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What CNN Promoted & Everybody Missed About the Bush Funeral!!

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“President George H.W. Bush led a long, successful and beautiful life. Whenever I was with him I saw his absolute joy for life and true pride in his family. His accomplishments were great from beginning to end. He was a truly wonderful man and will be missed by all!” – Donald Trump

I’m curious what you guys think about that statement from Donald Trump. Leave you’re comments below.

As we watch the pomp and circumstance of this state-funded religious ceremony honoring known war criminals and all around political parasites…it’s good to remind ourselves that…

It is mainstream Government-controlled media’s job, the very reason for which they exist, to deceive, divide and distract viewers with lies, emotionalism and out right falsehood. To get you to believe down is up, up is down, black is white, wrong is right, in is out, night is day and evil is good.

They are there to promote the ruling class and maintain in the minds of the masses, the general acceptance that this is the way life is, this is the way things work and you’re not to step out of line or ask too many question.

That’s why its no surprise to find state funded corporate media playing up and continue feeding the idea to the minds of the masses that the ruling elite are very special people, worthy of the most expensive, most elaborate, most over-the-top funeral ceremony any human being could possibly get….all at taxpayer expense, of course.

This is taken from Business insider:

Bush’s will be the first presidential funeral since Gerald Ford’s in 2006, and the first major political funeral since more than 2,000 prominent business, media, military, and political figures gathered at the Washington National Cathedral for a ceremony to honor late warmonger, Sen. John McCain.

Bush’s state funeral will be the fourth in three decades. Though guided by tradition, there are a variety of options for commemoration ceremonies, presidential funerals allow for personal touches that are decided by the presidents themselves soon after their inauguration.

Business insider also wrote, “News of Bush’s passing prompted an outpouring of praise and fond memories from former heads of state and world leaders.” Of course it would. Birds of a feather flock together. Heads of state and world leaders specialize in the destruction of the working class as thy continue calling their man-made written opinions “laws” and seek to strip people of their freedoms as they’re fleecing them through taxation. And then we turn around and get swept up in the emotion of this disgusting propaganda that’s designed to short-circuit our brains and keeps us from thinking about what’s really going on???

I was in the gym today grabbing a quick workout and, of course, CNNs playing on the gym monitors. This lady was standing in between the treadmills about 5 feet from one of the TVs at the point where they were hauling the flag-drapped casket off the tarmac in Maryland and I asked her, do you think there’s even anything in that box everybody’s so focused on. She looked at me kinda strange and said, of course. I said how do you know? She paused for a couple seconds with a confused look and said, I guess I don’t…I never thought of that. And that’s the problem…most people never even think to step back and ask if what they’re seeing and hearing is even true. If it is…where’s the evidence?

This display you’re seeing is designed to keep you from seeing things the way they really are. These aren’t special people who are being elevated and honored. Matter of fact, in our society the amazing irony and disgusting reality is that those who get the most honor and praise are the LEAST worthy of it. The people being hailed, these so-called leaders of civilized society, are the most sinister psychopathic criminals this world could possibly produced. And when they die…If this guy, in fact did die, we don’t even really know that beyond what the corporate puppets have told us…when they die, they are treated as royalty, presented as heroes and, somehow laid to rest as saints.

What I think about when I see this fawning over dead world leaders and the parading of their corpses is….How much money did they have to steal from the people to put on such an elaborate show.

That money could have been used to help people instead of spending it on a guy who helped harm so many with his banker-initiated policies. How many people are sitting in prison right now because of Bush’s perpetuation of the failed drug war. How many families were separated by his insane violence against people who had literally committed no crime? How many veterans could have benefited from the money being spent on one of the world’s eminent war mongers in chief? There are actually veterans who have no homes, there are homeless american’s sleeping on the streets.

But we’ll spend all this money on a guy who worked a large portion of his life as a prized puppet of the sinister Zionist-controlled international banking cartel which seeks to destroy every life but their own.

Leave your thoughts for the world and the Google Thought police in the comments section below.



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    • Slimey

      Practically all your so-called leaders have shockingly tried to divide, conquer and take down your government from being a constitutional one. Violating it from day one in office.

      I’m always glad when I hear one DIE. :twisted: The only way to guarantee they will do US no more harm. Good riddance!

      This guy tried to promote UN and the goddamn “diversity” sh it on US. The New World Odor. (I think that was one of his speech when he went over the top to speak of the beauty of “diversity”). One of the first just to come out and say it.

      His son tried to slime us with that same krap when he took over. This also is TREASON. Want US to merge with the PAGANS.

      Can hardly wait till the Negro dies (the sodomite one). Probably name Washington DC after the Negro. Can you imagine it being called Washington BS (for Barry Saetoro)? :lol:

    • Freeus

      I think they gave him a choice how to die and Trump laid it on thick otherwise he may have not been so generous.

    • ElOregonian

      Curious George Sherff.

      Sorry, he was an evil man in life; I pray he truly repented for his sins at the end.

      Only God knows George’s heart.

    • Project Clarity

      I was researching open casket procedures Saturday morning! I didn’t believe there was a body in there for one second. Timing was way to convenient. 11/30 ……11+30= 41. Just one of many odd things about the timing.

    • Andy

      good riddance – RIP (Rot In Peace)

    • spaceweasel

      Every time I think of George Bush Sr., I wonder what our lives could have been if John F Kennedy had lived to be 95.

    • Jayna Dinnyes

      Hey! You might be right about Bush’s body NOT being in that casket. It isn’t because he is not old enough. He may have FAKED his death to escape the peoples’ wrath that is coming. This can also mean that his “lovely” Barbara faked hers , too. Maybe she has already greeted him in their luxury underground bunker. The Dow closed below 700 today. ANYONE still believing that President Donald J. Trump is a good patriot should WAKE UP NOW! He has designated tomorrow as a day of memoriam for this criminal whose legacy includes the a faked plane crash during World War 2 killing the pilot, assassination of JFK, bringing in The New World Order, 9/11 (Yes, it WAS an inside job!), and many other nasties! :arrow: R.I.P. the once FREE United States of America! :cry:

    • Rad

      I’m not sure who I enjoyed seeing die the most….. Aleister Crowley, Charles Manson, John McCain or Sugar Daddy Bush. It will be great when Billy Bob and Hideous Hillary can be thrown into the mix for the top 6.

    • Sue Rosenorn

      Bush Senior cried like a KID PROMOTING THE nwo i REMEMBER.




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