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Gov’t Experiment? “Chemical Mist” Covers Beach—Forces Evacuations… Hundreds in Hospital!

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By Lisa Haven


Tourists packed at a beach in the UK have just experienced a terrifying event and one that sounds almost too freakish to be true.

In the video below I detail, with pictures, how beachgoers were left suffering after a mysterious, freakish mist struck the shore, leaving many in the hospital.

All that and more below…


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    • 2QIK4U


      • Problem, Reaction, Solution


      • Problem, Reaction, Solution
        • 2QIK4U

          Hey smartass MI 5 just told the public now that it’s most likely chlorine release from a factory in France. So they’re caught out again. Ashlock… Nice try shill.

          • Problem, Reaction, Solution

            2Qweer4U… Are you implying that our skies are not sprayed with aerosols? Shill derriere extraordinaire? Stupid is as stupid does 2Qweer4U.

            • Anonymous

              Were you there??? I don’t think so . We need to wait and see. Anyone’s guess is no better then anyone else. :razz:

      • Problem, Reaction, Solution

        2Qweer4U… Are you implying that our skies are not sprayed with aerosols? Shill derriere extraordinaire? Stupid is as stupid does 2Qweer4U.
        Geoengineering, Weather Modification, Stratospheric Aerosols (Chemtrails)

    • 2QIK4U

      Victoria Australia looks just like that beach every single morning until the afternoon. Then the sun burns it and they spray again. This is what happened in Australia last year and about ten people died and the government LIED and said it was a freak asthmatic dust storm.. Does this look like dust to anyone? Tester for a larger event.

      • 2QIK4U

        They spray so much it’s easy to tell the difference between REAL CLOUDS AND CHEMTRAILED CLUMPS OF CHEMICAL MIST.

      • Problem, Reaction, Solution

        2queef4u…Wrong, dead wrong. Fail. Your Gov’t has been experimenting on you 2Queef with aerosols for years. You’re too ignorant/brain dead to realize that humans are nothing more than an experiment in molecular, chemical and technological experiments. Wake up, your life depends on it.

        • 2QIK4U


      • Problem, Reaction, Solution

        2Qweer4U…Airline Passengers Told To Lower Shades During Chemtrail Spraying

    • DK

      It is not as unusual as you may believe since UK governments took to odd disposal sites for chemical munitions well until the late 80′s disposal at sea was common because of a relatively short shelf life. There is a deep sea trench between Scotland and Ireland which is peppered with all the UK unexploded ordinance of 2 world wars, Winnington Parish in Northwhich Cheshire home to the lion salt works and many huge ash pits open to the weather had one start to leak and boil, some children in the early 90′s got blisters from the ditch water which turned out to have residue from WWI chemical weapons which were buried with the Potash(a mixture of Potassium, Thorium and Uranium 235 oxides from coal burning) Olwen Dean the then Councillor sorted out their mixed waste problem by burying the Ash in a bigger mound and covering it over rather than getting the government to pay its due in separating the contaminated waste which itself was the responsibility of ICI. I was not very nice to her in our environmental science class in Mid Cheshire College, you solve an environmental problem by not digging a bigger hole with local authority money to hide a problem made by private Industry, ICI should have paid for its own waste removal, the MOD for its endangerment of local children putting mustard gas shells into an active chemical waste storage pit.

      Northwhich with a wilier council later used uncontaminated Potash waste as filler for bell cavities left by brine extraction in the salt layer the town was built on preventing the town collapsing in sinkholes.

      But what hey, the good people of Northwich are saved until the local mound gets oak trees.

      • 2QIK4U

        DK.. I think you might be closer than you think because everything you said is true and MI5 are now saying that it’s a chlorine release from a France factory that’s come across channel.. You know that never happens. I thought maybe someone tested a chlorine bomb for next week? Then thought maybe a submarine hAs released it but with all the disposal dumps all along the coast like you say could be very possible but they say thier tests read chlorine which I don’t think is part of a mustard gas recipe? I’d back my money on your intelligence before this other genuine genius commenting shill abuse above. 👆 you should look at google earth if you know that area and see if there is an ocean dump or an old explosive hAs upturned the ground? . Good objective view DK

      • 2QIK4U

        THE OUTER LIGHT channel on YouTube is showing that these were YELLOW CLOUDS! MUSTARD GAS. It looks just like it.. You might of gotten it DK. Respect or Resteppa as ali g tries to say 😉 an old canister might of popped off or someone’s testing but these new pics the smoke is mustard yellow.. The pics here must of been taken later as police were there when they were told its safe to go? 10 points for thinking for yourself at least 👍

    • Cousin_Jack

      Could’ve been something fallen off a container ship, they lose a container overboard every-so-often. Not that there isn’t an attempt to make London the only tourist destination in the UK.

      • Problem, Reaction, Solution

        London bridge the only tourist destination in the UK for radical Islamic terrorists to rent a truck and run over citizenry and tourists? Be sure to leave England’s borders wide open and immigrate radical Islamic Muslims to destroy the culture, language and borders. George Soros wet dream.

    • Sucking Chest Wound

      Hate to say it but I don’t think the sheep will ever wake up.
      Ever tried to convince one that the govt is NOT your friend? That govts are for the most part run by shady back room psychopaths who have no room for you in their new world?

      Try to enlighten an idiot…..You can actually see the light go out of their eyes and there’s suddenly somewhere else they need to be. The stupidity or lack of ability to think outside the dogma fed to them daily by the media (owned by just six bumsucking sycophants) has blinded the lot of them. Short of someone kicking down the door and shooting their kin, it’s business as usual. The non-human leaders must be laughing themselves silly at the long list of atrocities they can wreak on the mostly deaf, blind and stupid herd.

      Not content to poison the planet (mission accomplished) with Fukushima, they’ve grown impatient to rid the planets’ surface of useless eaters by dreaming up additional ‘solutions’ like WIPP, Hanover, HAARP, geoengineering, chemtrails, tsunamis, GMOs, wars, etc etc.

      Can’t WAIT for what dastardly scheme they dream up next, that the collection of fools will dutifully ignore.

      Maybe radioactive tainted fuel for our cars to spread the joy, or targeted scalar weapons using a sample of an individuals DNA to eliminate troublesome thinkers ……hmm….maybe they should put me on a retainer and bonus system for dreaming up nefarious ideas for them. Be a damn sight easier than trying to convince the sheep to wake up, huh. :mrgreen:

      • 2QIK4U

        The nice man in the suit says it’s good for me. I don’t know him but he flashed a badge so I’m going to be re NEDucated just like in the Simpson’s but with a new improved rfid tag and guess what? Im getting it half price! (we will start seeing “testimonial home shopping ads like this soon”)

        • Problem, Reaction, Solution

          2Qweer4U…Chemtrail Plane Inside

          • 2QIK4U

            BAHAHAHAHAAAAA. Troll, since your way smarter than I why don’t you research on who the team members were and how they got thier information out to the public. You aren’t worth the oxygen

      • 2QIK4U

        Texas nuclear plant is going to be flooded so you’ll have two Fukushima’s mixing your water. The head of the management of the Texas nuke plant says he’s exhausted fighting a losing battle. (qouted probably at least ten hours ago now ) if flood water reaches the fission pool you’ll all be glowing pretty quickly. Time to hit gurgle earth and see the distance of where Texas nuclear materials are from storm Centre. Strangest tornado though.. Radar shows clear calm holes around storm that haven’t been touched? And something (not saying what yet)yet was caught on radar leaving storm eye… SECURETEAM VIDEO OF IT UP NOW.. SEE THE HOLES AND ASK YOURSELF HOW IS IT POSSIBLE WHEN ITS NEVER ACTED THIS WAY IN HISTORY…

        • Problem, Reaction, Solution

          2Qweer4U…Whom is the true Dis-Info Shill Bitch.


          • 2QIK4U

            Troll nothing you put up has any context. Your late for school boy. How do you think you learnt about your links to begin with?? Fkng moron… Why are you following me shill? When you act human I might treat you like one. Nice account sock man 😂

            • K¡llúḿ¡ńàṫ¡✝☪ ॐ ﷲ ✡

              Predicting how the weather will behave over the coming hours, days, weeks, months, year! Project El Niño A.K.A. Satan: Government Weather Control!
              The research we still see them is the work of Satan Slaves.
              Love money more than family :eek: Only the true believers can see it!
              Deniro Farrar = CHEM trails over the hood i see em sprayin,
              Money is they guard. I see the look on their faces, Racist fuck!n devils :lol:
              It is sheer nonsense to think that knowing a person’s can Predicting how the weather will behave over days, weeks. No wonder so many otherwise educated people think that life is just for fun. I think I’ve found the thing you
              were looking for, just take a look at sky :lol:
              UN Debate on Chemtrails, Weather Modification, SRM – YouTube :razz:
              Rosalind Peterson, the US president of Agriculture Defence Coalition,
              addressing Chemtrails, Geoengineering, SRM in UN meeting.

            • 2QIK4U

              Yes D.. KILLUMINATI it is a topic we revealed long ago. My point being this goon seems to be arguing with himself? And is not on point with the exact situation at hand. Everything spat is all off topic and out of context to the comment genius was replying to… What’s funny is I see my own information being shoved back at me. LOL 😂

            • K¡llúḿ¡ńàṫ¡✝☪ ॐ ﷲ ✡

              Okay, you’ve made your point, there’s no need to keep going on about it.
              2QIK4U :arrow: Problem, Reaction, Solution will drag you down :idea:
              Mark Twain “Never argue with stupid people,
              they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

            • 2QIK4U

              Excellent observation of Mr twain I’ll remember that one 🐸🍻🐸

    • diane

      This is the truth. For three days this week we have had a gray mist in the air. Three full days in a row. It smells like petroleum. It extended from the San Fernando Valley to the Rolling Hills Estates. It stopped right at Palos Verdes where the billionaires live.

      As for me, I had to close my windows in the heat of summer. Having open beams and no rafters we were forced to move our bed into another room. I was sick two mornings in row. Dizzy, nausea. This stuff was very deadly. I am no kid, I am 70 years old. I have Type O negative blood and am blessed with a great sense of smell.

      I believe they are attempting to cull the herd, us. Sad, isn’t it how much they value us.

    • Everette

      Just the other night I went outside to see what the dog was barking at . When I return in doors I started sneezing and coughing spastly . I remember about a week earlier I did the same thing . About 4 to 5 years ago I caught a large army plane banking around and heading towards my house . Then all of a sudden it turned on its sprayers and fogged a 1/3 of the sky over our heads . I found myself so angry that I wanted to shut it down . But instead I prayed that their evils that they had just sprayed us with would have no effects . And so it didn’t ! They have begun using frequencies now , ringing my ears ! When it starts it begins about the same time every night and Sometimes durning the day time ! I have began a new type of prayer . Lord shield the righteous from the evils they are bombarding us with . Sup up the evils 7 times and send it back to them to enjoy for 7 days ! Funny thing the ringing soon stops . And for planes spraying us I pray that the evils they intended to do will be rendered null and void on the righteous . Let the wicked enjoy the fruits of their own labors . Lets the pilots spraying us and those that ordered it and those that created it be in great amounts of painful 7 days . Let them know why they are in the pain . Many years ago GOD taught me how to take the fight to the devil and his thugs that were attacking me . The Bible tells us to resist the devil and he will flee from you . So that tells me I have to put up a fight . When I have done all to stand I must continue to stand , with all the armor of GOD ready to fight the battle . We wrestle not with flesh and blood , but against principalities , powers , rulers of the darkness , spiritual wickedness in high places . Note the word wrestle ! That is an offensive word and a defensive word . One who wrestles must protect from the moves acted against them and at the same time look for an opening to inflect the move to take down your opionante . GOD showed me that the armor of our spiritual warfare was not to put on a manikin to look at , but to put on and wear to fight with . Matthew 18:18-19 says whatever we bind on earth shall be bound in Heaven and whatsoever you loose on earth shall be loosed in Heaven . Jesus disciples returned says Lord even the spirits are subject to us thu they name . Jesus also told them I give you power over all the enemy and they shall in no wise harm you . We dont have to put up with their crap ! I have noted that the planes don’t spray in the day time now . Every once in awhile they will try it again and will get their punishment declared upon them again . But looks like I need to pray for the night time as well . In order for GODs children to stay healthy and free from the parasites of the evil ones we must learn to do spiritual warfare . Just think if all GODs children started doing it . The wicked ones would beg GOD to please stop HIS children from praying for their destruction and hurt ! When the devil gets stupid I even pray for his hurt , I pray for ten thousand mighty warring angels equipped with GODs powers of fires , destruction and judgement to rain pain down on him ! People may say you can’t do that . But guess what it works and I can do that . I am resisting the devil as GOD told me to do ! And he does flee from me ! I have acquired many injuries in my life that has hardened me towards the evils of the devil . I am in pain daily . So when he adds to what he has already inflicted on me I pray for GODs angels to burn his ass ! When you are fighting the devil it’s not time to turn the other cheek , it’s time to kick his ass ! I could have said butt ! But that does not stick in your minds as good as ass ! Its the same body part , but one is used either in a sexual term or in anger ! And I am not talking sexual to the devil , it’s ANGER !!!

      • diane

        Thank you for your strength and prayers. These people who are doing these horrible things to their fellow man are evil. Good will prevail.

    • Morgawr

      Testing,Testing, 1,2,3.
      Did I say that out loud, o0ps




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