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Deep State Threatens Doomsday Weapon! Heneghan

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Deep State Threatens Earth To Avoid Arrest! Tom Heneghan (9-13-18) from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.


See why everybody needs  APeX – Anti Pathogen Extreme, Anti Viral, Anti Bacterial and our Bioavailable Copper at   Please SHARE so we can help more people!  Email me at [email protected]   Is this above photograph going around the internet of a doomsday weapon being threatened to be used on Earth?  I don’t know but Tom Heneghan says one of his sources had something to say about it.  Tom Heneghan covered all the latest political news in today’s broadcast.  The biggest news is one of Tom’s sources gave him a report on the objects being seen around the Sun.  Tomsays he was told the deep state is threatening to kill half the planet with one of their large ships or satellites that is highly radioactive if they aren’t allowed to escape justice!   They are deploying some kind of doomsday weapon or at least threatening to use one.  


I don’t want anybody to panic about this information because we can’t prove it one way or another.  The info could be totally fake so do not panic!   Trust in God always and God doesn’t want anybody to worry!   I truly believe God is protecting our planet right now and the evil people will never be able to use such a weapon even if it does exist.  I do believe we have a secret space program as is discussed by Tony Rodriguez.  I’m hoping that all the people in the secret space program are not evil and there would be a faction that would never allow the Earth to be harmed with a deep state controlled weapon.  


20 Years a Slave In Secret Space Program! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.


God is in control.   For some reason, I just have a gut feeling the top people such as Hillary and the Bushes etc will escape justice somehow in the end.  I hope and pray I’m wrong but I just don’t see the very top going to jail.  Maybe it’s just that I haven’t seen much of anything happen yet and maybe it’s because they are threatening to kill billions behind the scenes to escape justice.    I truly hope at least all the middle and lower level people go to jail and we can get the upper level people out of our lives and hopefully off the planet.  I don’t know if Tom’s information is correct or not.  Sometimes sources are fed false stories so no source is ever correct 100% of the time. 


Other big news is Trump has put the US into a state of emergency to stop all election meddling before the midterms.  He wants reports on his desk before the election and Tom has been told the US has informed the British to provide evidence relating to their involvement in hacking US elections or face dire consequences.  He has signed executive orders giving him complete control over DHS which has been fully compromised by British SERCO.  Also discussed is the coup involving Mike Pence, John Bolton and General Mattis!  


Bolton Leading Soft Coup Against Trump! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.


To show how we’ve built doomsday weapons in the past, I did find a doomsday project called Pluto that was worked on in the 1960s.  They came up with a hypersonic missile that would stay within the atmosphere flying at treetop level.  It would fly so fast that they could never shoot it down.  It was called the SLAM (Supersonic Low Altitude Missile) and work was done on it in Project Pluto.  It was essentially a doomsday missile.  It carried between 14-26 nuclear warheads that were ejected out the top like a toaster and a ramjet engine powered by a nuclear reactor powerful enough to generate 500 million watts and push the missile using it’s ramjet between Mach 3 and Mach 5!   The unshielded nuclear reactor would spray deadly radiation while the shock waves would kill people without even launching it’s nuclear weapons.

So it could go around killing people with radiation and shock waves for months or even years without even dropping it’s nuclear weapons.  Tom was told the deep state had something highly radioactive to use on the Earth.  Is it possible?  Absolutely it’s very possible as Project Pluto was a real idea they wanted to do in the 1960s.   


If doomsday weapons were planned even in the 60s then you can be sure the deep state using our secret space program has a doomsday weapon out there somewhere.  But I’m not afraid of such a doomsday weapon at all even if it is next to our sun right now.  At some point we’re all just tired of being slaves and we lose our fear of these monsters.  I’ve been like that for many years now.  I think God needs more time to save souls on this planet and that’s why I’m not worried about nuclear war, asteroids, tidal waves, Niburu or even deep state doomsday weapons.  If we are all right with God, we have nothing to fear anyway.  Christians don’t want death but we don’t fear it either because we never die anyway.  The only thing I fear is disappointing God.


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