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Cognitive Dissonance and Our "Ironclad" Support for Israel

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The Freeland-Trudeau team likes to go out of their way to pose as Trump-defying humanists, stalwarts of the international anti-Trump resistance. That’s a pose meant primarily for the domestic audience, where pretend resistance scores a lot of political points among great swathes of the populace.

In the real world, we’re 100% in with the Israel-KSA-USA axis of evil. How else to explain our dithering over our biggest arms sale ever? How else to explain Chrystia’s grovelling performance in Jerusalem last week?

The IDF turkey shoot at the Gaza fence continues week in and week out, with nary a peep from our dynamic duo on ”feminist foreign policy,” save for that one ill-advised slip of the tongue on Trudeau’s part back in May, when he accidentally misspoke about the need for an impartial inquiry into the IDF’s multiple murders of unarmed Palestinians. That brief outburst of sanity went missing immediately.

Maybe Kushner made a phone call.

No, we’re proud to offer our “unwavering and ironclad support” for the Trump-loving Likudniks who are systematically destroying the state of Israel and turning it into a loathsome apartheid pariah.


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    • desertspeaks

      the US government has been captured or has surrendered to ISRAEL, the masses of Americans have been brainwashed into supporting a country that never existed on the face of the earth until 1948 because of the cult of the tribe has screamed that it’s always the victim.. HISTORY DOES NOT SUPPORT THAT THE JEWS ARE THE VICTIMS,.. they have been expelled from almost every country on earth DUE TO THE JEWS OWN ACTIONS AND CRIMES, THEY ARE NOT THE VICTIMS, THEY JUST LIKE TO PRETEND TO BE THE VICTIM BUT ARE IN FACT ALWAYS THE AGGRESSOR!

    • deano

      Cog – Diss = Creationism Vs Evolution

      Cog – Diss = Judeo- Christian………(Christians believe in Christ, Judes dont believe in christ)… Oxy-moron like a Virgin-Mother.

      Cog – Diss = Paleo Hebrew Vs Modern Hebrew……(Paleo is PHONECIAN)…(Modern is Aramaic Square Script- early arabic)

      Cog – Diss = The STAR OF DAVID on the 1900 British Colonial Flag of NIGERIA. (48 yrs before Israel ???)

      Cog – Diss = The Rev Anglican Hechler is the true promoter of ZIONism, not Theodore Roosevelt Pretzel.

      Cog – Diss = Modern Jews dont even know about the CORPUS SEPERATUM…….and will be Holocausted again :cry: …..

      Yeshua?……..In Paleo(PHONECIAN)…..YHWH = Yi eH sh eH….yiehsheh( aaay – shuh)……your “Strongs” Asher ~ Ashur.

      I AM happy I AM.?………I am ASHER I am. (Tribe?, Character?,Asherim poles? Asherah?) or ASHUR, the god of Assyria?

      Yahweh? Yahveh?…….u know W=sh (shin)……..its Yahsheh (Yasher)….Is it NOT written in the book of YASHER??????????

      Wake Up Hasbara!…….ZBT came from Colombia Universitas…..its a Jesuit contsruct….ZIONism….and needed modern Hebrew to justify it as a national language.
      Do you think your slavic Yiddish speaking great grandparents were speaking Hebrew or could write it?
      Show me a synagogue BEFORE the 1870s?
      Have you seen their graven image statues of Ecclestia Vs Synagoga ?

      Palestine is the Filastas…….the biblical Phillistines. Who has covetted Jerusalem since the Crusades?…..

      Do u really think they will let u build a Temple of Solomon , when they want a CATHEDRA for Christ?
      Go back to a Red Heiffer Bull Sacrifice?
      they have already twisted the Pashal Lamb Sacrifice into Jesus (Agnus Dei)…….and replaced the OT with the NT…… :eek:




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