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Exclusive Footage! Shows Mysterious Projectile Starting Deadly California Wildfire!

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***(clip) means you must look at the video…have I ever let you down yet?  Didn’t think so.

Government is good at one thing. They’ll break your legs, steal money from somebody else to buy you crutches and say, see, if it weren’t for government, you wouldn’t be able to walk.

Weather modification, also known as climate intervention, is not the hair-brained concoction of some half-baked conspiracy theorist. It’s really happening all around us every single day of our lives to one extent or another.

There’s even a weather modification Council. This is North American Weather Modification Council

They say the mission of the North American Weather Modification Council (NAWMC) is to advance the proper use of weather modification technologies through education, promotion and research. The Council serves as a forum for the exchange of information on weather modification issues; to promote the effective use of these technologies to enhance precipitation, suppress damaging hail, and mitigate fog; and to advance research and development activities to increase scientific knowledge about weather modification capabilities.

There is no doubt that there are deeper branches of weather modification that use classified technologies to intervene in the weather. The question is…Have we been witnessing the horrible effects of that intervention with the Hurricanes and floods on the east coast and the raging fires in the west? And why isn’t anyone on mainstream media throwing weather modification activities on the table as something to be considered on their broadcasts. Why aren’t they talking about Directed Energy Weapons? I think we know the answer to that. news (clip)

(Athena clip)

Here’s what Lockheed martin has to say about their Directed Energy weapons technology. Lockheed Martin’s Advanced Test High Energy Asset system, also known as ATHENA, is a prototype laser weapon system that is designed to defeat close-in, low-value threats such as improvised rockets, unmanned aerial systems, vehicles and small boats. ATHENA is a transportable, ground-based system that serves as a low-cost test bed for demonstrating technologies required for military use of laser weapon systems. A ruggedized variant of the system would be suitable for military operations.

(Athena clip)

Governments will use whatever technology is available to them, to take down their primary enemy. Which is their own population.


Its a dog and pony, WWE world where the elites have mastered the art of implementing the Hegalian dialectic. Problem, reaction, solution. They create a problem, await the anticipated fear-based reaction from the public and step in to offer the pre-planned solution. That’s how you keep the masses in line.

And the scale at which they operate is beyond our comprehension.

This comes from Mike Morales YouTube channel. This guy does an incredible amount of research to bring his audience information about what’s really going on in the world in a very straightforward way. I’ll drop his link in the description below…take a look at his content and if you think about subscribing to his channel tell him HighImpactVlogs sent ya. Check out what he says about what may have started the Pardadise California fire that devastated that entire town and killed so many people. I guarantee you will not see this on mainstream news…there are people out there I’m sure that will wanna cover this up.


Again guys I’ll drop the Mike Morales link in the description so you can check out the entire video and give him some love.


This woman made it, but like I showed you a couple of videos ago… there were many others who weren’t so fortunate. There are hundreds missing and some were burned alive as their bodies turned to ash in their own vehicles.

Guys there’s some seriously evil crap going on in this world. Keep your eyes open, live right, get to know and lend a hand to your neighbors… and never stop seeking truth.

I’ll see you guys in the next video.

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    • Razor

      Just in case you actually believe the BULLSHIT you just spewed, we thought the actual factual TRUTH might make you feel better, ok? See Hawaii?…That’s going to be YOU very shortly. Your sitting on a VERY ACTIVE VOLCANO which they know all about, but don,t want you to know about. After all MONEY and property values MUST REMAIN HIGH ….TOO FUNNY!…Enjoy the MAGMA!….we warned you THREE years ago. ENJOY!………This message brought to you by the GIANT CORONAL RADIATION SPEWIN* HOLE ON YOUR SUN!……Your imagination regarding laser weapons?……….How old are you?………Can you say VOLCANIC!………We can!

    • b4

      both north and south fires might have been started by a transformer blow up– most of eastern cali and about half of Nevada is massive volcanic flows–you can see it every where–the last volcano in cali is Lassen –1907 i think–it can happen again- a massive comet,461p wirtanen makes a fly by in dec,visible to the naked eye around xmas–may have a big impact on earthquakes,volcanoes

      • Karen Jourden

        Wouldn’t you think it would be very strange that to happen with 16 fires and so far apart? Maybe one but what about the other fires. I’m not saying I believe this guy’s explanation but it looks like they were started by someone. For so many to start in such short span of time is very suspicious.

    • Anonymous

      Debacle Summary
      The Purpose of the Jan. 13, 2018 EAS’ (& Pacific Command’s) warning of an ‘attack on Hawaii’ was to start a war with N. Korea because there was also a similar EAS warning for Japan a few days later. Hawaiian cell phone coms. at Kaneohe (but not Honolulu) were also taken down. N. Korea’s most hated enemies are the USA and Japan.
      The attack was from a submarine launched cruise missile (not a strategic ICBM) because the flash from nuclear armed anti-missile that destroyed it was observed from 2 locations separated by about 100 miles and the broken body of the cruise missile was seen to fall in the ocean.
      (Two?) separate cruise missiles were launched from an Israeli Dolphin Class Submarine that was detected the day before (Jan. 12, 2018) when it arrived in the area and recharged its batteries for a fast get-away after the launch the next day. This marks the second time an Israeli submarine launched an armed cruise missile against the USA, the first being during 9/11 at the Pentagon.
      The launch point was about 100 miles North of Kauai and witnessed by a small cruise ship (~20 tourists) located in the area.
      One of the videos was shown on KHON – 2 Hawaii TV, but quickly pulled ‘off the air’.
      Since a flash or ‘atomic blast’ was seen, the US military are presumed to be the ones that shot it (them?) down.
      The Hawaii government lied that someone ‘accidentally’ pushed a button to set off the alarm, because there are 5 levels of security to go through before 2 separated key operators 8 feet apart can simultaneously turn both keys to release the alarm.
      The Clinton’s & HI Gov. Ige were in on this plotted attack on Hawaii. The Clinton’s, along with Huma Abedin, were safely located on the Big Island out of harm’s way. Ige and an NBC News crew were spotted inside bunker that sent Hawaiin alert just hours before alert went out.
      The target of this attack is not known for certain, but anticipated to be the Kaneohe Marine Base as marines are under the direct control of POTUS.
      The US Navy had shot down two presumed nuclear armed Israeli cruise missiles aimed at Syria and sunk the Israeli submarine on Sep. 3, 2013, presumably on orders from President Obama due to complaints from Putin about the earlier (4/5 May 2013) nuking of Syria.
      This is the second recent attempted nuclear attack on the USA that has been thwarted. The first was the one on Charleston Harbor that was suppose to occur in September 2013 when a B61-11 nuclear bomb was moved from Dryess AFB TX to Charleston via truck, but first intercepted by TX state police.
      The elected Officials participating in the Charleston Harbor attack have been identified as Senator Lindsay Graham(R-S.C.) Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) Sens. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) (by proxy – was absent due to the Jewish holiday), Benjamin Cardin (D-Md.), Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.), Christopher Coons (D-Del.), Richard Durbin (D-Ill.), Tim Kaine (D-Va.). Ranking member Sen. Bob Corker (R- Tenn.) and Sens. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) John McCain (R-Ariz.) & Daine Feinstine (D-Calif.).

    • Anonymous

      The projectiles could be meteors or comet fragments. If they are the latter, they could be formed from frozen organic ices like butane or pentane which could be very flammable when they impact the ground.

    • Slimey

      Since Kalifornia has embraced sodomites, transgenders, communism, and liberalism (godlessness) it seems to being PUNISHED by somebody which should make it even more mysterious. :lol:

      Embracing excessive and unconstitutional taxes, abortion, illegal immigration, and homelessness with POOP all over. You put that fatherless MORON in office again. Browning the State now with FIRE. Yeah, this guy he seems to HATE your WHITE GUTS.

      And a nutta ting – all these new-fangled plastics and composites being used to build homes, cars and even your clothes. When they get HOT they go POOF!! And take you with it. :lol:

      All these pollution controls by Kalifornia yet they smoke up the whole State with fire despite capping gas cans and lawn mowers for the itty bitty fumes they create.

    • patann

      Apostle/Prophet I am, 1986-2018, explained only minutes, then turn to hours by a visit 01/13-16/2018, a Matrix, 5/Rev
      5, from the perfect man Jesus. As so many other great, known worthies, from heaven’s throne, a soon to be alerted incoming missile.
      -That’s as to target predicted 2015/16, Hawaii, was treated by THEM, as though come also was the end of the world as we know it. Even come the question from perfect man Jesus to the in imminent danger ascending Bride, would these angels all around, Ps. 91, ascend with Her? Beware, Apb

      -Article, Surreal scenes unfold as a fire ‘like Armageddon’ barrels toward West Hills, Article (if you won’t listen to one of His, Isa. 57, Mat. 24, Rev. 17/18, then listen to one of yours, beware, Apb)

      -Blessed are the hearers and doers of America’s, of West Rule’s exodus for the time is at hand. No wonder in March 13-16, 2018, months before the last outburst of Calexit infernos and more of dutchsinse, ( google earth plumes. There was as of June 2015, an invite March 2018, an 11th Matrix, Rev. 11, from US states of barbecue, instead into Georgia.
      -Evenly so, only weeks before this historic burnoutwipeout, October 2018. Here it is revisions of such odd invitations 2015-2018, from US states of barbecue. Curiously just as dutchsinse, October, 2018 again by google earth, see these odd plumes this time around West coast volcano craters.
      -Just as this time I hear Matrix 10, as in Rev, 10, as in no further delays, get to invites southeast as far as Georgia, as Africa. Whereas like a day or so prior to this supposedly camp fire, dutchsinse, the one I predicted would see these types of predicted judgments coming. He detected an explosion in the crust around these areas, possibly a better explanation of this deadly, fiery carnage speed.
      -Again no wonder, as in how amazing grace with possible predicted ELE’S for 2018, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Here again these odd Google earth plumes, with Georgia even in his video the exception. As of my dreams of inviting people from US States of barbecue, instead into Georgia, oddly, whereas like the last said Carr fire event as then, here, it’s instead raining, beware, Apb, see a return to chaotic earth, 11/10/2018 — EXPLOSION IN unrest @Volcanoes, and here

    • Guitarilla

      Is it possibly an electrical substation blowing up? There’s a lot of flashing going on, like very heavy cables shorting out.

    • Central Scrutinizer

      …have I ever let you down yet? CONSTANTLY.

      …WTH is that? Don’t know, but thanks a million for the little red circles to point it out! I’s have NEVER seen that on my own!!!

      PUTZ! :mrgreen:




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