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David Icke Exposes George H.W. Bush Reality!

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David Icke speaks about H.W. Bush from his more than 20 years of studying him.  The fake news will tell you this week what a great man he was but will never mention the monstrous crimes he’s been involved with!  Crimes involving innocent children as Icke talks about!   Icke tells a lot of truth about H.W. Bush in this short video but I have much more information in the following two videos!

The fake news won’t be mentioning his drug running with Bill Clinton in Mena Arkansas as told by CIA agent Gene Chip Tatum or his part in the plot to kill JFK.  The fake news won’t mention that H.W. Bush and son George W. Bush were both photographed in Dealey Plaza when JFK was assassinated!  H.W. Bush always said he never knew where he was when the heard JFK was shot!   Well here’s the pictures!  


Our country is a complete joke!   We have fake news, fake elections, fake history, fake medicine – Fake EVERYTHING!   Our Fake news has hidden all the truth about one of the kingpins of the deep state – Herbert Walker Bush.   Bush was a literal Nazi spy from the Scherff family.   His father is supposedly Prescott Bush but I think Prescott probably just adopted him for his Nazi friends to let him infiltrate into our country!    Here’s more information on the Bush Scherff connection.  I believe this information is true because if you try to search for baby and young boy photos of H.W. Bush you won’t find but a few!  Jimmy Carter, the same age as H.W. Bush and from a very poor family has many more pictures you can find using Google images!  Why would that be unless H.W. Bush’s past is secret!   


The Bush Nazi connection


Then we have the most shocking evidence of all.  Anthony Lavey saying he saw H.W. Bush and his son at his father’s satanic sacrifices!   Very people know about this information!   If indeed Bush is dead then let’s look at all the information and not just the information presented to make this man look like a saint!   Trump is America’s last chance at getting to the truth about anything.  If he is not able to do it, nobody will every get the chance.   We must support Trump but If you know any people who still worship H.W. Bush, it’s time to give them this Red Pill!  


Anthony Lavey Sees US Leaders at Satanic Sacrifices! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.


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