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Yellowstone: The Warning From Scientists - Panic Among Local Residents - Activation of "Emergency Plans".

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Recently, more and more alarming reports have been received about the super-volcano Yellowstone.

In July, American news channel associated with NBC, issued a warning in which reported unusual active underground processes began in the area of the catastrophic super-volcano Yellowstone.

On the channel were given the words of some experts on this issue.

Among them, the geology professor Patricia Gregg from the University of Illinois.

She suggested that the inhabitants of North America is not much time before the most anticipated disaster:

“Unfortunately, all of our models and forecasts for the start of the Yellowstone eruption were probably not accurate.

We thought that the launch eruption of the super volcano will not happen so soon.But his behavior in recent months suggests otherwise. I don’t want to scare anyone, but now we have to follow closely of Yellowstone.”

Other specialist, Pomona College geology professor Eric Grosfils, said more intimidating:

“It’s time to keep an eye on Yellowstone. The process of launching the eruption has begun. Usually this process does not take much time. I’m not a panic but my friends from Wyoming, I recommended to sell the house urgently and leave.”

In the end, WoodTV advised to prepare for a mega-explosion of a super-volcano.

And since yesterday, in some forums, local residents began to raise the alarm.

Yellowstone officials have told residents to activate “emergency plans”.

Yellowstone County Emergency and General Services has released an open letter – signed by Director of Emergency Services Brad Shoemaker – telling landowners to prepare in case of unexpected emergencies.

Mr. Shoemaker in the letter asks residents to follow the special reports of the authorities, to prepare plans for the family in case of emergency, review insurance policie,
move livestock and pets.

The letter also contains a recommendation:“Sanitise the sinks and tubs first by using bleach. Rinse and fill with clean water.”

The letter ends with a phrase:“Yellowstone County will work with our partners to prepare for emergencies and to get information out to the public.”

As you can see, the letter is actually disturbing and raises a lot of questions.

What do the authorities know that we do not know?? Is this about the Yellowstone super volcano?



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    • Anonymous

      The authority is the geological department at the University of Utah who constantly monitors Yellowstone. They say that yeah, it’s gonna blow. But they also say there is a 60,000 year window for this to happen so you might want to pull up a chair by Old Faithful and get comfy becuae you’ll be there for a while. :smile:

      • CUB4DK

        Well said BillyP :grin:

    • grd662

      this article is total bs. I looked at woodtv and there is NO article about this. More made up fear porn by a crazed BIN dick.

      • b4

        more bin nonsense—awesome!!!

    • Andy

      hey Ark, can you learn English before you post farticles?

    • truck driver

      Yellowstone volcano is vented to release pressure so an eruption won’t be much

      • Jerry

        Unless, the problem is enhanced by high technology weapons to blow it off massively. The powers that be can pull it off

    • Jerry

      Right on schedule. Just when the indictments are about to be unsealed, they need a distraction, so is this it?

    • friends2you

      There is an 100 ft fissure that opened up at Grand Titon National park, part of Yellowstone and emergency park closures, there is abnormal activity at Steamboat geyser erupting more time in a month than in years of eruptions. There is multiple swarms of earthquakes occurring far more than normal. There is multiple volcanos erupting, 38 of them and many killing people all over the earth. If you want to pretend nothing is happening be my guest, but for those who want to platy the game nothing is happening world wide, your worse than the scum around a toilet.

    • truck driver

      Suck the energy out of the volcano or guide the lava flow into Canada

      • Anonymous

        LMAO!!! truck driver, you are one of the finest trolls on the internet. Just love your comments. :smile:




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