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Crazy New Bill Drops an Unexpected Bombshell on Americans... Wait Until You See What's Inside

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By Lisa Haven


Now, this is interesting! A piece of legislation has just been introduced by Representative Diana DeGette and co-signed by seven other congressmen, that is proposing a very controversial topic.  The Bill is known as House Resolution 4273. All that and more in the report below…

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    • 2QIK4U

      Who cares about Tobacco age restrictions? You can’t drink till 21 and you can drive at 16 and join the army to meet lots of interesting people and kill them so who will obey this anyway? Especially when you can get weed at any age! There’s more important things than if an adult wants to smoke.. The real question is what shifty law is hidden under this they want to sneak through?

      • 2QIK4U

        Australians can’t start LEARNING to drive until 18. Then you must be on probationary license for another two years and by the time your nearly 22 you finally become fully licensed. Now that’s stoopid! We can join the army but must leave guns behind! We pay nearly $50 for a 40 pack of the worst qaulity cigarettes. If we’re lucky enough to have a firearm at home it would take 5 minutes to open the safe construct your tool then find your other safe in a different location to get only a couple of bullets. Try telling an intruder to wait while you prepare to protect your family. So Lisa would you prefer your laws or ours on this topic? The NWO has already been long established here. With all the turmoil most Americans think they’re in you all don’t realise that even though you do have a lot of VERY BAD OBAMA LAWS DESIGNED TO KILL YOU BUT YOU ARE STILL TEN TIMES BETTER OFF THAN THE BEST COUNTRY ON EARTH. (WHoops caps )

        • PaulTarsuss

          Now THAT’S a KNIFE! I’ll have what he’s having.


        • wiseoldlady

          At 71, I still smoke. Hey, I am a landlord…!!! When I purchased a carton of Marlboros 4 years ago in Jordan the carton cost $10.00 (TEN DOLLARS). It shows you how much is in tax….when we pay $60.00 for a carton here. I remember way back when they were $2.00 per carton. It is a nasty habit. Wish they would soften the tip of electronic cigarettes to feel more natural like the filter tip. There is no worse smell than in my hallways if I catch a tenant smoking marijuana which is not allowed on my property. Now that does smell awful. It certainly makes other tenants irate. Any obstacle to protect the young is good but the deep state control is not the answer.

    • saucepan

      That’s fine with me if they up the age of smoking to 21. It’s a horrible habit to have anyhow, especially if you live with a smoker and don’t smoke or above one (like in an apartment) and don’t smoke. P.U.

      • Me

        Fine with it? What is it you like to do, and would raise Holy Hell if they passed a law restricting your access to it? See, it’s not the act being restricted that people have issue with. It’s simply the fact they feel they have the right to restrict certain behaviors JUST because THEY feel it’s bad for you. It’s none of their business!! By the way, I’m not a smoker.

    • Freeus

      Good idea- not great- as they will do what they will -as we did. When the DEA and EPA and DHS get “real” people and not bought off people- from the globalist trillionaires, AKA UN, NATO, Committee of 300, Bilderberg, Illuminati- then and only then will we get rid of the self elected buying up deadly pharm to teach docotors and Agenda 21 to the GMOS and drugs killing people like lab rats, by the millions. How about humanity getting the “cheap” real herbs our ancestors have used for ions…which is unlawful for most states and federally -if it is Cannabis- they make their money controlling it. The Sacred Plant, quite the healer -they take natural herbal medicine from us and sell it back to us illegally..

    • The Watcher


      • Anonymous

        Sister Heaven is in an ARMS race. If you know what I mean. :cool:


      More interested in how the 5th Amendment is selective enforcement

    • Link

      Lisa, you must be on the verge of insanity if all you can find to complain about is raising the age of tobacco sales to 21.

    • Reaper

      LIAR, THE BILL WAS INTRODUCED IN 2015 AND IT IS H.R.4273 – Medicare and Medicaid Improvements and Adjustments Act of 2015

    • HP

      Army age is 18, which should answer all about age limits. Concentrate on the more important items, please. Don’t waste our tax money. You can be replaced. Homeless,economy,seniors,veterans,urban renewal,schools,welfare,food stamps;concentrate on that, thank you.

    • Wynter Silvermoon

      There is always some other hidden motive behind what they do. What is interesting is says “All tobacco products” which means this is a pre-emptive for those states that would and are legalizing pot. So, really they don’t want young men 18 – 21 smoking pot. Now why would that be? Because like Kathy O’Brien said, it interferes with the programming.

    • Anonymous

      I am not a habitual smoker, but do find a point of satisfaction, when I have had enough.

      Actually, look at how big a plant can get, and consider that it could be as cheap as ordinary flower seeds — as useful a remedy as mj.

      Look at the reported costs, over several years, and explain to me why there needs to be a state cartel for this –

      Has the same basic tolerances, as it’s relatives, tomatoes and peppers.

      Tea Party 1 threw some commodity, in the Boston Harbor. Just saying. Then, they DIY’ed.

    • Man

      Has anyone clicked on the link of the Bill?

      It has no information about the bill

    • Minuteman

      once you start targeting one product they can always demonize something else in the future. Lets take baby formula say some doctor some where says that baby formula is bad for a child and all the other scientist jump on board they start demonizing baby formula and they say that a mother should breast feet until the child is five they create a law that a $100 tax should be placed on every 32 ounces of baby formula this is to promote breast feeding by the lazy mother. In this case I use baby formula we can do this all day long they already tried sugar in New York City. I’m an ex smoker I smoked for 15 years haven’t smoked in 10 years I only quit so I could send my kids to a parochial school because I believe in god and to get them away from the crazy leftest. I would be smoking right now if cigarettes weren’t $9 a pack. Passing laws on legal products is a slippery slope, passing laws is a slippery slope

      • Anonymous

        All of the household names are effectively nationalized, reserved for crony capital, and distributed under onerous market controls.

        The slippery slope was, perhaps, 200yrs ago, if you could have it, without oversight. We are well over the precipice.

        If you can afford it, this habit is a privilege.




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