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President Trump's Surprising Comments on 9/11

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President Donald J Trump gives his comment on the day of 9/11/01 and today.  See what you think!

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  • PaulTarsuss

    Never forget WHO was TRULY responsible for what happened on 9/11!

    The same who are behind, strife, misery, and chaos the world over for centuries ongoing.

    Good Journeys

  • FauxScienceSlayer

    “Ground Zero, Nuclear Demolition of the WTC” by William Tahil, PDF online > a 0.5 KT in each basement did it !

  • Linuxmaster

    I believe the people cheering the bombing of the buildings were Mossad agents in NJ.

    • LifeIs

      Of course Urban Moving Systems people set up to film (the FBI never let us see the video) were Mossad.

  • curious

    After years of watching and reviewing the evidence from all directions, from all narratives and fields of study. …After years of watching the number of “coincidental” facts regarding 911 grow in the thousand until it has grown into an insurmountable mountain of facts that prove the truth beyond the probabilities of coincidence…I am forced to know the TRUTH….THAT 911 WAS AN INSIDE JOB. A ghastly crime committed by the demonic dogs of the World Satanic Dark Cabal and what we refer to in the U.S as the Satanic Deep State. Those guilty dogs include the entire Bush Family, and elements of the Mossad, Mi6, Saudis, CIA, and only God knows who else. These guilty parties do not deserve trials in a humane court of justice. They deserve the horrible fate that they visited upon over 3000 innocent Americans. They deserve to be incinerated ALIVE ina crumbling tower consumed within a lake of fire…and Please God…let me toss the burning match that sends them ALL to the Abyss. My Awakening began with the False Flag Farce that was the Boston Marathon Bombing and has continued daily from that point. Bin Laden and Al Quieda had nothing to do with 911…and then to witness the continuing mockery of the Satanic Cabals creation of their “planted puppet” Obama first proceed with the FAKED capture and assasination of Bin Laden, The FAKED burial of his corpse at sea, and then the very real annihilation of the entire SEAL TEAM 6 involved in that series of events, by sending them on a mission into a precontructed, preplanned intentional “deathtrap” on substituted inferior helicopters, with No normal “back up” and denied aid, extrication or rescue in real time…to intentionally be shot to pieces at the inevitable crash site. TO SHUT THEM UP FOREVER because they knew the BIN LADEN RAID WAS FALSE….A LIE from beginning to end. LEAVES ME IN DISGUST of the state of our nation under the rule of these SATANIC DEEP STATE DOGS who have until the present been ruling and working to disembowl our Constitution and our nation for generations. Namely THE BUSCH´s, THE CLINTONS, THE OBAMAS, and all of the filthy Satanic Lackeys they have worked so hard to have infiltrate and devour like rats THE GREAT REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. GOD BLESS THE PATRIOTS AND OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP! WWG1WGA!!!!!!!

    • HypothesisFree

      9/11 TWIN towers of Cain and Able – ABSOLUTE PROOF that DEEPLY ROOTED EVIL in Modern Politics traces back to SECRET Bombshell Knowledge from the Genesis story involving the twins Cain and Abel, and how this relates to the Twin Towers of 9/11!

      Rabbi Finkelstein admitted in a radio interview that the Bush clan was working for the Zionist Jews.

      Rabbi Finkelstein amazingly gives honest answers about world Jewry’s control of banking, media and governments, their creation of communism, their founding of the Jesuits (to infiltrate the churches), their holocaust hoax, their human sacrifice rituals and many more jaw-dropping subjects.

      Here some most disgusting things in this interview:

      “Hey, we ARE god’s chosen people. Its just most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer.” – an open admission that Jews ARE NOT Israelites, because Israelites are the chosen people of the OTHER God – the Christian God – God the father.

      “You know, us, Jews, we’re pretty smart guys. I know that actually we’ll get all the rest of their countries around the world. They’ll wipe each other out. Because us, Jews – we are SPECIAL. We are the chosen people. And we are the smartest people in the world and have always said, down through the ages – we want a world of our own.

      And we’re gonna get it, and there’s nothing any of the goyim cattle are gonna do to stop us.”

      “And ah, you know we are, I know you know, cause I’ve got it on your show before, I mean we steal a hundred to three hundred thousand children a year just in this country. And we drain the blood and we mix it with a Passover bread, and then we throw the bodies into the slaughter houses that we own, and we grind up all the bodies in the sausage and the hamburgers.”

      Rabbi Abraham Finkelstein Tells All

  • Ideas Time

    100% of the people in the dc gov are a part of the cover up including the pres now. Really sad. You can’t trust any of them to tell the truth.

  • unidentified

    they dont care because they believe they will be safe, however the founding fathers werent dummies and suspected something like this would happen

  • Britnay Smithh

    Remember, in the US 24 Skyscrapers calendar for Novus Ordo Seclorum in National Geographic magazine,Febuary 1989 issue,pages 140-185, TRUMP and his Tower on Lower Manhattan plays jn NUMBERS,the KEY ROKE,to cover uo the 911 crime ,which by then assigned to him! His elections war rather masonic selection just as Bush Jr. to oversee the 911 crime! Trump was selected to keep it covered up! Visit on googke,pdf,Bloody Masonic Fingerprints Left On 911 Crime Scene, for the details!

  • Slimey

    7/11? The man was hungry. So big deal. :arrow: :neutral:




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