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How to Spot a Lie in 5 Seconds, Former CIA Officer Teaches How (Video)

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How to Spot a Lie in 5 Seconds, Former CIA Officer Teaches How (VIDEO) | spot-a-lie | Multimedia Sleuth Journal Special Interests

Intuition. This is the first thing that comes to mind when I think about how we can effectively spot lies. Some of us call it a gut feeling, while others call it straight up intuition.

Humans, like a lie detector test, have a field of energy that stems from the heart. It is a magnetic field that radiates several metres off of a person and it can be detected by other people’s hearts and minds. This magnetic field contains information, and the heart is incredibly intelligent.

The work The HeartMath Institute is doing has made that evidently clear through their scientific research of the heart, it’s magnetic field and the inherent intelligence that exists in each persons heart.

The way I have always described it is, spotting a lie is a feeling. And I know in some way we have all felt this before. We may not have attributed it to our hearts or our heart’s intelligence, perhaps at times it was physical cues that gave it away, but I’m certain that each of us have known a lie was being told to them simply based off a feeling.

This is your intuition. Like it or not, it exists and we all have it. Truthfully, we can develop that intuition to assist us a great deal in life.

CIA Officer Reveals How To Spot A Lie

Former CIA officer Susan Carnicero — believes that humans lie about 10 times per day on average. Susan has spent more than 20 years interrogating, interviewing and polygraphing suspects, over the span of her career, and thus has learned a great deal on how to spot a liar. What she will teach goes back to the mental and analytical side of spotting a liar, but nonetheless this can be an important tool. She tells all in the video below.

Before jumping into this however, note that spotting a liar isn’t an exact science. Just because you see a friend doing something you will learn about below, may not mean they’re lying.

When it comes down to it, there are a wide range of lies. Some lies are meant to spare someone’s feelings or avoid hurting them, while others are more of an aggressive lie to protect oneself or deceive another for personal benefit. So of course, there are times when it is much more important to be able to spot a lie than others.

When it comes to intuition, I tend to feel that the heart is so intelligent that if it is more of a playful lie to say surprise you for a party or something of that nature, you might be less aware of what is going on than when your intuition is really trying to get you to see something important. But this is truly my own experience, not a science.

Nonverbal Signs Of Deceit

Grooming gestures – This one is quite common. If a person is straightening a tie or piece of clothing, fixing hair, adjusting or fiddling with something else on their body like a watch or glasses, this can be a subconscious way people are trying to hide their anxiety about a question.

Verbal/nonverbal disconnect – Have you ever seen someone nod their head yes but say no when being asked a question? Then fumble over their words trying to correct it? This can be a sign of a deceptive behaviour as well.

Behavioural pause – Let’s say you asked a person something vague like what they might have been doing 5 years ago in September. The person may pause, think for a moment and try to figure it out as it’s not an easy thing to remember. However, if you had said, “did you murder someone 5 years ago in September?” And a pause occurred, that might indicate a sign of deceit as it should be a very easy question to answer.

Hand-to-face movements – If you notice a person raise their hand to their mouth, or face, lick their lips, pull on their ear or adjust their hair, this can be another sign of deceptive behaviour.

In the video below, Susan reveals more than just nonverbal signs, she also discusses further vocal cues that can tell a lot about what a persons intentions are.

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    • Pink Slime

      All you need to study this subject is ONE question. DO you masturbate? Go ahead and ask the uhhh, master herself. Watch all what she tells you. :roll:

      • Equalizer

        She would be “unable to compute”, shutter and sparks would fly out of her eyes and ears.

      • 2QIK4U

        The master bater?

        • Equalizer

          Done my share.

      • Anonymous

        We don’t really know whether she is constructed, correctly.

    • 2QIK4U

      How to spot a lie. Read BINNED’s main menu !

    • Anonymous

      How to tell a lie in 5 sec flat –
      The higher the voice and bigger the hair, the smaller the hips.

      I have no serious dirt under my fingernails, no real beefs, and my first impression is there is no way I would cooperate with this person.

      Subjectivity and liminality are good, immediate ways to tell liars. If you would piss off a dog, child, small monkey, or primitive person, then, I don’t believe you, either. :cool: If you are BiN contributor, I would throw away the key.

    • Daughter of the Church

      The way to spot a lie is hardly any trick at all. On the contrary those “methods” may bring to errors in judgement.

      The unmistakable way to spot a lie is to be as pure as possible in both body and soul. Jesus Christ Our Lord was evidently able to know the heart of men, since He was God on earth, but then the saints, who in a near perfect imitation of Christ such as the recent St Padre Pio, confessor, were able to see a lie on the spot.
      Children too, who have hardly been bitten by sin may see a lie at an early age.

    • Daughter of the Church

      To spot a lie is certainly a good thing, but to avoid a lie is better!

      Since we are on the second day of Lent Season when Praying & Fasting is the commanded conduct towards purification, the avoidance of lie is a good subject of conversation.
      A lie is a verbal excretion of a man of bad will. A man of bad will may have inherited from the sin of his father (or mother). The first man of bad will, born of a woman was Cain. Cain was bad, and Eve, his mother, was aware of it. She had been the first sinner, but upon realizing having engendered a monster, and future unrepentant homicide, Eve did her own “prayers & fasting”. She became somewhat purer in both body and soul, and in that state, gave birth to her second son Abel.
      The to-day’s parents may bring good children, who will not become liars, by following the precepts of Praying & Fasting with a good heart and soul (ie good intentions).

      The supreme example of purity is the one of Our Lord Jesus Christ, who said the truth all the way to His Passion, Cross and death. Jesus Christ was born to Holy Mary, the Blessed Virgin who was Immaculate. Also Holy Mary was able to instantly recognize St Gabriel as the angel of God, and therefore, since she was able to see a lie, she opened to God’s proposal without mistake. As a result of this extreme purity of both body and soul, the Christ was born perfect.

      • Daughter of the Church

        to continue this esoteric conversation about “detecting a lie”…

        We’ve seen that the Blessed Virgin, being without sin, was able to instantly distinguish the truth from a lie prior to the incarnation of Christ. She said “Yes” (i.e. Be it done to me according to thy words) to St. Gabriel, because she knew that the angel of God in front of her was telling no lie. She had no sin, and therefore being pure in both body and soul, she could, without hesitation open-up to God’s proposal. Had Mary been a common sinner, she could have been duped by a clever demon pretending to be “send by God”. Satan being the father of all lies, if Holy Mary had had the slightest speck of sin, she could have been duped.

        There are several cases in history when “prophets” have been duped by the devil. Those are the false prophets who were no saints. One of the most infamous probability of a “prophet” having been duped by the devil occur circa 600 A.D.. This “prophet” was a violent warlord, and was visited many times by an angel naming himself “Gabriel”. This “prophet” has been recognized as breaking many of God’s sacred laws, and consequently, due to his sinful condition, was not able to detect Satan’s lie. His religion of incessant wars and constant unrest is the proof that sin will prevent from detecting a lie.

    • unidentified

      liars usually hesitate before answering instead of blurting out their real opinions




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