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Update! Historic: Heavily Armed Idaho 3 Percenters Roll Up on FBI Compound (Pacific Patriot Network)

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Lorie Kramer

Well, you’re not going to be seeing this on CNNABCCBSFOXMSNBC!!!  (No commas for a reason, thank you.)

Yee-haw!!  Loved it. Oh, the big boys will not know what to do next. Remove the adversarial piece and they’re out of moves.

Enjoy and share, share, share.

God bless America!


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Hi there, me and a few guys from Idaho, and surrounding areas just thought we’d come by and say hi.

Here, have my card and don’t be an ass.

What??? Handshakes? That’s almost as horrible as those marchers whipping out “Amazing Grace”, with flowers, and pennies. The horror!!

ATTENTION: To all federal agents: If you violate ANY constitutional right of the people on the refuge: YOU will be charged under 18 US CODE 241 & 18 US CODE 242: Penalties are up 2 death: read your code

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Update with Brandon

Oh yeah!

Also, a fair report from a “main stream” source.

Graham Ledger & Michael Emry – BURNS, OREGON – TVOI News


Oregon Patriots Donations

We have had many people ask where they can donate and/or send food and supplies for the Patriots in Oregon.  Food and supplies can be sent to:

36391 Sodhouse Lane

Princeton, OR 97721

C/O Shawna Cox

Complete list of needs here…

The Lame “Media” Needs to Stop Demonizing Fellow Americans in Oregon Bundys, Hammonds, 3 Percenters, and ALL!


Want Freedom From Being Censored? Check Out This Last Frontier of Free Press – Tutorial

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    • LorieK

      I just sent emails with links to this video to ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, MSNBC and CNN and told them to catch up! WE are the media.

      Also see…
      Pete Santilli at the Malheur Refuge, Bundys, Patriots, FBI, Electronic Weapons, NDAA, Stand UP!

      Check my You Tube channel for speakers at the Harney County community meeting this past week, as well. Especially Jen

      • PeoplePower

        Red Alert: Hammond Bundy Ranch HOAX Militia Psyop Gun Confiscation Trap:

        • apache5

          like i said already, you are a government schill and you need to get off this site and go back to your hidden desk!

        • yen ain\\\'t happening

          Hey peeper powerless–Go back to your uncles basement and do your real job–wink-wink, you know what I’m referring to… :razz: :razz: :razz: :razz:

      • DennisB

        The governor of the state of Oregon has the power to order the Fed’s out of the state…OH…wait…She is a Democrat and proclaimed bisexual (just great). Kate Brown is her name and she is an Obama agent.

      • Boo

        Lorie, it’s great that your getting out the discrepancies in the narrative that the Main Stream Media seems to be reporting, “Heavily Armed Idaho 3 Per-centers Roll Up on FBI Compound (Pacific Patriot Network)”. But to use it to promote these Ranchers peaceful approach is feeding the hype. Might I suggest you use a more appropriate lead with something like, “Peaceful Idaho 3 Percenters Arrive in Oregon To Lend Their Support for the Ranchers”. Then with-in the subject matter of your article point out how the MSM misses the message with inflammatory and inaccurate narratives like, Heavily Armed Idaho 3 Percenters Roll Up on FBI Compound (Pacific Patriot Network) as you go on to tell the true story.

        Otherwise, you become part of the misinformation detractive problem the public has been having to wade through for the actual situation and story playing out in Oregon now. I see you posted video’s that clarified the narrative but you may have lost many you were trying to educate with that lead on this story, that decided this was just another inflammatory story that lacks in it’s message the wanted to read on further. When in truth your message was a good one.

    • Pinkorchid

      EXCELLENT!! People actually really talking to each other , rather than all the main stream media spin.
      A good beginning :idea: .

    • CEEBEE

      Where’s Alex Jones and Joe Biggs? Does anyone know?

      Where’s Oathkeepers?

      Big Shout Out to FBI and 3%er’s for getting along. BIG BIG SHOUT OUT. This is how fear is destroyed.

      We are tired of fear. Give us freedom, and love thy neighbor as thyself. Do you hear Washington?

      • akjm

        The Oath Keepers stand for something, a promise kept, they wouldn’t be there. This just a Y’allkida group that finds it easy to stand against the Black face of government.
        They will only succeed in weakening our government so much that the Nation will fall.

      • Eggzactly

        Biggs was up there earlier in the week, I dont know after that.

      • sitrep

        The Elite will have the final say in this matter.

        They are crafting a big plan for this little town.

        Ah, the Elite has even said publicly what their plans are.
        No telling exactly what will happen next, although the Elite could very well be bringing in about 5 thousand of young Military age young men into this town, known to the Public Masses (Drones) as refugees in the Hive system.

        The Elite can now clearly see they need a bigger Proxy force, and this little town, maybe on the list.

        They will come in big trucks with portable housing units, and dorms (PHUDS), along with them will be 2 Proxy Proxy Force Unit (2/PFU).
        The Sheriff is on a need to know basis, and already has his in line. He has done well, and will be rewarded, although they may bring in his replacement soon, as in their logic, they do not trust people whom can be easily manipulated.

        • Judge Roy Bean

          This is far bigger than Burns Oregon. To bad the majority of the people are ignorant of want goes on but many of them want to be ignorant.

          The American Revolution deal with much of the same problem, a populace that wanted to remain slaves to the King of England where today’s American don’t seem to care if the Federal government operates outside of the boundaries set down by the constitution. long as their government check arrives on time.

    • Ideas Time

      The fbi has no jurisdiction.

    • sitrep

      The Elite have the final say in these type of matters.
      Sure it is good that they are trying to communicate.
      Although, right now the Elite, the masters of deception, will use their proxies in a manner they desire, and it will not be based on these 2 groups speaking.
      Right now their think tanks are mastering a plan to use this event in a most deceiving, and crafty way.
      Ah, how you quickly forget, they have no rules.

    • stompk

      The Bundy’s are CIA friendly Mormons. They won’t accept any outside help because it isn’t part of the agenda, which is to make legal gun owners willing to protect their rights, stupid.

      • Boo

        To your misdirected point: In truth it would seem they are accepting help.

    • DennisB

      The Governor of Oregon has the power to order the Fed’s out of the state…O…that’s right, She’s a Democrat and a proclaimed bisexual (just perfect). Kate Brown is her name and she is an Obama agent.

      • Judge Roy Bean

        The liberal governor of Oregon is part of the system that doesn’t see things the way patriots do in a constitutional manor. It is going to take an uprising of people across the nation to put hooks into the jaws of this Federal Beast and once again bring it under control of the people rather than the other way around.

    • doggy do

      But what about the gumint’s secret ray weapon that will wipe off the smiles of everyone present? The one they got from Planet X? :lol: AND, WE ALL know that democrats NEVER enforce the law. Right? But, How about all those complaints, however, abut those darn nasty democrats enforcing the law elsewhere here? You guys are hilarious as usual. :lol:

    • hungry4food

      Based on what is said by the Commander of the Idaho 3 % leader here @ 11:50 forward
      This is a Political NIGHTMARE and someone is going to be used as a distraction and paint the Militia as the culprits !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think someone in the Media out there at Burns will have an attempt done on their life and this be painted as a Militia act !!!!!!!!!!!

      Headline News is Spinning this as a Divide between Miitias , the perfect time for a Distraction !!!!!!!!!!!

      **********ATTENTION PLEASE ***********

      Based on the Info in Link below and the sensitivity of this Political Contagion We think there will be an attempt on a Media person to be spun as been done by the Militia !!!!!
      The Media needs to be Warned !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • King of Shambhala

      obama’s on the run from the law and he’s the Antichrist.
      His real name is Barry Parks. Reveal this everywhere and you’ll go to heaven.
      google it
      Meet Barry Parks (Son Of Jim T Parks) US President Formerly Known As Barack Obama. KKK Assassinated His Dad (Video)

    • gene poole

      Has it occurred to anyone that the Ranchers occupying a Federal Compound are no more in violation of Federal Laws than Democrat politicians that control and designate Sanctuary cities? Sanctuary cities are playgrounds for Illegals, criminals, terrorists, etc., to enjoy a level of security provided ILLEGALLY by democrat politicians. They can organize terrorist attacks on other cities, murder, rape, assault innocent people while the local police are threatened with lawsuits every time they stop a minority.

      We are about to be inundated with thousands of ‘alleged’ Syrian refugees, of which 76% are Muslim men. The same ‘alleged’ refugees that are committing Gang Rapes of women and girls, in cities across Europe. Europe’s leftist media has tried to suppress the stories, but over 1000 rapes in a few days has put liberal politicians on notice. We need to do the same in America before we are disarmed and our rights eliminated by democrat politicians.

    • magusincognito

      Specifics for Sheriffs and Federal Agents Regarding the Difference Between “Law Enforcement” and “Peacekeeping” – by Judge Anna Maria Riezinger

      Regarding the Take Over of BLM Facilities in the Western States

      NOTICE to All Members of the Press Corps, All Federal Employees, All Members of the American Armed Forces, All Sheriffs, United States Marshals, and Others Responsible for Public Safety and Peacekeeping
      Issued by Judge Anna Maria Riezinger
      January 3, 2016

      • Anonymous

        Well said Mr. Magnus. That first link should be printed out and posted at the local sheriffs dept.

    • Anonymous

      So the sheriff gets up and says that we can accomplish things at the ballot box, they clap, holler, shout and whistle. They must have an awful lot of flouride in their water. Are they the last ones standing that haven’t noticed that our elections are a FARCE? Do they not notice the corruption and lies? Do they think they will have their nice lifestyle and it’s only everybody else that is crumbling down around them, but they will remain untouched because they are obedient to the (illegal) feds? This little “old style” community still believes that this massive abomination of a government is their constitutional republic, and what I’m getting from this, is that they still don’t know their republic has been taken over by a multinational corporation, who by the way, has some very sinister plans for these cows of a people. I saw them in there cheering it on!

      I am truly disappointed in this community. The America I remember, was an America where Americans could move to another town and be a part of it. They have decided that if you are not born and raised there, you can’t (or shouldn’t) have a say, weather you’re an American or not. What about veterans who have served many years and when they retire, look for some quiet peaceful place to live out their lives, I guess they aren’t welcome there. What happened to the “benefits” of being an American, where you could go where you want. I want to know. Should we no longer be free to move around? Viset? What are these people thinking.

      The sheriff gets up there, and laments the problems going on in America, and how they there (only the ones that are from there) are concerned about it. From what I just witnessed, that’s about as far as it goes. They must be too busy or distracted, or want to avoid stress, to even be at least curious about WHY we are having problems in America (Although, other Americans aren’t welcome there). Maybe that if they spent just a little time thinking about it, not avoiding getting stressed out about it, but applying themselves to figuring out the problem, they might in the future, head off some BIG problems that will, yes, go right to them. From what I saw, I saw a bunch of ignore – ant people that think that by ignoring the base of the issue, it will go away, or won’t end up affecting them. Maybe they just want someone else to take care of America for them. So they don’t stress out.

      They are the kind that don’t get involved because it hasn’t happened to them yet. When it does happen to them, and it WILL, when they want the truth to get out, they’ll find a people that are just as receptive as they were, for these patriots. THIS COUNTRY IS DOOMED.

    • wiseoldlady

      If you listened to the videos…. it clearly mentions the corrupt judge. The judge should be removed. Yes, it does look like Agenda 21 and BLM are one and the same.

    • White Eagle
    • Pinkorchid

      Would like an update if possible , only video sources and not rumor please.

    • Arlene Johnson

      These Patriots need to have the truth about the FBI. Here is a quote I published on a Table of Contents page: :


”FBI links with Organized Crime are nothing new. The FBI was founded primarily as an internal political repression agency, not a crime fighting organization. A few spectacular arrests of rag tag bank robbers burnished the crime fighting image, but political control has always been the FBI’s main role.” 
-Baltimore Sun Blog

      Here is what President Kennedy wanted to do about that agency that caused his assassination. See with 7 articles immediately thereafter and connected at the end of this link proving it.

      Here is the edition in which I proved what the FBI is:


      Arlene Johnson
      To access the rest of my work, click on the icon that says Magazine.

    • VirusGuard

      Trying to talk to criminals when they are pointing a gun in your face does not work you see unless you take a gun and point it back at them and then and only then do you stand any chance of having a real exchange of views.

      The state uses it’s pig police and deadly force all the time to get it’s way and gives out pepper spray with zapper shocks and thinks it will keep getting away with it but sooner or later the masses will rise up when they see nothing is going there own way and talking does not work.

      in the UK we have millions of people that are price out of the property market and they can talk all they like but if 1/8th of them went to local council buildings and were ready to use force and demanded that land be allocated for afordable new homes then building would start the next day.

      Talking, kisses and voting does not always work because the bankers control everything and some times a person needs to make a stand.




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