For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, unloving, irreconcilable, malicious gossips, without self-control, brutal, haters of good,…treacherous, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God.


    • cos

      Yes, they’ve been planning a false flag event on this date for a long time. But no Sananda is NOT Jesus Christ. He is the new age Jesus. He as well as all the other “ascended masters” are nothing more than devils you fool.

    • justintimeministries

      Time to wake up America! September is National Preparedness Month. Babylon the great will soon fall and three days of darkness will follow. Receive Jesus Christ into your heart to be protected from the wrath to come! Heaven and earth will be shaken and there will be chaos on the streets so please stay inside with your family tomorrow! Get into the ark before it’s too late because you DO NOT want to be left behind. Many will have to die for their faith but will still go to heaven as long as they DON’T take the mark of the beast mandated by Obama through the NWO. All the signs are here and the Palestinians received approval by the UN to raise the flag and divide Israel. God will bring judgment to this world by 9-13 and the rapture will occur on 9-15. God bless and please click share so your loved ones can have time to prepare!

      Here it is people! This masterfully done bible code video is proof that the bride is taken out of here on September 15th! This is when the last blast of the feast of trumpets will occur. Please watch this to the end so you will understand what the blessed hope is. Thank you Jesus, we cant wait to see you in your glory!

      This is Your Message From God. You Have A Decision To Make Today that Will Have An Eternal Impact…

      If you are a Christian please watch this video to prepare yourself for the blessed hope and may God keep you and your family safe…




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