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Support Trump? Then You Need to Watch This! Full Admission From His Accusers!

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By Lisa Haven


The manipulation of information over mainstream media platforms has emerged as a critical threat to public life. Around the world, government agencies and political parties are exploiting media platforms to spread junk news and disinformation while exercising censorship and control. They have an agenda and they will stop at nothing to accomplish it.

In the video below I expose not only the media manipulation but what’s at the core of the Globalists actions and how the “possessors” plan to seize control by any means necessary. All that and more below….



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  • Slimey

    You were deceived when they presented you with a Negro and proclaimed him as “President” which you waycist proudly echoed on the rest of US.

    See the Negro? He is “PRESIDENT”. On your knees America!!

    Yet you never bothered to investigate as stories came out that the Negro had no real BC. Your dear Negro even laughed it off. A big clue that he was trying to bury the story.

    Why the Negro even mocked it a few weeks ago while in Kenya. You have seen the speech. But you are a waycist and dare not speak out against the Negro and Congogress even though they committed a grave treason on you.

    What I mean is you purposely kept quiet about it simply because he was a NEGRO. You must STOP THAT! That is WAYCIST! You must not look at skin colour but character. :mad:

  • Busta Myth

    Take a looky Honey Bunny, see anyone ya know ? (take a good look at the first article)

  • Canderson

    Psychopathic-Nations. Yes we where right, because I know them.

    • Canderson

      Why or how do I know them? I just do. Similar DNA?

      • Canderson

        Many forces converge in the basically the same.

      • Canderson

        I have already shown them their way.

        • Canderson

          They are not listening.

          • Canderson

            Let the Sun go down then, let us end all.

          • Canderson

            Let the Sun go down then, let us end all. Let them answer for what they have done as spirits.

  • Canderson

    Let the Sun go down then, let us end all. Let them answer for what they have done as spirits.
    A million years of pain? They will know and soon. Look at the Sun, something is happening.

  • Sue Rosenorn

    Years ago I alarmingly heard Walter Croncite was involved in the Illuminati just as most famous successful people are these days.

  • desertspeaks

    stop calling what they’re doing, disinformation, call it what it is.. lies, fraud, propaganda and brainwashing!

  • Endtime

    Yet Trump is certainly the lesser evil… Thank Christ that we are saved from Hillary!

    • Wellingtondeb

      The lesser of two evils?…they are all rotten to the core. The powers-that-be put into office who best serves their purpose at the time. Nothing more …nothing less. Devil in pink or the devil in blue…both are evil.

      • Anonymous

        Same garbage, different marketing. Bannon was VP of Cambridge Analytica. He supplied the hot button issues and slogans that had been crowd-tested and sorted to target the disenfranchised right. These became Tump Talking Points and won him the game. Then the POTUS stuffed shirt came out and bombed his base- CONTINUOUSLY- since inauguration and ever since. FaQe phony “xtian” patriots like Haven’s Coven w/ Hodges, Haggee, Haggmann, Quayle, Jonestown etc were pushed to the front of the right ‘opposition’ movement, providing cover for the neocon liars as lying faQe conservative zionists.
        Zionism=PHARISEE-ism, as the ‘JEWS’ of Israel will be the first to say. Not kidding. Ask Michael Hoffman, Brother Nat Kapner, Ben Freedman and other jews who converted to Xtianity. they were the REAL deal and not the faQe trash like we have now, endlessly spouting deceit like Haven’s Coven and her ilk.

  • nomorelabels

    The entire political circus is shameful. both sides acting like spoiled brats, railing against each other with colorful labels and constantly repeating all the current cute little trigger words and phrases.

    Meanwhile, behind the scenes, those career politicians that care more for their career than their country continue to make us all look like fools…while they play their political games at the expense of the country. Both sides are guilty of divisive tactics and placing politics above the people who these politicians are supposed to work for.

    It can never change…too many folks depend upon daddy government so it must continue to grow larger until it controls every aspect of our lives. We the people are partly to blame for this outcome, and we really need to stop hiding behind party labels when we know deep down that BOTH are corrupt and that they lie.




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