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Muhammad Ali: Here's Why There Is Such a Worldwide Outpouring of Praise and Respect

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Here’s a guy who literally failed his U.S. Army IQ test when they went to draft him for Vietnam.

His response: “I said I was the greatest, not the smartest.” 

The truth of the matter is that Muhammad Ali was the “smartest one in the room” as well as “the most courageous guy on the block”.


Special Note:
There is a very good reason for the extraordinary outpouring of reverential sentiment and effusive respect for Muhammad Ali.  He spoke the truth in an era when it was very dangerous to do so.  Then he lived his own truth.  He took back his power from the System. And then he spoke truth to power in a way very few will ever do from such a high public platform.  In other words the guy had the COURAGE of Mahatma Gandhi and Joan of Arc all in one person.  Very few have ever been willing to stand up to the Military-Industrial Complex at the very height of their career knowing it could all be taken from them in a flash.  Ali knew that he was living in the “Belly of the Beast” and was not timid about saying so.  This is why he was so admired; very few people anywhere in American society have courage anymore.  People in general know this and, therefore, greatly admire what they so profoundly lack.  Were the USA to be populated with even a handful of Muhammad Alis, the current predicament of societal collapse and political corruption, economic depression and financial hardship might have been significantly lessened.  How ironic that this awesome professional boxer and brave soul paved the way for the first black president who then created an Obamanation through his relentless warmongering.  Whereas Ali was the spearhead of the very first popular movement in recorded history to terminate a major war.  Now you know why he is a real modern-day hero. Even Martin Luther King derived great inspiration from him.   

Refusing to be drafted for the immoral and repugnant Vietnam War is a perfect example of just how smart Muhammad Ali really was.  He knew that he would be used as cannon fodder for that rich man’s war.  He also knew that they were going for all his homeboys. Boy, did Muhammad Ali ever throw a huge wrench in their war machine.  And they never even saw it coming ….


Why else was he so smart?  Well here’s his great response to the folks in Hollywood who are responsible for placing the famous Hollywood Stars.  He wasn’t at all for having his star placed on the ground like all the rest of them.  No, he sure didn’t either.

Muhammad Ali dead: Why the iconic boxer’s Hollywood star isn’t on the Walk of Fame

As for his wordsmithing, there was simply no one better at trash-talking—NO ONE!  Not before him; not after him.  He had that gift of gab that endeared the whole world to him.  If you don’t believe it, then just watch this video.

VIDEOMuhammad Ali: ‘Not just the greatest boxer of all time. The greatest trash talker EVER!’


Not only was Muhammad Ali a great boxer, he was also a very courageous soul.  Just think of how courageous it must have been to have a job knocking people out for a living and yet having the courage of your convictions to risk prison by rejecting your draft notice.  He really didn’t care that the establishment would heap scorn upon him for being an ‘apparent’ hypocrite.  The fact was that there was NOT an iota of hypocrisy in him. That’s why everyone loved him.

Muhammad Ali Risked It All When He Opposed The Vietnam War

Even Martin Luther King Junior was inspired by Ali when he saw him go from college campus to college campus riling up the students against the corporate-driven Vietnam War. King was so empowered that he, too, found his voice in order to warn his black kin that they would be sacrificed in Nam in much greater numbers than their white brethren. And so they were.  And so was MLK killed for his forceful speeches uttered against the evils of the Vietnam War, as well as the perpetual war economy.

As for his boxing prowess and fighting skill, oh, yeah he’ll be remembered for that too. The following video shows just how good he was at living up to his signature ringside tactic summed up by his extraordinary ability to:  ‘Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.’

VIDEO: ‘Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee’ by Muhammad Ali

1335490820_lgpp31685 float-like-a-butterfly-muhammad-ali-poster

Did we fail to mention how incredibly funny Muhammad was?  If this guy didn’t go into boxing surely he would have given George Pryor, Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock a run for their money.




As for good ole fashioned wisdom, yeah, he had a LOT of that, too.

As a matter of fact, if you really listened to him closely you realized that the now deceased Muhammad Ali was the quintessential court jester in his day.  You know how the court jester was really the smartest one in the king’s court.  That if the kingdom is to thrive or if the king is to survive all the court intrigues, then he had better listen to his court jester. For it is from the mouth of the jester that truth — real deep truth — flows for all to hear.  Not to do so — hear it and act on it — is to neglect one of life’s most sacred and important duties.

Let’s listen to what Muhammad Ali had to tell us all.












Muhammad Ali: “The Smartest One in the Room and Most Courageous Guy on the Block” | SOTN: Alternative News & Commentary

THE MILLENNIUM REPORT: Reporting the Most Important News in the World Today

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    • VirusGuard

      Ali was a good man and stood up for the rights of blacks and was seen as a hero but when a white man stands up for whites then he’s this, he’s that and wants to gas jews and gets thrown in jail for daring to speak the truth.

      You see the farmers want to keep sheep on the farm fighting each other so they get to commit murder and no one notices.

      Here in the UK you don’t have to be brown/black to get a council house but it sure as hell helps and it’s also helps to jump HNS queues too and to avoid tax investigations.

    • 1 darkstar

      A truly great man.

    • Ambicatus

      lame , dying of old age is the most scandalous, dishonorable way to die ever.

      • ROSEBUD

        Hey Dick. These are the words of a eugenicist or a transhumanist.. either way, you’re a liar.

        Whom do you serve? I already know. You mock the Most High every time you quote Scripture, with your deceptions, False righteousness, and pagan exaltation.

        You Fraud.

        • knowing

          there is much more truth in paganism than in any bible ever was. even so called “true” King James’s bible wasn’t translated from Hebrew but was given to “chosen” translators to translate it into english based on roman nonsense.

    • FirebrandOne

      Where was that staged picture with the cops taken? looks like Irish (gardai) police, they drove those Hilman Avergers – a truly terrible car of the era. Ali did visit Ireland and was well received, had relatives from the West of Ireland (white relatives that is)

    • Elekwense

      He’s also a Muslim. May the peace and blessings of God be upon him.

    • Ralph

      And Stupid Enough To Become A 7th Century Barbaric Inbred Idiot: Muslim Idiot…

    • my2pesos

      Why is Jesus White – Muhammed Ali – You Tube.

    • Pink Slime

      It is too bad he converted to Islam. I know he was a racist inside but only to the point that he RESENTED the way he was treated by whites, which is ironic, as their culture was the only one that could make a negro “the greatest”.

      No other culture FREED Negroes or made so many of them stars in so many fields and some of the richest in the world, not to mention the fattest.

      It’s too bad he did not become a Christian. He thought it was white man’s religion not realizing the one he went to enslaved Negroes even worse. But somehow he had no word on how Islam treated Negroes historically.

    • moochie2

      I think he was plenty smart enough to fail the IQ test.


      OH, I finally get it, after studying so many comments throughout this site and over the years..

      YES the truth has always been accessible but I was far too slow to grasp it, and I want to thank those here who have been working diligently between the lines to shine the light upon all.. Praise be.

      Only WASPs deserve the sanctity of life. AH! strikes me like a lightening bolt… YES the select few have opened my eyes to this. White people only. WOW. Makes everything so much clearer now. White is right!

      Am I wrong in my understanding of this? Someone please confirm this for me.

      • ROSEBUD

        YES so it must be. A quick scan of many comments by a select few (whom I must trust as they often quote Scripture) does in fact confirm this.. hatred, misery and death to all who are not white.. Correct, select few?
        Bible in one hand, Bigotry in the other. Now, that’s a full load.

        • ROSEBUD

          YEAH that’s right, select few. SCREW YOU. HaHA!!!

          • Cintus Supremus

            Only matters what The Boss said Himself in His Book. Nothing said by any of us limber-brained hoopleheads amounts to much of anything.

            So? What sayeth The Boss?

            The children of Abraham.

            And who is a child of Abraham?

            Those who believe in, trust and follow The Boss.

            According to the Word, race is important. But personal belief and behavior trumps race in all cases. More than that, and we enter into the wilderness of tradition, of dogma and of vain rhetoric.

      • RAIN

        HELL YES.

        The message is CLEAR.. and to hell with those “select few” commenters.. because I don’t give a dam what you think.




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