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Operation ‘Dark Sky’ Power-Outage Drill! Troops Go Door-to-Door! As CIA Warns Of Terror Attacks In US!

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By Lisa Haven


In a report put out on April 21st, 2018, on Alex Jones Infowars channel titled, “Exclusive! CIA Warns Of Massive Terror Attacks Targeting The US,” Alex goes on to detail how his source at the CIA, a source that has been right many times, has warned him that the deep state is poised to strike back using terrorist attacks in the U.S. in order to dismantle the Trump administration.

All this happens as the Wisconsin National Guard prepares for their full-scale training exercise known as Dark Sky, a drill that will prepare for a possible long-term mass power outage. The drill is scheduled for May 15-17 in multiple counties.

But do these two events have anything in common? All that and more below…





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    • Central Scrutinizer

      Lets do the Math on that. Door-to-Door.
      Just how many residences are in the US?
      And how many Troops+CIA+TSA+ICE+Local Dog Catchers are there?

      “They” would appear to be OUTNUMBERED…………. You Bloody %$CK-KNUCKLE!!! :mrgreen:

      • Equalizer

        The corporate media industrial complex (fake/propaganda news) has been stirring the pot regarding EMP attack on America long enough…Expect a false-flag soon.

    • Pink Slime

      It seems every time they do these drills the event comes next.

      BTW, you have too much make-up on. You can see your face and “insect” neck are different colors. :lol:

    • holeshot

      WOOF !! Back to the kennel Fido. Been hanging around with Hodges and Jonesey too much, EH ??

    • CUB4DK

      It’s not so bad having lots of Men in Uniform around…makes one feel Safe and Secure… :lol:

      Cheers, Uncle Hexy :lol:

    • 2QIK4U

      If a FALSE FLAG goes down so does Trump because NOBODY has authority to Order the Army unless they mutiny and go FULL Marshall law. Basically stating

      • CUB4DK

        …what we actually need is a Global Marshal working for the United Nations….not 2QIK :lol:

        Cheers, Uncle Hexy :lol:

        • Everette

          Yeah it’s called the beast ! And guess who is trying to get number 1 seat in the UN as global master ? The fly drawing sinking ass Obama ! It’s on YouTube Obama draws flies . It’s also on YouTube compare Obama with Osama . Check that out ! No wonder the seals were killed . There were 2 writing books about the fake double and what they encountered . And that Osama was shot in the head and was trembling on the floor when they walked into the room to see the women crying over him . But his pistol and rifle was not loaded . Did Obama and his staff have an agent kill the man before the seals arrived ? The seals were ordered too finish off the fake double . They shot him in the chest . But the seal wrote we were going to take him alive . Then they threw the body into the sea so no one could examine it . After the seals got home and begin talking they loaded them up on a old helicopter and sent them out into the sea . Where they were either shot down or it failed or was made to fail . They all died ! Now go compare Osama with Obama on YouTube . Is this the beast that was , is not , yet is again ?


      The attacks will come from Cia groomed to attack to bring in martial law. They have lists of people profiled that would likely fight derived from analytical analysis of their internet reading and will go there first, second will be all of those whom are single men even when the analysis does not show a leaning of any kind, third after those have been denuded of weapons, taken away or shot on the spot the last fourth group will be anyone with a recorded purchase of firearms, then the crash will brought in, Social Security will be slashed or eliminated, houses will be seized, non–compliance will be a one way ticket to a FEMA camp for forced labor, it will be the way they have to balance the books without going after the elites that fleeced 40 trillion. The elite will keep the stolen trillions and new money will be issued through banks, you may get 10% for money in hand to exchange, your accounts will likely be taken when above 200K. Martial law must come before the crash so as to disarm the population, because they know we have all been ripped off by elite theft.

      • CUB4DK

        …and that’s the way the Cookie crumbles :lol:


      Well, I have been waiting for this. The US dollar is collapsing. The Brics agreement is based on gold. The fact the power outage is
      going to be used is evil and the fact is it will indicate the means to declare Marshall Law. So, heads up. Damn it all. Please understand who and what. The only hope is an honest military. May GOD Bless them, they are our children.

      • CUB4DK

        I want to change my name Officially to………Dr. Rexi Wi-lli Willi Willi Wi-lli Baumgartner!!

        Cheers, Uncle Hexy :lol:

    • Man

      SO people blame the government when they mismanage catastrophic events


      People blame the goverment when they train and try to prepare for possible future catastrophic events

      no win scenario for the Paranoid Binners

      • Equalizer

        People blame treasonous POS (O-Vomit)

        Whom could have easily hardened our electrical grid for 2B$ 8 years ago…Yet nothing is even discussed yet accomplished to protect Americas grid…One would prefer to be “intellectually informed and paranoid” than ” libtard, blind and stupid” learn the difference ladies.

        • Everette

          And Obama showed the Chinese officals our power grid and how to shut it down Thanksgiving 2013 . When ask why he replied we may need some other government to help us shut it down should something happen unbeknowing to us . And I wonder what that something is ? Why could our own people nit be able to shut it down should some evil befall us ? That means China has the back doors to our computer system and codes to enter it in order to shut it down . Most everything with chips come from China already having back doors so they can shut down at anytime with a chip operated by computer such as vehicles ( cars and trucks ) , TV’s , Radio’s , computers , light bulbs ( Led) refrigerators , phones , microwaves and power grid . And to make sure they can shut down anything they wish our sold out officals have set up smart meters that communicate with each other located on our homes inside the power box meters that sends information back to grand central . It even has technology so it can locate you in your home and where you also sleep . It admits frequencies that bother anyone inside the home they wish ! Chech out smart meters making people sick ! And smart meters spying on people . They have been planning this mess for awhile !

    • beLIEve

      CIA Mossad Are The Biggest Threat To World Safety :idea:

      * * *

      Treason :idea:

      * * *
      Constitutional Right To Refuse Arrest: Founding Fathers Were Belligerent To Tyranny

      * * *


      1. It becomes your “Higher Duty” to investigate or cause to be investigated, ANY possible illegal or unconstitutional NOTICE brought to your personal attention by any party. To fail to act on possible criminal or civil right violations creates a personal liability on your part, and can be used in a court of law against you and your superiors. The “Higher Duty” to know the law and act within it runs all the way to the top, and ignorance of the law is no excuse when you have been placed on NOTICE… AND DO NOTHING ABOUT IT!

      2. It is a crime for any government office or any official to auction or otherwise sell in any way, private or business property of any individual WITHOUT FIRST HAVING DUE PROCESS OF LAW, to determine the cause of action and the recourse in law. The sale of any property outside this means is illegal, and all those involved with such a sale, including those purchasing said property, are personally liable for damages, and subject to criminal charges under Racketeering (RICO) laws, and for violation of civil and Due Process rights. All government officials have the “Greater Duty” to know the law and comply with it, or you are in breach of your fiduciary duty and you can be held personally liable by those harmed by any fraud. Any challenge made by any citizen requires you to respond, point by point, and to “prove up” your position in law.

      3. If you are involved with ANY illegal, unethical or unconstitutional activities, or KNOW of such taking place, or suspect it, you are legally liable for this knowledge and could will be held legally responsible if you do NOT step forward to correct the situation or bring knowledge of any situation you have to the proper authorities. In other words, you are an accomplice in the activities if you do nothing!

      Any facts which are brought forward by government employees, citizens or investigative parties that have been otherwise covered up, suppressed or ignored, or documentation, or witnesses tampered with, or evidence destroyed, will be used against all parties involved to the fullest extent of law.

      • beLIEve

        THI$ could beTHE the FAKE “biblical” prophecy……aka…..HEINOU$ “jooWi$h” AGENDA…. :evil:

        In which the $ATANIC $CUM at the top…….give FREE REIGN…aka…..UNLAWFUL TRE$PA$$ of ManKIND’s

        SACROSANCT EARTH to the…DEMON$….WOR$HIPPED ….by ..THEM….for a period of 3 x DAY$ :?: :mad:

        Under cover of a ……….NEFARIOU$ …DUPLICITOU$….UNLAWFUL…….power outage :!:

        During this darkness the DEVIL$ and THE WICKED will TAKE ON THE MO$T HIDEOU$ $HAPES….… red clouds like blood will move across the sky.
        The crash of the thunder will shake the earth and $INI$TER LIGHTNING WILL $TREAK the HEAVEN$ out of season.
        The EARTH WILL be $HAKEN to its foundations.
        The SEA WILL RI$E, its roaring waves WILL $PREAD OVER the CONTINENT..…”
        The BODIE$ of the wicked and the just WILL COVER the GROUND.”

        Eric Gajewski – 3 Days of Darkness, 9 Signs Major Signs of the End Times Date Predicted, Planet X Connection (Video)

        * * *

        People have been EXPOSING “biblical” prophecy as FAKE…AND…MOCKING IT.

        I am just wondering …IF….the $CUM at the top…..entered, at some time in the past…into…an UNLAWFUL…

        “CONTRACT” with the DEMONS worshipped by THEM……..offering …….THREE DAY$ of MAYHEM….to do as the

        …..TRE$PA$$ING DEMON$ please…and wrote this piece of….$TUPIDITY into the “bible” as “prophecy” :?:

        The DEMON$ want the…UNLAWFULLY “promi$ed” …3 x day$….of CARNAGE DESECRATION and EVIL. :idea:

        The $CAM of “biblical” prophecy has FAILED. :idea:

        NEXT OPTION……is to FAKE 3 x days of DARKNESS …as a so-called…..POWER-OUTAGE………

        In WITCH …..”warning$” …have been given in advance :!:

        * * *

        WHAT exactly is a….POWER OUTAGE :?:

        We all know the answer to that….DON’T WE :?:

        BUTTTT………the $CUM at the top……DI$TORT meaning and INTERPRETATION. :idea:

        * * *

        POWER OUTage…to THEM……may be an ESOTERIC……”head$ UP”………..

        THAT ……DEMON$….are going to be……UNLAWFULLY UNLEA$HED..and RUNNING amok………

        in an AGENDA of UNLAWFUL DE$TRUCTION :?: :idea:

        I deny consent.

    • Mick

      It is the elite who fear blackouts because their microchip-controlled prison grid needs electricity 24/7/365, and it is an important psy-op of theirs to convince everybody else it’s a mortal problem for us all. The probability is that only regular rolling blackouts will help us to defeat their prison grid which cannot run for long on batteries and generators, and they sacked too many people to have the manual back-up to take over until the power’s back on.




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