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What This Teacher Was Just Disciplined for Is a Complete Jaw-Dropper!

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What THIS Teacher is Being Disciplined for Is Nothing Short of SHOCKING!!

A male middle-school teacher in Florida is being punished for refusing to watch a female student shower naked after physical-education class, sparking an outcry among parents and advocates for sanity everywhere. The outrageous controversy has also garnered the attention of Liberty Counsel, a Christian public-interest legal organization that is fighting to protect the teacher and the boys who want to shower and get dressed without a girl present.

The scandal at Chasco Middle School in Land O’ Lakes, Florida, surrounds an “unwritten” transgender policy. Basically, under the scheme, boys who claim to be girls, and girls who claim to be boys, must be allowed to use the bathroom and locker room of their choice. The school’s two P.E. teachers objected, but were ordered to keep silent. Matter of fact, they were even prohibited from warning the children so they could take cover, with the school claiming that would be “discriminatory.”

When the girl walked in unannounced and caught the boys literally with their pants down, the male students were naturally embarrassed. Some of the boys rushed to find the teachers so the adults in the room could sort out the situation. Unfortunately, though, the teachers had been gagged by school administrators, so they could not even answer questions about what was going on.

As a result of the male teacher’s refusal to go in the locker room while a girl was naked, he was accused by school officials of not doing his supposed “job,” which includes periodically walking through the locker rooms and showers to check on the boys…which, if you think about it is creepy all by itself. Public schools…what a great place for pedophiles to apply for a job and hang out. Anyway…the teacher said he could not and would not knowingly place himself in a position where he would “observe a minor female in the nude or otherwise in a state of undress.” As a result, he was told by school administrators that he would be transferred to another school as a disciplinary measure.

Now the school is doubling down. First, Pasco County Public Schools threatened to re-assign the teacher to another school in retaliation for refusing to watch the minor girl in the shower. Now, school officials have been exposed threatening to fire him and destroy his career.

The teacher’s legal team is fighting back to “rein in these rogue school employees and administrators and reject their unauthorized LGBT policies and practices that violate parental and employee rights and the privacy rights of students.” In a letter to Pasco County School District Board Cynthia Armstrong, the legal team noted that there is no law that would require such insanity. Which, if you think about it, is a ridiculous statement on the legal team’s part. There are laws sanctioning government-initiated insanity all the time. What if the laws changed in this case to authorize this kind of behavior…what would their argument be then? The letter added, “objective biological sex – male and female – is (and should remain) the determining factor for access to gender-appropriate public school facilities.”

An exchange of
e-mails among education bureaucrats released by the public interest law firm shows, among other scandals, that officials wanted to make an example of the teacher. Office for Employee Relations Director Kathleen Anne Scalise, for instance, said in an e-mail that firing the PE teacher “sends a message that we will not tolerate his behavior,” according to a report in WND.

The school district’s lawyer, meanwhile, was quoted threatening the teacher that his decision not to watch an underage girl naked “might cost you your job.” Even more serious, officials said, “your teacher certificate might be taken from you, to where you can no longer teach.” In other words, these crazy school bureaucrats are conspiring to destroy a man’s life and livelihood for doing what normally is considered the right thing.

The teacher was even prevented from warning the boys or their parents so they could cover up before the girl came in. By the way the girl, who insists she’s a boy, continues to have full access to the boys’ locker rooms and bathrooms.

According to Liberty Counsel, the school is following a new policy concocted by a quack “school psychologist” named Jackie Jackson-Dean. As part of this so-called “Gender Support Plan,” gender confusion is encouraged, children are urged to go in the bathrooms and locker rooms of the opposite gender, and school officials are told to conceal this from parents. The documents also call for using bogus gender pronouns.

The Liberty Counsel warned,“The unauthorized Plan imposes one person’s beliefs about gender over the beliefs of teachers, other students, and parents,” urging the school to use biological sex rather than bizarre new gender theories for setting policy. “The Plan and Guide require teachers to refer to some children by false gender pronouns, rather than pronouns consistent with biological gender, and to promote false ideas about gender to other children.”

Liberty Counsel added, “The explicit intention to violate parental rights is clearly seen throughout the Guide.”

In other areas where sanity prevails, grown men watching minor girls shower are looked at as perverts — along with any co-conspirators involved. But in America’s systematized indoctrination centers euphemistically called “public schools,” adults are now being threatened and terrorized to FORCE them to watch underage members of the opposite sex in the nude. Obviously these are not safe places for children.

Leave your thoughts about this for the world and the Google thought police in the comments section below and I’ll see you in the next heavily censored shadow banned video.

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      because florida really cares :wink:

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      The inmates are running the asylum. Liberalism is about opposing God. Whatever He says they are against. Meaning the school has become SATANIC.

      Simple, no? :cool:

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    • Rockledge

      Freaks forcing society to give up all shreds of decency.

      Here is the REAL clincher. If the dude was to walk into a womens locker room with females in a state of undress, he would likely be arrested.
      This is one seriously fucked up sick twisted country.




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