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JasonA: It's About Time to Be Talking About This! This Shocking Video Will Wake up America! (Video)

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What happens when immigrants takes over? What happens when Christianity declines? Or when football stars beliefs take precedent? How many Americans practice respect? Have we turned our backs on God?

This Shocking Video Will Wake Up America!

Source #JasonA


JasonA: War Is in the Wind and the Coming Tribulation | A Hidden Warning in Plain Sight | Demons Manifests in Hillsong’s Music Video (Awakening Videos) click here

#endtimes #prophecy #paranormal #violence #london #racism #politicalCorrectness #muslim #isis #God



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    • Anonymous

      Shocking, I tell you! Bombshell Shocking with a capital ‘S’, and shocking with a lowercase ‘s’, like an OYEP on steroids!!! Got my clicking finger twitching for that monetized YouTube video so much I could blend a smoothie with it!!

      Is your business arrangement with Jason A going to yield more terrifying Jason A clips of very bad weather, spliced together from the Weather Channel? And has that guy survived, sitting over the pile of rubble, because he has a Dave Hodges freeze dried cheeseburger in one pocket, and gold in the other? Enquiring “minds” want to, no, NEED to know!

      I’m so ‘a skairt, all the time. I’d watch that video all day, if I wasn’t so desperately trying to flee my own shadow, which has been Illuminati modified to not go away, even in the dark!

      “This Shocking Video Will Wake Up America!” Translated: Clickbaiter suffering the occasional endemic wetdream of going viral, if they simply suggest or demand it.

      Fear porn, brought to you by Jesus, Inc.

      • Mighty Snowflake Protector

        Poetic, written with such sarcasm. Its almost beautiful. Should be saved for future gens in the Library of Congress.
        I would be ROFL if the sad truth wasnt the world is working so hard on losing its collective mind.
        Live long and prosper space monkies.

    • Anonymous

      I didn’t watch the video but how is a guy taking a dump in a dump actually supposed to scare anybody? Plus, that doesn’t seem FEEEEERY enough to really scare we brave BINNERS to our very bone.

      I am getting worried. The FEEEEER POOOOOOORN lately in the BINNERWORLD just isn’t that scary anymore. Nibiru has petered out, it doesn’t scare anyone anymore. The Gulf just refuses to blow up. The North Koreans refuse to EMP us. That damn dam in Oroville just won’t break and drown everybody. The alien lizards in Dolce, NM are quiet. Hillary hasn’t eaten any little babies for a while. We never got our 10.1 ‘Erfquake although one of the truly good prophecy gals promised us that.

      Someone has to ramp up the FEEEEEER POOOOOOORN here in BIN. :eek: :eek: :eek:

      • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

        I caught a bigfeet trying on my mother-in-laws 6′ stilettos. :shock:
        Sending the vid to Jeff. :wink: :roll: :lol:

        • Anonymous

          “bigfeet trying on my mother-in-laws 6′ stilettos”

          Or, in BIN parlance, a runway model.

      • Anonymous

        “Someone has to ramp up the FEEEEEER POOOOOOORN here in BIN”

        Maybe it’s time to simply shock BINNERS into a total dissociative disorder, provide an article based on reality and truth, with no monetized video or link to a Donate button you need to support, to save America and civilization herself, that is, not even a tin foil hat’s home blog link, do something like this, which would completely shock and disorient the most hardened BINNER! It may even leave them with a permanently nerve damaged, twitching mouse finger you could simply lay on top the mouse, check on them, here and there, wipe the drool away. Ed and Eddie could then devote themselves, exclusively, to having that brood of Nephilim, which is the ideal, BIN nuclear family.

        • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

          “Provide an article based on reality and truth.”
          Good God, Anon!!!
          I barely made it to the cardio-cart! :shock:

          • Anonymous

            Sorry. I know the idea was beyond the pale and deep state, BIN-o-diabolical. The devil made me do it. For Jesus, of course.

            “I barely made it to the cardio-cart!”

            But count your blessings on that score. You can have needed CPR from KOS or Sister Mr. Ed!

      • Mighty Snowflake Protector

        The dam is being held up by the gravitational pull of that sneaky ghost planet. The gulf is too distracted with Netflix and Kardassians.
        Hilary had to let Bill borrow her teeth, only soft foods for now.
        And Kimmy lost hes set of keys to the launchers in a extremely large vat of mash potatoes.
        CALI TO BROKE TO AFFORED SETTING OFF THE BIG ONE. They waiting on China to help with that, shame China too busy building resort property in the SCS.
        We should be safe for a bit. :wink:

        • Anonymous

          Wow! Why aren’t you doing articles for the Editor’s Picks?

    • Mighty Snowflake Protector

      For maximum protection, wrap foil around bicycle helmet before placing on head. :roll:




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