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Trump Assassination Plot Revealed! Tom Heneghan

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Tom Heneghan put out quite the intel briefing this evening.  His interview with Stew Webb was interfered with 4 times in the span of about 40 minutes!   That’s because of one of the biggest bombs Tom drops in this briefing.  Tom talks about the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) Plot to kill Trump by drones blamed on ISIS!   These drones had very sophisticated guidance systems in them that relied on satellite navigation!


Now it’s all starting to make sense why Bannon and his ONI buddies have been trying to take down Trump.  Did you know the ONI was involved in 9/11, the attack on Pearl Harbor, and the Gulf of Tonkin false flag.  Here’s more on this.


“According to this report, on 10 January, the MoD released a shocking report revealing that a series of combat UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) attacks upon Russian bases in Syriawere, in fact, defacto training missions preparing for an assassination attempt upon President Trump—and as the MoD stated:

In seeking to determine why this US Navy P-8 Poseidon reconnaissance aircraft was directing these 13 combat UAV’s against Russianmilitary bases in Syria, MoD intelligence analysts became “gravely alarmed” upon their discovering that this particular aircraft had begun and ended its mission at Joint Base Andrews outside of Washington D.C.—and that during its entire flight time, its only communications were with the US Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI).

Critical to note about the US Office of Naval Intelligence is that just two days prior to these 13 combat UAV’s commencing their attacks against Russian military bases in Syria on 6 January, the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), on 4 January, warned that the ONI was attempting to destroy President Donald Trump using the same methods of attack they had used against President Richard Nixon.

Far from Steve Bannon having “lost his mind”, he is, in fact, acting true to his US Naval Intelligence training, and who, without a doubt, was responsible for the 25 December cryptic US Navy “Julian Assange” warning Tweet—and whose only historical companion is his fellow US Naval Intelligence comrade Bob Woodward—who, like Bannon, worked in the White House (between 1969-1970) and was privy to all of the president’s secret communications—and after leaving the White House, went to The Washington Post where he destroyed then President Richard Nixon—like Bannon has done by going to Breitbart News where he, too, is attempting to destroy President Trump in the same way.

But with the difference now being President Trump’s being able to have Steve Bannon fired from Breitbart News, unlike President Nixon was able to do against Bob Woodward.”


Trump Rejects London Visit After Assassination Warning—And Reveals Plane “That Saved America” On 9/11 As “15 January” Explosion Nears

Also covered are these topics

It appears General Kelly convinced Trump to continue NSA spying on Americans.  Tom was told they are going to use the full power of the NSA to bust up Bush Clinton operations around the world now!

Because of the plot to drone him and the recent revelations that British and Chinese banks were involved in laundering the stolen Wanta funds for all these years, Trump decided not to visit the UK at this time.

Tom says the ONI was behind the drone assassination plot on Trump.  The people Tom say were linked or knew about it was Steve Bannon, Michael Johnson, Bob Woodward (Washington Post), Senator Dick Durbin (IL) and Senator Blumenthal (CT).  

The Ambassador of Canada and Panama quit today supposedly over the “s**thole” comment by Trump that never happened.  This is a lie they were both Daddy Bush stooges!

The Wanta funds are over 113 Trillion.  

Al Gore saved Leo Wantas life and got him released from prison!  Alex Jones works for the evil people who put Wanta in a prison and stole our money.  Here’s the info on Alex Jones coming to light now.

MegaAnon Drops Nuke on Alex Jones

FBI sources say they have video of Stephen Paddock in his Vegas hotel but not one image of him with guns or ammo!  The whole thing was a lie!

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