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Man on a Tractor Asks Cops to See a Warrant, so They Choke Him to Death (Video)

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Editor’s note: Armando Frank had a long history of mental illness and was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia nearly five years before his death. “Records from the federal Department of Veterans Affairs show Frank suffered from chronic anxiety, ‘difficulty coping’ and hallucinations, among other complications. In 2016, following a dispute with neighbors, Frank received court-ordered treatment at a VA hospital in Pineville,” reports The Advocate.


Marksville, LA — Last year, Armando Frank was sitting on his tractor when he was approached by police who were going to serve him a warrant for alleged trespassing. When Frank asked to see the warrant — which the cops never produced — he was tasered, choked, pulled from his tractor and killed. In the attack caught on video, never once did Frank try to hurt the officers.

As the police body camera video shows, within just a few moments of confronting Frank, officers grow agitated with his passive resistance. Frank is merely asking to see the warrant the officers claim to have, but they do not produce it, nor did they give him any reason for the arrest.

Instead, Frank is told to come with them downtown where they will show him the warrant. This was an idea that Frank did not like, so he merely sat there on his tractor in the parking lot of a Walmart.

During the incident, which took place Oct 20, 2017, two Avoyelles Parish sheriff’s deputies, Brandon Spillman and Alexander Daniel, along with Marksville Police officer Kenneth Parnell, tried to force Frank from his tractor. All three cops are named in a recent lawsuit on behalf of Frank’s estate.

According to a report in the Acadiana Advocate, a forensic pathologist hired by the parish had said in a report that manual strangulation was the primary cause of Frank’s death. The video shows Spillman mount the tractor behind Frank and apply a choke hold while another officer tries to pull him down. For a time, Frank is doubled-over while resisting. Officers had to carry Frank to a patrol car after his body went limp.

“His level of resistance starts out as passive. It doesn’t go to active and aggressive until he’s physically assaulted by these deputies,” Gregory Gilbertson, director of the criminal justice program at Centralia College in Centralia, Washington, said, according to the report.

Gilbertson explained that Franks’ requests to see the warrant and questions over what he was being arrested for were reasonable. But the officers involved wanted no part in answering those questions.

“There’s no exigent circumstance here,” Gilbertson said Thursday. “He’s not attempting to flee, he’s not assaulting anybody, he’s sitting on a tractor and he’s asking reasonable questions they are refusing to answer.”

Gilbertson explained that there was no need for the officer to restrict Frank’s airflow with the choke hold when all he wanted was to know what he was being arrested for.

“Most agencies now only authorize their officers to use it in ground-fighting situations where deadly force is their only other option,” Gilbertson said. “They might have pacified Mr. Frank if he had known what the warrant was for.”

Sadly, this was not the case. Instead brute force was used until the life was pulled from Frank’s body. What’s more, after he went limp and stopped breathing, officers completely ignored him. Had they acted during this time, they could’ve possibly saved his life. But they did not. And Frank died for asking for a warrant.

Philip Stinson, an associate professor of criminal justice at Bowling Green State University, who said the use of force by the officers was acceptable, also stated that the officers could be liable for negligence for failing to assist Frank once he went unconscious.

“Once they got him on the ground and he’s dead weight, at that point I think it’s time to check his airway,” Stinson said. “He was unconscious. He had stopped breathing at that point at a minimum, it seems to me.”

The officers involved all went up in front of a grand jury in March who predictably refused to indict them.

The warrant for Frank was over a property dispute with his neighbors who accused him of trespassing. He hadn’t physically harmed anyone or otherwise destroyed property or stolen anything. He was simply accused of being somewhere he shouldn’t have been—and for this, he would lose his life.

For those who may not recall, Frank was killed in the same town and by the same department who murdered 6-year-old Jeremy Mardis. Mardis was shot and killed by two cops as he sat buckled in to the front seat of his dad’s truck.

Below is this disturbing video that shows just how far situations can be escalated for simply asking for a warrant.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project. Follow @MattAgorist on TwitterSteemit, and now on Facebook.

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    • Arse

      I sure as hell hope they would go to jail, this was MURDER.

      • Just me

        The guy was autistic – shouldn’t this also be a “hate” crime? Bottom line – defend your life with all means available. Better judged by twelve than buried by six.

        • Just me

          Umm maybe it was downs syndrome – either way.

    • Anonymous

      My online prediction –
      Community of interest will tolerate this. :neutral:

    • truck driver

      Infowars comments keeps saying unable to load disqis , I tried the trouble shooting link and it went back to unable to load disqis, I’m using a Wal-Mart prepaid total phone that runs off of Verizon

      • 2QIK4U

        You’re in digital fema prison trying to help a Target. ……

    • Everette

      Here again is a case of evil nwo workers creating crimes to rise up the people against of system of government . We the people are the government !!! Some bones need to be broken . Those involved and those who ordered this crime and those backing it up ! This crap needs to end not later but now ! We out number these jackasses kissing ass to the nwo and un take over of America and its citizens . Trump needs to bomb the hell out of those who have set up this Treasonist system to take down America ! And the last few so called natzi presidents needs to also be dealt with for helping push the agenda . Don’t believe what I am saying then look up the exucitive orders they have signed in as so called laws , which are not , they are Treason as stated by our Constitution . Executive orders are not lawful . It gives the president dictatorship ! Obama ordered 30,000 guilotines to behead American . They are housed in Georgia and Montana . If crap like this is not stopped then soon you will reap the fruits you have allowed to grow under your noses ( natzi type prison camps ) . These asses need to be reminded who the government really is , We the People not they the representatives we sent to represent us and speak our minds not their minds !

    • AmericaWakeUpNow

      Excessive force used by those police officers caused this mans death. All should recognize what you are dealing with sometimes with “law enforcement”. If your life is worth anything to you, then comply with a law officer’s direction, you may live to get your day in court and possible retribution!!!

    • Tedx

      I guess Passive Resistance doesn’t work that well, huh?

    • Slimey

      Again, stupid cops not being trained correctly and understanding they are NOT in the Consitution and therefore, work for the communist. Notice, they are the only ones that can open carry and NOT get arrested by citizens because they won’t allow them to open carry.

      So, if you want to end up like this Negro, keep believing the communist up there. I know you do, because you keep paying their taxes. :lol:

    • Justin Case

      How is it three cops show up at Walmart to arrest a guy and they have no idea what it is for? How did they even know he was at Walmart? How did these idiots even find the Walmart? He did resist, passive or otherwise, cops aren’t going to tolerate that. However, their tactics were very poor and they clearly caused the death of Mr. Frank as I see it. And all this over trespassing? That is so wrong it stinks. All those cops should be charged with murder. It won’t happen, I know…

    • Freeus

      There are good people and bad people in every job in the world these guys were bad and must go to jail for using too much force, there is no excuse.

    • KGB

      A fine example of incompetent policing. If you are going to arrest someone on a warrant don’t you think that as a competent officer the person you are going to arrest would want to see that warrant as proof of what your saying is true. Four white men in plain clothes walk up to you flash a badge and say they are cops with a warrant for your arrest but cannot present a warrant, now anyone in their right mind with even a modicum of knowledge about the law would know that can’t be right, and as a citizen you have the basic right not to even talk to these people much less confirm your straw man name when asked. Mr Frank at least gave the officers that curtesy in calm and non agressive manner and was well within his rights to ask to see the warrant. No warrant should be no arrest but for these lazy and incompetent officers to obtain that warrant was just too much work, so they decided to excercise the authority they thought they have by forcing Mr Frank Into an unlawful apprehension which resulted in the usual unessary force leading to his death. All in a day’s work for these officers as they never even bothered to try to revive Mr frank or call an ambulance for him while dying. I hope these so called police men are put in front of a judge who would put them in prison for murder in the same cavalier way that they took Mr Frank’s life.

      • mklp316

        I agree and liked your comments about this article… I was unable to simply check the LIKE Box due to operator trouble…

    • 2QIK4U


    • mklp316

      Another example of GANG VIOLENCE leading to a mans death… Wearing a uniform is no different than street thug colors… Three Macho Cops on one Old Man… Cops who had all the advantages and various weapons to use… Cops who have computers, tracking systems and the legal institutions to support their actions… The cops knew where this man lived… They had to know what he was being charged with… They did not have to force him off his tractor… They could have picked him up anytime, peacefully with a warrant in hand… I guess, it is more fun to have bragging rights about how the Good Guys apprehended the Bad Guy… After feeling threatened, being choked from behind and having a taser repeated used on him, he probably had cardiac arrest with restricted breathing…

    • CeeLeeRose

      “The warrant is down @ the station”……..I’d say the same exact thing to those creeps…..

      This is SO sad.

      This type of shit is PRECISELY why I carry a PMR-30 handgun & 50-75 rounds of 22 mag on me. 1650 FPS cuts through soft body armor. Although when shooting @ armored critters its always best to aim for the face &/or genitals. Im WAAAAY more concerned about thugs in uniform than any other threat. Another 175-200 pistola rounds in mags & 600 rounds of 5.56 & a rifle to chooch em in my rig. Enough to get me into trouble-but probably not out of it…;)

      ANY police encounter now days, no matter how benign it may seem @ the onset of the initial encounter should be treated as a credible & possible threat to ones life unfortunately. How many of these videos do we have to watch to come to the conclusion that LEO’s are ther to protect THE SHITSTEM & not “Us”?…..Fight em with all youve got-Sure, you may die in the process, but youll @ least die fighting these shameless NWO/Zionist/SS SturmFeurFreiTruppen?….instead of being just another sad statistic & video de jour of police brutality…..

      90% of my polite myriad lifelong interactions with policy enforcers has been chock full of un-enjoyment due to their eventual aggro attitudes. My own Gramps was a Washington State Patrol trooper too. WSP actions on the east side of Wa. is abysmal. Since becoming a Targeted Individual here on Whidbey Island in 2010-(Attack phase)- Ive had next to zero Sheriffs Dept interactions, aside from the BS contrived & set-up Sephardic mother/daughter “Legal action” sent my way after years of passive surveillance by the Whidbey Island crime ring operating out here unhindered & with the co-operation help of local LE…

      Ive lived & driven around out here on Whidbey Island for 20 years now-Ive NEVER been pulled over even ONCE?!……Strange huh? This is coming from a local Sheriffs Dept that protects & tolerates a vicious Jewish run pedophile ring responsible for MANY murders out here on the island. See: “” ~Jew Island article….

      If I were to get pulled over, & they ran my info they’d get this back: “FBI Non-Investigative Subject-Handling Code 4-Silent Hit” & let me go w/o a ticket…Guess thats the plus side of being a T.I thats being soft/slow killed right?…Ahhhhh the perks!…Ha!…;)

      ~The Warp & The Weft~ A Targeted Individuals Tale Of Life On Whidbey Island~ UserName: KrasnayaZvezda

      Be well


    • Redlist Renegade

      Cops are nothing more than violent criminal gang members !!!

    • Anonymous

      Our police are often trained in Israel and they treat USA citizens the same way Israel treats Palestinian.




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