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Sounds Like Everyone On The Planet Is Going To Be Rich! Important Deep Source Intel! Chinese And Russian Dragon Society Consensus, Khazarian Control Of America Final Blow Coming, Major Banks In Agreement With Revaluation Of Currencies

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 Sounds Like Everyone On The Planet Is Going To Be Rich! Important Deep Source Intel!  Chinese And Russian Dragon Society Consensus,  Khazarian Control Of America Final Blow Coming, Major Banks In Agreement With Revaluation Of Currencies 

Whether or not your heart is open enough to discern truth, you might be realizing that something big is brewing… but for many of us, it is challenging to determine what is going on, and that is understandable, after all our species has just ended a period of 13,000 of dark control;  and from here, it might not look like the Light is taking over… however it certainly is!
How do I know this with certainty?  I know the Light is taking over because Prime Creator has said so… THERE IS NO GREATER NEWS SOURCE THAN PRIME CREATOR.
Read this intel report shared by hollowearthnetwork, and see if it resonates… if it doesn’t then it doesn’t… ask yourself if you are getting your information from a source that isn’t endorsed by Prime Creator… ask yourself if you are even aligned with Prime Creator… and that will be a big clue as to whether you are truly updated, or just think you are. 
This reports says new low serial numbered new currency is now selling on ebay… I checked and couldn’t find it… if you find anything, send me an email to: [email protected], as I’d like to have a look-see, and so would many others. :)  
With the new world revaluation of currencies, it’s gonna be like we are all rich. 
Subject: Quiet” – Intel SITREP from Deep Source(s) for January 21
1/21/2016 03:27:00 PM  Deep SourceIntel  
SITREP (Situation Report
4:53 PM ET

Deep Source (RV/GCR):
“All Top High and low-level sources have been told to stay quiet.

UN Article VIII compliance – the demonstration of ability to control
the Iraqi Dinar within 2% achieved. Revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar is
now impending.”
Deep Source (Resistance):
“Consensus has been reached among the Chinese and Russian Dragon
Societies along with the NRF (New Republic Faction). The NRF which
includes certain Pentagon officials are standing by and awaiting the
funds to launch the final blow against Khazarian control in America.”

Deep Source (The Alliance):
“Battle Planet 05 and 07 uncloaked.”

Note from Deep Source(s):
“Please note: Intel that is being provided from us to you is indeed accurate but completely raw

and does have a tendency to not follow through. There is no denying that we are all in frustration
and loss of patience. It is entirely a fact that intel being provided is real, but there are constant
on-going activities that change the situation. This is agonizing but you mustn’t lose hope.
Nothing lasts forever.”
1/21/2016 03:23:00 PM 
Emailed to Dinar Chronicles:
Source from Chicago:

TRN new notes of low serial numbers are advertised already on E Bay

…Low serial numbers less than 100 are expected to raise as high a
number as $10,000 from collectors.

Rates for revaluation of all countries confirmed signed, sealed, delivered,

and loaded at banks.

Banks have sent out their memos to their Wealth Managers. They are

prepared for the exchanges…all major banks in agreement.

Abadi in Davos Switzerland….discussing their part in the World Economic

Forum Meeting with 82 countries involved.

The largest most important economic forum for the world, and Obama is

not there. Every other important leader in the countries of the world IS
there. Don’t you find that a bit odd?

Meetings runs from Wed to Sat wrap up. Releases of new currency rates

could happen at anytime from Friday night forward in my intel’s opinions.

Tankers full of Iranian oil have filled and left for China…..So many tankers

reported filled and heading to U.S. shores…with approx. 100 others waiting
to be loaded.

Tankers expecting to be paid in TRN revalued rates, once they reach their


Asian markets on Tuesday down 1,334 pts…and ANOTHER 710 pts last night.

U.S. Dow down 249 at end of day…..and at one time I checked around 1:30 pm
was down close to 500 pts. It rallied due to some large investors buying heavily
to try to keep it from dropping too fast. All a good sign for the impending GCR
re evaluation changes.

Lets see what happens in today’s markets…Both Asian and from New York.



These are the International and Tier 2 rates….

Lets see what happens over the next few days….

That is all I should say for now.


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    • 1 darkstar

      Thank you so much, Indian! You keep my hopes up!

      • Indian in the machine

        With pleasure… a new era is dawning. :idea:

        • GuitarLots

          Donald Trump plans to give away all his money to all Americans once he wins the election

        • magusincognito

          As is a new client…at $250 per hour or more. Cha-ching! :grin:

        • 1 darkstar

          I sure hope so.

        • sitrep

          U FOO

        • sitrep

          How you know your Channel is not corrupt with the seed of the Devil, Ehhhhhhh? Maybe you to, Right.
          You must got false Peyote, it bad for you sould, one must not partake in false peyote. It make you much sick, and skinWalker take over your pea brain, Ehhhh?

        • Louis

          If it looks like an idiot, talks like an idiot, acts like an idiot, grins like an idiot, and is too stupid to realize that it’s an idiot — then it’s probably Indian in the machine.

          Look up the word “idiot” in the dictionary — you’ll find a picture of Indian.

          Some people collect stamps or coins or butterflies — Indian collects down-votes. That’s a strong indication of idiocy.

          There’s no doubt about it — Indian is truly an idiot.

          • BombsAway

            Louis, :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: ANYONE who “believes’ in the white-skinned mangod FABLE named jeeeeeesus, LIKE YOU, is a sexist, racist, FOOL of a Mid-EVIL, retarded man in ameriiiiSCUM!!!!! :razz: :razz: :razz: :razz: :razz: :razz: :razz:

            • Gus Fung

              Re: BombsAway

              Speaking of “away” …. Where have you been Lumpy?

              Things haven’t been the same around here since you slugged your incontinent jellyfish bottom back into your shell in what I assume must be a fetal position.

              Are you back? Did you grow a pair of acorns?

            • Chet

              Quote: “Are you back? Did you grow a pair of acorns?”

              Talk sensible Gus. Jellyfish don’t have “acorns” and they definitely don’t have the prerequisite “spine” required to man up and stand for what they believe in.

        • sitrep


          Are you talking about Boko Haram, and Daesh. Are these the people you spreading all your love, and radiant peyote buzz about?

          What about the Galatic Federation of Light, You know Ashtar Command, and side kicks, Monkey Girls from the planet Monktron whom use a light that emits from their heads to communicate.

          Noticed you no longer allowing comments in your stories, wonder why, any Idea :idea: Where the heck you getting all that peyote?, and that stuff hard to come by on the reservation?
          Maybe Ashtar is beaming it down to you from Planet Pyoteo, as it just grows wild every place.
          Oh Yeah, can you start linking back to your articles to at least show you are trying to make others that do not know better, that linking to your own articles is some sort of proof? Oh Wait, you already doing that.Oops!!!!

          BTW, how the heck you writing all these articles, thought by now the Mother Light Ship was picking you up? Guess after they found all their Peyote was eaten, they kicked you out, on planet Scummo, then you hitched a ride, with the Abusers, for an untold amount of pay of some sorts?

          Do you usally see these people like Ashtar when on a Peyote trip?.
          BTW, where the heck you getting all this Peyote, and how many do you have to eat before you get the visitations? Do these space craft actually emit some sort of love juice that you been tasting? but then Ashtar said, dont drink the waste water?
          If your happy on your buzzing peyote way out in space trips, and can be responsible for your actions, have fun.

      • PeoplePower

        The Flat Earth Is Biblical Truth – The Satanic Deception Exposed – The Earth Is A Plane & NOT A Planet:

        Earth is flat plane, we have all been fooled:

        • Central Scrutinizer


          In case you have not noticed, nobody is reading your tired drivel. Find a new one-trick pony to ride. Endlessly posting youtube clips of ill repute, at best, material is inline with all of the Planet X nonsense.

          Nobody cares. You’re Welcome. :mrgreen:

          • PeoplePower

            The fact of the matter is, the majority of those who visit websites are more likely to read the comment section and not the article, which is contaminated with half truths and  propaganda.

            There was a time when comments sections were seen as the next step in a golden age of democratised communication, particularly by the political Left. 

            However, it’s no accident that so many of the loudest voices against online comments sections are also political zealots, especially since the federal government and the mainstream media have all come out against comment sections. 

            This isn’t an accident, of course. Psychologists have long been aware that political extremists have the most negative reactions to contrary information. 

            Combine that with a disdain for free speech, a core cultural authoritarian value, and you get a frantic rush to remove the opinions of ordinary people.

            Everyone Reads The Comnent Section, Without It There Would Be No BIN…

            • srsly1

              Remember your 1/19 false flag dollar collapse prediction? Remember how that didn’t happen. Ya, you’re retarded, GTFO

            • Sean

              Finally Something Intelligent Said PeoplePower

              Its Also Why This Is Not A People Powered Website, Only A Slogan

              There Really Is NOT An Alternative Media All Just Having You Chasing Rabbits, They Shut Down Real Alternative Sites Long Ago, So You Have To Archive Information, If Even Possible For Some

              Psychology: A New Kind of SIGDEV



            • PeoplePower

              I said, there was a 78% chance that 1/19 could possibly be the day they launch a false flag cyber attack to cover up the collapse of the fiat dollar. Yes, I will admit when I was wrong or off by a few weeks..

              However, every prediction on this website dating back to when it was established in 2013 has been WRONG.

              Not to mention, not one single  article uploaded to BIN has ever been backed by any factual based evidence to support their outrageous claims.

              Predicting when these psychopathic satanic maniacs decide to collapse the dollar is not an easy task, but we are getting really close, as a result of process of elimination. 

            • Nyyk4

              Still his point is that no one is even paying any attention to the same damn videos you post over and over, and you post to comment sections that have nothing to do with the topic! Don’t you realize anytime you post anything you get a negative response from other commenters along with copious amounts of down votes???

      • sitrep

        1 darkstar,
        If you would contact Da Injun thru secure channels, and send much big donations.
        Peyote cost much dollar on the reservation, Thak you very much

    • David Mushbraine

      but if theres peeple in teh earth why dont tehy com say hi?

    • Flaming_Barricade

      All the ongoing insanity is not going to help solve the main problems here including a new money system, The root causes need to be addressed…This is a Man Made system …Nature and its creator do not charge us every month for its use, while Men pillage the planet for Profit..

      The answer for humanity is to transition to a resource based economy as proposed by Jacque Fresco and the Venus Project. Otherwise, Agenda 21/2030 and a stamped barcode is all you and your kin will have to look forward to.

    • iamamerican

      A new “magic money” system isn’t going to solve our problems.
      The NWO isn’t coming, it’s already here and has been for awhile.
      This is basically NWO 2.0, in that we are still ruled over by some Government that will never have our best interest in mind. Governments only want power over the sheeple, when people realize that they don’t need a ruler, then things will start to rapidly change.

    • Duke

      This channeling thing scares me. When you talk of my spiritual twin, all I can think of is some demonic entity there to meet me upon my death. He’s only there to deceive me and recycle me back to this world. I am ready to be released from this prison planet and think all channelers contact demons. Remember, nothing can get through the firmament so we need to do this ourselves. Plus a one world currency is exactly what the NWO is pushing. Sounds scary to me.

    • The Clucker



      There ya go. Don’t say I’ve never given you anything.


      • Central Scrutinizer

        I hereby Award 138 Super Secret Bonus Points to the Almighty Clucker!!!

        Rarely do I actually “laugh out loud”, but that made me bust into a gut-wrenching ‘Guffaw’ !!!
        Here, here. :mrgreen:

        • The Clucker


          Can Super Secret Bonus Points be redeemed for frequent flyer miles? Clucker needs a vacation.

          • Central Scrutinizer

            ^^^ Yes, they can be redeemed for airline miles, but most carriers have very restrictive black out dates, so check ahead with your carrier before heading to the airport! 138 Super Secret Bonus Points might get you as far as the Ice Wall at the edge of the Erf’. Happy Travels. :mrgreen:

            • The Clucker

              I’ve always wanted to poke a hole in the ice wall just to see what will happen.

      • THOTH


        Now that’s a thoughtful gift!

        Man, I laughed hard…Thanks Clucker.

        • The Clucker


    • clambake

      If true this is BS.
      Everyone rich is the same as everyone poor.
      This is the New World Order.
      The US has been set up like a cheap patsy, Americans, you are asleep at the wheel.
      The world will be taken away from us and we will be exterminated or at best tolerated like the neighbours dog’s turds on the front verge.

    • Mr Lightbeam

      What about all those migrants coming Into civiilized countries and raping women.stealing etc
      Imagine these all rich.
      It would be armmagedon

      Is the creator going to erase the bad and keep the good and I wonder how that would happen

      There are troubles in Syria Yeman Saudi Arabia Russia, North Korea,Iran Israel, Palastine.
      Then you got the IS and stupid politicians hell bent on making life for themselves out of the poor.

      Where Is all this love going to come from????????????????????????
      I am 65 now and this earth has a big load of trouble coming.It will not affect me ,but the children we all leave behind and that grieves me.
      Us baby Boomers had It good!! :cool:

      • Indian in the machine

        The love is going to come from anyone who is willing to love. :idea:

        • magusincognito

          And the infos (e.g. private channelings) will come only for anyone who is willing to pay $250 per hour…or more! :razz:

          • Indian in the machine

            Your self esteem is usually higher than this, and you usually do not resort to degrading other people doing God’s work.

            • magusincognito

              They’re no better than any other charlatan pushing a religion manufactured by the Vatican. They are not doing God’s work, they are working for themselves, cashing in on the idiot’s who are gullible enough to send them money. And you are part of it. Talk about a low self esteem!

    • The Ferrett

      Please BIN . . P L E A S E . . do something about this absolute demonised moron that keeps posting this ludicrous stuff!!

      THE INDIAN HAS NEVER BEEN RIGHT ABOUT ANYTHING – now that’s a track record for you . .

      • Indian in the machine

        Thank you dear ferrett, oh great anonymous master, who sees all truths…. so full of bravery and valour. :eek:

    • srsly1


      LOL, the one that only reveals his information through anonymous random internet posts. Prime creator didn’t exist before the internet!

      • Indian in the machine

        Prime Creator came after the internet? :eek:

        • magusincognito

          No. The money comes first. One has to pay the fee(s), before they get their private channeling session…something like $250 per hour. Ergo, Prime Creator came after the payment was least for the believers. The rest will stay trapped in 3rd density, until they pay up! :eek:

          • Indian in the machine

            Then why are we all getting the messages for free? :roll: :razz:

            • magusincognito

              The messages…as though they are worth anything! :roll:

              You’re either the world’s biggest fool, or you are on commission. :evil:

    • dennisR8

      If every one on planet earth were in possession of 100,000 dollars or more over night, nobody would be rich. Wealth is relative. If every one were a millionaire nobody would be truly rich with respect to everyone else. Prices would sky rocket due to the gigantic inflation, you may be selling a dream that possesses no reality. Who do you think you are deceiving with this drivel of lies?

      • Indian in the machine

        Wealth is not relative to other people’s poverty… everybody can be rich. :idea:

        • magusincognito

          Point. These channelers make a bundle! :shock:

          These people are charging $250 and hour. However, one gets to talk with Prime Creator! :grin:

          Please be reminded that it’s still less than giving 10% of your income to the Pope. :wink:

          • Indian in the machine

            They make a bundle? Yes we can all see channelers buying up all the world’s real estates and taking over banks and corporations. :lol:

            • magusincognito

              Ironically, you like to hide your shame in the ridiculous, as you peddle the same. :oops:

    • dennisR8

      Guys how can it be that all these stories are going to come to pass. Many of them negate the possibility that others of them can possibility happen. Wake up to reality they cannot all be true.

      • Indian in the machine

        Fortunate for you, not all humans think like you. :idea: :wink:

    • magusincognito

      On your last post- if I got the succession right -the channeler that you presented us with, charges the following rates:

      1/2 hour channeling without coaching $133

      1/2 hour channeling + 1/2 hour coaching $199

      1 Month of support 4 sessions, 1 hour each + unlimited email support $699

      She claims that she invested deeply in high-level mentorship, after suffering “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.” And now, she’s talking directly with Prime Creator. You’ve come a long way, baby! :eek:

      Have you considered doing the same? There’s a lot more money in it than banging on the drums all day and selling footbaths. Unless, of course, if you’re getting a commission, then I get it. :wink:

      How much does this channeler charge and do the rates fluctuate with their resume of credentials (i.e. how deeply they invest in mentorship)? FYI: I’m just trying to gauge what a value it is to come across these infos free of charge. I’m sure that pretty soon- like the rest of the readers -I’ll be hooked and will be signing up for more of the same. However, the $699 per month rate is kind of steep. That’s why I’m inquiring about the others…to see which one I can afford. Regardless, I’m sure their mentorship presents them as a way to the top. Or as Susie says, to “create the life I’ve always desired.”

      • Indian in the machine

        So we all need a wage that is acceptable to you, or something… hmmm weird…. what a sad human being, that cannot support another human being doing God’s work… ask Creator for guidance bro, and try to not suppress others while trying to make yourself look superior, unless you want to come across as powerless, unwise and unloving.

        • magusincognito

          Just exposing your fraud. :razz:

          The people reading your bunk should be reminded- on a regular basis -how much money is involved here. Their “acceptable wage” is much more than what most professionals charge.

          “Support another human being whilst doing God’s work”…you sound like Gerry Falwell! :roll:

          Actually, you are the one beginning every argument/post at the foot of your open door.

          And you don’t tell me what I want to do…got it?

      • Central Scrutinizer

        What a Bargain.

        Last time I checked the Injuns site, it was only $40 / half hour as the starting rate! Looks like you are shortchanging yourself, Indian. But living in a Toilet-less pit, I suppose the overhead for electricity and gas are pretty low, so you ought to be making some $$$ for your troubles. :mrgreen:

        • Indian in the machine

          An atheist can never be as powerful as one serving God in action… being unsupportive of those serving God reveals you as the fraud, but since you are anony-mouse, something inside you already realizes this.

        • THOTH

          The Clucker gave him a toilet for his pit :lol:

          Charging people to channel “prime creator” is wrong on so many levels.

          How much did prime creator charge you, Indian, for your existence? Nothing.

          How much of that hourly fee goes to the creator? The creator gives life for free and does not charge a fee for advice. Channellers charging upwards of 250/hr are no better than tv evangelists who claim “God told me that you should send me your money!”

          • The Clucker

            I can’t believe I gave the guy a FREE toilet, then he has the gall to turn around and charge people for him to possess them with demons. Sheesh indian. That’s messed up man. Pay it forward next time.

    • Look up...Wake up

      Hey Indian in the Machine…
      Donald Marshall claims that you are a regular at the cloning center… what are you waiting for to TELL US THE TRUTH?
      Why don’t you help free humanity and Donald by telling us what you know about the cloning centers instead of the above drivel?
      You could be a hero, instead you are a collaborator with the ELITE!
      Tell us about Vrill, about the various types of clones, REM transfer… tell us ALL YOU KNOW!

      From Donald Marshall:

      “re…. Deiter Braun from Indian in the machine……
      Donald Marshall:……………… He could be key in this… He attends the cloning centers against his will…He could help major, he’s not memory suppressed and has been a clone there several times,… I spoke to him there. Thought they were impostering him with someone but no… Was him. The machine is the matrix, the cloning center… He’s like half native indian.”

      Read more:

      • Anonymous

        Indian in the clone. That would explain his confusion, droopy-eye and multiple personalities. The question is, how many of these clones are there? Did they sacrifice the original Dieter before he ended up in the machine, or rather, many other machines thereafter???

        • Anonymous

          Almost forgot about the slurred speech, too.

    • Indian in the machine

      M: Humankind is trapped at the moment in dualistic thinking. It will be quite a challenge, even with Prosperity flooding your planet, to pry yourselves away from the “us” versus “them” designations you place on almost everything. For instance, most of your population believes that there is a cabal, or Illuminati, but that they are shadowy and unseen, not really affecting one’s own behavior or thinking. Meanwhile, the entire “us” contingent, who think of themselves as the good guys, are behaving as selfishly and thoughtlessly as any cabal member, but deluding themselves about it.
      Take for instance the high incidence of physical and psychological abuse within families. Parents speak to each other and to their children with disrespect and contempt, but deny any tendency toward cruelty. It is a very difficult stance to break through, this absolute denial of responsibility for one’s actions. It is widely believed that if you say you are a good and loving person, and that your intentions are good, then it is true. It is very sad that so much hurt is caused by this denial. We hope to be able to work with the mentors who will soon be coming to Earth to create effective programs that will break through this and also the painful feelings of shame that seems so pervasive.

      • lucidlunatic

        “We hope to be able to work with the mentors who will soon be coming to Earth to create effective programs that will break through this and also the painful feelings of shame that seems so pervasive. ”

        Have fun with “The Great Deception”. You got front row seats.

    • Anonymous

      “From Donald Marshall RE Dieter Braun from Indian in the Machine”: A public message to Dieter Braun, aka Indian in the Machine, from Before It’s News contributer Look up…Wake up (article posted on these Before It’s News pages:

      From Before It’s News contributer Look up… Wake up, posted January 26, 2016 to Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine):

      “Hey Indian in the Machine…
      Donald Marshall claims that you are a regular at the cloning center… what are you waiting for to TELL US THE TRUTH?
      Why don’t you help free humanity and Donald by telling us what you know about the cloning centers instead of the above drivel?
      You could be a hero, instead you are a collaborator with the ELITE!
      Tell us about Vrill, about the various types of clones, REM transfer… tell us ALL YOU KNOW!

      From Donald Marshall:
      “re…. Deiter Braun from Indian in the machine……
      Donald Marshall:……………… He could be key in this… He attends the cloning centers against his will…He could help major, he’s not memory suppressed and has been a clone there several times,… I spoke to him there. Thought they were impostering him with someone but no… Was him. The machine is the matrix, the cloning center… He’s like half native indian.”

      Read more:

      Here are the facts, according to Donald Marshall:

      1. Dieter Braun, aka Indian in the machine, is a “regular” at the cloning center.

      2. Dieter Braun, aka Indian in the machine, has been cloned several times.

      3. Dieter Braun is not memory suppressed, and “could help, major”.

      A few more facts:

      1. Dieter Braun, aka Indian in the machine, admitted himself on his own blog at in 2012, to having a personal contact and communication with Donald Marshall.

      3. Dieter Braun, aka Indian in the machine, promotes only specific “New Age” hosts who charge heftily for “personal services”, and/or endorse “The Galactic Federation of Light” and “Ashtar Command”.

      4. Dieter Braun, aka Indian in the machine, has heavily promoted and still promotes documented government mind-control programs such as “The Galactic Federation of Light” and “Ashtar Command”, as well as other governmentally-created “causes” and “issues” such as NESARA, GESARA, Currency Revaluation (RV), and “ET Disclosure”, and so forth.

      5. Dieter Braun, aka Indian in the machine, avoided completely, offering any response the question from the recent post from established Before It’s News contributer by the moniker of “Look up…Wake up”, an article that he has been cloned, and instead, offered a post on “abuse” by channeller/author Kathryn E. May (a known accused mind-controller/mind controlled PsyOp/recruiter for the Illuminati/Cabal and U.S. government, who has worked closely with the criminally convicted “RV” scam artist/swindler Tony “TNT Renfrow).

      6. Dieter Braun, aka Indian in the machine, often instructs disbelieving readers, “Do your own research”.

      7. With every documented article, case and fact that is available now through the internet, is it a good time to “do our own research”, a LOT more research, on Dieter Braun, aka Indian in the machine?

      • The Clucker

        It’s no wonder he’s so brainwashed if this is true. When they cloned him the part of DNA needed to make reasonable decisions about where to poop (in a toilet) must have been cut out of the sequence.

      • lucidlunatic

        awesome research! the guy could be lying, but if not, this was well done!

    • truthseeker4809

      Remember the story of a lady who died poor but they found later that her house’s back yard was a gold mine.
      Unless you are convinced that you have it and actually dig it out and claim it as yours, it ain’t yours.

      Living like beggars in the midst of the vast abundance, that’s what humanity is like at the present time.

    • Anonymous


      The banksters must love your posts on topic. All of them drop the masses off into their loving arms. And this is consistent with the fact that the “New Age” religion is the religion of the New World Order purported by the same. New Agers have been knocked off the mission of ended slavery on the planet. It’s a religion to destroy action; take people from true spirituality.

      Yeah, relax and sit back…and do nothing. This is exactly what the NWO hopes for. And they’ve called on the religion of standing down (i.e. a negative feminine force) to lead the way.

      Real spirituality combines sacred feminine (non-aggression; don’t cause harm) with sacred masculine (self-defense).

      Put simply, your New Age religion is a religion to destroy action; take people from true spirituality.

      And one who leads others down a certain path deserves to go down that path, as well.

    • Anonymous


      Being that we’re all going to be rich, we should all think nothing of emptying our accounts and paying these channelers ($250-$350 per hour) to speak directly…but really indirectly…with Prime Creator. I mean it’s only paper nothing and soon we’ll have new Galactic Federation money. Might as well spend it all now!

      Do we get a discount if we tell them that we were referred to by the Indian in the Machine? :grin:

    • Anonymous


      He knows what he’s doing. He’s pushing $250-$350 hour spiritual hookers at people. And when he’s called on it, he shames you for calling out people “for making a living whilst serving God.” Now, does that remind you of Gerry Falwell & Company or not?

    • Anonymous


      “Either you are open to truth or not, doesn’t matter if bozo the clown told you the truth, or your most trusted source.”

      ~Dieter Braun, blogger and vendor of $200 footbath plates officially sold by another person in Arizona

    • Anonymous

      “It’s like I told you, only the lonely can play” ~Martha Davis

      “It’s like I told you~ only the clonely ~can play” ~Anonymous

    • lucidlunatic

      Deleting my comments only leads me to believe you are IN FACT a paid shill.

      I’m calling your fake ass out, buddy. Stop spreading lies and disinformation. I notice your new articles have comments disabled. Can’t handle the pressure, huh?

      • Anonymous

        He’s been cloned many times and the fact he refuses to argue this speaks for itself. Sad.




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