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The Vatican Exposed: Its Dark Dark Dark Secret Warning Very Graphic !!!

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    • Jango This comment has received too many negative votes.Show
      • chefjim

        You are very confused Jango. The popes throughout the ages have been the most evil, hateful, demonic, murderous thugs controlled by Satan himself. The current “vicar of Christ” is the first Jesuit pope. It would do you very well to research into who the Jesuits are and a little about their history. If the surface of Francis’s message – that all religions should become one (ecumenism)- doesn’t throw up red flags for you then your knowledge of God and the bible is very faulty indeed. The pope is not holding back the Rapture, God the Father is holding back the Rapture until the time He has appointed. By the look of the website you give, you are under very strong delusion. Throw away ALL teaching that you have been taught and turn to the only source of learning about our Lord and God’s plan for the salvation of men, the King James Bible for the English speaking people. Like I said, you are either willfully spreading deception or you are completely hoodwinked. Either way, one thing you are right about is that the rapture is very near. See that YOU don’t miss it. Believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 15:1-8) for salvation before it is too late and come out from under any catholic teaching you are bound by.

        • mask

          those without sin, let him cast the first stone

          • stompk

            I am free of sin.

            • Equalizer

              Django…you are Delusional (at best) the pope and 90% of the catholic priesthood are pedophiles.

          • BungalowBud

            Oh then you for admit they sin? Are they not the blind leading the blind. My definition in 2 words. The Big Bluff.

            • Synickel

              Have you ever learned how to construct a grammatical sentence?

      • Arlene Johnson


        The others who have responded to your message here are right. For the Vatican as a whole institution is the anti-christ. See

        If you don´t believe this, read The Great Controversy Between Christ and Satan by E.G. White. It is in PDF form now absolutely free.

        For the Rapture, see this from the Book of Luke:

        Luke 9:24 For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will save it.
        If you think about this, you will realize that there is no such thing as the Rapture.


          Yes, the successive line of the Popes is the Biblical antichrist and this fact has been suppressed by not only Catholicism, but the modern Evangelical church.

          Even the secular organization, Wikipedia has this fact acknowledged.

          Historicism was the belief held by the majority of the Protestant Reformers, including Martin Luther, John Calvin, Thomas Cranmer, and others including John Thomas, John Knox, and Cotton Mather. The Catholic church tried to counter it with Preterism and Futurism during the Counter Reformation.[2][page needed][3] This alternate view served to bolster the Catholic Church’s position against attacks by Protestants,[4][5] and is viewed as a Catholic defense against the Protestant Historicist view which identified the Roman Catholic Church as a persecuting apostasy and the Pope with the Anti-Christ.[5]

      • sitrep

        Yeah Jango, why does he own a telescope “Lucifer”?, and talk about aliens.
        Guess the earth aint flat after all, Ehhhhhhh, what you think?

        • Arcturus

          Telescopes are useful for perusing windows late at night, or o I’m told.

      • Dustdevil

        Not really sure Jango, what is funnier: That you are defending the Pope, who is the risen beast of the now-dead Roman empire (Constantine placed the Pope, conducted the Council of Nicea in 325 AD, and ensured that when Rome died, the Empire would live on, hence ‘the head that did receive the mortal wound, yet lived…you also might want to explain to me why a pope in 408 AD voluntarily took the Papal name, ‘Pope Sixtus III’, before you get to righteous on us all here); or that you use the avatar picture of Cesare Borgia, the homosexual lover of Leonardo DaVinci, who was the son of a Pope himself (that was a good friend of DaVinci, no less).

        So, how do we address you? Gay Jesus, Borgia Jesus, Pope 666 Jesus, or just Christian fraud? We need clarity here, Jango.

      • Astral Silence

        That was some serious power-trolling.

      • Linelock


        It sounds as if you know The Lord Jesus Christ as your saviour. I would encourage you to run, not walk away from any organized religion and develop your own relationship with Jesus.

        The great whore is the catholic church and I believe will be part of the false prophet of the last days. He just said that the bible and the koran are the same and that is crap.

        Islam is a religion of murder instigated by lucifer to bring about his last days plan.

        Think about it, if you were the devil, knowing you lose, and you want to take as many humans as possible with you before they have a chance to make a decision for Christ and eternal life, you would utilize a form of religion, which history shows is one of the greatest motivators of men, to instigate murder through a religion (islam) and kill as many people as possible.

        It’s coming! Seek Him out while he can be found and I guarantee you he will reveal himself to you along with the evil of the vatican.

        check out this link –

        There can no longer be any doubt as to where lucifer dwells!

      • Linelock


        It sounds as if you know The Lord Jesus Christ as your saviour. I would encourage you to run, not walk away from any organized religion and develop your own relationship with Jesus.

        The great whore is the catholic church and I believe will be part of the false prophet of the last days. He just said that the bible and the koran are the same and that is crap.

        Islam is a religion of murder instigated by lucifer to bring about his last days plan.

        Think about it, if you were the devil, knowing you lose, and you want to take as many humans as possible with you before they have a chance to make a decision for Christ and eternal life, you would utilize a form of religion, which history shows is one of the greatest motivators of men, to instigate murder through a religion (islam) and kill as many people as possible.

        It’s coming! Seek Him out while he can be found and I guarantee you he will reveal himself to you along with the evil of the vatican.

        check out this link –

        There are many other videos on this subject and I would encourage you to seek it out and ask The Holy Spirit to guide you. He Will!

        There can no longer be any doubt as to where lucifer dwells!

        Seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you

      • underdog

        My dear . Your pope is a Jesuit . He is not supports to be a pope .

      • underdog

        The pope is a Jesuit he should not be pope .

        • CTrent33

          Any Baptised Catholic male, above the age of reason, can be Pope.

          • Damien

            So long as they are sufficiently advanced in the Brotherhood.

      • 2QIK4U

        So it’s ok for him to keep raping kids and sacrificing babies? Because no one is perfect? Typical Christian Cop Out Answer. :cry:

      • truther357

        He needs to keep his nose out of Our politics!

      • arnlee

        Jango, I would suggest you type less and read more…

      • Waldo

        Jango, the Pope doesn’t represent Christians. He represents a form of Christianity called Catholcism. Christians don’t pray to Mary, don’t do infant baptisms, don’t do confessions and do pennance, and many other traditions of men. Christians only look to Christ for the forgiveness of their sins. There is a big difference between the two (I was raised Catholic so I know very well). I understand where you are coming from (I think) but truly Catholics do not represent Christianity. Please get a King James Bible (word for word translation) and read it yourself. Start with Romans and read very carefully. Understanding ‘Grace’ through Jesus is the basis of Christianity.

      • Kyle Schumacher

        “However, the Pope is the only spokesman for the Christians. If it was not for him, by now all Christians would be fed to the lions.”??????

        Sorry but my spokesman is Jesus Christ. I do not need blasphemous false prophet to mediate for me. the pope will not do anything to help the Christians in the coming new world order that he is helping to usher in.

      • Louis

        If not for the ancient and Holy See of Peter, founded by Christ, there would be no Christendom on earth today. It was the popes who rallied Christian knights to repel the Muslims who invaded Europe to eradicate Christianity but failed.

        Anyone who despises the papacy despises Christendom.

    • CTrent33

      Jews in their masonic order have invaded the Church. They spawned an impostor church at the second vatican council. “Sister Charlotte” is a liar, spreading lies and half truths.

      The Catholic Church is the Bride of Christ and, in the modern world, is a remnant.

      • Damien

        Coming Next: The Last Stand of The Brave 1,500,000,000,000 :cry:

      • Kyle Schumacher

        WOW.. you are completely and utterly wrong..

    • CTrent33

      The Crisis, chastisement, and triumph –

    • The Clucker

      Ground Zero for SHTF for each of you will be whereever you are at. It is not somewhere else so you need to have a working plan everyone can do anywhere in the world. Here are some life saving suggestions I highly recommend you read. It actually can save your very life, and that of your entire community. Once it starts, it will be late to learn what to do, but please be that one person in your community to have a working plan that will save most of you. Do you know who your #1 encounter will be once SHTF? Really – who in your very neighborhood will you encounter first? If you don’t even know that, you and your community have no chance.

    • Buznitz

      Jango, this is nonsense. The pope is the False Prophet, the third person of the Unholy Trinity. Satan. Antichrist, False Prophet. Roman Catholics are deceived.

    • Louis

      To put it mildly, the video presented in this joke article is sick trash vomited by an insane liar.

    • Mark

      I’d rather fight with lions who are honest in their intention to eat me, than relying on this hyena disguised that the pope is. :cool:

      • Ideas Time

        Wow how true. Herein lies the problem. We the people are nice and will not just go out and hurt anyone, unlike the corporate gov.

        We know who is the enemy but do not see the enemy ever and do not want to hurt anyone who knows not what they do.

        Until they show their faces we cannot respond. When and if they do we have a constitutional duty to respond.

    • Mark

      You are an idiot deleting comments… as a coward that have no other arguments… a shame man… :cool:

    • Mark

      This is not for you Philosophers Stone…. a wrong post opened in my browser.


      There have been Popes which I respected, and admired. The current Pope is not one of them.

    • spooky

      No he aint, he speaks for the religious/political organisation that is the Vatican and its agenda, and then those whom submit to the unbiblical will of the Roman Empire. Rome kid true Christians, those whom departed Rome and discovered the scriptures in their own language thus discovering that the Vatican had been leading them astray and exploiting them with false doctrine, this is one reason that the Great Reformation happened. I am confident that this pope is the final false prophet, especially with some of the mumbo jumbo he has came out with, yes he has a form of godliness but he denies its power – 2 Tim 3 v 5. Gods representative on earth is the Holy Spirit and then the individual believer whom walks with a repentant heart before Him. Forget the pope and the archbishop, focus on Jesus and His Word.

      • Pilgrim

        Well said Brother, never put your faith in a man/woman, even if they belong to an organized establishment. The end results have always been the same throughout history.

    • hemiphopoc


    • JohnSmith2016

      It’s vs its. Learn the difference before you write your headline.

    • Snowball

      My ancestors lived in the Papal States and were very happy until the Jews/Masons ruined it.
      Then they had to flee to America but now I can go back to Italy.
      God Bless the Pope. Do what he says and follow his example.
      Haters gonna hate.

    • Everette

      This is why GOD has pronounced Damnation against the Vatican . They are descendants of Esau , Jacobs brother . The Natzi are also of Esau . You know the ones the Vatican paid to kill Jacobs descendants . The Vatican / Esau / Natzi are the leadrers of the NWO who have also included Ishmael the Muslims to help with their new agenda to destroy Israel ( America and Europe ) and Judea our uncle living in the land of Israel . To help the have brought forth the UN . The top 20 countries heading up the UN are Muslims ( Ishmael , Isaac’s ( father of Jacob ) half brother ) . Those GOD rejected are now seeking to destroy GODs chosen that was to lead the world to HIM . Here is proof GOD hates Esau or the Edomites ( Malachi 1:1-4 ) . Now with this ladies testamony you can understand why . The Vatican openly worships lucifer / Satan /the devil . They say Jesus is his son . These have also hidden the truth from the world by destroying books , libraries and scripts . But the best of what was found is in th basements of the Vatican locked away from you . God in Revelations says these are the ones that have lead nations and kings astray . And as Malachi says GOD has indignation against them forever . They are EVIL ! Soon the plan on world war 3 , Muslim gangs , and Muslim leader , Natzi leaders to kill out Jacobs descendants . And they are the lost 10 tribes of Israel ( America , Europe and Australia ) and Judea living in the land Israel And the Hebrews . They are the White type A blood type . These are the people they will be seeking to destroy soon . and their plans are already in play . The Bush presidents are of the NWO as wel as Clinton and Obama who s no black but Muslim . Meaning he is of Abraham from the Egyptian ( Hams descendants or his son Cannan the black ) . He has (A) white father , (B) Asian mix or Cains descendants and negative ( alien by science or reptilian ) AB negative blood . O blood type carries Cannans blood . So he is not black , you have been fooled . He swore in on the Koran which tells him to lie , deceive and do what is needed to gain your trust , then kill the infidel ( you ) . That’s why he has ordered 30,000 guillotines to behead you when Marshall law comes in . Bush signed it into law first . Now we face yet many in the NWO on both sides democrats and republican . But Trump is not playing their games . Those that know GOD pray for his protection . Why? Because he is exposing them and thy don’t like it . and the people are tired of their manure .

    • 2QIK4U

      When POPEs are found guilty of kidnapping ,paedophilia, rape, child trafficking and torture by the INTERNATIONAL HIGH COURT OF THE PLANET …. It proves ALL RELIGIONS CREATE WAR, DEATH and DESTRUCTION … :evil:

    • Martus

      Daniel 7:23
      “He gave me this explanation: ‘The fourth beast is a fourth kingdom that will appear on earth. It will be different from all the other kingdoms and will devour the whole earth, trampling it down and crushing it.

      Beasts we are told represent kingdoms and the 4th beast will consume the whole world so it will include the first 3 beast as later in Daniel we are told that these 3 kingdoms remain while the 4th is destroyed.

      The only Governmental organization that consumes the world is the United nations as all parts of the modern world are a part of it including the first 3 beasts.

      Revelation gives a description of this beast and it has 7 heads and 10 horns. Later we are told that these horns represent kingdoms and they are only have power temporary. In the United Nations security council, which decide global events, there are 10 non temporary member nations which are rotated out every 2 years.

      This Beast also have 7 heads, we are told that one is a Lion (U.K), one is a Bear(Russia) and 4 are the 4 headed leopard representing the E.U. which is represented by France which was the main instigator of the E.U. (4 heads are France and the Benelux countries and the 2 sets of wings Italy(Roman Eagle wings and Germany the other set of wings that formed the EEC which later became the EU). So we have 6 heads and in Revelation the Dragon waiths for this Beast to form and also then joins with it and becomes the 7th Head. These 4 member form a permanent part of the security council i.e. the 7 Heads. The last member of the security council is the U.S. which is the woman who rides the beast and the U.S. rides the United Nations as the U.S put up most of the funding for it, the U.N is located in the city of the woman, statue of liberty, New York city. :shock:

      • sim1776

        You’re right up until the 7 heads and 10 horns. The 7 heads are past empires/kingdoms in historical procession where Mystery Babylon reigned. The 7th lives but for a short space and is Nazi Germany. The US is the Beast of Revelation. Remember the Beast rises out of the sea which is symbolic of peoples or populations. The US is the only country settled by all the peoples of the Roman Empire. Bill Cooper does a great job of explaining all of this. Mystery Babylon, Scarlet, is wherever her religion is headquartered. London is currently the Grand Lodge home of Freemasonry…

        As for the Sister’s testimony, is anyone shocked that nuns are physically and sexually abused by priests and the Mother Superiors? I’m sure things are even worse now that a pope of the Black Brotherhood is the Holy See.

    • albertan

      Old news.

    • Aine

      LOL! This is entirely false — no nuns tawk like dat! This lady is a Catholic bigot hater who is giving a totally fabricated testimony. She tawks like them preachers down South who are coaching her. SO FAKE!

      • Waldo

        Aine, you are right that she talks “like them preachers down south.” That is because God showed her the truth. Compare what you are taught by your church to what is written in the Bible. The Catholic Church teaches all kinds of things that are not in the Bible. You cannot believe it unless the Bible teaches it. Don’t be scared to search for the truth in the Bible – God blesses those who seek him.

    • my2pesos

      Council of Trent ~ Conflict True On

    • cloudyswift

      Like it or not, the following is the Reality regarding the lady in question and Existence/Reality:

      Whether she is dead or not is not important. This is because there is no such a thing as “Death” other than reverting to The Benevolence/Singularity who is Spirituality. Indeed, she might have merely returned to her “convent”/prison to serve out her “sin”/sentenance [for being “married” to Christ – itself a blasphemy, “Jesus Christ” being a “Brahmacharia” - the One who is composed/made of “Vibrations”].

      The “vibes” of her situation tell of her being “possessed to the high heavens” as she rattles on to some Kommittee about her being so innocent and weak. All because like the religious, she was-is Greedy-Fearful about “G_d”/”Church” via her self-righteousness without due reference to the validity of her self-certification of being The Already Perfect – but with “Humility” – as anyone can attest-to !

      Relativism is when What You Do, somehow but don’t know how, is Who You Are, whereas it is ONLY when What You Do is Who You Are that self becomes Real. To just believe merely progresses one along The Journey of Evolution. Thereafter, one’s belief system must become Real or proven UnReal/”Relative”, Relativity/Relativism being the state when one’s Reality is dependent on Another’s Reality. Yes, just like taking sweets off Da Kiddies.

      Reality is not about Relativities like Good or Bad, Nice or Nasty, Right or Wrong, Depression or Aggression, Hydrogen or Oxygen, Femininity or Masculinity, The Past or The Future, Godliness or Wickedness, and so forth, Reality is about Benevolence/Unity or Malevolence/Division.

      As such, since there is no such thing as Truth within UnTruth, Malevolence ‘s sole duty is to merely divide/separate Reality into the Relativity/Relativism of Over-vs-Under. Afterall, “If The Devil does not get you when you are For, He’ll get you when you are Against”.

      For the unwary, an easy Rule of Thumb [with caveats] about Malevolence is that of Division. This is because Malevolence’s sole duty is to institute Division/”Hierarchy”, The Facades/Cultures of Malevolence being those of Fame, Fortune & Immortality. This is because when self is Unconditional, there is no such thing as Greed which happens to be the latency of Its Fear – and vice-versa. That of Relativism. This is because when self is Of Energy Creativity, there is only Unconditionality.

      For example, when self is a human looking “down” onto, say, An Ant, and listening to said Ant’s This, That & The Other, who would rather step on that Ant to end the tirade? Not when self realises ALL about said Ant’s True Condition/State. When Humility is the State of Compassion, personified as Mercy. More so when one’s Duty/Unconditionality/Desire is to share one’s Energy Creativity with said Ant. If true, and It Is The Truth, when ending the Ant’s Existence, aka The Principle of Evolution, ends one’s Pure Desire, what and where then is The Meaning of/to Existence?

      As such, Reality/Benevolence empowers via Unity/Sharing whereas Relativity/Malevolence empowers via Division/Hierarchy. Whether Malevolence is For or Against does not matter so long in Finality, Malevolence gets to Divide/Separate Reality into the Relativism of Over/Gross-Femininity/The-Past vs Under/Gross-Masculinity/The-Future. For Humans, the mechanism towards that final goal of Division is one’s Thought, there being NO/ZERO human who was born with Thought, Thought being the state when The Past is Struggling Infinitely/Cyclically in Futility with The Future in order to ascertain which is The Present, Insanity being when the Insane are “successfully” posing as The Sane.

      Without being Real, how would self be able to determine what is Real and what is Relative? More so when the subject is “Spiritual” in its reality? This is why the first gift of Reality is the ability to absolutely determine what is Real and what is not. That of “The Vibrations”, a much maligned word thrown around as if there is No Tomorrow, said “Vibrations” being The Energy who has Supreme Intelligence whereas the malvolents’ energy is stupido-dumbo par excellence. The energy which comes bundled with Collateral Damage, aka Division/Hierarchy.

      As such, there will be no resolution to Humanity’s Inhumanity unless and until Greed-Fear/Fear-Greed is neutralised and dissipated, a state which is impossible to realise by The Vast Majority of Humans because Populism’s reality is merely attuned to Shopping, Entertaining, Politiking, Financing, Drugging, Chemicalising, and other facades of Fame, Fortune & Immortality. As such, those who are able to change from Selfishness/Relativity/Thoughtfulness to Selflessness/Reality/Thoughtlessness need to first change their self by stopping the Game of Life called Robbing Peter To Pay Paul. Not to give away “money” just like zat and other Rightings of This, That & The Other of Airy-Fairies and The Goody-2-Shoes and other promotions within The Zero Sum Game, but to stop lurking/hiding behind Justifications for favouring “Sense Desires”.

      Remember well that unless and until self is able to attest to the veracity of the above, DO NOT blindly accept or reject other than to Witness & Learn. More importantly is not try to “outwit” the above information, like, for example, perhaps the info is some sort of disinformation from Da Church [which it is NOT – but how would anyone be able to attest so].

      Unless and until self is able to verify, trying to out-think Thought is the means Thought mesmerises. ONLY The Present/Reality is Thoughtless. If true, that is the ONLY means to ending The Reign of Thought, there being no such thing as Antidoting Poison with Poison and neither is there such a state as, “Gambling Responsibly”. Nor is there such a thing as, “Poisoning Responsibly”, a real joke, fit for a laugh but is taken as real by Control Freaks who are merely the latencies of their Abandoned Nuttism.

    • nath

      The Pope just compared ISIS to Yahshua,he certainly has the spirit of Anti Christ as does Obama.But The Anti Christ I believe will be Openly Islamic.




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