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The Massacre of Millions Happening Now! Creepy Human Experimentation and 100% Proof to Back it Up!

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By Lisa Haven 


The Island of Dr. Moreau by H.G. Wells is a classic tale of evil experiments being conducted on the human race. While this is just a horror story, the truth is our government has been and is conducting numerous experiments on the population, and they’ve been doing it for centuries, all while claiming to be the “medical capital” of the world. 

Experiments include everything from running testing vaccinations on children without the consent of the parents, to spraying cities with viruses, to running tests of mind control, to dropping viruses on cities via aircraft and more heinous crimes.  

In the video below I expose multiple experiments they have conducted on the population since the 1900’s and prove their abominable crimes against humanity. I used documented proof to back my claim. Here’s the CRUCIAL report…. 


Here’s a list of past experiments the globalists have done to the population since the 1900’s forward (NOTE- this is just a small portion, not all of the  experiments are listed): 

1900- A US Army doctor working in the Philippines infected 5 prisoners with the plague and witheld their nutrition to create Beriberi in 29 prisoners. (Read More) 

1911- Dr. Hideyo Noguchi of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research injected 146 hospital patients (some of whom were children) with syphilis. (Read More)

1919- Researchers perform testicular transplant experiments on inmates at San Quentin State Prison in California, inserting the testicles of recently executed inmates and goats into the abdomens and scrotums of prisoners. (Read More) 

1931- Under the support of the Rockefeller Institute, Dr. Cornelius Rhoads, infected humans with cancer cells. He later went on to establish the US Army Biological Warfare facilities in Maryland and Utah. While there, he conducted radiation experiments on American soldiers and civilian hospital patients. (Read More) 

1932- In Tuskegee, Alabama a syphilis study was conducted by the US Public Health Services on 200 black men who had syphilis. They were not told of their illness, nor treated. Instead they were used as guinea pigs to find out information on the disease. They all died. (Read More) 

1935- Millions of people died from Pellagra. The US Public Health Service knew for 20 years that Pellagra was caused by a niacin deficiency but failed to tell the population specially because it was happened in there poverty-stricken black populations. Today this is known as The Pellagra Incident. (Read More) 

1940- Four hundred prisoners in Chicago were purposefully infected with Malaria because doctors wanted to study the effects of the disease. (Read More) 

1942- During WWI, President Wilson created the Chemical Warfare Service (CWS) as a branch of the US Army. Years later the the CWS conducted a mustard gas experiment on over 4,000 members of the armed forces. These experiments continued in 1945 where they used Seventh Day Adventists as guinea pigs rather than serving in active duty. (Read More)

1943- Researchers at the University of Cincinnati Hospital keep 16 mentally disabled patients in refrigerated cabinets for 120 hours to study the effects of their disorder. (Read More) 

1945- Project Paperclip was initiated. The US recruits Nazi scientists in exchange for immunity to aid them in this project. (Read More) 

1945 / 1946- The US Atomic Energy Commission implements ‘Program F’, which studies the effects of fluoride—the main component in the atomic bomb production. The study uncovers that fluoride has major adverse effect on the central nervous system. (Read More) Today they put it in our water. 

1946- Veterans are used in hospitals as human guinea pigs for medical experiments cleverly worded as “investigations” and “observations.” (Read More) 

1947- Colonel Kirkpatrick of the US Atomic Energy Commission issued a document stating that radioactive substances would be given to human subjects. (Read More) 

1947- CIA uses human subjects to study the effects of LSD, subjects used without their knowledge, this goes on for many years via the MK Ultra program. (Read More)

1947- 1953 – The US Navy begins Project Chatter a program dubbed the “truth serum” project. So of the drugs used to develop this program were used on human subjects. (Read More) 

1948- The US government paid the government in Guatemala to allow American doctors to purposely and secretly infect Guatemalan population with sexually transmitted diseases, some of them deadly, in order to study the effects. (Read More) The US apologies for this years later (Read about that here)

1950- In the University of Pennsylvania Dr. Joseph Stokes infects 200 women with viral hepatitis to study the disease. (Read More) 

1950-1953- CIA begins Project Bluebird (aka Artichoke) using drugs, hypnosis, special interrogation techniques, a program geared at controlling the mind. Multiple human subjects are used to experiment on. (Read More) 

1950 – 1953-  The U.S. Army releases chemical clouds over six American and Canadian cities. Many residents become ill with pheumonia-like symptoms. (Read More)

1950- Department of Defense begins plans to detonate nuclear weapons in desert areas and monitor downwind residents for medical problems and mortality rates. Thousands were impacted by the radiation. (Read More) 

1951-1969- The Department of Defense ignites open air tests using disease-producing bacteria and viruses. People in the surrounding areas were exposed. (Read More) 

1953- A CIA joint experiment, known as Operation Sea Spray, was conducted in which 800,000 people in New York City and San Francisco were exposed to airborne germs Serratia marcescens and Bacillus glogigii. All out dumping it on the two cities to study the effects. (Read More) 

1953-1957- Via the Manhattan Project eleven patients at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston are injected with uranium. (Read More) 

1954- Known as Operation Whitecoat, the United States conducts a biowarfare program, including human experimentation done at Fort Detrick. After tens of thousands of civilians and military personnel served as participants in experiments involving deadly biological agents, it was finally ended in 1973. (Read More) 

1955 – The CIA wanted to conduct a test on the ability to infect the human population with biological agents, so they released a bacteria over Tampa Bay, Florida. (Read More) 

1955/1956- US military unleashes an entomological warfare field test over Georgia and Florida. They disperse over 300,000 mosquitoes from aircraft infected with Yellow Fever to study the effects of the victims. This is known as Operation Big Buzz. (Read More)

1957- The US military conducts an experiment testing 29 nuclear detonations 69 miles outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. Over 18,000 military men participated and over 32,000 cases of thyroid cancer surfaced among the civilian population after this test. This was known as Operation Pumbbob.  (Read More) 

1958- The U.S. Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) drops radioactive materials over Point Hope, Alaska. Many long term effects on the population. This is known as Project Chariot. (Read More) 

1964-1968- The U.S. Army pays the University of Pennsylvania Professors Albert Kligman and Herbert W. Copelan to experiment on 320 inmates of Holmesburg Prison to determine the effectiveness of mind-altering drugs. (Read More) 

1964-1967- The Dow Chemical Company pays Kligman to learn how dioxin (a carcinogenic in Agent Orange) effects the human skin. (Read More) 

1965- The Department of Defense, via a test called “Big Tom”, sprays Hawaii with Bacillus globigii which weakens peoples immune system. (Read More) 

1966- US Army drops bulbs filled with Bacillus subtitles through ventilation gates in the New York City subway system exposing one million to the bacteria. (Read More) 

1967/1968- CIA poisons the drinking water with chemicals in Washington, DC. (Read More) 

1970- HR 15090, under supervision of the CIA and at Fort Derrick, speculations are raised that molecular biology techniques are used to produce AIDS like retroviruses. (Read More) 

1975- A cancer causing virus is developed at the virus section of Fort Detrick’s Center for Biological Warfare Research (renamed Fredrick Cancer Research Facilities). It is also believed that this facility harbors virus with no immunity. Funny how we’ve since a major spike in cancer since then. (Read More) 

1978- CDC begins conducting experiments on people in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco with Hepatitis B vaccine. They used gay men as guinea pigs. By 1983 30% of the test subjects became HIV positive. (Read More) 

1987- Department of Defense admits that it continues to operate in 127 research facilities across the nation.  (Read More) 

1990- Over 1,500 babies of black and hispanic decent in California were given the measles vaccine. Parents were not informed that their kids were test subjects to this vaccine experiment. Many of the babies died. (Read More)

1994- John D. Rockefeller claims that for the last 50 years the Department of Defense has conducted thousands of experiments on military personnel. Including nerve gas, mustard gas, ionizing radiation, psychochemicals, hallucinogens and drugs. (Read More) 

1996- Department of Defense admits that Gulf War soldiers were exposed to chemical agents. (Read More) 

2000- The U.S. Air Force and rocket maker Lockheed Martin sponsor a Loma Linda University study that pays 100 Californians to consume a dose of perchlorate — a toxic component of rocket fuel that causes cancer, damages the thyroid gland and hinders normal development in children and fetuses — every day for six months. (Read More) 


For More Information See:

Clinton Youtube video- (0:40-2:05)

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    • The Clucker

      Your profile pic should be of you crying yourself stupid or at least frowning. I read a headline like that and then your profile pic at the top is you smiling with glee. Ugh.

      Go get a real job, Lisa. Maybe you can arm the elderly like your lover Lyn.

      Funny how she pulled her profile pic off of the ‘Blade Forums’ site. It used to be a picture of Lyn Leahz, a.k.a. Christina Ferris.

      • Ambicatus

        Brother Clucker, (damn that sounds cool, its like im almost swearin , but im not, im like bein sincere!)

        i agree, she seems awfully happy for someone who surrounds herself with such horrible news, its like the “retarded sheep before the slaughter” ,,, hmmm wait a minnint, whats that goat called? that one that helps the sheep into the right shed? omf. this is what is going on:

        Because, if you are not leading people TO the Commandments, you leading them to the slaughter.
        and like, for someone who supposedly has gone to seminary school (like duurh no wondewr they teach NIV “there is no law” “law nailed to the cross” in total contrast to the WHOLE Bible from start to finish, which is like ALL about the Commandments, which, honestly , are 10 RULES to being a DECENT human, and being able to interact as an entity, with other entity in the most harmonious manner, yet they HATE IT. why? well cause they love THEMSELVES and their COMFORT for than anything. that is the god in their lives, “am i getting MY way, if so then happy” and, she, will only be sad, if her COMFORT is disturbed, she does not care for Truth, if she did, she would be exposing the PRIME corruptors, and their jesuit masters. cause the edoms aint boss of the jesuits, ooohno, jus financial an corruption division, the jews, are how one says “incidental” but, yes, why does she not do a story on this?

        and then cry? makes me cry

        • b4

          good–i hope you cry til you die maggot/aka house fly–now if you would just start practicing what you preach you will disappear from this planet and descend into hell with the rest of your clan

          • Ambicatus

            HA! hahaha! MAKE ME! girlpants-blouse wearing, make-up fan!

      • Mark

        Poor Lisa.

        The internal contradictions of Protestantism:

        Protestantism brought to you by the Synagogue of Satan: and Jewish Influence on Christian Reform Movements
        by Rabbi Louis I. Newman,

    • Josie

      Dear God in heaven why didn’t someone stopped these crimes against these people. Why did no one speak up, is everyone corrupt or afraid. These sick perverted animals will get the their due just sorry we will miss seeing it. I know this horrendous scientific experiment s are still going on. I for one will be glad to see Christ return, sooner the better…

      • 2QIK4U

        Your Gubbermint does all this in the name of your God

        • Warrior Poet

          stfu you asshole. Its my GOD your talking about and you don’t really want to piss me off.

          • Syco

            And what would you do??? Keyboard warrior!

      • Judge Roy Bean

        Much easier to hide then but the people are probably far worse today and more of them.

    • Pink Slime

      Hello Angle#1,

      Charlie here. Did you do something to your camera? The video definition looks different.

      Anyhouse, the only way to get back at these evil vile people is to SUE them for every DOUGHNUT THEY HAVE!!! SUE THEM FOR EVERYTHING!!

      Find out who they are and who did it and SUE THEM for any physical harm or deaths they have caused. There is no such thing as government immunity because you LOSE that as soon as you decide you want to practice tyranny!!


      Charlie (SUE THEM! SUE THEM FOR EVERY DOUGHNUT!!!!!!!!) :mad: :mad:

      • AmbrociousXP

        Can we sue them for the waffles too? That was very tragic…them darn waffles…

    • FadingShadow2

      Lisa Haven,

      As usual, you are playing freely with the facts.

      You wrote, “1955 – The CIA wanted to conduct a test on the ability to infect the human population with biological agents, so they released a bacteria over Tampa Bay, Florida. (Read More)

      This twists the actual purpose of why the CIA released biological agents and conveniently ignores the major fact that the government didn’t believe the agent they released was harmful to humans. They were studying how vulnerable large cities were. They were not trying to infect Americans using biological warfare. If you had read your own link, this is very obvious!

      1955/1956- US military unleashes an entomological warfare field test over Georgia and Florida. They disperse over 300,000 mosquitoes from aircraft infected with Yellow Fever to study the effects of the victims. This is known as Operation Big Buzz

      Your statement is just wrong. The mosquitoes were NOT infected with anything. Check the military records.

      EGADS, at least be accurate instead of throwing stuff on the wall to see what sticks!!

      • Anonymous

        You are a clinical idiot

    • Anonymous

      They are creating bioweaponized children via vaccine programs….

      • FadingShadow2


        You have a vivid imagination without any verifiable factual documentation for your statements.

        I think I’ll follow your example and claim (without any proof) that Santa Claus is really a plot by the CIA to infect every household annually by inserting an invisible, odor-free biochemical in every present he delivers in order to make the entire world subject to THE ELITE’S wishes.

        This program originally began in 1947 with the name Code Red and has only now been revealed due to requests covered under the Freedom of Information Act.

    • Ambicatus

      INSTEAD of worrying about stupid things, rather get the BIG stuff right, like, what, is the MARK of CAIN?

      This video, can help those who have a REAL yearning for Truth, and the question,, WHY? the massacre? WHY do they want to kill us? WHy did Cain, kill ABel?

      Blessed Sabbath

      • FadingShadow2

        Who cares? The important things to me are to make a living, take care of my family, and not worry about some 2000 year old statement in a book that may or may not be correct. The mark of Cain is irrelevant to us today as it was placed upon him at the time by God for other men to see and realize that he was not to be killed. So there ya’ go. End of story. (Which you could find in Genesis.)

    • Anonymous

      Lets not leave out the SV40 pokio vaccine cancer causing viteria contaminant that continues to infect to this day.
      Found in US children….

    • Anonymous

      1966 – Bacilus subtilis (autocorrect inserted subtitles)

    • Anonymous

      1996- GWVets issued clothing were impregnated with multiple neurotoxic pesticides as well….

      • FadingShadow2

        Anonymous – Verifiable source for this claim???

    • Wellingtondeb

      Excellent article and from my research over the last couple of years ….you are spot on. We, the people, have been on the “hit” list by pharma, governments, big business and Satan for many years. I would like to add one of the most horrendous crimes that you left off of your list ….Lyme Disease which I personally suffer greatly from. It was developed at Plum Island off the shores off Lyme Conn. and mimics over 300 different diseases. At the rate of over 300,000 people in the USA being afflicted each year….we don’t have long to go before no one is left who can resist. Jesus must be coming soon …Satan has destroyed God’s beautiful earth and is working double time to destroy all of mankind through his minions . God help us!!!!!!!!

    • Logicgirl

      Great article! Well done!




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