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Ashtar: Galactic Pulse Coming Your Way, All Will Change In Blink Of An Eye... Time for Warnings Has Passed... All Sides Have Been Long Chosen

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Ashtar: Galactic Pulse Coming Your Way, All Will Change In Blink Of An Eye… Time for Warnings Has Passed… All Sides Have Been Long Chosen

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For as everything comes on line and the galactic pulse comes your way please be sure and be reassured that all will change in the blink of an eye. The time for warnings and woe has passed. The sides have been long chosen. – Ashtar

A great message from Ashtar and Sananda… ya know… your body and energy field has to be suitable to handle the energy jolt that’s coming… those who don’t cut the mustard… obviously your body will die… just like a too powerful jolt of electricity… this is the same… and the thing is, you can’t wait for the event for proof of the event, because you won’t experience the event. Will this event happen in this lifetime? -Indian in the machine

Ashtar and Sananda via Galaxygirl, February 5th, 2018

Per Staffan February 6, 2018

Ashtar (channeled messages)


Young Lightworkers Channel – Ashtar and Sananda via galaxygirl 2-5-18

Published on Feb 5, 2018

Greetings ground team! It is I, Ashtar of the Galactic Federation and I ask you, if you can feel the change in the winds? For change is advancing rapidly on the surface of our dear Mother Gaia, who is rapidly in the throes of ascension. As are you dear friends!

It is true. While much remains the same on the surface for appearance sake, much more is occurring behind your scenes of this play than you can currently be aware of. Change is here dear friends, and you are among the privileged to experience and amplify and ground these light encodements and create the reality that you long for in your innermost heart of hearts.

We long for you to be fully awake and aware and be birthed into your full potential as the gods and goddesses that you have so often been told that you are; the game changers, the healers and light benders that you are. You are a small piece of Source all packed up into a tiny human form who is currently also undergoing a gigantic metamorphosis at this time in your Now moment.

Change is definitely here, blowing away the darkness on the wind to make way for the glorious light. We see you and hold you in high esteem. We are doing our fair share to be sure, protecting, cleansing the air, your skies. You, ground team, are making this adventure a success, for you are anchoring it deep into the bedrock upon which we will create and build our foundation for Nova Gaia.

The animals feel this change to be sure. If they are acting up, comfort them, as they so often comfort you. They are paving the way for your ascension… Humanity. Honor them as they honor you. Respect the Mother, all life, for all is in great transition at this time. It is truly very exciting, and a very exciting time to be embodied upon dear Gaia as well.

We assure you that you are most ready for the transition at hand- for you have prepared for this for many lifetimes here and many other places. I, we, of the Galactic Federation, are so very proud of you. Your homecoming is near at hand and we look forward to celebrate with you with great anticipation to be sure.

Harness the power of this wind of change. Fill it with violet fire! Get creative! We are always excited to see how our grounded ones, our alchemists in form, harness the power of the elements around them for the benefit of all life. Gaia welcomes your assistance. All is recorded, all is a part of this great game changer! Lend your light and let’s blast off together!

I am your Ashtar. It will not be long now.

May I have a turn? Greetings, friends, it is I, your Sananda and I want to express how pleased and excited we are when we behold you in your most vulnerable human state, yet you are finding your strength encased within you, just ready to burst forth. You are doing it! And your bodies are beginning to respond well to these changes are they not? For you are becoming a Galactic Human, never before seen – a new creation, right before our eyes and your own.

You are so loved in this moment of great change. You are so supported. All of the Company of Heaven supports you and we are bursting with love and admiration for our friends and family currently in form making the shift of all shifts! I know, we know, your tired to the bone weariness – but this too shall end. For as everything comes on line and the galactic pulse comes your way please be sure and be reassured that all will change in the blink of an eye. The time for warnings and woe has passed. The sides have been long chosen. And you friends, have chosen so well, for even behind the veil you are formidable warriors of the light, lending your strength of love and joy and weaving it into the new template of new beginnings.

We love you with a never ending love. We support you on every cellular, emotional, mental and spiritual level – if you but ask us. So please do ask! Let us join hands and hearts and march – run – across this marvelous stunningly beautiful rainbow bridge of cocreative effort with ease and grace, as one solid wall of love light together.

I love you. I am always always hear for you. Talk with me. I’m a good listener. Be at peace. Be comforted. All is being perfectly orchestrated. All is well! Relax and let the wind blow away what no longer serves you and step into the newness of you, of your expanded angel self!

I am your Sananda. Feel my energy of lightness of heart, and be at peace.

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