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Warning: Knowing About This Put Me on the Blacklist—Some People Have Already Been Removed

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By Lisa Haven


The information you are about to hear is nuclear!!!

If you are a freedom loving patriot who values American principles then you are likely already aware of the massive amount of censorship happening on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, and other globalists linked organizations that target individuals who bring attention to their continuous, creepy corruption.

Considering Donald Trump is now president, censorship has ignited and been set ablaze all across the world wide web. Alternative media news outlets are having to work double, with less pay, in order to get the truth out, while progressive news websites are being spring-boarded to the tops of search engines.

Well, I’ve Had ENOUGH! It’s about dang time we expose the corruption of these fakes and at least have a fair fighting chance to win the affection of the sleeping public who are continually being censored from the truth.

If there ever was a video that needs to go viral, it would be this one! Please forward this message to everyone you know… Otherwise, we could be looking at the rise of a ‘globalists network of brainwashed goons…’



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    • HamJoe

      We have all been blacklisted for 20 years anyway.

    • Pink Slime

      You were also negro-delisted (excuse my Spanish lingo) and kicked out by me for calling the Nerogro “President”. That is why you are also being negro-delisted by the liberals out there.

      They see your phony excuse of “Negro” love. They, like you, know their dear Negro was never a legal “President”. Thus, they see through your phony “love” of the Negro when you are a self-proclaimed conservative.

      Stick to the TRUTH next time. :cool:

      • The Ferrett

        She’s jewish – truth is not high on her priorities . .

      • LindaJoyAdams

        Topeka Ks where Obama was born is in the USA. and the puppet masters of the world needed to dupe good people into believing a fake bio to make him into a messiah for the African and middle eastern groups which now have taken much of Europe for the one world goddess religion .. which we have all been primed to accept .. and the proof is when the Astarte gates when up world wide as symbols of the old becoming the new of the fertility goddess where those were places of human sacrifice and public temple prostitution worship,,, No major faith protested and asked for equal space at all.. but if any one had tried to put up a nativity scene, cross, menorah or even a crescent or Buddha all hell would have broken out and courts convened to stop freedom of religion.. Only a few online protested and my censorship at Facebook began on 9/23/17 when I began my series on the star map of Revelation Chapter 12 which Christ taught from the symbols as the sign to know when the time is near as our calendars are really messed up over time THE PICTURE BIBLE IN THE HEAVENS WAS EARLY ON BUT MEANINGS GOT CHANGED AT THE TIME OF THE TOWER OF BABEL AND THE FERTILITY GODDESS RELIGION HAS BEEN PERMEATING HUMANITY SINCE… We have freedom of religion but not completely as some things are not allowed by our secular laws…. and they represent the worse and rumors and arrests indicate its real for them and not symbolic….. Of all I have shared of my well documented eye witness account of many things, THIS IS WHAT THE ALGORITHM IS STOPPING AND IT HAS TO BE ANY WHO OPPOSE THE ONE WORLD RELIGION OF THE GODDESS… This author I would count as a sincere Christian who would not fall into such … even if I do not always agree but right now many have a lot of interpretations of prophecy out as we all try to figure things out…and need to have open discussion without some dissing the sincere ones from searching for answers. I am reading an increase of anti Christian comments on web sites that com from those of sincere faith. and at Before Its News… and this is not a good thing… for any one.. and wish all would be more respectful when you disagree .. It’s the journey to truth we are all on.. I have thousands of friends on Facebook and many are forming private groups and so am not totally banned.. but most of my posts are not public for anyone to go to their to look at my page.. I do not advocate any violent or illegal acts ever… We all censored may have gotten on the ‘bad list’ for opposing the one world religion in some way and articles. or videos a few years ago about the Astarte gates that went up ….etc.. If you wish to have that for your faith , you have the right to be what I would consider wrong.. and I will respect it But when you are allowed to have space in a public place then I wish to have the symbols of my faith and permit others to have theirs also as my personal faith is the LOVE OF CHRIST WILL SHINE FORTH THE TRUTH Linda Joy Adams

    • Anonymous

      “Knowing About This Put Me on the Blacklist”

      You mean you’ve become self aware? That you’re a lying, trailer trash, click ho? A fake Christian?

      As always, I’ll pass on your monetized, idiotic, YouTube rant. Viral? You’ve got to be kidding. You’re going to need to corral a lot more mental defectives to take the bait for that childish, tin foil hat and devilish fear porn trash you peddle to the gullible. And a total of zero of any of the dire situations you’ve ever claimed has ever come to pass, liar. No, let’s make that really pathetic liar.

      You’re a joke. What you do best is make a fool of yourself, Lisa Haven, to anybody with a three-digit IQ, You know what you can do with your stupid headlines.

      • The Ferrett

        LOL – well said Anon . .

    • The Ferrett

      Complete bullshit – “Warning: Knowing About This Put Me on the Blacklist—Some People Have Already Been Removed” . .It has never happened and never will, you sell-out media whore . .

    • The Ferrett

      IT’S ABOUT TIME LISA HAVEN WAS EXPOSED!! All of these pathetic ‘Israel Firsters’, ‘Christian Zionists’, whatever, have the same deceptive approach with over-the-top headlines and a never ending stream of fear porn stories that have virtually no basis in fact. But once the reader’s trust is gained, she cleverly veers you in another direction with largely fabricated, irrelevant nonsense whose focus and time should be avoided.

      These willingly ignorant shills are EXTREMELY dangerous because they keep us confined in large disinfo nets to contain, de-fuse, suppress and deflect away any hint of Jewish culpability.

      Anyone who stands in the way of Truth, at any level; and does not actively propagate the Truth they know and do their part to resist this Jewish tyranny at some level, is helping to create death, destruction and suffering.
      Therefore they are on the side of darkness and a traitor to humanity as is Lisa Haven.

      This pathetic media whore, will never ever have the courage to say . . . . “IT’S THE JEWS”, because that would give offence to her beloved ‘chosen’ and would end their lucrative media exposure and they KNOW it.

      So who is Lisa Haven? A willing agent of disinformation or simply a useful idiot who can be relied upon to produce all these stories that superficially appears to be a “reveal” and the appearing of some threat to the powers that be, but whose stories – in reality – are largely benign through lies of omission? Ample evidence points to her being the latter

    • Everette

      I would like to put in my 2 cents worth . When I put forth commits I use truth exposers you can go look up yourselves . Recently YouTube has cut off all my video , other sites like vemo and yahoo videos has cut off my sites . Yahoo has also turned off my commit sections . Why ? Because I try and give the reader proofs of the evils that are being committed against them . How anyone could still admire Obama after some of the evils I have exposed on him boggles my mind ! Beside the executive orders I exposed on him committing Treason against America the worst I have seen about him was him bragging about biting of children dicks under 12 years of age ! How this bastards still walks planet earth also boggles me ! Many things point to him as being the beast (666) . So using spiritual decernment I can now understand why so many admire this crack whore as they described him in college . Those giving him admiration bound to be into evils themselves . You know like birds of a feather flock together . The Bible states that the love of many would grow cold and that sins of evil would run rampant like it did when GOD destroyed the face of earth with a total flood in Noah’s days . And yes that flood can be proved also . Look up ( Noah’s Ark – The Smithsonian and National Geographic 1968 part 2 ) . I myself remember hearing that they found the Ark and some pictures were in circulation . Even the description of what the inside looked like . Not to mention later reading that they found the bodies of Adam and Eve . Ron Wyatt found it later . There are scrolls that say GOD told Noah to go to the cave where Adam and Eve was placed in and retrieve them and put them on the Ark . But away back to the evils of today . There is a dividing that is taking place between what GOD calls the separation of the Wheat and chaff . The world is now experiencing a sifting and those straddling the fence are being made to choose sides , Righteousness or evil , good or bad , GOD or lucifer . And what is so sad is the majority has chosen the evil side , the bad and lucifer ( devil ) . There is coming a great destruction that is going to shake the entire earth . Everyone will be brought down to the same level . Those with out GOD in there lives will not have a clue and no hope . Those with GOD will strive to draw closer knowing time is now short . Then lucifer and the fallen ones will be thrown down to earth as Revelation 12 tells us to be bound to earth waiting for their judgement . Knowing their time is short the fallen ones shall go forth with great wrath . Then we read Wow to the inhabitants of planet earth because of their wrath . What is so sad is Lisa is trying to warn you of what is coming but I see many of you are blind and can’t see the evils that you are getting ready to face . When they say peace and safety then look for sudden destruction ! America is living in a fantasy world . GOD is getting ready to shake it up for them ! We are told to warn you so you can’t say they never old us . And besides so you have no excuse when you stand before GOD saying I didn’t know ! Lisa continue on the end of days is not far away ! And for a real proof of that I am going to use what scientist say . When Japan’s nuclear power plant melted down it begin pumping radiation into the ocean and air . It still is pumping radiation into the ocean and air . Scientist after calculating what this plant is doing has concluded that Earth’s life has now only 63 years left before ALL LIFE is dead ! Many are going to die long before that . Cancers and diseases will begin killing more and more like dominos . Your life has been shortened from what you could have lived . Jesus made a statement in Matthew 24:22 that if the days are not shortened there would be no flesh saved . No flesh as in animals , insects , birds , fish and mankind . I guess that could include trees , grass , flowers and what ever else has life in it . So that brings us closer to GOD ending or shortening his time . Because the rest of the verse states that for the elects sake those days shall be shorten . Oh by the way the great sign of Revelation 12 happened September 23 2017 and that great sign took place directly over Jerusalem just between the night and beginning of dawn . The clock of GODS COUNT DOWN HAS BEGUN ! Don’t be discouraged Lisa , keep on keeping on , it looks as if in our life time we shall see the end of days ! GOG and MAGOG of Ezekiel 38 and 39 is about to jump on Israel . The great shaking UN the land is about to take place . Isaiah 17 of Damascus becoming a ruinous heap is now taking place . Ephraim Isreal ( Europe, America and Australia ) is about to loose his fortress . from the look of it Europe is now loosing their fortress to the Mulims . The Hitlers in America are striving for gun control and hopes that the Muslims they brought into our country will rise up when We put our Embasy in Jerusalem and begin destroying America like they are doing in Europe . We can thank Obama , Hillary and the vatican nwo for these evils . I believe the day we need to watch out for is May 14 . That’s right around the corner . Things may begin before this . Judea living in Israel has just shot down Irans missles trying to get them into Israel . Ezekil 37:15-28 tells us that Israel and Judea are going to be reunited . This chapter tells us that Judea is not Israel . Israel got separated from Judea 2700 years ago by Babylon . They shipped them out of Israel to Europe . Nastradomus tells us that we will suffer fighting within our country by the Mulims and those that have joined them . But then He states we will rise after defeating them and our enemies within our governments that are loyal to Obama . Then we will go to Europe and stomp the Muslims butts and move on to Israel to take back the land for them and ourselves . Many passages tell us we will be brought back to Israel in the end of days . That is about to take place . Those with type A positive are Israel , Judea or Hebrews . The father carries and gives the blood type not the mother . GOD always uses the fathers linage . The vatican pushes the mother linage to cause confussion and loss of identity . Israel , Judea and the Hebrews get ready all hell is getting ready to break loose .

    • The Real Deal

      Get a job, lazy bitch. And No, pimping fear porn all day is not a job.

    • FocusSanity

      :lol: Such an ego for such an idiot. If you were blacklisted, your stupid Youtube channel would be long gone and so would all of the dribble you pump out daily like a bitch in heat. Get a life and quit misleading the ignorant. God is gonna shut you down one day. Are you prepared?

    • The Watcher


    • patann

      -Article… Considering Donald Trump is now president, censorship has ignited and been set ablaze all across the world wide web. Alternative media news outlets are having to work double, with less pay, in order to get the truth out, while progressive news websites are being spring-boarded to the tops of search engines. Article,

      What Is Truth Lisa, Even Straddlers? Ask the Sunlight Of God, A Silence, Mountain, God’s Throne, And Once You Know The Single Answer, Let His People Go, Into the Exodus Of America It’s World Soil

      -By the time Rome’s Pilate asked Jesus, what is truth? The truth is Lisa, alternative news, His own people, like American leaders, religious, political, social, alternative, monetary and military had thrown him under a mountain of buses even right now, our condemn crosses. No wonder/wander this is where you can find those 50 million pending with death, Americans, regardless of social to alternative media. Only he that hath and follow The Son, Jesus hath life, whereas only he that hath not The Son, who no longer follow Jesus hath not life, and are spending their and their followers soul’s everlast for the dust and wind that is now American soil and West rule this world.
      -You leaders of alternative media like to come across as being so brave, at lest dutchsinse tell some to have their grab bags ready but if those Hawaii quakes had did a Pompeii no manner of prep would’ve helped. The gazillion dollar question to you bravers out there, are you brave enough to start using your clot, every entitlement given by God, social and alternative media getting at tens of millions of them, to tell God’s people to get the hell out of there, to get out of this country period. Truth is, when you America was crying 2016, Trump make America great again, the Heavens itself cried down at you, but yours America, just as we’re seeing right now, but yours America is a nuclea, natural, and NOAA fate. Anyway you look at it, write and report it, there is one Trump of Salvation, the one descending down from heaven aside Jesus of resurrection, now the Brides ascension, again the truth, biblical, prophetic. Beware, Apb, see entire blog here, truth.

    • Don - 1

      I used to have a FaceBook page. Then I posted on my FB page that no one was killed at Sandy Hook. A week later Zuck’s goons deleted my account.

    • Miss M

      I understand and see the censorship thing–which has been going on for a long time–But INFOWARS? Are you kidding me? Do you know who funded them from the beginning, and who owns them and supports them? You don’t hv to dig very deep to learn the background. Talk about misinfo and deception! Lisa, please look into who you are supporting–don’t be deceived. Jesus, himself urged us NOT to be deceived—Remember? I sure hope you are not siding with them for any kind of monetary gain–that would be a huge mistake…..




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