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Benjamin Fulford: U.S. Military to Declare Martial Law as DOJ, FBI Criminality Exposed - December 4, 2017

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December 4, 2017 Benjamin Fulford


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    • 2QIK4U

      I’ve been picturing this for about two weeks. A little sign here something dodgy there… Been no false flags for a couple weeks. It’s Quiet. Too Quiet. I’m just beginning to relax into the Christmas spirit and every time Murphy and his damn laws kick in…

      • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

        No worries mate! :lol:
        Just keep the JD handy for medicinal purposes. :wink:
        All you can do is like the rest of us.
        Keep on trying to keep on. :???:
        I have to admit, this last year has been one of the most interesting since Reagan.
        Pedos are going down in numbers we haven’t seen in YEARS.
        The current administration has walked us OUT of shit deals designed to take us down.
        I knew Trump wasn’t going to be able to “Drain the swamp” in a day.
        And sometimes I think he’s just another rat-bastard in a people suit.
        It’s hard to keep on keeping on
        A lot of GOOD things have been done, and I can’t IMAGINE the fight he has on his hands.
        (I don’t believe anyone else can either.)
        Merry Christmas 2QIK4U! :grin:
        Don’t worry about that supreme and TOTAL, POS, Murphy.
        I think Trump has HIM under indictment too. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
        Blessings to your Australia, Mayhems New Zealand, my America, and to ALL you BIN denizens that fight every and ANY way they can against tyranny. :grin:

        No one named Murphy was hurt in the production of this post… yet… :twisted:

        • 2QIK4U

          ??? I wrote a big paragraph response nsa.. It was here?? …

          • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

            Sorry QIK, nothing on my board. :cry:
            If you still check this… I’ve noticed that whole, multiple responses seem to disappear. :???:
            Some one is screwing with the net, not like that’s new but, HELL!!!!
            I’ve NEVER seen commentators ENTIRE posts disappear from BIN before!
            MULTIPLE POSTS!!! :???:

          • dakota

            2Q: Always Always SELECT & COPY your post and then when you check back and it’s gone, you can just paste it in again and again.

        • 2QIK4U

          Merry Christmas bro ;)

        • Mayhem

          Jingle bells and deck the halls it’s about that time of year. Still no seasonal adverts on my telly most likely because it hasn’t been turned on in eons.

          Trouble is Yuletide was originally a pagan 12 day feast and for some strange reason Christianity decided that would be a good time to celebrate the birth of our savior and never mind it is very unlikely Jesus was born at that time of year. Fact is there’s only a few birthdays mentioned in the Bible and none of them were good guys.

          That’s the cliff note version of why believers aren’t big on wishing folk a merry christmas so don’t be too hard on the bible thumpers because they can make a strong argument against the salutation.

          For example: there is Jeremiah 10:1-5 to consider…

          … and what Mark and Paul had to say about the traditions of men.

          • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

            I know, Mayhem, I know. :wink:
            I hope that your years end, and your new year, soon to come, are safe, happy and blessed. :smile:

            • Mayhem

              Thanks, Arti, and my best wishes to you in turn. I’ve got a months holiday starting in 10 days and i’m fitting this…


              … into the plan. It’s a little over US$150 and takes the best part of a day. Catch some digs in muh capital city, catch a show, and hop the same train back the next day for another buck fifty.

              Happy and blessed? I like to think so but truth be told 10 years ago, when i first arrived in the bins, i was paying my rent with a friends credit card.

            • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

              Progress is progress. :wink: :grin:
              The last 5 years has been horrifying, and then amazing for me and mine.
              Long story. :lol:
              Cliff note version… A lot of BAD happened, and a lot of GOOD came out of it.
              Enjoy your time on holiday. :grin:
              Looking forward to “Read a Book”, returning soon.

          • dakota

            Oh, don’t get your belly button in a tither.

            When Jesus was born the world was on the Lunar Calendar (the occult calendar, as a matter of fact). The world is now on the Gregorian calendar.
            The Lunar calendar is 3 months behind the Gregorian. Occult calendar’s September is Gregorian Calendar’s December. So, no matter what you call it, it is indeed the present season that Christ was born.
            One of the pope’s got us off the occult calendar. Thanks be to God for that one.

            So, if technicalities and bs is your thing, then pull out your Lunar calendar and say, ‘ACCORDING TO THE LUNAR CALENDAR, . blah blah blah…etc.

            Nostradamus used the Lunar Calendar, in his time, as well.

            So, whether you like it or not, Jesus was born December 25th.

            AND most ‘pagan’ (satanic) feast days were put on the feast days of Christianity. Not the other way around. Leave it to jews (the devil worshippers) to deliberately tell it backwards.

            You are right that you are indeed MAYHEM.

            It stays Gregorian calendar for about 2 more decades.

            When the antichrist takes over, he puts the world back on the occult calendar for his reign of 7 yrs (8 because he’s in a coma for 1 year).
            Fitting, don’t you think? That’s another way you will know him, aside from the fact that he takes Monday as his day of rest.

            Thank you for this opportunity to clear things up for all Christians.

            Merry and Blessed Christmas (Christ’s birthday) to all Christians.

            • Mayhem

              Oh you’re welcome, dakota, very welcome and there’s a few other things you might condescend to clear up, if you don’t mind, but i’ll get to those in a moment.

              The calendar
              The calendar that uses the names of mythical Teutonic gods for the days of the week other than Sun-day and Moon-day. The calendar that has it’s months mostly named after Roman gods or Emperors/Caesars. That is the calendar you give thanks to God for?

              Truth be told; Il Papa Greg’s calendar is fundamentally a lunar model that traces its roots through Julian’s hands and all the way back to the Roman calendar which was the work of an unknown (probably Romy-n-Remy) but inarguable lunatic. All the Pope did was take the sanhedrin counsel out of the equation and fix certain dates in perpetuity, big deal, Julius Caesar had already done most of the heavy lifting and your boy Gregory only had to tie up one loose end.

              The Bible, on the other hand, has 12 months, numbered one through twelve and each precisely 30 days duration. How that works i have little idea and nor does anyone else, stone cold fact.

              Jesus birthday
              The Bible makes mention of Sheep herders tending their flock but the pope knew better and decreed that Jesus was born on what is often the coldest day, of the year, in Jerusalem. Saturnalia day, it’s called, and pagan as all get out.

              Jesus returning in 20 yrs
              Yeah, um, do you have a cardboard sign, on a stick, to prove that? Thing is i’ve heard that so many times i’ve lost count.

              Clear this up
              So this god you espouse doesn’t mind that you worship dead people, practice idolatry, conduct inane rituals while uttering vain repetitions, set a man above the Savior and presume to speak for Him, and if it all turns to custard you can buy your way out of trouble? Neat, where do i sign up, not. Or just show me, from the Bible, where Jesus or the Apostles ever celebrated or even mentioned their birthday.

              PS – i’m not a Jew and focusing on me, instead of my argument, never stops being funny :razz:

    • Bob DD

      Hope BF is never correct on what he has been so wrong on?

    • Pink Slime

      For 8 years you put in a ILLEGAL administration (run by a Negro) who thought at that time they had finally USURPED the US Constitution. But it was really usurped in 1913.

      That “hope & change” has now become hopeless & lame. The Negro and Democraps (aka communist) have been over 100 years late to the party and now only look like the lame fools they are.

      535 Congogressmen need to be arrested and charged with treason. Anyone who aided and abetted the Negro needs to be behind bars and the ring leaders hanged for TREASON!

      The Negro, himself, should be arrested and an APB be put out for his arrest. :twisted:

    • The Watcher


    • Man

      No noes MARITIAL LAWL !!!


    • Godspell

      Until you get your other predictions right, we should not believe anything you say. I am still waiting for the Ninjas and White Dragon Society to stop the Illuminati, but we are too, just keep believing you, until you finally get something right. You need to stop with your lies, they are not helping anything.

    • Anonymous

      From the Avatar, thank’s mom no vaccine needed, you made me perfect.




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