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Infowars Employees Expose Alex Jones

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    • IheartJesus

      This just smells. And the smell is like that of fish. You know the old saying.

      ,.-~*´¨¯¨`*·~-.¸-Don’t get mad get even- ,.-~*´¨¯¨`*·~-.¸

      • Man

        Personal hygiene is important. Have you tried it?

    • Man

      Alex Jones in a nutshell:
      “Globalist are preparing WW3! Are you scared now? Then support fallen with overpriced Peppers stuff”

      Infowars should be called infomercial

    • LegalNameFraud

      It’s ILLEGAL to use a Legal NAME. = legal fact = legal fucked.

      Legal isn’t law….it’s LeagueHell = evil consuming itself…

      The Truth = THE LAW = God……….end of fucking discussion.

      The TRUTH;

      D Duck Tapes

    • david james

      I must point out that these are JEWS trying to get themselves positioned in the truth movement. Jacobson worked with this guy for 10 years calling him a liar. He had no problem working for a liar until he was fired. This is also used tohit on Donald trump which is what all Jews do. I’ve always believed Alex Jones was fake but they will divide it all up like the Jews always do and they will become big players in the truth movement if it all works out and you fall for it. The Jews will take over Info Wars which is the same old same old. Jews are liars and thieves. The truth and Jews are like oil and water. USE YOUR MINDS THAT YAHWEH GAVE YOU. This is a classic Jew Attempt to get control of another piece of the MEDIA>

      I will boycott KNOWMORENEWS and call it NOMOREJEWS

      • Slaen

        People get really sensitive when you tell the truth about the Jews. Too indoctrinated by the Jews that own and run every single facet of their lives. I’m glad I don’t suffer from Jew guilt. BTW, I gave you a upvote, but it just cancelled out one of the two downvotes you had ;-D

      • dakota

        Jones is a jew too. Jews worship the devil. The devil is their god. He is a member of Bohemian Grove. ’nuff said?
        Don’t believe his claim of being a protestant.

    • ShamusAfterwit

      This video is compelling evidence of the ship Alex Jones has become. Maybe not ruin it by having a guy who believes people of power are also reptiles.

    • Pink Slime

      I knew something was wrong with AJ when he started to BAN me for using the proper description of NEGROES instead of the vulgar ethnic slur of “bl*ck”.

      These are NOT conservative sites at all but rather SHILL sites. A sign of a true conservative site is one that is NOT racist and allows you to call them by their proper description of Negroes. These sites DON’T!

      They either are duped people (not good) or work for the MAN, know what I’m say’ n??

      Two examples here was DH and his MA. Both don’t post here anymore because they can’t stand that I call them NEGROES when it should be the ethnic slur of “bl*ck”!!!

      Like I said, either DUPED or work for the man. :cool:

    • unidentified

      he is part of the flat earth prison planet believers just like breitbart, these are people that helped trump staff his administration, just as crazy as the end times and alien invasion writers

    • Canderson

      I agree but I will still be listening to his show. To be in focus, to catch the audience he need to tell some truth (80%?), just stay out of his spin of it.

      • Canderson

        The weapon deal was done before Trump, skip that.

      • Canderson

        If you ask me this could have been Alex Jones, no longer useful to the cabal.
        Photo of a Dead Stephen Paddock

        That is why he works his ass off, but it is an impossible mission, the truth vs Alex Jones and the Zionist agenda.

        • Canderson

          I remember I was really shocked by the Chuck Norris thingy (his son where on the AJ show several times and induced hope to the people), then his father Chuck Norris, he directly went to Israel and kissed Mr Benjamin Netanyahu’s butt, is that what being an American is all about today?

          The Latest Politics, News & Election Videos

          Dress Rehearsal: C-Span Chuck Hagel Hearings – Saturday Night Live

        • Canderson

          It is good to discuss things in public. +++++

        • Canderson

          I can say this the ordinary people got nothing to do with this Imperial power grab like the NWO, the UN is bad, the FED is bad the Vatican is bad and they are as One.

          • Canderson

            I can say this the ordinary people got nothing to do with this Imperial power grab including the people of Israel.

            Militia Radio Frequencies

            The militia-patriot movement in America has embraced radio communications in a big way. Within the past decade, the methods and communications gear have evolved from basic CB or FRS radios, to now include VHF-UHF FM, HF SSB, and HF digital communications. This article focuses on some of the radio gear and channel frequencies utilized by various groups. Radio comms now play an active role in armed confrontations, as part of rump militia training, in outreach, and in organizing groups.

            Militia Frequency List – Short Range

            === | ======= | ============| ======= ======= ======== ====
            UHF |HAM U975=| 446.9750 FM | MILITIA HAM SIMPLEX
            UHF |HAM U025=| 446.0250 FM | PATRIOT HAM SIMPLEX
            UHF |FRS 3 ===| 462.6125 FM | MILITIA PATRIOT FRS PRIMARY
            VHF |MURS 3 ==| 151.9400 FM | MILITIA PATRIOT MURS PRIMARY
            VHF |HAM 42 ==| 146.4200 FM | PATRIOT MILITIA HAM SIMPLEX
            VHF |HAM 485 =| 146.4850 FM | MILITIA HAM SOUTHEASTERN SIMP
            VHF |HAM 53 ==| 146.5300 FM | PATRIOT MILITIA HAM SIMPLEX
            VHF |HAM 55 ==| 146.5500 FM | PATRIOT HAM SIMPLEX
            VHF |HAM 725 =| 146.7250 FM | MILITIA HAM SIMPLEX
            HF =|HAM 10 M | 028.3000 USB| MILITIA HAM EASTERN
            HF =|HAM 10 M | 028.3050 USB| PATRIOT HAM NATIONWIDE PRIMARY
            HF =|HAM 10 M | 028.3100 USB| PATRIOT HAM NATIONWIDE
            HF =|HAM 10 M | 028.3200 USB| PATRIOT HAM NATIONWIDE
            CB =|CB 3 AM =| 026.9850 AM | MILITIA PATRIOT CB COMMON
            CB =|CB 3 USB | 026.9850 USB| MILITIA AM USB OR LSB
            CB =|CB 14 AM | 027.1250 AM | MILITIA CB SOUTHEASTERN LOCAL
            CB =|CB 32 LSB| 027.3250 LSB| MILITIA CB SSB SOUTHEAST
            CB =|CB 36 USB| 027.3650 USB| MILITIA PATRIOT CB
            CB =|CB 37 USB| 027.3750 USB| PATRIOT CB SSB NATIONWIDE
            The source of this frequency list is RadioMaster Reports.

          • Canderson

            I know this, if Alex Jones grows as big as a the MSM itself, then he rep a conglomerate (and he is stratfor and a bunch of others.), is he just the New (imperial asshole) or is he of the people?

            Conglomerate – Investopedia (Zionist)

            These are helpless against the Jesuits? (=playing along.)

            • Canderson

              If you are within the structure of Evil and are a Good person, stay. Wait for the right moment in time when we all rise together. / Right out of the Templars =learning out of them.




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