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Something Disturbingly Evil About Socialism All Socialists Must See!

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There’s only one problem with a thief. And it’s universally recognized as a problem…not just a problem but something that is immoral. So, what is the immorality we’re talking about in the case of carjackers and burglars? They use threats, coercion and force to take things that don’t belong to them. Money, vehicles, jewelry…it doesn’t matter. They work to forcefully deprive others of their property for personal gain at the expense of their victims.

Universally recognized or not it’s wrong to take things that don’t belong to you for one simple reason. The perpetrators of these crimes wouldn’t want anyone to steal from them.


And it makes sense, right? You spent your time, effort and energy to create wealth that benefits you and your family, and then someone else comes along and helps themselves to the product of your laboring energies. They didn’t work for it, you did. To take it from you (no matter the reason) is to commit the crime known as theft. We all see this.


Some might excuse the actions of the thief by saying, “Well, he did it to feed his starving children, or to get his dying mother the medication she needed to recover.” It doesn’t matter the reason. A crime was committed by one individual which created a victim out of another individual. The bottom line is that the act of stealing from one person to give to another is still theft. If you wanna give it another name we can call it a social injustice. Regardless it’s still immoral.


That same type of theft is the identical story, definition and practical application of socialism. The way socialism is billed and fleshed out that it’s the redistribution of wealth. You can call that actions of a burglar the redistribution of wealth. Wealth is transferred from the hands of the victim to the hands of the thief.


Dictionaries define socialism as “an economic theory or system in which the means of production, distribution, and exchange are owned by the community collectively, usually through the state.” That’s a nice way of saying the fruit of your labor is stolen by the state and given to people who didn’t earn it. When you get the state involved you automatically introduce the three fold aspects of force, coercion and theft. Even George Washington recognized the reality of the evil of the state when he said, “Government is not eloquence, it is not reason, it is force and like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” But it’s not just any force. It’s unjust force. There is just force like when a person is defending himself or his loved ones from an aggressor. The state employs unjust force, where they perpetrate a crime on peaceful people in order to fund their social agenda.


Socialism in all it’s virtue signaling prowess claims to champion the cause of the little guy by creating a playing field and atmosphere of equality. Propagators of socialism even say it’s immoral and unjust to not create this equal playing field. Those who stand opposed to socialism are seen as evil people who don’t want to see other people doing as well as they are. And the irony is that these social justice warriors who promote socialism (which is theft and therefore is a grave social injustice) and condemn capitalism, cannot hide their hypocrisy for it is the very capitalism they claim to abhor that allows them to promote socialism while they themselves reap the massive benefits of a predominantly market-driven, capitalist society. Socialism couldn’t possibly give them what they’re currently benefiting from, because, while socialism gives the illusion of working because it’s still operating for a time off of the momentum of capitalism…it ends up failing the very people it claims to help.


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  • Slimey

    The Left and Democraps principle are to COVET. The breaking of the last but not least Commandment. They invite thievery in their hearts. To steal, to take what is not theirs.

    Having completed breaking the other 9 breaking the last one will complete your DOOM. :twisted:

  • Freeus

    The problem with telling left about socialism is that none will hear or educate themselves or take the time to research because that is others job, and they just follow. They know it ALL, we do not.

  • nomorelabels

    I think all of the current political scene has its dark spots. Some want socialism, on the other side, some want a type of theocracy government, both options are bad.




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