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Benjamin Fulford: Oct 19, 2015: World Government Is Inevitable but it Must Never Be Fascist

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The political events of the past several years are pointing inexorably towards the formation of some sort of world government. This was made even more clear as most world leaders gathered at the United Nations for the September 28th Tetrad blood moon 70th UN anniversary appeared to be, with a few quibbles, mostly reading from the same script. There is now a consensus among world leaders that world government is the only way to prevent corporate crime syndicates from murdering and plundering this planet into destruction. The battle now is over what sort of government that will be.

The Nazionists are still pushing for a totalitarian, fascist new world order controlled by the same old bloodlines. The White Dragon Society and its allies are insisting that it be more like a benevolent council of village elders. The illuminati, the Pentagon and the Italian P2 lodge are, for their part, offering a third alternative, which they call a Star Trek future. This vision is of a world headed by a large meritocratic organization run something along the lines of the Pentagon, the Vatican or the Chinese Communist Government.

Those who argue against a world government are either naïve or else work for corporate handlers who wish to have the right to continue to plunder the planet without such impediments as human rights, the protection of nature or the rule of law.

The main battlefield over the future of the planet earth remains the battle for control of the financial system. The part of the financial system that matters the most now is the part that pays for men with guns who are actually ready to fight for their view of the future. In that sense the battle for control of the planet’s future is now centered on the ongoing fight over Middle-Eastern oil, the war over illegal drug money and the battle over control of the Federal Reserve Board.

On all of these fronts a lot has been happening. There was a lot of controversy generated over the report on this newsletter last week that the Federal Reserve Board had been nationalized. This claim was not just based on the (disputed by some) notion that the Federal Reserve Board had changed its home page to .gov from .org indicating it was now part of the government. The report was based on information provided by US military intelligence. In any case, the fact is that in analogue paper phone books, that cannot be altered (as the internet can), the Fed is not listed as a government institution. In future phone books in the United States at least, it now will be.

Sources at the Pentagon say that since the Fed has now fallen under government control it will soon start issuing funds to the government at 0% interest rate to finance a massive rebuilding program for decrepit US infrastructure. Other nationalized Fed funds will pay for university scholarships, scientific research, nature conservation, the domestic operations of the US military and much more. This can now be done with zero debt and zero taxation. There will also be asset backed money made available to rebuild US industry.

The battle inside the United States is still not completely over because the members of the Bush/Clinton crime syndicate are still acting as if they are above the law. This could be seen in their intimidation last week of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for implying that George Bush Jr. was responsible for 911. We have a message for Donald Trump: go ahead and blame Bush, Netanyahu and their fellow Nazionists for 911 without fear of assassination. When you come out and say this, mention the fact you were threatened by them. After that, if they still try to kill you, they will all be hunted down like the rabid dogs they are, of this you can be sure.

In any case, a massive campaign to cut off all remaining sources of Nazionist finance is continuing. The Taliban in Afghanistan is aiming to shut down their heroin business. The South American drug lords are no longer supplying funds to the Nazionists, according to Vatican sources. Visible proof of this was seen last week when top Bush and Nazionist agent in Honduras, Jaime Rosenthal, was indicted by the Treasury Department for laundering drug money.

The government of Honduras has also seized his assets. The Cuban and Columbian governments are also intensifying their cooperation in the campaign against Nazionist drug running. Pentagon and CIA white hat sources are saying that both Citibank and the Bank of America will be “taken down” for laundering Bush CIA money.

Once the illegal drug money laundering is shut down, drugs will be legalized, regulated and taxed. The false and doomed “war on drugs” will thus be wound down.

In Canada too, an election today is expected to finally remove the corrupt Bush Nazionist agent Stephen Harper from government. Because of the nature of Canadian Parliamentary voting, Harper was able to stay in power for a decade despite never getting more than 40% support. A recent opinion poll shows that 61% of Canadians think Harper should be subject to a criminal investigation.

It is a good bet this will happen as Canada finally (we assume) shakes off the shame of having been ruled by that odious monster.

In the Middle East, meanwhile, revenue from stolen oil, the other main Nazionist source of financing, continues to be shut down. Bush CIA and ISIS drug, weapons and slave bases in Syria and Iraq continue to be destroyed even as their oil facilities are being confiscated. This is the ongoing work of a Pentagon, Iranian, Russian, Syrian and Yemeni etc. coalition. Pope Francis also convinced the Cubans to send troops to Syria to protect their fellow Christians from persecution.

US special forces, meanwhile, together with their Kurdish allies, continue to cut off oil to Turkey’s would be Caliph Recep Erdogan. Pentagon sources say there may be a military coup against Erdogan soon as payback for all the misery he has caused the people of Syria.

The Satanic Saudi Arabian regime also continues to be dismantled. Having been rebuffed by Russia’s Vladimir Putin and the Pentagon in their attempts to hire new bodyguards, the Saudis sent the head of their naval forces to China. The Chinese “gave him a good tongue lashing,” according to Pentagon sources. After this, the Chinese sent a high-powered military delegation to Iran to find out how they could help in the ongoing campaign to cleanse the Middle East of Satanic Nazionsits like the Saudis. The cleansing continues: last week a missile destroyed 17 Saudi F-15 aircraft and 9 Apache helicopters as well as killing 66 high ranking officers and injuring 300.

Here is some good advice for the Saud royal family: invest in camels because that is all you are going to be left with unless you surrender.

With this campaign continuing, Major General Joseph Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (and a Catholic), was, “at the quiet urging of Russia and the Vatican,” sent to visit war criminal Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu and inform him that “US taxpayers are incensed that Israel did 911 and want no more aid, arms or wars for Israel,” Pentagon sources said. He was also told that NATO cannot protect Israel either. Furthermore, he was told Israel would have to return the Golan Heights.

That is not all, unless the Israeli government starts arresting the rogue Zealots running amok in their midst, Israel itself will cease to be protected by the world community. A good place to start would be arrest the criminals who murdered a Palestinian and then planted a knife on him to make the murder seem like self-defense.

As long as they are led by a mass murderer like Benyamin Netanyahu the Israeli people will never know peace or safety. The fact is, they have lost their heavy duty protection since the US no longer wants that role and Russia is not about to step in without very fundamental changes being made to that rogue nation.

The Rothschild family, the original founders of the misbegotten project to send brainwashed Europeans to the Middle East, have already jumped ship and are busy currying favour with the Chinese.

Chinese President Xi Jinping is now visiting England where he is getting a 103 gun salute and will be staying with the Queen at Buckingham Palace. The British were quick to realize that welcoming the Renminbi and Chinese industrialists into the city of London financial center was the best way to guarantee that city’s future as a major financial center.

With the Vatican, the Chinese, the British Empire and the Pentagon united in opposition to the continued Nazionist control of the internationally traded US dollar, what now remains to be determined is what it will be replaced with.

The smart money is betting that dollars traded outside the United States will continue to be linked to a basket of currencies and commodities, including the Chinese yuan. What has yet to be determined is who will have the right to issue and control this global currency. The most likely answer is that it will be a committee of village elders overseeing global communal problems like poverty, environmental destruction and war. The question to be answered now is “who will decide humanity’s future?”

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    • Don Quixote

      Well there you go, his real motivation revealed. A world socialist government. Except socialism is facsism.

      • Anonymous

        Exactly, and run by the tip of the pyramid just like a corporation. Since we haven’t seen any of the scum arrested we know it isn’t good.

    • carolina4

      there is nothing wrong with blending world social and economic models into something sustainable. it does not mean the end of capitalism. or the onslaught of socialism. just make sure it is not fascism. it is inherent in man to make and trade something. even if that is a burrito. or firewood. that will never end. great forces must come together to protect our planet. no more messing around, as they say in america. visionaries, people. visionaries with conscious.

    • Radiance

      What a load of balderdash.

      “Those who argue against a world government are either naïve or else work for corporate handlers who wish to have the right to continue to plunder the planet without such impediments as human rights, the protection of nature or the rule of law.” – So says Fulford.

      How are those human rights, protection of nature and rule of law doing now? Are you kidding me? And it is going to get better with some other larger, more intrusive, and more powerful streamlined political organization running the show to meet the challenge of out-of-control corporations?

      Pure fascism.

      It is a leap, but the only way forward is anarchy. Not the anarchy in comic books or as defined by DHS or the Pentagon. The anarchy of communities of well-armed people banding together, disconnecting from all the mainstream garbage, and choosing to create the future they want.

      How great it would be to live a free life without government in any aspect – as communities – creating a future for ourselves and our children.

      By the way, corporations collapse when people stop buying their stuff, selling to them, or supporting them. Monsanto is on the way down now, as are the Corporate States of America.

      We don’t need more government – we need less government – much less government. And with the disappearance of governments, watch peace blossom forth all over the planet.

    • dennisR8

      Yes, I agree that World Government is the correct solution BUT who is going to be the person that is ultimately in charge. Some pee brain former heir to the British throne, Charles Windsor or his son or his grandson. Their Coat of Arms resembles the prophecy in Revelation. In 1340 the King of England Edward III saved the developing Oligarchy in Venice by offering his military support. Thus the hundred years war. The Venetian Oligarchy would have failed in 1510 due to France, Germany and Spain opposing it in the War of the League of Cambrai. These are details I doubt many know. Some one NOT qualified will end up in authority. Yes Socialism is Fascism, why do people not know that.

    • sean michael blacab

      The elites will be completly destroyed all of them oh well they
      have done this to themselves.We take you in the astral scumbags.


    • SuperMario

      This guys has a great imagination! This guy’s ugly mug is in the dictionary next to “Hope Porn.”

      • The Clucker

        Hope….. Porn? Sounds nice.

        • Equalizer

          “SutporMoron” and “Cluck you”…how come you 2 idiots spoon each other, constantly?

          • The Clucker

            Moron Labia!

    • moochie2

      Screw that. Go back in your hole.

    • The Ferrett

      The NWO was always meant to fail (thanks to Jeff Grupp)

      Through the eons, the evil empires of history have been deliberately and covertly set-up to fail. Hitler’s Reich is a good example, and so is Rome. (The similarities between these and our American empire are staggering, as many have pointed out.) Why would our American war-empire be any different? This fact of history—the fact that the evil empires of history have been deliberately set-up to fail—means that a primary New World Order tactic is, and has been, to set-up political and social systems that are designed to violently come crashing down (order-out-of-chaos). And the New World Order tactic is not, as many wrongly think, to set-up stagnant Orwellian states which do not violently crash.

      Stagnant systems would bore the little-understood upper echelon of the satanic New World Order too much; they need and depend on the dark ecstasy they achieve off of their underworldly spirituality and rituals, which consist of various forms of torment of the people. They need action, and excitement, and their form of action and dark excitement is to play with their slaves: this is the story of history.

      So, contrary to what most people think, our New World Order system, which may have the appearance of moving into a stagnant ultra-Orwellian/Big-Brother state of total control, and THX 1138 sorts of control, but this is in-fact not the case. (There may be elements of that sort of hyper-control and torment, such as at Gitmo, but they will be the rare cases.) Instead, the New World Order systems are systems meant to never be stagnant, but rather are meant to perpetually crash and burn: the system is designed to fail, and hardly anybody notices or suspects this.

      The New World Order sets up a grid of control and tyranny, pretending to hide it, and pretending they don’t want it revealed (even though they reveal it all-the-time through their mass media), but this is only meant to serve as a divide-and-conquer operation between the people and the lower echelons (“the puppets”) of the New World Order, as is emerging now in American, and as I have discussed thoroughly in many previous articles I don’t think many understand these mechanics of the New World Order, but the evidence for these mechanics being how the New World Order actually operates is strong, it has been repeatedly exhibited in history, and it is unfolding right now before our eyes.

      Let’s consider an apparent proof that New World Order systems are designed to perpetually crash-and-burn, and not gravitate to THX 1138. What I will consider as an apparently proof of this thesis is fractional reserve currency. The point of a fractional reserve currency is to crash-and-burn: such currencies are set-up to build up more-and-more and then violently fail, which is precisely what our Amercan system and its US dollar is on the cusp of (this may have commenced and reached great visibility by the time this book is in print), and who knows where the system will ultimately go after that—it could be a dark age, like after Rome, or a Golden age (in a recent Republic Magazine webinar, I theorized that it would be a high-tech global renaissance).

      The history of such perpetually and inevitably failing fractional reserve currencies goes all the way back to Rome or further, and it is a primary New World Order tool which makes it inevitable that the evil empires will be short-lived, will crash-and-burn, and that THX 1138 levels control will never set in, and that the stagnation of a New World Order total-control-grid will never set in. Again, the specific reason this sort of control is not sought by the upper echelons of the New World Order is because it is not a scenario where they can toy with their slaves, tormenting them in their rituals of their dark religion.

      This may be hard for many to understand, but what I have just pointed out indicates that our New World Order system currently being created in America—with the Patriot Act, Gitmo, the wars of aggression, the GM food holocaust, and all the rest—is deliberately being set up to fail. In other words, the New World Order is specifically, purposely, setting up a fascist hell-state that they are pre-planning to fail shortly after it is fully implemented, if it even ever gets fully implemented (which is unlikely, for reasons stated above).

      The New World Order engineers history to operate according to this pattern over-and-over with their human play-things. Here is the pattern spelled out in more detail (the specific details of the pattern, and the order of the steps, may shift around and gel into one another, depending on the specific case where the pattern is implemented):

      A. The New World Order crushes the economy of a nation, a few nations, or much of the world.

      B. In pre-selected areas, hellish dictators are in place by the New World Order to set up Orwellian horrorvilles while the people are reeling in the hardship of A.

      C. After or coinciding with A and B, the New World Order implements massive war, concentration camps, and plague, all in repeating and predicable patterns. Millions are killed, and hell-on-earth is unleashed by the satanic New World Order.

      D. According to pre-planning, the hell-state set up (B) undergoes a horrific failure, because it was an unsustainable “house of cards” set up and designed to fall hard.

      E. After the failure, the real system that the New World Order intended to put into place is implemented, which is different from dictator regime referred to in B.

      How many times have we seen this pattern recur in history? Answer: so many times that we can call it history itself. It happens with many variations, with all sorts of degrees of severity, and in many different costumes. Examples: the French Revolution, Stalin, the Great Depression leading into World War II, 9/11 to the present in America, Abraham Lincoln and the American Civil War, the fall of the Roman Empire, and there are so many other examples.

      The pattern is called problem-reaction-solution (PRS), and there are several cycles of PRS in the overall A-E cycle, such as these:

      Problem: Economic collapse

      Reaction: the people cry “help!”

      Solution: implement a fascist police state

      This is a PRS cycle from A to B in the overall A-E cycle. Here’s another one:

      Problem: the ultraviolence of war

      Reaction: the people cry “help!”

      Solution: the new regime(s) implement new policies to help ease mass warfare in the future (for example, after WWII: the UN, Pentagon, CIA, “the Mental Health Act”, and so on).

      This is a PRS cycle from C to E in the overall A-E cycle. Notice that the solution is always a disaster, is always a in the control of, and almost like a game to, the New World Order plan. Notice that the solution never solves anything, and only gives more problems. Notice that the reaction part never changes. Whenever you see people crying out in their dependency for help from the big government, you know a PRS is going on.

      So, do we have any reason to think this is not what is going on now?

      • Elijah

        You couldn’t be more accurate


      Benjamin — up to now I have been right with you. The new world government of the world will not be a government of mankind with all of its failures. It will be a Theocratic government of GED led be our savior and redeemer Chridt Jesus. Any other world government will be a temporary phase in the destruction of all immorality and injustiece in the world. AMEN

    • Anonymous

      Any world government MUST NOT include the retarded miscreants who destroyed Fukushima and NUKED the spent fuel pools. This is clearly the most stupid and destructive act EVER carried out by a biped.

    • MileHiLife

      Ben Full-of-it-ford is slipping, becoming more transparent with each post as humanity make gains in this “war of information”. Truth is now spreading exponentially as the masses awaken from their long cabal-induced slumber. Ben’s slippage is FINALLY exposing him to those who eagerly consume his weekly spoon-fed meal. But now, he’s (and his controllers) running out of fictitious “good news” distractions to shovel as NOTHING he’s stated, in regards to earth shattering claims for the betterment of humanity, actually comes to fruition. His claims of victory are always juuust around the corner! Debt Jubilee? Bush(s) arrests? (**insert any on the numerous list of corrupt politicians**) surrender? Hundreds of thousand$ returned to each citizen robbed? Thousands of “Dragon” society ninjas Kung Fu-ing their way to defeat satanism? The list goes on…

      Ben Fulford you are SHILLarious!! Soldier on for your masters, as your struggle to control the sheep is, if anything, entertaining. I’ve a feeling your day will come sooner than later to pay up for your own crimes against humanity. Sleep well?




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