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Directed Energy Weapons Triggering Shooters!

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Directed Energy Weapons Triggering Shooters! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.


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Excellent video connecting the dots between directed energy weapons and many of the mass shooters of the last decade.  Many of these shooters said they heard voices urging them to kill.  Who was talking to them?   These voices were coming from directed energy weapons usually in the microwave spectrum.   This is called Voice to Skull technology or the voice of God.  

The military is buying weapons like this weapons as fast as they can be made!  They want weapons to target people so they are too sick to fight!   It’s much cheaper to do this than have to blow up the country and rebuild it they say!   Many of the technologies are shown along with experts who explain how they work.


I thought one of the most interesting parts was when they briefly touched on how our Fake news originally put out the truth about the Oklahoma City bombing.  I watched this event live back in 1995 and always remembered when they said “They’ve found other bombs in the building!”   This is true and this video shows all the early news reports I saw!  They brought in bomb disposal units and took out bombs from inside the Federal Building in Oklahoma City!    

This means they official story they’ve told us that Timothy McVeigh caused all the damage with a truck bomb in front of the building is a total lie!   Bombs inside the building prove it was an inside job but go to any official source of news such as CNN or Wikipedia (CIApedia) and they will never talk about those bombs inside the building!  

By the way Stew Webb was told Timothy McVeigh was never executed, he was given a drug to simulate death and taken away and revived!

 A reporter from National Enquirer who at first didn’t believe Stew, later confirmed another source told him the same thing!  Stew even knew what island he was staying on after he got a new face.  Timothy McVeigh later relocated to Australia!   He did his job and got his reward and a new identity.  

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