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Q PSYOP Destroyed! Dream Over!

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Qanon, Q2 and all other Q garbage is a BIG PSYOP! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

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It’s past time to put the time wasting fraud PSYOP Q Anon and all other Qs and anonymous whistle blowers in the garbage can where they belong.   I’m urging everybody in alternative media to listen to the patriots at American Intelligence Media talk about the frauds in alternative media who spend all or most of their time putting out the latest riddles and puzzles from Q Anon, Q squared and any Q garbage there is.  First of all, this is all vague predictions and it’s always in riddles that waste our time.  Nothing real, just more happy talk like “Don’t worry – trust in the plan. Jeff Sessions is going to put Hillary in jail!”  What a joke!   I don’t trust Jeff Sessions or anybody telling me it’s all going to be okay.  Just go to sleep, let Q do all the work.  Relax, it’s being taken care of!   Those are the work of controlled opposition who wants attention and wants you on the sidelines waiting for the next Q drop!  

Q NEVER told us about Senior Executive Services (SES) and don’t you dare tell me he did, when he said “look for the keystone”  because you can say anything is a keystone.   There would be no reason to not come out and tell people to research Senior Executive Services!     If any Q was REAL, they would be VERY aware of SES and would have told every patriot to begin a massive campaign to spread the truth about Senior Executive Services (SES)!   That stuff about they have to talk in riddles to fool the NSA is nothing but a fairy tale!  None of these frauds told us about SES!  

The good news is that even though Alex Jones is still running from SES it seems and has not done one article or video on it according to a Google search (site: senior executive services), Jerome Corsi put out a tweet on it on March 20th so patriots are starting to win the infowar and get in people’s faces about it!   That’s good, keep it up guys and gals!   Get everybody in alternative media including Alex Jones doing stories, emails and videos to their fans and we will cause absolute chaos for the evil ones!  Cockroaches can’t stand it when you flip on the lights!  If they won’t report on SES tell them you are cutting off all support to them immediately.  That will get their attention!

We can never let anybody tell us to relax, everything is going according to plan or waste our times with riddles!  There are a million ways a REAL Q whistle blower could get real messages to patriots in alternative media that wouldn’t waste our time.  We don’t have time to waste!   Everything we do should be geared toward waking up our fellow man with the truth – not playing some Q game from frauds who hide in the shadows!   And I’m specifically talking to those in alternative media who have made it a career to hang on and report every word of any Q scum that comes along!  That’s just dumb and it’s wasting time of patriots who should be taking REAL action themselves!   Every leader in alternative media must encourage action from their fans!  Nothing else masters!   No leader can do this alone.  If you’re a leader then give your fans things they can do to help put out the truth.  There are a million ideas!   Q has predicted nothing!  Remember when Q said Trump would soon go on TV and announce the truth in 3 national broadcasts!  It sounded REALLY good didn’t it!   I even fell for that one.   Never happened!  I could go on and on but what’s the point.  You’re basically a moron if you waste more time with Q after watching the video above from the people who put out the truth on SES!    Get back to basics and savage the NWO with information on SES that Q has been hiding from us!   That’s what the bad guys don’t want!  The bad guys want you wasting time with the Q riddles so you don’t rip them to shreds by spreading real truth we can prove like SES!   Take action yourself every day and WIN!   Try to spread seeds of truth doing something every single day!   That could be in comments on articles and videos.  It could be by social media posting although that is tougher to beat.  It could be writing and posting on sites or by spreads cards and flyers around.   Keep wasting time on Q and we LOSE!

There is somebody who claims they are Q Anon going on alternative media saying they are the Vice President of the United States!   I know this person is a fraud because he calls Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan all the time.  It’s the same voice as this guy going on alternative media and telling 30% truth and 70% lies.  Stew and Tom identified him!   He goes by General Obrien to Stew and Tom and he told them he used to kill people for Daddy Bush!  The guy is dangerous and just looking for power or money it seems.   He’s a massive liar too!  He told Stew to not worry about Larry Mizel because he’s been “neutralized”.   It was a total LIE so Stew would stop talking about Larry Mizel and the other real criminals and think the General had it under control.  Stew knew the General was a liar within a day or two of talking to him when nothing he said checked out.

This General Obrien (if he is a general) mixes in 30 truth from Tom and Stew with his 70% lies.  I have to admit the guy is a master liar for sure and he talks a great game.  But it’s all lies that never come true just to make you think he is in charge so you can sit back and relax.   All the Qs are a joke who never predicted anything.  But just think of the millions of man hours wasted listening to Q briefings that could have been putting out stuff on SES!

And if one of the Q’s read this article then I DARE you to call me.  You know my number.  Tell me something specific that will happen within one week.  If it happens I will tell the world you were right and lick your boots!  Well not really lick your boots.   But you won’t call because you’re a fraud put there by the Illuminati to waste our time and make us look stupid.  I put out a few posts a long time ago on Q but quickly learned it was trash.  Trump never made those 3 speeches to the nation did he!   I’ve said my peace on the Q garbage.   Keep wasting time with it if you’re a fake or a moron who wants to get your ears tickled.  The real patriots will be bug bombing the deep state cockroaches with a can of Senior Executive Services (SES) truth!   The evil ones hate it so you know it’s what we need to do even more!   

God bless all you truth warriors out there!  Drop me a message anytime at [email protected]   I answer all emails unlike Alex Jones and his staff who throw all emails in the garbage can but gladly take your hard earned money.  Keep up the good work exposing the Fraud Q garbage and put the truth about SES everywhere!   Email [email protected] and tell Alex to report on it too since he claims he’s the General of the movement!  I bet you won’t hear from him!   Sorry, nobody is our General.  We can’t trust anybody who lies and censors information on SES and murder plots caught on tape from a Senator and Governor!   We know the Illuminati always plant fakes and controlled opposition everywhere!   Get your news from many sources and always write to them if they aren’t promoting the truth on SES.  If they won’t answer or won’t put out the truth on SES then pull ALL support from that fake!  If you do that, the fakes will die and we will take a huge step forward with support going to real patriots who do the best they can and censor nothing!  Go see who runs from the SES kryptonite this week!  Do Google searches and see if they have put anything out on it so far.  Let me know how it goes!


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