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Big Pharma Tried to Buy Out This Cure!

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We’ve all heard about how nanobots are the future medicine.  These little machines would theoretically seek out and destroy the bad guys – the viruses, bacteria, cancer and other pathogens in our bodies 24 hours a day.  Sounds good in theory until you realize you would be at the mercy of the programmers of the machines!  What if they break down or malfunction?  Who wants to stick machines in their body anyway?


What if I told you a former engineer at Boeing figured out to create something like a molecular nanobot!  There’s no moving parts and it’s not a machine but it destroys all types of pathogens using a large number of oxygen molecules around a smaller than nano size silver nucleus!  It’s almost like an oxygen smart bomb that is magnetically attracted to the bad pathogens in your bodies.  These bombs don’t blow up of course but when they find a pathogen they deliver their oxygen payload and the pathogen is deactivated!  This is nothing like colloidal silver or nano silver which are good of course.   This product is on a complete different level than colloidal or nano silver. 


This former Boeing engineer I met figured out a way to create a silver oxygen nano cluster as an ideal delivery system to carry oxygen directly to a pathogen – virus, bacteria or cancer.  This research came from the original work of Otto Warburg in the 1930s proving cancer cells thrive in a low oxygen environment.   In the 1950s, a group of scientists including William Branson Sr. created a silver oxygen solution that was unique and unrivaled in its therapeutic power for reversing many afflictions and illnesses!  It’s called APeX!


I found this product quite by accident on a recent vacation.  A person I hadn’t seen in a year told me about his friend who got cured of brain cancer with this product called APeX.  Of course no product can cure everybody of everything but this man told me about two other people he knew who got cured of cancers also so I investigated further.   The former Boeing engineer who created it told me a major pharmaceutical company tried to buy him out and he refused.  They told him insurance companies would pay over $1 million dollars to treat people with his product!   He agreed they probably would pay it but he wanted to give it to people at the lowest possible cost.  This company spent over $150 million trying to duplicate his technology but were never able to do it!   I was so impressed with the man and the successes I wanted to I wanted to bring it out to the truth community to get more success stories!


As you’ll see in the video, NOTHING works for everybody or every condition.   By law I can’t  tell anybody this can cure any cancer or any other disease but as the Dr. states, it’s fairly low cost to try it so you don’t have much to lose!   Listen to the doctor go over some impressive and documented case studies!   I would never tell anybody to not follow your own doctors advice on cancer or any other issue but if nothing else is working, you might want to at least read more about the product.  


You can use Coupon Code: glenn for a 10% discount also on this page if you are interested in trying it.  We want many more success stories and we hope it works for you so you can tell more people too!  I believe this product could save trillions of dollars to our health care system eventually.  Please share the information so more people know about it.  It’s only been spread through word of mouth.  Let’s take it to the next level patriots!  Everybody needs to know about it so more people can see if it works for them!


More information on APeX can be seen here.



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