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Alex Jones Ban Is a Smoke Screen - Here's What's Really Going On!

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There are a lot of opinions floating around on the internet about Alex Jones being banned from Youtube, Facebook, Apple, Spotify and now, apparently, the Mail messaging platform MailChimp has confirmed in a statement that Jones’ accounts have been closed for “hateful conduct”

In a statement, MailChimp said it had terminated InfoWars’ and Jones’ accounts for ToS violations — adding that while it doesn’t usually comment on individual account closures it was making an exception in this case.

“We don’t allow people to use our platform to disseminate hateful content,” it wrote, adding: “We take our responsibility to our customers and employees seriously. The decision to terminate this account was thoughtfully considered and is in line with our company’s values.”

If mailchimp is anything like YouTube, they speak in utter hypocrisy as they purposely select who they’re going to censor and who they’re going to allow to continue actually blatantly violating their terms of service. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about I give a crystal clear example in my last video.

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    • Anonymous

      We used to have class clowns, who would repeat :shock: a n y t h i n g .

      No matter how vulgar or sensational, they would take the heat.

      No matter how factual, no matter whether he held any personal beliefs, whatsoever, AJ was the presumptive gate keeper and flagship, only to deny alot of these claims, later.

      No matter how important, he was either going to be defamed or give up on it, eventually.

      Not that I am denying one word he has ever said, outrightly.

      • nomorelabels

        Good points. No doubt he has lied many times to his base. I know this for a fact, mostly hype and fabrication that sounds very plausible, yet it was mostly BS.

        • Equalizer

          Always 99.9% truth from Alex…It is called “Free speech” and if you ban anyone’s right lets say…ANTIFA the impotent masked group that beats up on old ladies and handicapped while yelling “white privilege” WTF??? They are all white radical professors from Berkeley, Ca., inbred Saul Alinsky dumb-A$$es. Than no matter what side be it radical Left or libertarian Right you then can ban ALL “free-speech”. Remember…1nd Amendment. None of us sane American’s want to have to utilize our 2nd Amendment rights.

          • Equalizer

            My apologies…Remember…”1st Amendment”. None of us sane American’s want to have to utilize our 2nd Amendment rights

      • 2QIK4U


    • church of the 1stborn

      Hay it could of been John or Jane Doe down the road * Now we see what the democrat communist spies saboteurs & terrorist were after! To shut down any speech in America as they burn our flag,Constitution of the Republic of the United States of America,and the Amendments.
      They are foreign soldiers out of uniform, and should be treated as such

      • nomorelabels

        Keep in mind, 43% of republicans favor Trump having the authority to shut down media, of course that would be any media that is unfavorable to him.

        Is this what so many want? To allow anyone to dictate to them what they should read, watch, listen to? It i snot only democrats wanting to censor, it is 43 % of those who voted for Trump. I find this to be dangerous.

        What you stated is true, but it is both sides wanting to control and that is foolish to even consider. People need to THINK…before giving more power to a politician.

        • DK

          If republicans want to do something, they should have their representatives in their state’s vote to embargo private companies from using their internet infrastructure (and if they have not got ownership of their nodes to asset forfeture the relevant Domain Name Servers ) in the public interest for violating the first amendment under suspicion of operating as a cartel or monopoly for the Democratic party, since the Trump presidency has suffered the same treatment with fale accusations and fake news. (i.e. your city can vote to remove Trumps Hollywood star based outside its juristiction)

          The embargo can be in the form of siezing the domain name for content infringement or forcing the Domain Name Servers to block access to CNN Google by altering the DNS and table etc. On a second front, the relevant companies also host music videos/news uploaded by users for which the artist and rights holder is not being paid(yet the company is getting advertising revenue per view), the record labels have not taken on offenders as they should, since most artists are US citizens therefore it is up to their representatives to ensure these media giants pay their due and/or get closed down. :grin:

          • 2QIK4U

            The internet was made by the good old school nerd to avoid everything that’s happened to it today. :(

        • Andy

          i have no problem shutting down known propaganda machines which are being controlled by the CIA contrary to LAW because the CIA is not permitted to operate on U.S. soil

          should that be done, then real independent news can arise to replace it

    • Kit Cav

      Right on!

    • nomorelabels

      Over the years, I have caught Jones in more than a few lies which he kept repeating until his followers believed him, but what they believed were still lies.

      I don’t think censorship is the route to go for anyone unless fraud or harm is done to people, which in the case of Jones, one could argue he HAS harmed more than a few due to lies/fabrications about various subjects.

      His rants got old, they were always used to get his followers angry about something, most of the time it was really his own ideas rather than actual evidence or facts.

      No politician should dictate to anyone what they watch, read or listen to. I would hope most can think enough for themselves to realize when they are being CONNED, but many do not, they just believe anything if it supports their beliefs/views.

      That is how these guys play their followers, tell them anything that sounds plausible, forget about it being truthful, and most will react.

      This goes on within much of media, whether MSM or Alt media, lies are everywhere, misinformation to the point we really do not actually know the truth period. Propaganda has a way of doing that, shaping the masses perception, getting them to believe things based upon their belief systems, politics, etc.

      On top of it all, many make millions off those who subscribe to their mantra, selling all manner of products to them while they continue a charade.

      This happens on BIN a lot…has for years. Shills that will repeat anything as long as they get the desired reaction. usually topics such as politics, religion, aliens, and especially “end times” nonsense that is used to scare people into belief.

      What we need is not censorship, we need more critical thinking from people and researching facts and evidence before blindly believing everything they are told/taught, etc.

      • DK

        Produce the body, if his lies were so memorable and repeated list them here. I did a couple of put downs on Jim Freestone but at least I discovered where he got his information from about Fukushima and credited it as he did not or called foul on his false claim on a Mexican American student being sent into the Bataclan by police to die in 2015 when her parents had phoned her on the premises and all he had to do was as a journalist phone them to check(the french version of events were false in that they waited outside for several hours allowing the terrorists free reign, I have a photo of the scene where corpses with fresh head wounds were laid on dried blood trails where a body had been dragged)

    • F16Hoser

      Alex Jones will become stronger than Obi Won Kenobi. :razz:
      CNN = Darth Vader

    • Slimey

      Boloney title and why I ignored it for several days.

      But decided to go and look. As usual, I did not find the smoking goon. Just another PHONY FAKE NEWS stuff.

      You really had nothing to say. Except for pointing out the hypocrisy of the left. But we know that’s their MO already. :twisted:

    • Justin Case

      People really need to think this through. I don’t care what anyone thinks about Jones. That is not the point here. The point is censorship, PERIOD. If they can silence Jones they can silence YOU and ME! And be certain, they will eventually. You have THREE ways to preserve your freedoms. The SOAP BOX, THE BALLOT BOX, or the CARTRIDGE BOX. They tend to get used in that order. SO if you don’t like what is happening to Jones, SPEAK UP! Before it is too late for us all….

      • Just me

        Notice how all this is being allowed to happen under Trump – the Trojan Horse. Under Trump’s watch there have been more anti-gun laws passed than under Obama. Now the attack is against the first amendment. You get what you pay for. Obama is the left leg and Trump is the right leg of the same NWO beast.

        • Anonymous

          Someone in BIN woke up. Very unusual. :smile:

          • Just me

            Some of us have been awake all along.

            • Anonymous

              Yup yup.

      • Anonymous

        (There’s a couple of tv channels, for dogs. So, they can be preoccupied.)

        I think most of his audience were slack-tivists, who made it into a spectator sport. You turned him on, and let him make mega-phone racket in the background. The only ones with anything to lose, were using this as a form of emotional support.

        Can’t you :neutral: woke :roll: people actually come up with anything, on your own. You could say something catchy and unusual and hear it repeated, verbatim, in his shows.

        None of the independent investigators, who Jones memory holed, actually needed him for anything, because you can still use independent judgment, be the citizen scientist or first responder, independently, without any advocacy.

        He believes that he has ‘given wings’ to his older staff (who he ran off.) So they can do their own thing. And, he’s happy for them. What is the actual problem, here.

    • Arse

      Why am I sure that this comes from the Dems again. Darn Dems.

    • RAIN

      “Smoke Screen” in your title..

      How apropos.

      “Here’s What’s Really Going On!”

      I musta blinked cuz I missed it.

      yeah. that’s what happened.

      • Anonymous


        Did you not know that you were in a BIN ***** NO THINKING ZONE ***** ???

        The penalties are SEVERE.

        Your Partner In Crime, Anonomous :smile:

        • CUB4DK

          …so the Apple Dumpling Gang is a Crime Syndicate….at the ” NO THINK ZONE” :)
          You assholes have been helping Me out …keeping My sanity. I was declared Insane in 2002…hehehe :mrgreen:

          Cheers, Uncle Hexy…time for some Apple Bourbon :) :) :) :lol:

          • Anonymous

            Apple Bourbon? :smile:

            • CUB4DK

              Jim Bean Apple Bourbon….and it tastes so good :grin:

    • Andy

      ahh, they joys of censorship

      the left are becoming more and more desperate, almost feral – going to be an interesting few years ahead

    • Canderson

      Okay then get healthy again AJ, you fat-fuck, traitor to the people. Go home and suck on that. Then return as the better Man, please. I for one wanna see that happening. In short run your own show.

      • Canderson

        Fear is your greatest enemy, doing good, fear is your greatest contributor to fat fuck wealthy AJ also.

        • Canderson

          And narcissism, you could funnel that in many directions, it seemingly dissipates, it is workable, it is Jota.

    • truck driver

      Alex Jones was on Michael savage am radio show, my Ccrane dot com solar observer radio tuned in Detroit, new York , Atlanta before midnight. It always gets Quebec and Toronto.. Anyway I have used his products since the 1998. And when you get a headache and regurgitate your food ,’ iodine helps me get rid of that

    • Warrior Poet

      Time to clean the muskets.

      • CUB4DK

        …alright Elmer Fudd :lol:

    • SultanFaris

      Nice Article Very Helpful ! Thanks for sharing ! Also check

    • Canderson

      It is about false flag like the sandy Hoax and the holo-hoax, because and especially because without the fabricated Nazi Jewish holocaust cultural Marxism can not exist, the white privilege. They that call themselves Jews are Asian, Mongol+Hun?Turkish on their mothers side, Asian hatred against real Whites, not Caucasus Asian white bullshit.

      • Canderson

        Cultural is a furthering of Communism, now it breaks into the realm of sociology.

        • Canderson

          Cultural Marxism is a furthering of Communism (economic system), now it breaks into the realm of sociology. Multi-multiculturalism is Cultural Marxism.




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