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Trump Is Utterly Destroying America With His Gosh-Dang Words! Haiti Government to Summons US Official to Explain Trump’s ‘S***hole’ Remark. (Videos)

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Trump Drops Bombshell SLUR Immigrants from ‘Sh*thole’ Countries


“Oops I did it again!” Why can’t Trump just close his miserable trap! We don’t need to worry about NOKO destroying us, our own stupid president is doing that for him. Just shut the hell up, Trump. You make each and every day worse!

God help us…

Haiti Government to Summons U.S. Official to Explain Trump’s ‘S***hole’ Remark

Source Jim Yackel

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Haiti govt summons US official to explain Trump’s ‘s***hole’ remark – report

The Haitian government has reportedly summoned a US official to explain why President Donald Trump used obscene language in relation to several nations, including Haiti, El Salvador and some African countries.

At a meeting in the Oval Office on Thursday, the US leader reportedly asked why so many people from those countries come to America. Paul Altidor, Haiti’s ambassador to the United States, told NBC News contributor Yamiche Alcindor that he and the Haitian government “vehemently condemn” Trump’s comments, noting that they were obviously “based on stereotypes.”

That time autocorrect hit me again but thankfully everyone knew what it meant. The Haitian government has “formally” asked the US government to explain itself.

— Yamiche Alcindor (@Yamiche) 12 января 2018 г.

“Either the president has been misinformed or he is miseducated,” Altidor said. “Haitians fought along US soldiers in the revolutionary war and we continue to be great contributors to American society,” he added.

According to Alcindor, Ambassador Paul Altidor also said that his country’s embassy in DC has heard from “many US citizens” of Haitian ancestry who are demanding an apology, and has formally summoned a US official to explain Trump’s comments.

Haiti’s US Ambassador Paul Altidor tells me Haiti’s government has formerly summoned a US official to explain Trump’s comments to Haiti’s officials. “Haitians fought along US soldiers in the revolutionary war and we continue to be great contributors to American society,” he said

— Yamiche Alcindor (@Yamiche) 12 января 2018 г.

.@realDonaldTrump, your mouth is the foulest shithole in the world. With what authority do you proclaim who’s welcome in America and who’s not. America’s greatness is built on diversity, or have you forgotten your immigrant background, Donald?

— Vicente Fox Quesada (@VicenteFoxQue) 11 января 2018 г.

The social media community, several Democratic lawmakers among them, came down on Trump like a ton of bricks, denouncing his comments as racist. Illinois state Sen. Kwame Raoul, whose Haitian parents immigrated to the US in the 1950s, said: “I don’t think there’s any apologizing out of this.

“He’s demonstrated himself to be unfit, unknowledgeable about the history of this country and the history of contributions that immigrants, particularly Haitian immigrants, have made to this country,” the Chicago Democrat added. “It makes me embarrassed to have this guy as the president of my country.”

Farah Larrieux, a Haitian immigrant in Miami who represents a national alliance of people like her who have been granted protections against deportation after natural disasters in their nations, said Trump’s “s***hole” comments are simply “beyond politics.”

“The guy has no respect for anyone. I am trying not to cry… I can’t understand how someone goes from making a statement in Little Haiti saying ‘I want to be the biggest champion of Haiti’ to calling Haiti a ‘s***hole.’ It makes me sick.”

Djenane Gourgue of the Haitian-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida said people spend “too much time commenting or watching or being pissed off at what Mr Trump says. That’s what he does well…” he said. “Those words cannot affect me… He’s just being a bully.”

US President Donald Trump apparently denied the reported comments later on Twitter, stating that “the language used by me at the DACA meeting was tough, but this was not the language used.” He wrote that the ‘toughest’ thing at the meeting was the “outlandish proposal” made by a bipartisan group on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Trump later insisted that he “never said anything derogatory about Haitians other than Haiti is, obviously, a very poor and troubled country.”


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    • truthseeker4809

      He can’t shut his mouth. He is doing everything possible to isolate the US from the rest of the unfortunate world countries.

      • raisnbran

        good–i hope they all hate us and dont want to come here—your a loser and should move to hati you maggot

    • Anonymous

      The only thing we know for sure is that Trump won’t apologize for his remark. He has never apologized for anything in his life. He is such a fucktard. It’s going to be a long three years. Hopefully it won’t be that long but it could. :eek:

      • raisnbran

        whats a matter mitch? trump cut your welfare payments? hard to find a real yob in mesquite and you been losing at the tables again on your 1 dollar bets eh…poor guy…they are total shit hole countrys–that is too nice of a word for those sewer,maggot infested reakin stench shitholes worthless places

      • KyleLamb

        You mean 7 years… :cool:

    • unidentified

      the clinton’s tried to get the country stabilized long ago then stories about voodoo and black magic made it impossible :twisted:

    • Anonymous

      I would take bets 50 to 65% of Americans, willing to honest for a moment , would agree with the President, and his language. During a meeting last night 62 members of my chapter agreed with his meaning, choise of words, and hope he takes actions to prevent just that thing. No more welfare citizens. We need scientists, not ditch diggers.

      • Mayhem

        I’d bet that many Haitians agree with the President too.

    • sarah

      Trump telling the truth again!

      • Detergent

        Whether one agrees with Trump on this point or not, he is saying what quite a lot of people are thinking – not just in the U.S. but also across all of Europe, Russia, and Asia. The difference with Trump is that, whether right or wrong, he has the bɐlls to say it.

    • Cinders777

      Has anyone found a video on-line with Trump actually saying this or is it just mind-controlled news commentators and their ilk saying it?

      Before anyone starts trashing anyone, see if you can find a video or sound bite. Everything the President does is supposed to be taped.

      SOMEONE must have leaked it somewhere, don’t you think? Maybe Oprah has it! Or Kathy Griffin – that’s probably why she left the country. :lol:

    • Cousin_Jack

      How dare he use such language, I just can’t believe it myself.

      I believe the correct term would be cesspit but as a sufferer of Trumpophobia I take offense at anything Trump related.

      • Mayhem

        Someone, on Breitbart i think, used the term feculent orifice which is obviously going a bit too far and here, in Englishtania, cesspool is more common than cesspit but then you Muricans are fond of dumbing down language which only proves there’s no accounting for taste :mrgreen:

    • Grim

      I’ve been to Haiti and calling it a *shithole*, is doing actual *shitholes* a disservice, because Haiti would have to get many times better to actually rise to the level of a *shithole*. Haiti is more of a festering, puss filled, cancerous abscess, infested with ignorant, nappy maggots.




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